Monday, May 30, 2016

Hey There!

It's been a minute since I dropped a post, hasn't it?!  I didn't mean to stay away for THIS long, sheesh!  Where did the time go?  No seriously, how is it June already? And what have I been up to?

Same ole, same ole.  Life, the grind, family, etc.  Not much has changed on that front, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.  Considering how tricky it's been with my parents the last few years, I'll take it.

I had the opportunity to road trip to Pittsburgh recently, and I had so much fun.  It coincided with the PGH marathon, which Sarah, aka SparklyRunner, was running, and since I've always wanted to meet her, I decided to make a long weekend out of it.

Sarah was absolutely lovely and it was so great to meet her, her fiance Matthew, and a whole bunch of her friends whom I immediately liked.  Especially Lauren, Gloria and Jeff.  We chatted like old friends and it was just so much fun to meet another fantastic blend, fellow WWer, and all around sweet awesome girl.

P.S. Congrats to you and Matthew on your wedding, Sarah!

I had fun in Pittsburgh, sightseeing, walking around the city.  If you've never been, I highly recommend going.  Especially to Falling Waters.  I'll leave you with some pictures of my trip.

I dropped into CrossFit Mt. Lebanon while there to keep up with fitness. It was a really nice facility, much bigger than the gym I go to back home.

I've also been reading a lot more than I have in the past.  Books about meditation and positive thinking.   Meditation is still something I'm a novice at, but I find that taking a few minutes in the mornings to just breathe calmly and set my intention for the day helps a lot.  Helps with stress, helps me to have a better mindset and a better attitude for the day ahead of me.

So that's what I've been up to.  A little of this, a little of that.  Til next time.  :-)

Friday, January 29, 2016

Remember When You Used to Blog?

Rachel asked me that the other day.  Remember when you used to blog?  Why don't you blog anymore?

The truth is, I mean to sit down at my lap top and write, and then I think, what's the point?  My gibberish really makes sense only to me, anyway.

But writing helps.  Even if the only purpose it serves is to get the nonsense out of my head.

So let me update you on what I've been up to during my unplanned hiatus.

I went to North Carolina to visit some of my blogger friends!  I stayed with Samantha, who was gracious enough to let me crash at her place during my trip.  Thanks Sam!

We visited Andrea in Charlottesville.

Her baby bump was already showing, and she absolutely had that expectant mom glow.

I dropped into Sam's local CrossFit box twice to get a WOD in.

This was the second day I was in NC.  It was great to see how other boxes and Coaches run their workouts.  And this was a tough workout.  Thanks Coach Pam!

I had lunch with Sue O'Lear - Mrs. FatAss herself!

We had a great, unexpected heart to heart and some girl talk.  It's funny how when you don't see someone for  a while and you haven't spent a lot of time with them, but you feel instantly at ease with them anyway.

That's all I have for now.  Let's not stay away too long again, ok?  :-)

Monday, November 30, 2015

I sit down to write and then life happens, and then I don't write for a while.  Must work on that.  Life will happen no matter what.

The biggest things that are happening right now are just mundane life things.  Car repairs, for example (it has not been a great year in the car department for me.  More on that in a bit.)

I've been enjoying CrossFit lately, but the sad thing is my Coach decided to leave for another box in the city.   We are all very happy for her, it is an exciting new opportunity for her, but we were all terribly sad to see her go.  Her last day was this past Friday, and it took colossal effort on my part not to cry as I hugged her and wished her godspeed.  :-(

Francesca & I the other night.  I'm really going to miss her.

Sunday morning, someone backed into my car, hitting it right where the license plate is.  It's not terrible at all.   The plate bore the brunt of the damage.  The person was extremely apologetic about it, which makes it easier.  The next step is to take it to a body shop and get an estimate.  It's not a huge deal, but it's certainly something that didn't need to happen, you know?  This after having just gotten it back because there had been a misfire to one of the 4 cylinders.  I get the car back Saturday, then boom, this happens.  ugh.

I've decided to get an early start on my Christmas shopping this year.  I'm already looking at stuff for my niece and nephew.  I'm steering more towards getting them comic books, puzzles, gift cards, and some nerd related things - Star Wars, comic book related coloring books, etc.  Must ensure the nerd continues with the younger generation.  :-)

Anywho, not much else to add.  I'll post a Thanksgiving update later this week.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Update, CrossFit, Knee Update.

This past weekend, one of my favorite people ever, Dani, came into town to run the Brooklyn half.  Steve decided to come up from Baltimore since he hadn't seen Dani since the Portland Fitbloggin.

So we had a little Fitbloggin reunion right here in NY!

We had so much fun!  It's always wonderful to see Dani, and I'm super glad Steve has become a great friend.  I marvel at how social media, Fitbloggin, and Weight Watchers have all changed my life, bringing wonderful people into my world.

Remember that orthopedic appointment I had a few weeks ago?  So he told me that while I have arthritis, my knee is still in pretty good shape.  He even recommended I continue CrossFit, with modifications.  As long as I stay away from super high impact moves, and scale accordingly, I'll be ok. No double unders for me - which I'm totally fine with!

Here's a recent CrossFit WOD that I participated in this week.

Overhead squats, regular pushups for me since handstand pushups are a no-go for me, and I subbed 25 situps for double unders.

See that Rogue tshirt I'm sporting?  I got some nice compliments on it.  :-)

So I'm still here, still grinding, still trying to put in the work, and still not giving up.  That's all I can do, right?

All we can do everyday is try.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Updates & Pics.

I didn't realize it had been forever and a day since my last post. Oh dear.

Anywho, typical nonsense here in my neck of the woods.  Work, life, fitness (CrossFit, which I'm digging now - it took a while, I'll admit, but I've drunk the Kool Aid), and updating my condo. I had ceiling fans and lights installed over the weekend, which is something I really should have done when I first purchased the place!  Better late than never?

A recent WOD at my box.  I subbed step ups on the smallest box (not sure how tall it is, maybe 10 inches in height) for box jumps.

My brother, SIL, niece & nephew came over recently, and it was great visiting with them.

My nephew is perplexed by the Star Wars Legos!  It's supposed to be an enemy Empire aircraft.

My niece said to take a selfie, so that's what we did!

This kid.....that face....

And I met up with Margo in Brooklyn last weekend for dinner.

It's been a nice few weeks, and I can't believe it's fall already.  Anyone else sick of seeing pumpkin everything or is it just me?  I even saw pumpkin marinara sauce at the supermarket, ugh.

The Holy Father was in town recently.  I watched some of the ceremonies on TV with a special kind of awe.  I'm not super religious at all, I think of myself more as spiritual, but there's something to be said about this particular Pope.  Especially when he's conducting Mass in Spanish, or when he was speaking to the kids in East Harlem - it's like he's speaking to you directly.

That's pretty much all for now.  Til next time.