Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Day 26.

Hi everyone.

Today was my rest day, and it didn't start out well. My mom baked home made bread, and they are soooo good. I was supposed to have oatmeal for breakfast, but that went quickly down the drain. I had 2 breads and called it a day.

Later, I went to Allason's house to visit with her and Kathy. I hadn't seen Kathy in like 10 years, and she looks exactly the same. She's married now with 2 kids, and they are so adorable. They look just like her, too. We just talked, watched Kathy's kids run around the house, and we had some pizza. No big deal.

I just had some cheese & crackers again, late at night too. That needs to stop. I had been doing so well, but I won't let this derail me. It was one bad decision, nothing more.

Allason was saying today that no matter how hard she tries, she just can't seem to lose an ounce. I know it can be. It can be as hard as we make it, or it can be as easy as we make it. Maybe she should join WW, but that's up to her. It's her choice.

OK - I don't have all that much to write about for now, so I'm going to sign off. Let's all make good choices.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Day 25.

Hi everyone,

I'm sooo glad I am off from work this week. I just feel this would be a good week to take off, you know. Being off from work means I can work out in the mornings, which means that it takes me forever to get going. I really need time to get going & fully awaken in the mornings, I don't know why. Oh well, it doesn't matter.

The workout today was The Firm Dangerous Curves Ahead with Alison Davis, then PowerFit Legs & Shoulders with Stephanie Huckabee for 450 calories. DCA is not one of my faves, but I am attempting to try workouts that I never do. Oh well. That one is going back on the shelf for now.

I went grocery shopping today. I still need to buy Wendy's Xmas gift, & Sonia's too, for that matter. I was thinking of getting her pyjamas. I'll probably do that tomorrow. After my visit with Kathy & Allason. Allason is recovering from major leg surgery, and I haven't seen Kathy since we used to work together in high school. So it will be a blast seeing her again, and just hanging out with them in general.

OK, not much else to write about. More tomorrow. Let's all make good choices.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 24 and the snow storm.

Hi everyone.

We got a lot of snow dumped here on Long Island today. Which meant that I had to shovel and now my arms are killing me. Miraculously, my back is not hurting at all. So that's the one positive thing. I was outside for an hour, and I decided that I should get at least 1 AP for all that work. I really hate snow!

After I called it a day with the snow shoveling, I knew I had to do a Firm WO, but I needed it to be a light one. So I decided to do Cardio Party with the 5 MIs. (Master Instructors). It uses no weights, no equipment of any kind, so it was perfect. I still wanted to get my calorie burn up, so I hoped on the treadmill for 15 minutes, for a total of 553 calories. With the shoveling AP, it brings it to 653. I am quite, quite happy.

It's a good thing I went to the store yesterday. There was no way I was getting out of my house today at all. I may take a drive tomorrow since I'm expecting the roads to be better. Nothing too far out since my car is really not that great in the snow. Just to the store again. Nothing special.

I had a little late night eating episode last night. I put some Nutella on some saltine crackers, and it was good. I'm not proud of it but I need to admit to it in this blog. The late night eating explains why I was up 1.5 lbs. this morning. But I'm pretty sure that all the activity today took care of that. At least, I hope it does.

One of my favorite shows is Moonlight. It was unfortunately cancelled, which was a big mistake because it was so good! There were 16 episodes produced, and I bought the DVD set from Amazon as soon as I could. I decided to watch one episode per week for the next 16 weeks, to see how much weight I can lose in that amount of time. It may sound a little silly but it will be a good measure of time. I really want to see how much I can lose in the next 16 weeks. I mean, I won't be racing against the clock to lose 70 lbs or anything. Like I said, it's just a measure of time.

I'm rewatching the pilot episode now. Love this show so much. Anywho this week continues my endeavor to do Firm Workouts that I have never done, or rarely ever do. Cardio Party falls under that category of rarely done workouts. I haven't figured out which workout to do tomorrow, but I will figure something out.

OK, I'm going to wrap this one up because I am exhausted. Let's all make good choices.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day 23 - no 5K.

Hi everyone,

OK, so here's the thing. I didn't make it to the 5K because I overslept. I never get to sleep in, and I actually stayed in bed until 8:30 AM. That's like sleeping in til noon for me, so I'll take it where I can get it. So the 5K was a wash, but I did go back to WW to WI. I'm up 3.2 lbs., so there you have it. I'm ok with that.

I'm watching this really great documentary on the History Channel called The Beatles on Record. The Beatles are my all time favorite band ever. Love them. So now I'm in the mood for Beatles songs.

So we're supposed to have this major blizzard coming through here tonight & tomorrow. That really sucks. That means I have to shovel it, and that majorly blows, let me tell you. I went to the grocery store & it was packed. I'm surprised I got out of there as quickly as I did. I also managed to get the last bag of rock salt, so I was happy with that.

Let's talk about the workout. Today, I did The Firm Cardio Split. It's one of the old mansion Firm workouts. Not one of my favorites since I wasn't completely happy with the calorie burn I got with it. I had to hop onto the treadmill for 25 minutes, which got my calorie burn to 614 calories! Yeah baby. I even did the abs section, which is usually the bane of my existence. God I hate working my abs, for the reason that my abs suck. LOL.

I haven't decided which Firm workout to do tomorrow. I'll think about that later. I may preview another DVD later. No biggie. OK, I'm gonna call it a day. Let's all make good choices.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Day 22.

Hi everyone,

Today was my office Christmas party that I opted not to go to. Apparently I didn't miss out on anything special. One of my coworkers texted me that some of the attorneys left early. So whatever. I'm glad I didn't go. I got a lot of stuff done today. I got a pedicure, went grocery shopping, picked up a prescription, and came home, had lunch, then worked out before dinner. See, that was a lot of stuff I did.

Let's talk about the workout real quick. I didn't want to do a Fanny Lifter workout today, I just was so not in the mood at all, you know. So I opted for one of my favorite Firm workouts ever, Ultimate Fat Burning Workout with Alison Davis. I wanted to get my calorie burn up a little more, so I did a PowerFit DVD, Chest, Triceps & Butt. Not one of my faves. I had to do some running in place and step touches to really get the calorie burn up. In the end tho, I did manage to burn 526 calories, so it wasn't that bad.

Well, there's a blizzard warning in effect for this weekend, so I don't know if that means the 5K will be on or not. I'll have to check the weather report early tomorrow morning. I'll decide then. You can't always believe those weather reports, you know. But it's not looking good for this weekend, unfortunately. Oh well. If anything, I'll just do a workout here at home, and shoveling snow is certainly a hard workout too, you know.

OK, I am off for now. Let's hope the snow isn't that bad. And, let's all make good choices.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 21.

I just need to vent for a minute. So I'm really starting to hate my job and the people I work with. I can't wait to leave that place. I just have to remind myself that it's only for a few more months. God, I was right about them. But enough about them, they suck and they don't need to be mentioned in my blog.

Today was my rest day for the week. I decided to preview some of my Firm DVDs that I've never even opened. I only previewed one of them - Cardio Split. That looks tough, but doable. I think when I get home from work tomorrow, that will be my workout. I was thinking that since I am off from work next week, I should do Firm DVDs that I have never done before. Most of those are the old mansion workouts. I like those because they are really tough and they really work you hard. I expect the calorie burn to be really high tomorrow.

I can't wait for the weekend. I'm running in that 5K, and I'm trying new Firm workouts, which is good. Doing new things is good, really great. After I get out of work tomorrow, I plan on getting a pedicure. I think I'll need one before my 5K - get my toes all nice & pretty, hehe. And the week that I'm off, I will definitely be working on my thesis. If I can crank out another 20 pages, I'll consider that excellent. That would mean I'm a good 2/3 of the way done, and I can relax a little bit. But I have to hand in my thesis statement first, which has to be about 5 pages or so long. And then I can really start on my thesis.

OK, so I have a great week ahead of me, and I'm looking forward to it. I'm real excited about it. That's all for now. Let's all make good choices.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day 20.

Hi everyone,

Man, it's only Weds. It feels like it should be Thursday already. I can't wait for it to be Friday, because then I am off from work for a week! Yay! Friday is a half day for me as well, so I can't wait for that.

I almost forgot about the 5K that I signed up for last month. It's this Saturday. I'm not sure if I'm going to do it or not. I have to see. I probably should. It would be a good idea, and I bet I'll feel really good about doing it as soon as I'm done. I'll keep you updated.

Let's discuss the work out. I started out on the treadmill for 12 minutes, then I did The Firm Complete Aerobics & Weight Training with Emily Welsh. I even did the abs section at the end of the video, which I never do. I never do the abs section of any of Firm video because I feel that it's too hard and I can't do it. But today, I just felt that I had to suck it up. I had to modify some of the moves a bit, but I completed it. I burned 520 calories, and it felt good. I have to start working my abs, because that's the only way they will get stronger. I can't keep thinking that I can't do something just because it's hard. That's when I need to dig deep & find the energy to just do it already. Kind of like that 5K on Saturday. At least if I did it, then I would've gotten my workout done & out of the way for that day. Sigh. I think I just talked myself into doing the damn thing already. LOL.

I've been thinking that I should post some pictures, but I'm not sure yet. There are some crazies out there and you just never know. But sod it, if this is going to be an honest weight loss journey, then I just need do it. I still haven't gotten my camera from my brother's house, but I will be doing that this weekend.

OK - that's it for now. More tomorrow. Let's all make good choices.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 19 and Not Giving Up.

Hi everyone,

I was thinking today about all of my ups and downs on this journey. I have fallen down a lot, but I refused to give up. I just can't quit. It would've been so easy to just throw in the towel, but I am worth so much more than that. I deserve this. I am worthy of this. Don't give up people, don't ever give up. It doesn't matter where you are on your weight loss journey - wether you're just starting, the middle, or you're at goal - giving up is not an option. Failure is not an option. Don't quit!

I have been good, but the last 2 nights I have been doing some minor late snacking. Nothing terrible, but it needs to stop. Right now. Cheese & crackers seem to be my vice lately. I guess I am craving the salt. TOM is here this week, which would explain the salt craving.

Let's talk about the workout. Today was my long day at work, so I had to do a short workout. I chose The Firm Fat Blasting Cardio with Lisa Kay. After, I did some crunches for about a minute or two. I burned 271 calories. Not bad for 30 minutes, right?

OK, well that's about it for now. Let's all make good choices.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 18 and Playing Hookey from Work.

Hi everyone,

First, just a quick update on the beagle from yesterday. This morning, I called the local shelter and I was told that they had been able to contact the owners and they were on their way to pick him up! What a relief! Microchips & ID tags are so important, you know. My dogs are microchipped & have tags also. They don't usually wear their collars tho, but after yesterday, they will be wearing them from now on. Just not when they sleep, it's too uncomfortable for them, I think.

OK, so I played hookey today from work, and it felt great. the bad thing was that I had such a hard time getting moving this morning. I just couldn't shake my laziness at all. Before I knew it, it was almost noon. Finally, after convincing myself that I would feel like caca if I didn't work out, I popped in a PowerFit DVD - Cardio. Then, deciding that I could do another DVD, I turned to The Firm Fat Burning Cardio Toning with Tina Smalley. I burned 439 calories in about 50 minutes. Not bad, right? I felt so much better once I was done working out.

I think I'm already starting to feel the workout in my arms and my inner thighs, if that's possible. Whew. Since Saturday, I am down 4 lbs. Imagine what I could do if I just stayed on program? So that is what I'm doing. I've already planned out my meals for this week, which is so important in wanting to succeed on this weight loss journey. Tomorrow for lunch, I'm going to have a baked potato with 3 slices of cooked Canadian bacon, and Green Giant frozen broccolli & cheese tray over it. I'll sprinkle a little Molly McButter over the potato before I put the broc & cheese on it. Doesn't that sound delicious? I may use just a touch of sour cream too - just a tablespoon. But I'll see.

Well, that is it for now. I'm really glad the lost dog found his way home. It felt really good to be a good samaritan, it really did. Good things will be rewarded, I can just feel it. So let's all make good choices.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day 17 - and not giving up EVER.

Hi everyone. I know it's been a while, and it's all my fault. I have to stop turning to food to cope. It has to stop. I won't give up. I deserve it. Today was a new day, and I won't give up. I am worth it. I deserve to be healthy and fit. I deserve to be happy.

I'm going to do this. I will do this. I will do this the right way. Yesterday was the beginning, again. Today I worked out for the first time in almost 2 weeks. I did Jillian's 30 Day Shred. I burned 237 calories. It's a start. Slowly, but surely. I will get there. No matter what.

I didn't go to Weight Watchers yesterday. I haven't weighed in for 2 weeks. That's no good, I know. I'm going to switch gears here for a second and talk about something positive. I've applied to 4 PhD programs - American University, GWU, Georgetown, & CUNY Grad Center. Now, I just need to finish my thesis. I'm taking the week of Christmas off from work, and I plan on doing a large chunk of it then. Something positive has come from this mess.

Today, I did a very good deed. I was driving to the grocery store this afternoon in the pouring rain, when I noticed a beagle wandering on the side of a very busy road. So I stopped, pulled over, and chased the dog until he stopped and let me hook my hand through his collar. The only tag he was wearing was a rabies tag tho. No name tag, no owners address. I flagged down a cop who took him to a no-kill shelter. I posted an ad on Craig's List for an update on the dog. I hope they were able to contact the dog's owner. I have 2 Yorkies, and I would hope someone would try to help if they got out, you know. I feel good that I stopped to help. Something positive will come from this.

This week, I have decided to kick it up and try new recipes. I'm also not going to let work affect me. Here's what happened. I posted on Facebook that I work with trash and that no one would understand what I have to work with everyday of my life. Co workers saw that, and well....you figure the rest out. Some of them are trash, not all of them. I have learned that I work with some fake ass people tho. They talk about you like crazy behind your back, but to your face, they're all nice and they'll even hang out with you and everything. Let me just say this, karma is a bitch. Whether or not I should've said what I said no longer matters. People will get exactly what they deserve, believe me. ugh. I can't wait to leave that place. I can't wait to hear from these schools. And onto the next phase of my life. I won't be hanging onto Mommy & Daddy the rest of my life, like some ppl at work. They don't realize they need to grow up already. Whatever, this is my blog, and I won't talk about them anymore. It's all about me. I'm the one that matters. I'm the one that's important.

This may have sounded a little strange, but believe me, if you only knew what BS and trash I had to put it with, you would understand. Enough tho. This week marks the beginning again. I'm excited. This is the start of my life now.

I promise tomorrow's post will be more positive. I just needed to get some things off my chest, and since this is MY blog, I chose to do it here. No one will tell me I can't do that. No one will tell me that I cannot think whatever I want in my own head. Period. Let's all make good choices now.