Friday, September 12, 2014

Doctor Visit and Shape.

I went to the podiatrist today, and after X-rays, a physical exam, he diagnosed a heel spur and plantar fasciitis in my right heel.  A heel spur, as Dr. Viera explained, is a calcium deposit on the heel bone.  Heel spurs are commonly associated with plantar fasciitis, which happens when the plantar fascia becomes inflamed.

He asked me if I was a runner, and he seemed a bit surprised when I told him I wasn't.  He got the same look the orthopedist got when I told him I go to Bootcamp about 5-6 times a week.  Or that I used to go, because I haven't gone all week due to this heel and knee pain.

Dr. Viera told me that plantar fasciitis can lead to other problems, like the knee pain I've been experiencing.  He recommended that I take another week off from Bootcamp (which broke my heart because I really REALLY miss it), continue to bike and do some very light walking, and he showed me simple exercises and stretches to perform for my heel in the mornings and in the evenings.

He also gave me a night splint, and a pair of these:

I've heard of Power Step insoles before, and they're much better than the orthotics I picked up at the drug store.  They give slightly more support, and I could feel the difference almost immediately.

He didn't think I needed physical therapy just yet, but I have to perform these exercises and stretches diligently.  I follow up with him again in a month.  Fingers crossed the recovery and healing process is quick, although based on research, it won't be as quick as I'd like.

I know I need to have patience and take it easy, because the worst thing I could do is rush to get back to old form and risk a permanent and serious injury.

I know I'm lucky that it's just a heel spur and PF.  I know it could be worse.  And I know I need to be smart about this.

I certainly don't want to be that stubborn person who doesn't heed doctor's orders and then messes up her recovery big time.  Nor do I want to be stuck on the couch or the recliner forever.  The stationary bike and a few light walks a week are a good happy medium for now.

On a happier note, I'm featured on!  You can read the article here.

Enjoy the weekend!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Mini College Reunion!

So after having rested last week, after not rushing things, I was feeling really good.  My knee was feeling great.  I was feeling confident.

And then like a moron, I went to Saturday Sweat at Bootcamp.  Which is 60 minutes of straight up, HIIT cardio torture.

I thought I could handle it, I go every Saturday morning, but man was I wrong.  Talk about a total fail.  I left the class in pain.  Ouch!

So I'm icing and elevating my knee as much as possible.  What a bummer.  But this is a learning curve for me.  I'm not going to continue to push myself when my body is screaming at me to slow the heck down.

I've made an appointment with a foot doctor to address how this all started - the plantar fascitiis in my right heel.  I'm getting my foot looked at Friday morning.  I wonder what he'll suggest, physical therapy, custom orthotics or something else.  We'll see.

Seriously, Kel.  Do you have a death wish or something?  Use your freaking brain, mkay thanx.

Needless to say, I'm not going to be attending Saturday Sweat for a while.  Even though I love it and it challenges me by taking me out of my fitness comfort zone, I need to be smart about this.

Yesterday, I headed upstate to see my friend Rita from college.  We are both die hard Jets fans, and we were going to watch the Jets home opener at her house.  She hasn't changed a bit!

Thanks to Dan, her husband, for taking this pic of us!

It was a good game, and we won 19-14, but the score was deceiving.  We really should've blown the Raiders out of the water, but a win is a win.

I helped her in the kitchen as we caught up and watched the game.  It was so good to see her again, and we both had so much fun.

On the agenda tonight:  rest, ice & elevate the knee.  Oh, and not be so dang stubborn.

Tomorrow, if all goes well, I'll be working out on the stationary bike and practice those elusive pull ups.

Off to get the ice.  Til next time!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

First Day Back at Bootcamp.

I took an entire week off from Bootcamp.  The knee really forced me to listen to my body.  I didn't want to do it, but I did, and man, am I glad I listened.

I went back last night, and I survived!!

It was Leg Day too, and the knee nor my heel gave me any problems.  I felt the plantar facsiitis a bit on the walk over to Bootcamp, but it lessened as I warmed up and went through the workout.

It felt so good to go back.  I missed it, and I missed my friends.  My Bootcamp BFF gave me a big hug when she saw me.  :-)

I learned about my body's limitations during an injury - most important, I learned NOT to push it and not to be so dang stubborn.  My stubborness is so not worth risking permanent injury.  My knees need to last me a while, you know?

Last week, I even lost a pound at WI, which only reinforces just how important nutrition and a food plan are regardless of any injury.  Karen, your sweet voice was in my head.  :-)  I stayed away from high sodium, inflammatory food and ate well while I was off from Bootcamp.  It's so important to fuel your body with whole foods!

That's all I have for now, enjoy the rest of the week!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Weekend Fun!

Anyone else can't believe the summer is over?  I swear, one day it was June and then I blinked and it's September already!

The weather this summer was just odd.  Very, very odd.  During the week, it seemed like it was often cloudy and hazy with a few breaks of sunshine on the weekend.  It wasn't super hot and warm, the way you would expect summer to be, I just felt it  Strange.  I shudder to think what the winter will be like.  I hope the odd summer isn't any indication of a harsh winter here, the way it was this past winter.

Saturday night I went with Rachel on a cruise around the city through her events and adventures membership.  It was unseasonably cool and windy but it was a nice, clear night.  There was music, drinks, food and fun!

The boat anchored for a few minutes by Ellis Island, and I was able to get this really nice shot of Lady Liberty.

Rachel and I.

It was a nice night, and we both had a great time.  I'm really glad she invited me, since a cruise around the city was a perfect way to spend the evening.

Today I headed over to the beach to enjoy the last official day of summer.   It was very muggy today, but at least the sun came out and the rain stayed away.  They had predicted rain and thunderstorms for today, but thank goodness the weather people were wrong.

Not a bad view!

The knee feels much better now that I've rested it and abstained from doing Bootcamp.  The plantar fasciitis in my right heel is a different story, however.   The orthotics I bought have helped a lot, but I get these shooting right pain jabs every once in a while out of no where.  It's annoying as anything, but I'm just hoping it resolves soon.  Just need to soldier on.

I've been following the doctor's advice:  Light walking, stationary bike at the gym, and I've been throwing in some upper body weight work as well.  I'm going to do Bootcamp tomorrow (haven't gone since Wednesday) and I'll play it by ear after.  Fingers crossed it goes well.

Back to work tomorrow, which means I need to finish up the rest of my food prep.

How did you guys spend your weekend?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ortho Update.

So I made it to my appointment this afternoon, and I was so relieved that there was zero nonsense like there was yesterday.

They took 3 X-rays of my knee:  from the front, the side, and the back.

The good news is that nothing is broken, and nothing is out of joint.   Dr. Rich commented that I had good muscles and good bones.

I told him about I suspected the plantar fasciitis in my right heel led me to stride differently and impact my left knee.  He listened, he asked me questions, and he gave me his opinion:  overtraining.

Who would've thought it when it came to me?  Overtraining is a thing.

Specifically, I'm overtraining at Bootcamp.  I have to cut it down to about 3 days a week, and cross train with the stationary bike and simple leg lifts with ankle weights.  Easy walking is ok.  Plus stretching.

It's a bummer, but also a huge relief.  Nothing is broken.  Nothing is out of joint.   There is also no fluid in my knee.  He also felt it was unnecessary to get an MRI, which is another relief.

I have to rest, and really listen to my body.  The worst of it as that I have to cut down from Bootcamp.  In the end, that really isn't a big deal.  I love it, and I do love my Bootcamp peeps, but there are other things I can do.   I have to be smart about this, because arthritis and bad knees run in my family.

It simply isn't worth risking getting severely injured.

He wants to see me again in a month to follow up, but he reiterated that he's not worried about me.

I just have to take it easy.  Enough said.

Who would've ever thought I'd be sad about not being able to work out hard core?  Times have certainly changed around here.

For the better, I think.

So I'm making the best of this,