Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 16.

Hi everyone,

Today was my scheduled rest day. I stayed within my points, I did not go over, and I got in all of my requirements. I'm really proud of that. I needed to get right back to it today, since my cheese & crackers episode last night resulted in a 2 pound weight gain overweight. Ugh. Now, I know that most of that might possibly be water retention, but I'm still up, and I don't like that at all.

I have taken another step closer to applying to PhD programs. At work today I printed out recommendation forms from GWU, CUNY Grad Center, and American University. I went to campus and dropped them off in my professors' mailboxes. Hopefully, those recommendations will go out soon. Now, I just need to apply online to these schools, have my transcripts sent, and everything will be set. I'll probably do that at work. It's just easier to do it at work.

After I dropped off the recommendation forms, I headed to Macy's to pick up birthday gifts for Sonia. Her first birthday is tomorrow, and her party will be this coming Sunday. I got her three adorable little outfits, and a puzzle with farm animals. So cute. I'll wrap everything on Saturday and get her a cute little birthday card too. I'm excited about it. My best friend Wendy will be going to the party too. Because my brother lives an hour away, she has never met Sonia, which is such a shame. I can't wait for her to meet Sonia, my little baby.

OK, so I am positively convinced that my late snacking is over. I am going to have another loss this week, I just know I am. It feels good to be positive. Let's all make good choices.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 15 and my late night snacking.

Hi everyone,

This day started off really well. I got in a great workout after I had a great cup of coffee. I did 2 Firm workouts back-to-back today: Fat Blaster with Allie, then Body Sculpt Blaster with Nancy. I hadn't done Body Sculpt Blaster in a long time, and I figured I would give it a whirl. I got my calorie burn up to 525 calories. Great, great workout. If only I had stayed focused. . .

Later, I had lunch with one of the girls I used to work with in high school, Allason. We had a blast, just talking & catching up. I hadn't seen her in 10 years, at least, and we found each other on facebook. I even made good choices about what I ordered. I got Caesar salad with grilled chicken & dressing on the side. I didn't finish the whole thing, and I didn't touch the bread basket at all. Then I got home and I wanted to eat everything in sight. Ugh. I had some cheese & crackers, and a peanut butter & jelly sandwich. I will put an end to it tonight. It's nothing so terrible that I can't stop it, and I will.

Tomorrow, I have to go back to work. I am so dreading it. Ugh. Tomorrow I have to go to campus & drop off recommendation forms. Then I might go to Macy's and pick up some stuff for Sonia's birthday. She'll be a year old on Tuesday. God, where did the time go? Cute little baby. I hope it's not too packed.

I can't believe my late night snacking is getting this bad. But only I can control it. And I choose to end it right now. So with that said, let's all make good choices.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 14.

Hi everyone,

Today was WI, and I was down 0.6 lbs. That's great considering it was Thanksgiving, but I seem to be losing and gaining the same 0.6 lbs for the last month. That is all my fault, because I have had a bad few weeks before starting over again. But I am nothing if not resilient. I am doing this for me. I know I can do this. So I have to look at it this way - I lost weight even over the Thanksgiving holiday. Most ppl don't. And that is a great thing!

So I will take that positive note and turn it into something great, because that is my choice, and I can do that. Let's talk about the workout now. This morning, I did The Firm Cardio Overdrive Express with Alison Davis. I burned 229 calories. It's not one of my favorite workouts, but the cardio is decent. I burned calories, it made me get off my butt and move, and that is all that matters. I had planned on getting another workout in, but I think I'm getting tired of working out twice a day. Tomorrow morning I'll do an extra long Firm workout. I'm just not sure which ones I'll do.

OK - well I am off. More tomorrow. Let's all make good choices.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Day 13 and the mishap with the sweet potato pie.

Hi everyone,

I have a sweet tooth. A very big sweet tooth. It is evil, this sweet tooth of mine. So evil that I practically finished the sweet potato pie today. Yeah, it was bad. I had 2 pieces of it today, and the rest my Dad finished. The good news is that it's gone, all finished. The bad news is I ate most of it, and tomorrow is Weigh In. Great, just wonderful. Well, I must accept responsibility, and move on. It's over now.

I worked out twice today in order to combat my sweet potato pie episode. This morning, I started with The Firm Pump, Jump & Jab with Kelsie Daniels for 315 calories. It felt like my HRM was not working properly, and I didn't like that at all. I actually ordered a brand new HRM from Amazon, but I won't use just yet. Maybe soon tho. I like the color of this new HRM. It's coral pink! LOL.

OK, moving right along. So I got in all of my daily requirements, but I just knew that I had to work out again, and I really had to force myself to do it. I mean, really force myself. It was rough. Finally, around 7:30, I bit the bullet, and went to it. I did 35 minutes on the treadmill, then The Firm Super Body Sculpt with Stephanie Corley, for 515 calories. That brings my total calorie burn for the day at 830 calories! I was happy with that. And you know this morning, when I weighed myself, I was actually down a half pound. Yup - down a half pound from yesterday, from Thanksgiving. We'll see what happens tomorrow at WI.

OK - I am off. Let's all make good choices.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day 12 and Thanksgiving.

Hi everyone,

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone remembers what they should all be thankful and grateful for. I know I'm thankful for everyone special in my life, I'm thankful for my health, my family, my friends, etc. I could go on and on, but then I would never finish this blog. I hope you all remember to be thankful everyday, NOT just today. :)

I cooked today, giving my mother the day off. Dessert I made last night, and today I had to cook the main meal. I cooked turkey breast, drumsticks, creamed spinach, Betty Crocker au Gratin potatoes, green beans with sauteed garlic & onions in olive oil, with bread crumbs and shredded parmesan cheese on top, and a sweet potato. It was a lot. Oh, and the stuffing and the gravy, I almost forgot about those. It was a lot of food, and I overate. I went over my points by almost 30 - 56 points today! Whoa, how did that happen?

Well, let me tell ya how. We ate at 3 PM. I fixed my plate with stuffing, turkey white meat, gravy, creamed spinach, some green beans - not a lot, and potatoes au gratin. I had dessert, which was so good by the way. I rested for a while, then around 6 I got hungry again, but I didn't want more turkey. I wanted another slice of sweet potato pie with some whipped cream, which I had. Then I had a salt craving, so I grabbed 16 saltine crackers, a part skim mozzarella string cheese, and a 2% Cracker Barrel cheese stick. That was my "dinner." Not great choices, but choices nonetheless. Tomorrow will be a new day. It will be a better day.

I knew that I had to kick the workouts today into overdrive, and that is exactly what I did. I say workouts because I worked out twice today - once in the morning, before I ate anything, and this evening, when all my eating was done. This morning I started out with The Firm Power Sculpt with Allie del Rio, then Step Reebok the video for 654 calories. It was a solid workout and I sweated a ton. After my food choices, I knew, I just knew that I had to get another workout in. If I didn't, I would feel like crap, knowing that I had the time and the opportunity. So I jumped on the treadmill for 52 minutes and burned an additional 487 calories. That got my calorie burn up to 1,141 for the day. Yup, 1, 141 calories!! Hopefully that burned most of Thanksgiving, but we'll see. LOL. I'm glad I got that 2nd workout in. I hope the scale won't be too scary tomorrow. I'll let you know tomorrow.

So what's the verdict for today? Well, I wouldn't exactly call it a binge, since I didn't eat til I felt sick. But I definitely could have made much better choices. Speaking of binges, I have not binged in 11 days. I am certainly very proud of that, very happy with that.

Today was a very tiring day. So I think I'm gonna call it a night. Let's all make good choices.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day 11.

Hi everyone,

I took the day off from work today, and I got a lot done. I worked out in the morning to get that out of the way, but more on that later. I made the dessert for tomorrow - sweet potato pie from scratch. Now, I know I could get into trouble with that, but I'm going to have one slice - just one - and odds are my Dad will finish the thing off since he has such a sweet tooth. Guess that runs in the family. I went out to the liquor store to get a nice white wine for dinner tomorrow. That's mostly for my parents - I'm not much of a drinker. I'll probably just have a Peach Snapple or water. The only things I drink are Tropicana OJ, Peach Snapple, and water - lots & lots of water. I'm constantly peeing - but that's another story.

The workout today was super duper hardcore. I almost couldn't finish it - I say ALMOST. I knew I had to push myself in anticipation of Turkey Day. Period. So I started with The Firm Fat Burning Cardio Toning with Tina Smalley. That's a workout that I've done only once or twice, but this time around I was sweating even before the warm up was done. Yeah, I don't remember that happening. The resistance cord is tough - very tough. But then came one of Jillian Michaels' workouts - Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism. Holy cow, I thought I would die! Jillian is insane, for real! LOL. But she's great. That workout kicked my ass, in more ways than one. And get this - I burned 728 calories! Yeah baby! I was so out of breath and sweat was pouring all over. I was so glad when it was over, let me tell you.

I might do some ab work later, like my Ab Roller or something. I'm not really sure yet. I guess 5 minutes on the Ab Roller won't kill me. I should train my mid section - core training is important, after all. Ok, I sound like a commercial.

Well, I am really proud of my work out today. I pushed myself, and that felt really good. I wonder if I will be sore tomorrow. Shrug. I guess that doesn't really matter, it's the fact that I put in the time and the hard work to get my calorie burn up - WAY up. I'm already thinking of which workout to do tomorrow, but I'm not really sure yet. I might change my mind at the last minute, which is why I'll talk about that tomorrow. I don't want to commit any particular DVD yet!

On that note, I'm gonna jet. Let's all make good choices.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day 10 and DOR.

Hi everyone,

Today was my DOR (Day of Rest). I needed one. Your body and your muscles need to rest every once in a while. Generally, I like to rest one day a week, and the day varies with each week. The next few days will be hardcore workouts. I'm going all out because of Thanksgiving. I'm good with giving myself 10 extra points that day, and I figure I need to work out for at least an hour (more like an hour and a half). That will give me some extra assurance that even if I do overeat, I'll be ok. The Activity Points will be a lifesaver, I just have a feeling they will definitely come in handy. I'm talking hardcore, intense workouts. I'd like a calorie burn of at least 700 calories, but we'll see.

So today I took an important step toward my future. It actually started last night. I started thinking that if I was going to apply for PhD programs, it would have to be now. I chose 4 schools: American University, GWU, Georgetown, & CUNY Graduate Center. As you can tell, I'd like to be somewhere in DC, but you never know what could happen. I may not get accepted anywhere in DC, but I'd really like to. My number one choice right now is GWU. Of course, I would absolutely love to go to Georgetown, but it's sooo competitive. I'm going to try it anyway, because I could get in. My GPA is great, it's my GRE test scores that might give me some trouble. My GRE scores are average. Ugh. But I won't let that discourage me.

I sent in my first application today to American University. That's the only school that still allows you to mail in your application. Now, ever school requires that you apply online. I don't have a problem with that at all. In fact, I will finish the application process this weekend. I'll start Friday, and hopefully be done by Sunday. The only thing is I will need to get my recommendation forms emailed to my professors, but that's the only thing. I can't wait to have this all finished and done with. Onto my thesis.

I'm taking a week off at Christmas, and hopefully, I will have my thesis done by February 1st. Then graduate in May. So, these are all things - wonderful things - to look forward to, in addition to my weight loss. My weight loss is slow and steady, and I am not freaking out about Thanksgiving. It's a holiday, a big food holiday, and I will get through it. I will tackle it like any other challenge, and then just move on. Keep it as simple as possible. 10 extra points, extra Activity Points, and viola! Why make it anymore harder than need be?

I'm taking off from work tomorrow, and I'm excited. I'm going to start some of my Thanksgiving cooking early so that it doesn't get to be too overwhelming for Thursday. I'm going to make dessert tomorrow - sweet potato pie. My Dad will be the one to eat the majority of it since he's got a major sweet tooth. I'm making my own version of green bean casserole, without the french fried onions and without the cream of mushroom soup. I'm making creamed spinach, Betty Crocker Potatoes Au Gratin, Stove Top stuffing, and gravy. And of course the turkey - just the breast, and the drumsticks, since those are my Dad's favorite.

OK - that's enough for now. I'm going to veg out. Let's all make good choices.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Day 9.

Hi everyone,

I am majorly sore today. I mean, very very sore. My hips & thighs are killing me. So I decided to do an upper body workout today. I decided to do The Firm Upper Body Sculpt with Janet Brooks. I had never done that particular workout before. I'm not sure I will again, tho. Not one of my faves, I have to admit. I much prefer Firm Parts to this DVD. But oh well. That work out clocked in at 204 calories. Not bad, but not great. I know for a fact that I burn over 300 calories when I do Firm Parts. Shrug. Oh well.

I might do my Ab Roller tonight. I haven't decided yet. My abs are a little sore from yesterday, but they are not as sore as my hips & my glutes. Oh man, it was painful trying to get around today. Trying to go up and down the stairs at work today was funny. I felt like I was 90 years old. LOL. But it's a good feeling, being all sore like this. At least my back isn't sore. After my first 5K last month, my lower back was killing me. Not this time tho, and I'm grateful for that.

So that was my day. Not really all that much to report. Tomorrow is my Friday, and I'm excited. I can't wait for my days off - I just can't!! Let's all make good choices.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day 8 and the 5K!

Hi everyone,

Today was my 5K, and I finished in 44 minutes, 4 seconds. That means I shaved about 4o seconds off my time from my first 5K last month. Awesome! I got a late start this morning, which resulted in me running around trying to get out of my house. I had to come back home because I had forgotten the chest strap for my Heart Rate Monitor. Then I got a little lost trying to get there . . . . oh man, it was quite a morning! I was suppose to be there by 8:45 for the 9 AM start, and I wound up getting there precisely at 9. Luckily, the race was delayed by about 15 minutes anyway. I know for next time to get up super duper early, no matter what. I will definitely need to set my alarm, have my clothes laid out, with my HRM and everything. Coffee I can pick up on the go, so that won't be a problem or anything.

And there's more. Just a little thing about my finishing time. Unfortunately, the tracker that was supposed to be tied to my sneaker with my shoelaces came off and I lost it in the field. I lost it because I didn't put it on properly. Which means that my time won't be official. And anyway, there was some kind of computer glitch with those things, so there was this person calling out times at the finish line as ppl crossed it. You know what - maybe this wouldn't have happened if they had just used the kind that wrap around your ankle. But we'll never know. Oh well - at least I know what my time was! And, I still get a free T-shirt too.

The 5K had some rolling hills which were a little brutal. It took place on a golf course, so it was kinda pretty. The first mile I ran straight through. 13 minutes it took me. I had to stop to speed walk tho. The good news is that throughout the whole race, neither of my feet went numb. At my first 5K, my left foot went numb sometime after 2nd mile, and I didn't get it back til after the race had finished. So that was definitely an improvement. Also, I didn't get that over exertion pain in my side this time - I got it at my first 5K. All great improvements!

I burned 673 calories during the race - awesomeness!! After grabbing half of an everything bagel, a banana, and some apple juice that they offered after the race, I went back home and did an abs tape - Abs of Steel with Tamilee Webb, for an additional 91 calories. That brought my total to a whopping 764 calories! I earned it, people, I really did. I didn't feel guilty at all about having that half bagel. Besides, I needed to refuel my body, and I didn't put anything else on it. They didn't have cream cheese or butter there anyway.

I'm already starting to feel sore. I feel it in my hips, my glutes, and my thighs. I really hope I don't feel it in my back like last time. I'm already thinking of doing an upper body workout tomorrow, to give my legs a break. They deserve it! I can't wait to get that Firm Parts DVD. The Upper Body & Legs Workouts on that DVD are just killer!

OK - I am off. Let's all make good choices.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day 7 and Weigh In.

Hi everyone,

OK - so here's the news from WI: I am up 0.6 lbs. I'm really ok with that, really. This week, I have to really be on my game. I have to track religiously, and try not to go over my points too too much. A point or two here and there is not bad, but the problem with that is that all that adds up. So I will be very diligent this week, especially because of Thanksgiving, and then there are those pesky Thanksgiving Day leftovers. Ugh. The good news is I won't be making too much food this year, so hopefully I won't have days and days of leftovers laying around.

Let's talk about the workout. I went to WI at WW, then came back home to work out. I started with PowerFit Core Fusion with Stephanie, then The Firm Super Cardio Sculpt with Nancy for a total of 432 calories burned. I have to start working my core and my abdominals to really get them in shape. That area is in such a sorry state, but I have to start somewhere. I felt really good after my workout, like I accomplished something. I always feel that way, and I never feel bad that I worked out. Ever.

This morning, when I went to WI at WW, I tried to buy a 3-month journal. But they were out because apparently they are re-doing them, or re-designing them or something. I was done with my previous 3-month journal and I felt desperate. I really needed to buy one. So when the receptionist told me about the redesign, my heart sank. I really like those journals, what would I do without it? So the receptionist sitting next to her told her to go into one of the starter packs, get the journal out of it, and sell it to me. My receptionist was reluctant to do that, but the other receptionist told her rather pointedly that I needed a journal since it was a very important part in my weight loss journey. So sure enough, she got up, went to the display and picked up a starter pack, took the journal out, and sold it to me. And I got my journal!!

I'm feeling very excited about my 5K tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to it. It's to benefit prostate cancer, so it's benefitting a very good cause. I just hope that my time isn't too terrible. Of course, the whole point is to finish. That I'm even doing it at all is a huge thing. Oh, and I decided against going out tonight. I really wanted to see my friends, but I have to be super early tomorrow for the 5K. It's ok tho. We'll just meet up some other time.

I got Ali Vincent's new book in the mail today from Amazon. I leafed through it quickly - it seemed pretty good. And inspirational. Inspiration and motivation come & go - it's determination and consistency that are key. I have them both now!

On that note, I gonna check out. Let's all make good choices. And wish me luck on the 5K tomorrow!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 6.

Hi everyone,

Today I decided to take a mental health day from work. I checked out of work last night, really, since it genuinely felt like a Friday to me anyway. So I decided to use one of my many sick days to give myself a nice 3 day weekend. I loved it! LOL. Sometimes, every now and then, you just need to take a day off from work. I ran errands and even got in a pedicure. I really needed one, too! Toes always have to be kept polished. lol. So there you have it.

Well, since I could now work out in the morning, I decided to go at it hardcore. I started with The Firm Power Sculpt Workout with Allie Del Rio, then Kathy Smith's step workout for 668 calories. Yup, 668 calories baby! I really pushed myself, and I'm glad I did. Tomorrow is WI after all, my first WI in 2 weeks, and I'm curious to see how I did.

Tomorrow night I'm meeting up with 2 old friends that I reconnected with on Facebook. We used to work together when we were in high school. We all did the college thing, quit the job, and just lost touch. We're going to meet up at an Irish bar. I'm not much of a drinker, so that part won't really be a challenge for me. What will be a challenge is if they decide to order finger food. I have to promise myself that I will not freak about it if they do. I'm allowed to have things like french fries or chicken fingers, I just have to remember to be smart about it. Generally, those things are not too wise in terms of points & calories, but I don't make a habit of eating those things anyway.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow night. It'll be nice to catch up with them and see how they're doing. Kathy & Allason are both married with kids, so they at least have something going on in their lives. Unlike me, that is. Ugh. I shouldn't really talk like that. Life is all about twists & turns and something always pops up. I have to keep an open mind and an open heart, and good things will come my way. I just know they will.

So tomorrow will be a busy day for me. I have WI, I have a workout, and I have to go to the store to pick up some last minute Thanksgiving items. It's going to be as WW friendly as possible. But I am going to allow myself a few extra points that day, anywhere from 5-10, just to keep it real, you know. I want to enjoy the holiday in a reasonable way, and I won't be able to do that if I have to nitpick every single point. I'll journal everything, that won't be a problem, but I will make smart decisions about what and how much I put into my mouth that day.

OK - with that, I am off. Let's all make good choices.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 5 and my Rest Day.

Hi everyone,

Today is my scheduled day of rest, and I took it! LOL. But I made some really great choices today. For one, I didn't binge or overeat. And I actually did a little mini workout today - my Ab Roller for 5 minutes. I've decided I'm going to try to work my abs every single day. I have my Ab Roller and a few DVDs that have ab workouts.

I'm going to take the day off from work tomorrow. I might go to a WW meeting because I didn't go tonight. I just wanted to head home after I went to the supermarket after work. I picked up some oatmeal and my favorite WW ice cream - their flying saucers are yummy!

I have had not gone over my points, and I haven't had any funky cravings. So I'm really happy about that. I have to remember and remind myself when I do get bad cravings that a) it is ok to indulge every once in a while as long as it's a reasonable portion, and b) some things are more important than that triple bacon cheeseburger. It's all about choices.

And on that note, I'm gonna jet. Let's all make good choices.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 4.

Hi everyone,

I had to unexpectedly switch up my workout today. You see, when I went to pop in the DVD, I found that it had a deep scratch on it. The Firm Parts Upper Body & Standing Legs - completely scratched. And it was one of my favorite DVDs too! Well, the quick solution was to immediately go the Firm website and order another one. I couldn't find it on Oh well. What can you do? I don't even know how it got scratched. I don't remember doing it or anything.

So there was nothing for it - I had to change my workout. I wanted to focus on legs and lower body today in general. Standing Legs is a great workout for that - I'm sore for days and days after I do that DVD. Anywho I started with PowerFit Legs & Shoulders with Stephanie Huckabee, then The Firm Lower Body Sculpt with Lisa Kay. I still wanted more of a leg burn, so I popped in The Firm Abs, Hips & Thighs with LaReine Chabut. I burned 577 calories total, so I'm very happy with that.

I was thinking a lot about what I wrote last night, about purging bad things and negative people from your life. When you're on a weight loss journey, and you start experiencing success, you notice that some people's attitudes toward you change. You see, they are used to you being the fat friend. Negativity is something you cannot afford to have on your journey. Just remember that and be smart about the people you surround yourself with. Now don't get me wrong, not everyone will be like that. I have a great support system, and I'm so very, very thankful for them!

OK, so that's enough preaching for one day, or two, however you want to look at it. I can't wait to get my new Firm DVD. I might wander over to collagevideo one more time and take a little look see. I like to spice it up a bit with different workout videos - it's good to have variety. Let's all make good choices.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 3.

Hi everyone,

We are into Day 3, and so far, so good. Today was one of my late days at work, so the workout couldn't be as long as yesterday's. I still managed to get in a really good workout tho. I started with PowerFit Cardio with Stephanie Huckabee, then The Firm Cardio Sculpt Blaster with Lisa Kay. The entire workout clocked in at 454 calories. Yeah, I was rocking it today!

Last night, I was watching Hoarders on A&E, and I spent a lot of time just shaking my head at the TV screen. I just don't understand how some people think that trash is more important to them than their own families - and their own freedom. This one man had so much trash & stripped cars all over his property that the county had to step in. The judge gave him a week to get rid of it, or he would be sent to jail for 90 days. This was after he had failed to adhere to a previous warning to clean up the place that had him sent to the joint for 5 days. When he wasn't getting the price for the scrap metal that he wanted, he said he wanted to keep the 25 stripped cars he had on his property. He said he'd rather keep it and risk his freedom than give his stuff away for free. Can you imagine? Holding onto trash is more important to you than your own freedom?

Getting rid of trash, garbage and/or junk in your life that is hindering your progress is so important. It's a part of changing your life for all the right reasons. This could mean a lot of things. Letting go of bad habits, getting rid of people in your life that want to hold you back, changing your way of thinking - these are all ways of getting rid of your past life. Because your past life got you to this bad place in the first place, right? Change is hard for a lot of people, but it's necessary if you are going to embark on a weight loss journey. You just have to do it. Period. There is no other way.

OK - I am off to watch The Biggest Loser. It's Makeover week! Let's all make good choices.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 2 - Getting Back Into the Groove of Things.

Hi everyone,

Today is Day 2 of trying to get back into the groove of things. That means steady workouts, eating well, getting in all of my 8 Healthy Guidelines, journaling everything, and going to my weekly WW meeting. It means that I can't skip a WI just because I had a bad week and gained weight. It means getting out of my comfort zone and pushing myself a bit. That includes actually going through with the 5K on Sunday that I had signed up for last month. I'm going to do it, even though I had seriously considered NOT doing it. I will be there Sunday morning, bright and early. Even if it rains, buddy.

Let's talk about the workout. My Polar HRM gave me some trouble in the beginning, but I figured out that I hadn't moistened the strap properly. Anywho, I started with DVD 4 of PowerFit with Stephanie Huckabee - Back, Biceps & Thighs, then the treadmill for 10 minutes for some cardio, then finally The Firm Parts: Upper Body for a total of 544 calories. Oh, and I did 5 minutes of my Ab Roller tape too, since I didn't do it last night like I said I would. All in all, a very solid workout.

I'm a daily weigher, I can't help it. When I weighed myself this morning, I was down 2 lbs. from yesterday! Go me! So I was very happy to see that, and, I am also sore from yesterday's workout. I actually started feeling sore last night, in my thighs ad my glutes. Your glutes are your butt cheeks, in case you didn't know. LOL. Because I did an upper body workout tonight, that means that tomorrow, my entire body will be sore. Which is a great thing, because it means that I worked out hard.

I've decided that in addition to my regular Saturday morning WW meeting , this week I'll be going to a meeting on Thursday. I haven't been to a meeting in almost 3 weeks, so an extra meeting can't hurt this week. If anything, it will probably be better for me. Besides, this Thursday will be my DOR (Day or Rest), so it fits into my schedule perfectly.

Ok - not much more to write. Let's all make good choices.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day 1- Completely Starting Over

Hi everyone,

My name is Kelly, and I am on my very own weight loss journey. (For what feels like the 100th time.) Let me tell you a little about myself. I live on Long Island, NY at home with my parents. I am planning on moving out next year. I am a master's thesis away from actually getting my Master's. I am 30 years old, and right now, I weigh 243 lbs. Ugh. So I have a ways to go, but I'm going to tackle this journey 5 lbs. at a time.

The physical way I'm tackling this journey is two-fold. Currently, I'm on the Weight Watchers program, and I am also using The Firm, which is a fantastic workout program. On Weight Watchers earlier this year, I actually got down to 204 lbs, and then I let it go straight to hell. I just can't eat my feelings anymore, I can't turn to food anymore - I've just had enough.

I had a previous blog over on freewebs, but with a fresh new start comes a fresh new blog. I'm not sure if I'm going to completely close it down or not, but I like to keep my options open. So I won't rule it out just yet, but we'll see.

I want to talk about my workouts and my food choices here. Lately, up until today, they hadn't been great. Today was the first time in a week where I haven't binged. I am done, just done. I even worked out today - The Firm Burn & Shape with Emily Welsh for 344 calories burned! I used my Polar F6 HRM to figure that out. I sweated like a pig because it had been a while since I had worked out. I think I will do my Ab Roller for a bit tonight, after dinner.

Over the next few weeks, I'll be adding some things to my blog, like pictures & stuff. For right now, I'll settle for talking about my workouts, my WW weigh ins (when I go back to WW on Saturday mornings), and life and life's curveballs in general.

I hope that anyone reading this will keep an open mind - weight loss for some people is easy and hard for others. I'm trying to keep this as simple as possible. 5 lbs. at a time will get me there. Weight loss is all about good choices, so I hope we all make good choices.