Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My Bootcamp BFF's Wedding!

Sunday, Brittany and I had the pleasure of attending Rachel's wedding.  Her groom, Steve, is Greek Orthodox, and the ceremony took place at The Church of the Holy Resurrection.

It was a beautiful ceremony, and I was so happy for my friend!

We blew bubbles as the newlyweds posed for pictures outside the church following the ceremony.

Best wedding date ever.  :-)

The reception was so much fun!  The bride was nervous about her first dance, but she did wonderfully. We all pretty much were dancing fools.

Somewhere, there is video of me dancing at this thing.  I am simultaneously mortified and epically curious.  :-)

I'm going to leave you with more pictures from my friend's beautiful day.

With the bride and her identical twin sister, Andrea.

With Brittany.  Rachel, Britt & I all know each other from Bootcamp.

I indulged a little, danced a whole lot (shockingly, neither my calf nor my knee were in pain after), and just had so much fun celebrating Rachel's perfect day.

Until next time!  :-)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hanging with My People!

Thursday, I got to hang with some of my favorite people in the world who arrived in the city that never sleeps!

Mimi, T, & Robby came into town this week!!

We all met up around Central Park.  The weather was dreary and rainy, but the energy of seeing old friends was sunny and cheery.  Totally made up for the fact that it was raining.

I took a picture of Robby, T & Mimi hugging each other upon their first sighting.  Lots of hugs, kisses, and love were exchanged that day.

It was so great seeing T and Mimi, as it had been 2 years since they last attended Fitbloggin in Baltimore.  They drove down from Canada last week for an epic road trip.  How cool, right?

We walked around the upper West Side, through and back again through Central Park, had lunch at a cute little Mexican place, and just talked and talked and talked.

We were good old regular chatty Cathys.

It was so great to see everyone.  It's easy to forget sometimes just how much you need to surround yourself with your people.  People who have done it, have shared some of the same struggles, and generally get it.

With all the walking done that day, my heel and plantar fasciitis weren't acting up too badly.  It was the knee that was kind of angry with me.  I had to ice it when I got home.  Man, this knee flare up is really not fun.  I feel it more when I'm trying to walk quickly across the street, or jog to make the stop light.  Man, the knee is not a fan of me trying to jog right now.

It's been a busy week, weekend, and I'm still not done.  Tomorrow, my Bootcamp BFF is getting married, and my friend Brittany and I are going.  I can't wait to see Rachel in her gorgeous dress marry the love of her life.  It's going to be so much fun, and I am so excited and happy for her.

It's a good thing food prep will be super quick tomorrow morning before the wedding.  I have some cut up and peeled butternut squash that I will roast in the oven with a little cinnamon and allspice, and I think I'll throw in some chicken tenderloins as well.  Brussell sprouts will find their way in the mix too.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, folks!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Pics From the Weekend.

Saturday morning, when I walked into my Weight Watchers meeting, I saw this:

Someone printed out the Shape.com article and put it on the bulletin board!  How cool, right?

They had some Lifetime members speak about their experience at Lifetime, hitting goal, our struggles (mine have been well documented here!) and what it's been like so far.

I was a little nervous, since I didn't have anything prepared.  But it went smoothly.  One of the members asked about me about changing up my fitness regime and what that was like.  I likened it to my whole health journey overall and I said, "Isn't wanting to change and just change in general the whole point?  Isn't wanting to change the whole reason why any of us are here in the first place?"

 One of the ladies texted me later and thanked me for speaking.  She said that anytime I speak in the meeting, which isn't very often, she always writes down something to remember.  I thought that was very sweet of her.

Later, after a quick workout, I headed into the city to meet Eric!  He's a fellow WWer, Twitter and FB peep who lives in Jersey, so it was a quick train ride into the city for him.

We met at the San Gennaro feast, on Mulberry Street.

One of these days, I'll take another normal picture again.  We can all hope.

The feast was packed, as usual, and Eric and I walked & chatted as we went through the strip.  We talked before getting there about being smart with all the food that would be there.  We both ate beforehand, so we wouldn't be tempted to go overboard.  And honestly, it was fun just chatting and BSing.

The feast is held at this time in September every single year.  I hadn't gone in a few years, and now I remember why.  We could barely weave our way through the crowds!

That quote is a play from The Godfather movie, which is one of my favorite movies ever.  No cannolis were consumed yesterday, haha!

It was a nice day, a bit warmer than we both expected, but I had great company.  It was great meeting you Eric!

Today was spent doing Cinderella duties:  laundry, cleaning, vacuuming, and food prep.  I made my version of honey pineapple chicken in the oven.  I got the idea from this recipe here.  I subbed brown sugar with organic honey since I didn't have it on hand, chicken breasts for chicken thighs, and I roasted everything in the oven instead of putting it in the crockpot.  I'm really trying to limit my sugar intake.  I've even begun using honey to sweeten my morning coffee, and I'm surprised to say that I prefer my coffee not as sweet.  And that's something I never thought I'd say.

See?  Change is good! (Duh, like you all didn't know that.)

I also made roasted squash veggie dish in the oven.  I got the idea when a friend of mine put the recipe on Facebook.  The recipe calls for sweet potato, which I didn't have, so I just omitted that.  It came out great regardless.  It's delicious!  The recipe is here.

Everything has now been planned and portioned out for the week, thank goodness.

Busy week ahead.  I'm taking Thursday & Friday off to meet up with some friends who are coming in from out of town, and Sunday I'm going to Rachel's wedding.  I can't wait!

Have a great and healthy week everyone!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Doctor Visit and Shape.

I went to the podiatrist today, and after X-rays, a physical exam, he diagnosed a heel spur and plantar fasciitis in my right heel.  A heel spur, as Dr. Viera explained, is a calcium deposit on the heel bone.  Heel spurs are commonly associated with plantar fasciitis, which happens when the plantar fascia becomes inflamed.

He asked me if I was a runner, and he seemed a bit surprised when I told him I wasn't.  He got the same look the orthopedist got when I told him I go to Bootcamp about 5-6 times a week.  Or that I used to go, because I haven't gone all week due to this heel and knee pain.

Dr. Viera told me that plantar fasciitis can lead to other problems, like the knee pain I've been experiencing.  He recommended that I take another week off from Bootcamp (which broke my heart because I really REALLY miss it), continue to bike and do some very light walking, and he showed me simple exercises and stretches to perform for my heel in the mornings and in the evenings.

He also gave me a night splint, and a pair of these:

I've heard of Power Step insoles before, and they're much better than the orthotics I picked up at the drug store.  They give slightly more support, and I could feel the difference almost immediately.

He didn't think I needed physical therapy just yet, but I have to perform these exercises and stretches diligently.  I follow up with him again in a month.  Fingers crossed the recovery and healing process is quick, although based on research, it won't be as quick as I'd like.

I know I need to have patience and take it easy, because the worst thing I could do is rush to get back to old form and risk a permanent and serious injury.

I know I'm lucky that it's just a heel spur and PF.  I know it could be worse.  And I know I need to be smart about this.

I certainly don't want to be that stubborn person who doesn't heed doctor's orders and then messes up her recovery big time.  Nor do I want to be stuck on the couch or the recliner forever.  The stationary bike and a few light walks a week are a good happy medium for now.

On a happier note, I'm featured on Shape.com!  You can read the article here.

Enjoy the weekend!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Mini College Reunion!

So after having rested last week, after not rushing things, I was feeling really good.  My knee was feeling great.  I was feeling confident.

And then like a moron, I went to Saturday Sweat at Bootcamp.  Which is 60 minutes of straight up, HIIT cardio torture.

I thought I could handle it, I go every Saturday morning, but man was I wrong.  Talk about a total fail.  I left the class in pain.  Ouch!

So I'm icing and elevating my knee as much as possible.  What a bummer.  But this is a learning curve for me.  I'm not going to continue to push myself when my body is screaming at me to slow the heck down.

I've made an appointment with a foot doctor to address how this all started - the plantar fascitiis in my right heel.  I'm getting my foot looked at Friday morning.  I wonder what he'll suggest, physical therapy, custom orthotics or something else.  We'll see.

Seriously, Kel.  Do you have a death wish or something?  Use your freaking brain, mkay thanx.

Needless to say, I'm not going to be attending Saturday Sweat for a while.  Even though I love it and it challenges me by taking me out of my fitness comfort zone, I need to be smart about this.

Yesterday, I headed upstate to see my friend Rita from college.  We are both die hard Jets fans, and we were going to watch the Jets home opener at her house.  She hasn't changed a bit!

Thanks to Dan, her husband, for taking this pic of us!

It was a good game, and we won 19-14, but the score was deceiving.  We really should've blown the Raiders out of the water, but a win is a win.

I helped her in the kitchen as we caught up and watched the game.  It was so good to see her again, and we both had so much fun.

On the agenda tonight:  rest, ice & elevate the knee.  Oh, and not be so dang stubborn.

Tomorrow, if all goes well, I'll be working out on the stationary bike and practice those elusive pull ups.

Off to get the ice.  Til next time!