Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 83.

Well, today was a better day than yesterday, I have to admit. I woke up this morning knowing that I had to pack in a super long, super hardcore workout. And that's exactly what I did.

You see, I had a feeling that I needed to burn at least 1,000 calories in my workout. Why? As if the eating disaster from yesterday wasn't enough, I was up 4 lbs. this morning from yesterday. Oh yeah, I did some MAYJAH damage with my eating. Good times. So I was determined, bound & determined to undo as much of the ugliness today that I did yesterday. As much as possible.

So let's talk about the workout. I started with Step Reebok the Video with Gin Miller. I love that workout, I really do. It makes me sweat, it makes me work, and I like doing it. I did the Step warm up, paused the DVD, then did 5 minutes on the treadmill. Then I went back to the DVD. Finished the DVD, then popped in a Firm DVD - Ultimate Fat Burning Workout with Alison Davis. I did the UFB warm up, paused the DVD, then did 10 minutes on the treadmill. I went back to the DVD and completed it. I paused it again though right before the cool down, and walked on the treadmill for another 5 minutes, then did the cool down to UFB. In all, I worked out for 2 hours straight, and I burned 1, 108 calories. Yup, 1, 108 calories! I'm good with that number. And by the end of the workout, I was exhausted. And hungry. LOL.

I stuck to it today. Stayed on track, and wrote everything down in my journal. And, I must've drank more than a gallon of water today because I've been peeing nonstop all day. LOL. Again, I'm good with that. I need to get everything flushed out of my system anyway, so it can only be a good thing. I have a feeling I will be feeling it tomorrow. Already, my legs are a little sore as I type this. I hope that by tomorrow, I'm either down all 4 lbs. completely, or a large chunk of it. We'll see.

Oh man, I'm so tired! It was a long workout, a long day, and the start of a new, long work week. But I can feel that it's going to be a great week. So with that said, I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Day 82.

Bad, bad day. It started out ok, with the best of intentions. I went to WI and I was down 0.8 lbs. I was really disappointed with that number. I thought I was down at least a pound & half, but apparently not. Not even with all that shoveling, and all that working out. Unbelievable.

It went downhill from there. I came home, and I didn't do anything. I didn't work out, and I didn't stick to my food plan for the day either. Ugh. I feel so gross. I feel so disappointed. It's probably a good thing this day is over already.

I'm gonna end this post now. Just a bad day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Let's all make good choices.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 81.

When I woke up this morning, I attempted to open my door and found that I couldn't because the wind had blown the snow around. Yes, more fu**ing snow. Well, there's nothing I can do about it. And I had to shovel. A LOT. I'm feeling it now in my hamstrings & calves. Surprisingly enough, I don't feel it in my shoulders & forearms or my back, for that matter. My forearms is where I feel it, but it might happen tomorrow when I get up.

I was up & out of my house shoveling at 6:30 this morning. There was no way in hell I was going to work in all that crap. So a mental health/snow day it was for me. I am so tired right now from all that shoveling. I went out 3 times today because I had to do it in shifts. I was sweating after everytime, so I'm hoping I burned a good amount of calories doing just that alone.

I did work out today though. I decided on a double Stephanie Huckabee workout. First, I did PowerFit Cardio, then Express Cardio. I burned 518 calories. I'm giving myself 2 more activity points for all that shoveling. I didn't bother to wear my HRM, so I'm giving myself a modest guestimate.

Tomorrow is WI day at Weight Watchers. I don't think I'm going to stay for the meeting. I have a feeling the roads will be plowed, but they might be a little icy, which is something I don't want to mess around with. The supermarket is over in the next shopping plaza, and I'm just going to pick up a few things, then go straight home.

When I weighed myself this morning, I was down a full pound from yesterday. So I have a feeling this will be a great WI. Can't wait. I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 80.

And the snow & rain continue to fall. Yup, lots of great times. I have to get up crazy early tomorrow to shovel & clean off my car AGAIN.

Another great on program day. Followed by yet another forced workout. I mean, I know I have to workout, and I always wind up doing it, it's just it takes me forever to actually get around to doing it. Which means that I could've done a longer workout today, and I probably should've, but because I started so late, I had to choose something that was time efficient. So I chose to do Cathe Friedrich's KickMax. Cathe is insane, but it was a great workout. I burned 480 calories. I only did the cardio section though. There are strength and toning sections on the DVD that I haven't viewed yet, but I'll get around to that eventually.

The snow is not supposed to stop until Saturday afternoon sometime. Yup, lots of shoveling in my future. And it's heavy snow, too because it's a wintry mix. I cannot stand it anymore. I think I may move to Arizona, or Hawaii. Seriously.

I can't wait for this week to be over. I can't wait for the snow to stop. I can't wait to get goal. I can't wait to be done with my thesis. I can't wait for a lot of things to happen. All in good time.

So with that said, I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 79

So today was my rest day, and I really needed it after having worked out 5 days in a row. I have to say that after having done Standing Legs yesterday, I'm a little surprised that my legs aren't as sore as I expected them to be. You know what, it's fine though. The point is, I worked hard. And that's all that matters.

Today after work, I had to go to campus to file my papers for graduation. I had to pay a fee, and that was basically it. I'm glad I did it, and I'm glad it's over. It was so miserable today, drizzling rain all day long. And tonight we're supposed to get hit with even more snow. & rain. And God knows what else. So sick of this weather.

I'm thinking of which workout to do tomorrow. It's down to 2 DVDs - either Cathe's KickMax or Jillian's Banish Fat Boost Metabolism. Cathe is crazy, and so is Jillian. LOL. I'll sleep on it tonight, for now. I should do a Firm workout, but it's good to mix it up now and then, to keep it interesting and not boring.

Well, I have a feeling I will be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to shovel snow and to clean off my car. Fun, I know. Today was a great day, really, and I can't complain. I was down a half pound when I got on the scale this morning, so I was happy about that. Everything is moving smoothly and nicely. I'll have a good week this week, I can just feel it. So with that said, I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 78.

Tonight is LOST, and I am excited! That is my favorite show, and this season is the final season. Hope tonight is a better episode than last week, but we shall see later.

When I got on the scale this morning, I was back to my Saturday morning WW weight. So I'm happy with that. Guess all the working out I do actually does come in handy, doesn't it? LOL.

Let's talk about the workout. Today was actually supposed to be a rest day, but tomorrow after work, I have to run an errand (more on that later.) I wanted to do a hardcore workout today, so I started out with 20 minutes on the treadmill, then The Firm Parts Standing Legs. I burned 667 calories. And my legs, thighs & glutes will be feeling it tomorrow, I can almost guarantee it. It'll be a good kind of pain & soreness. I was sweating the entire time, almost from the moment I got on the treadmill. Everytime I do Standing Legs, I always let out a "That was tough!" along with Jayne Poteet, the final instructor in the video. LOL. Yes, the old Firm workouts are a little cheesy, with their leotards & pantyhose & leg warmers, but you know what? They really work you out hard! I mean, HARDCORE. You're begging for mercy at the end - that's how hard you're working. Compared to some of the newer Firm workouts, the older ones give you a lot more bang for your workout, in my opinion.

The errand that I have to run tomorrow involves going to campus again. I have to file my re-entry form, pay a fee, apply for graduation and pay another fee. And this time, I'm not leaving until all the forms are done, filed, and stamped. I'm not taking no for an answer this time! Haha.

I'm glad the workout today was hard. Sometimes it needs to be hard, you know. And sometimes you just need to take it easy.

Well, with that said, i'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 77.

Today was a good day, I have to admit. Stayed within my points, got in all of my daily requirements, tracked everything in my journal. So I really can't complain at all.

I had to really force myself to work out today. I mean, really force myself. I didn't want to do a long workout because I left work a little later than usual. So I chose to do a short Firm workout. I started with 12 minutes on the treadmill, then I did The Firm Cardio Sculpt Blaster with Lisa Kay. I burned 382 calories. I was good with that number. Especially since again, I had to really force myself to work out tonight.

Well, I'm struggling to find things to write about, and that's not good. I shouldn't write just for the sake of writing & trying to fill up space. So I think what I'll do is just wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 76.

Well, last night, after my post, I proceeded to have more cheese & crackers. That's how I chose to celebrate my loss yesterday. Yup, old habits indeed die hard. Arghh! It sucks. But, that is the truth of my situation, and I have to blog about it. I have to be honest & hold myself accountable, because otherwise, what is the point of this blog? I will write about everything here, even the ugly bad stuff.

Today tho was a lot better. I stayed within my points. I had to fight with myself to work out at all today. Usually on Sundays, I work out in the mornings and get it over with. But today, because of all that sodium I ingested last night with the cheese & crackers, I felt sluggish. It took me forever to get going today. See what happens when you eat bad things and make bad choices about food. Ugh, squared.

But in the end, I did workout today. I did 2 Firm workouts back to back. I started with Power Sculpt with Allie, then Super Cardio Sculpt with Nancy. I burned 546 calories. It felt good. I've been guzzling water all day long, which means I've been peeing all day long. LOL. It's ok though, because hopefully I'm flushing out all that salt from my system. Hopefully.

The pain that I've been feeling in my hip/groin is almost resolved & gone. It doesn't hurt as much, it doesn't feel sore, and I'm really hoping it's gone by the end of the week. Or before.

We're supposed to get even more snow this week. I'm really sick of it, let me tell you. I am sick of shoveling it, I'm sick of seeing it, I'm sick of driving in it, I'm just sick of it. Well, I should just stop because I have no control whatsoever over the weather. I think I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 75.

WI day was today, and it went much better than expected. I lost 1.2 lbs!! I am beyond happy. I couldn't believe it, but there you have it. Now all I can think about is how much more it would've been if I hadn't had an episode with the cheese & crackers. Oh well, no use dwelling on that, because I had another episode of that today. Wheat Thins & cheese. Ugh. I know, I know, I'm craving salt & I'm making wrong choices. But, it's over now, I'm working through it, and it's done.

I had to force myself to work out today after my episode. I really, really, really did NOT want to, but I felt I had to do something. I went on the treadmill to warm up for 3 minutes, then I did a Firm DVD that I've had forever and just have never done before. It's called The Firm 3-in-1 Bootcamp. It's another compilation of previous Firm workouts, and it's split into 2 different workouts, or you could do the entire DVD as a third option. I chose to do the 2nd half of the workout because it was shorter. Even though I poured sweat, I couldn't really get my heart rate up. I had to do some stepping for about 5 minutes to get my calorie burn up to 300. I finished up with 310 calories. At least it was something. At least I worked out. So I don't feel as bad as I would've if I hadn't worked out at all.

I discovered the new Jell-O chocolate mousse cups. They're so yummy, and only 60 calories! Thick & rich 7 chocolatey, which is always a good thing. Oh, and the pain that I was feeling in my hip/groin is pretty much gone now. Thank God.

I don't know what else to write about. So I will wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 74.

Well, I can't really discuss Day 74 until I finish off with Day 73. I am craving salt, so last night, around 10:30, I gave into a moment of weakness and had some cheese & crackers. Ugh. It wasn't a lot, and it was WW cheese & multigrain crackers, but it was still enough to make me retain water. I was up almost 2 lbs this morning. Ugh squared. Today, I made sure to stay away from sodium, but since tomorrow is WI day, I wasn't taking any chances.

Let's discuss the workout. My hip is feeling a lot better, but now the pain seems to be in - um - a different place. When I'm walking, I feel it in my groin. Yes, there! And now that I'm sitting down, I feel it in my outer quad. It's very strange. It's not anything terrible, it's not anything I can't deal with, it's just strange. I wish it would go away already.

I started on the treadmill for 35 minutes, then did The Firm Parts: Upper Body. I finished with 617 calories burned for my workout. I had to really force myself to workout today, because I really didn't want to at all. It was a struggle, but I did it. And there you have it.

I really hope I'm not up all that much tomorrow. I have a feeling I will be up somewhat, and usually, I would just skip WI if I'll be up, but I can't be that way now. I can't skip WI days, no matter how much weight I may have gained. Gotta face the music, gotta smell the roses. So with that said, I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 73.

Today is my rest day, and if it wasn't scheduled, it would've had to have been a rest day. This morning, when I got up, my left hip was killing me. It really hurt, and it wasn't a good kind of hurt at all. I must've done something during my workout yesterday. =( As the day has worn on, it's gotten a little better. I think that tomorrow should be an upper body workout because I don't want to make it worse. I absolutely do not want to deal with an injury. I'm hoping that tomorrow my hip will be completely better, but you never know.

This will sound corny, but I can't wait for Spring Training & the start of baseball season. I'm a huge Yankees fan, as you know, and I bleed Yankee navy blue blood. Along with Jet Gangreen blood also. I'm a big sports fan, just don't ask me anything about hockey, because I'm not all that interested in that particular sport. LOL.

Speaking of sports, is it bad that I'm not really watching the Olympics? I mean, I've only tuned in to some of the speed skating to watch Apolo Ono, and the snowboarding to see Shaun White, but that's it. I don't really care enough to watch anymore of it. I know a lot of people feel that way, it's just not all that interesting.

I was craving cheese today. I had a WW American cheese slice, and a Light Laphn Cow wedge also. Thank goodness I'm not lactose intolerant. I don't know what I'd do if I were. That would be pretty rough! lol.

Well, this is one of those days where I find I don't have all that much to say. So I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 72.

Hi everyone,

Today is Ash Wednesday, and it's the beginning of Lent. For me, it means that I couldn't eat meat today, or on Fridays for the next 40 days. It's ok though, since I bought some Boca soy products for this reason. Some of their burgers taste like cardboard, but I really like their Chick'n patties & their sausage links.

I'm feeling real positive and just happy with where I am in general. I can't think of how much further along I'd be if I had just stuck with it, and not self-sabotaged, but I can't think about that now. I can't focus on that because that will get me no where real fast. The point is, I'm doing program NOW, and I'm doing it correctly and following it faithfully. Everything I eat is written down in my journal, and it just feels so good to be in control.

I don't really give things up for Lent anymore - I think I'm just past that stage in my life now. It's a good idea though, but I can't think of anything I even remotely want to give up now. I'll try to think about this weekend, because that good ole Catholic guilt may just start to settle in!

Let's talk about the workout. This is Day 4 of old school Firm Mansion workouts. I decided on doing Firm Parts: Tough Aerobic Mix. It was my first time ever doing that particular workout, and I can't remember if I even previewed it before in the past. It's another compilation of classic Firm workouts, and it's only available on VHS. They really liked their hopping & jumping back in the 80s, I have to say. Some of the moves were lots of jumping jacks, running in place, and short lunges, which I think I'm starting to feel in my thighs & quads (are they the same thing?). I burned 419 calories, and I'm satisfied with that number. I poured sweat and got my heart rate up various times during that workout, so I'm good.

I made my own meatless pizza for dinner tonight because of the no-meat thing. I took a whole wheat tortilla, put on a little of tomato sauce, a cut up reduced fat string cheese, a Tbsp of shredded parmesan cheese, chopped mushrooms, and 2 cut up Boca sausage links. I had a salad with it also, and it was soo good! LOL.

I went over my daily points only by 1, so I'm not going to freak out about it. I have done enough activity this week to have earned it and to NOT feel guilty about it at all. Dammit! LOL

So with that said, I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 71.

I had to go back to work today after the holiday, and it was tough going back. I know it was only a day off, but still. I was a little busy, but not all that much. The day went by quickly, so I was real happy about that.

Yesterday, I actually worked on my thesis statement! I know, it's a miracle, right? LOL. I am determined to have it finished this week, come hell or high water. I have to email it to my professor, and then I have to go back to campus to apply for re-entry & graduation. Then onto to finish the damn thesis already. My weekends will be spent just working on that. That's fine with me since I'm such a homebody.

This is Day 3 of my doing old Firm mansion workouts. I chose an oldie, but goody. I started with PowerFit Cardio with Stephanie, then The Firm Parts: Not-So-Tough Aerobics. It's a compilation of old Firm videos, with different aerobic portions. It's a tough workout, don't let the title fool you! I burned 538 calories, and I sweated like a pig. I had to step on my 6 inch step for a few minutes to get my calorie burn up, but I didn't mind. The point is to move & burn calories, after all.

I'm thinking of which DVD to do tomorrow, and I'm not sure about it at all. I will figure something out, so I'm not going to stress it too much. As long as I workout and move, that's all that matters.

Big TV night tonight. LOST is on. I know, I lead such an exciting, jet-setting life, don't I? Haha. Well, I suppose it could be worse. So with that said, I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 70.

Thank goodness today was a holiday, because when I got up this morning, I sooo did not feel like going to work. LOL. Today was another good day. Worked out, had some Chinese food for lunch - yes Chinese food! I got chicken & broccoli with brown rice, and a cup of egg drop soup for a very healthy & satisfying lunch. That is just one example of how you can eat out and still have something very good & healthy at the same time. Go me.

The workout today had me pouring sweat. I started with 20 minutes on the treadmill at the incline, then The Firm Fat Blaster with Allie Del Rio. Yet another mansion workout, and I burned 582 calories. And yes, I even did the abs section, and my abs were killing me when it was over!

I felt good, great in fact, and I can't believe how much smooth sailing it has been for me. Even when I get the cravings, I just think to myself what is more important to me. Nothing tastes as good as thin feels. My WW leader says that every now and then.

When I weighed myself this morning, I was back down to my Saturday morning WI weight, so I was very happy about that. This will be a good week for me, I can just feel it. I just know it! I'm really happy & encouraged this time around. It feels liberating, actually. I feel free. I can't explain it, and I know that doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but it's just how I feel. I know what my winning outcome is, and it feels great that I'm getting there!

With that said, I'm gonna wrap this one up. I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day yesterday. Let's all make good choices.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 69.

I totally "overslept" this morning. Which means that even if I had wanted to go to the race today, I wouldn't have been able to anyway. I was supposed to be up and out of my house by 7:45 AM, but I "slept" in til about 8:20. LOL. I say "sleep in" because I don't ever sleep late anymore. Except today, of course.

Because I didn't get to the race, I decided that I needed to do a super duper hardcore workout this morning. It took me a while to get actually get going, like it always does when I workout in the mornings. Here's my workout breakdown: I started with 21 minutes on the treadmill, then I did The Firm Time Crunch WO w/Susan Davis, then just the aerobic section of The Firm Abs, Hips & Thighs Sculpting w/LaReine Chabut. In total, I burned 746 calories. I was pouring sweat like a pig! I felt good though. I didn't do the abs section of any of the WOs because I thought I would die. LOL. Yesterday, even though I took a rest day, I did my Ab Roller. I may decide to do a little ab work later tonight, but we'll see.

**** UPDATE ***
After reading over that last part about not doing the abs section, I decided to pop Time Crunch back into my DVD player, and I did the abs section. I felt it RIGHT away. And, I'm so glad I decided to do it! I just feel a lot better. I did have to modify some of the moves, but the point is, I completed the abdominal section, and my abs are the bane of my existence!


I'm really liking how I'm progressing on my journey this time around. This time feels different, so different. I just can't describe it. Even if I overindulge on the weekends, or if I just flat out binge (which has only happened a handful of times since I started this blog, and NOT every weekend, which was it used to be) I know that I haven't failed. I know enough now NOT to let one bad choice or two define either myself nor my journey. I am more important than any bad choice I could ever make.

I'm in a different place mentally, I suppose. And I can't stress enough AGAIN just how important that is. You must change the way you think about food if you're embarking on this journey. Forget everything you think you know about food, and start thinking of it as fuel for your body, and NOT a way to cope with stress or life in general. I refuse to believe anymore that food has THAT kind of power over me.

Tomorrow is an optional day at work, and I am opting to take the day off. Screw it. LOL. I mean, why not take the day off, after all?

Not much else to write about now. Just that it's looking like a positive journey this time around, and I couldn't be more happier. With that said, I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 68.

So today was WI, and I was down 0.8 lbs. I was ok with that, more than ok with that. I'm losing, slowly and steadily, and that is the best way to do it.

Ok, I have an update on my race tomorrow. Turns out it's a good 40 minutes away, which I was not aware of when I registered for it. I know, I know, it sounds like an excuse, and I guess it is, but man - 40 minutes to drive to a race? I mean, if I was a runner, I wouldn't even think twice about it, but I'm not a runner. So I'm not sure if it's worth it, you know. I think next time I should make sure of where the 5K is before I sign up for it. Sigh. I feel like an idiot. Oh well.

Today was a rest day for me. I'm really gonna have to think about the workout I'll do tomorrow. I'd like to do an Firm mansion workout. They're a lot harder than the newer Firms. They definitely make me burn more calories, and my heart rate goes way up when I do them.

I indulged a little with my eating today went over my points by 7. But I'm not going to freak out or anything, because I did not binge. I cooked a burger and put a WW cheese slice on it, had some organic French Fries for lunch, then had DiGiornio pizza with salad for dinner. The weekends are hard for me sometimes, but they are only as hard as I make them. That goes for life in general. Things are only as hard as you choose to make them. Period. I am not going to beat myself up for eating regular food. Not gonna happen.

After my WW meeting, I went to get a mani & pedi. It felt nice to be pampered. I can't even remember the last time I got a mani & pedi at the same time. I usually only get my toes done because I have ugly feet, and my toes need to be done on a regular basis. I got a French manicure, and it looks so nice. Love it!

This is one of those posts where I don't have a lot to say. Sometimes, I can go on & on, but this time is not one of those times. So with that said, I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 67.

Hi everyone,

Still smooth sailing, and I couldn't be more happier. Great choices & positivity are now major & important qualities & characteristics in my life. And believe me, they weren't before. It is so important to change your way of thinking on this weight loss journey. I know, I know, I keep repeating that, and yes, I know it sounds so cliche, but it's the truth. This journey is more mental than it is physical. Stop thinking that junk food is more important than anything else in life, and start realizing that making good choices is the key to any success story.

When I weighed myself this morning, I was down a half pound from Saturday's weight. So I was real happy about that. It'll mean that I will lose weight this week, and that is always a good thing. The day before WI, I always try to take it easy with salt and make sure that what I'm eating doesn't have too much sodium in it. I certainly don't want to retain any water and have it show on the scale. I'm not expecting to lose an astronomical amount of weight this week, but any loss is great. Whether it's a pound or less, I'll take it!

Let's discuss the workout today. I started on the incline treadmill for 22 minutes, and I really got my heart rate up. I was sweating by the time I finished, and then I decided to do an old Firm workout that I haven't done in a while. I did Complete Aerobic Weight Training with Jayne Poteet, and I burned 521 calories. Yes, I even did the ab section - well, a portion of that section, anyway. That section was hard! But what part I did of it, I could feel it working.

My glutes & thighs are still a little sore, but I don't mind that. Anytime my thighs & glutes are sore, I always think that it's because I did something good, workout-wise. I guess I also don't mind because my lower body is my problem area - major problem area. Is it strange to say that I can feel my body changing? I've gone through this losing weight thing before, only to gain it all back again, and I know that has wreaked havoc on my body. So when I say that I can feel my body changing - do you think it's weird? Maybe it's not so weird after all. Doing Firm workouts is supposed to transform your body - along with eating well. So maybe it's not so farfetched after all.

Well, I'm really excited about WI tomorrow. I'm actually looking forward to it. This time, because there will not be a threat of snow, I will stay for the meeting. So with that said, I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 66.

Hi everyone,

Another good day is in the books. It was a day full of great food choices and great workout choices. Speaking of workout, my body is still sore from all the shoveling I did yesterday. I'm feeling it in my forearms, my shoulders, and even my glutes & thighs. My glutes & thighs may be from the DVD & treadmill workout I did yesterday. Yeah, I was hurting today at work. I left super early (for me) to make sure that I got there on time. This morning the roads by my house weren't plowed all that great, but some of the snow melted during the day. Which is a good thing, because my 2006 Honda Civic EX likes to slide & skid in the snow. Great times.

I was up & outside at 6:30 this morning shoveling & clearing my car off. Ugh. I am officially sick of snow. I just hate it. I hate shoveling it, I hate having to drive in it, I hate having to clear it off my car - I just HATE it.

Ok, let's focus. This is a weight loss blog, not a blog about how much I hate snow! LOL. Let's discuss the workout. With my body as sore as it was, I really had to force myself to work out today. I seriously considered taking a rest day, but then I thought how lousy I would feel for not getting a workout in, so I decided against it. I started with 11 minutes on the treadmill, then did The Firm Pump, Jump & Jab with Kelsie Daniels. I used the incline on the treadmill again, and maybe that explains why my thighs & glutes are sore. It's a good kind of sore, though. I burned 421 calories. I had to jump around a bit to get my calorie burn up, but that was ok. The point was to burn calories, after all.

When I got on the scale this morning, I was only up a half pound from Saturday's WI. I will lost weight this week, dammit! LOL. I'm doing really well this week, so I'm not going to stress about too much. That's added stress I don't need, and we all know that stress can cause you to gain weight & retain fluids. So I'm not playing that game.

Ooh, I forgot to mention that I finally baked those FiberOne Muffins - and they're really good! One of them is 2 points, and they are yummy. I have yet to buy another box, and I will probably hold off on buying it for now. But they're good to have in the house or in your freezer as a quick snack or an add on to your breakfast in the morning.

OK, with that said, I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 65.

Hi everyone,

Today was a snow day for me. My job told us yesterday they would close the office today in anticipation of the snow today. It's been snowing since last night, and it won't stop until tomorrow morning around 6 AM. Which means that I have to be up, dressed and outside shoveling at 6 AM. Today, I have already shoveled twice, and cleaned my car off once. My arms & shoulders are sore already. And I still haven't even told you about my workouts today!

So let's discuss the workouts. Yes, I said workouts. Shoveling is a workout all by itself. I was sweating - SWEATING - when I was done the first time around. I was outside for more than an hour, cleaning my car off, and then shoveling around my car. But let's discuss the first workout I did. I started with 10 minutes on the treadmill, then The Firm Total Sculpt Plus Abs with Jen Carman. I burned 404 calories. I can't even remember the last time I did that workout, which is the reason why I chose to do it today. Yes, even the ab section at the end. Part of it, anyway. I had to modify some of the moves. After a shower & some breakfast, I headed out to shovel for the first time today.

I should've worn my HRM when I went shoveling this morning, but I'm giving myself at least 100 calories burned & 1 AP for that. The second time I shoveled, I put my HRM on, and I wore it all throughout my 2nd workout of the day. I went inside, did my Ab Roller for 5 minutes, and then went on the treadmill for 35 minutes, and burned 561 calories! Yeah baby! I burned over 1,000 calories today. The reason why I did 2 workouts today was because when I got on the scale this morning, I was still a pound up from Saturday. So I was hoping that by doing 2 workouts today, I'll have lost that extra pound by tomorrow. I know, I'm insane, but there you have it.

I am so not looking forward to having to get up super early tomorrow morning to shovel yet again. And clear my car off yet again. Man, snow is such a pain in the ass, lemme tell you. They're forecasting yet more snow this coming weekend. It just doesn't ever end. Maybe I'll move to Arizona or something. Well, there's nothing I can do about the weather. Sigh.

Today was a good day, all things considered. Great workouts, great calorie burn, and great food decisions all around. So with that said, I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 64.

Hi everyone,

Well, I have some good news. When I got on the scale this morning, I was thrilled to see that I was up only a pound from Saturday! The reason why this is good news is because my TOM just arrived this morning, so this is a major coup. So apparently, the gods of weight loss are smiling down on me. :)

I have even more great news. Because of the massive snowstorm we're supposed to be getting tomorrow (which is bad news for me because I have to shovel), my job is closing tomorrow! I can't believe that's happening. Hell must've frozen over, but hey, I'm not complaining about that at all.

Let's discuss the workout. I decided to do Cathe Friedrich's Kick Max DVD. I swear she's on crack during the last part of the workout. There are tucks, which I have never done before, tons of jumping jacks, and plies that really got my heart rate up. Man, tough, tough workout! I'm defintely going to incorporate that workout in my rotation. I still wanted a little more of a calorie burn, so I popped in PowerFit Cardio with Stephanie Huckabee. I got my calorie burn up to 640 calories. I'm hoping that tomorrow, when I weigh myself, I'll have lost that pound. I won't be too disappointed if I don't lose that pound because I'm thinking that with all the shoveling I have to do tomorrow, it will definitely come off this week. I know I will lose weight this week, I am absolutely positive about that!

Not much else to report on here. I am really not looking forward to all the snow that's coming my way. I hate shoveling snow, I hate driving in snow, I just hate snow now, period. Ugh.

With that said, I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 63.

Hi everyone,

It felt weird posting yesterday's post today, but the important thing WAS to post. Yeah, this weekend was bad in terms of my eating, but I needed to blog to face the responsibility and keep me accountable. That's the important part. So I had an episode with some crackers & cheese, and some bread & peanut butter - BUT I have not failed. I'm still going. I'm still keeping on keeping on.

Today I felt really bad and ashamed of how I ate this weekend. I forgot what was important to me, and I let food become more important than my winning outcome. That is just unacceptable. Which is why today I was back to being completely on program, and I did not go over my points at all. I got in all of my requirements, and it felt really good to be back in control again. 90% of this journey is mental, I think I'm only now starting to really realize that. And it's true, you know. My craving for salt this weekend was mental. I could've - and SHOULD HAVE - easily talked myself out of it. It is so important to be in the right frame of mind when you're on this journey. A good frame of mind goes a long way, believe me.

I worked out today! Let's talk about it. I wasn't sure which Firm workout to do today, so I just turned to an old favorite. I started with The Firm Ultimate Fat Burning Workout, then I did the Standing Abs portion of Core Solutions, another Firm DVD, which are both led by Alison Davis. I burned 412 calories, and I had to do some stepping around to reach that number. But I'm happy with my calorie burn. It felt good to move, break a sweat and burn calories.

As I'm writing this, I'm previewing a DVD that I bought like 3 years ago, and have never done. It's Cathey Friedrich's Kick Max. Um, Cathe is no joke, lemme tell you right now. She doesn't mess around. It's pretty high intensity, and some people might think she's on crack with some of her moves. I'm going to attempt to do this workout tomorrow. Wish me luck. I have to find some DVDs to supplement my Firm DVDs. It's good to mix it up every now and then, keep it interesting so that your body keeps guessing, you know.

Ok the DVD kinda scares me. Cathe is definitely from another body. Her body is seriously ripped, and even the 2 girls that are doing the workout with her have cuts & rips all over their bodies. No joke. Dauymmm.

Before I sign off, I just want to congratulate the New Orleans Saints for winning the Super Bowl yesterday. They played a great game, and they kept the Colts guessing. Especially with that offside kick. What a gutsy call, Sean Payton. You guys earned that ring.

With that said, I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Day 62.

Hi everyone,

Today was a DOR, and I am seriously PMSing. That is a bad thing, because I want to eat all the salt I can find. Not, not good at all. I had some cheese & crackers, and I can feel my body retaining water. But it’s ok because I am determined to end it NOW. It’s funny how just 2 days ago I felt so in control and so good about this journey. It’s a daily reminder of how our thinking must always be positive. Back to program as we speak.

We went to my brother’s house today to see Sonia. She’s getting so big! She’s 14 months old now, and she is so adorable. She only likes to be picked up my men. When my Mom & I picked her up, she started crying. We tried distracting her with a toy, which only worked for a few minutes before she started crying again. So my brother told her to go over to where my Dad was sitting, and she did. He put her on his lap, and she didn’t cry once. Not a single tear, not a single whimper! She was looking at my Dad like, I’m not really sure who you are but I trust you, so I won’t cry. LOL. She’s like that with her other grandpa too.

I was good all day until we got home. Then I wanted salt, and lots of it. Cheese & crackers were my choice because I did not have any junk in the house. It was a good thing too, because I seriously thought about buying Cool Ranch doritos to nibble on during the Super Bowl. Man, it’s a good thing I didn’t. That whole bag would’ve been gone in no time flat.

Tomorrow is a workout day, and I plan on going at it hard this whole week. I don’t usually work out 5 days in a row, but my eating the last 2 days now guarantees that I absolutely have to. :( Going at it hardcore, period. I'm disappointed in myself, but I have to realize that I'm not perfect, and this journey sure does have its ups and downs. I am determined to make this go up again, trust me.

With that said, I’m gonna wrap this one up. Let’s all make good choices.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 61.

Hi everyone,

Well, so much for the snow. That huge snowstorm that was supposed to blanket the Northeast pretty much missed Long Island. Which is a good thing, because I really wasn't feeling having to shovel, know what I mean.

Let's talk about WI. It was a great WI, it really was. I lost 3.4 lbs! I guess that made up for not losing a single ounce last week. I went to WI early so that I could get home early. At that point, I didn't know yet that we wouldn't get any snow at all. I was really happy about my weight loss this week, and I just knew that it would be good. This confidence thing is really a good thing.

I went to the grocery store, then headed back home to workout. I really had to force myself to do it, because I just did not want to at all. I decided to do a Firm Mansion workout - Fat Blaster with Allie. I wanted to get my calorie burn up, so I went onto the treadmill at the incline for 10 minutes. My total calorie burn was 446 calories. And I needed to workout, considering how I ate today. Maybe it was the weather and the cloudiness. I'm not sure. I had a tray of Stouffer's Mac & Cheese, some Pop Chips, and a peanut butter sandwich. It could've been a lot worse, but I still shouldn't have eaten what I did. I was this close to getting Chinese food, but I didn't. Why does that happen? Why do I let myself do that - especially after a fantastic weight loss this week? Ugh. Back at it tomorrow.

I won't let this derail me, however. It was bad, but not completely awful either. I will be up tomorrow when I weigh myself, but I did it to myself. Regardless, I won't let this define me - I am NOT a failure. Period. I still worked out, and I still managed to get in most of my daily requirements.

I am not going to spend this post feeling sorry for myself or offering up excuses. It wasn't quite a binge, but I definitely overate. It happened, I did what I did, and now it is time to move on. I do feel bad, but it comes with the territory. Sigh.

With that said, I'm going to wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 60.

Hi everyone,

Here in NY we are supposed to get hit with a snowstorm tonight, and it's supposed to last until tomorrow evening. Lots of fun, since you know how much I just HATE shoveling. I'm hoping that we'll just get like 1 or 2 inches and that I won't have to shovel. I'll throw down some ice melt and it can go away pretty quickly - all without having to shovel. I hope I can make it to my WW meeting because I really want to WI tomorrow. This week was really good for me, and after last week where I didn't lose any weight, I really need to WI tomorrow. It will be like redemption for me.

I am so glad it's Friday. I mean, I had a great week, but the weekends are the best, of course. I was at work today, and I kept thinking about how important it is to be as positive as possible. It means surrounding yourself with a great support system, it means making sure that you don't self sabotage. It means not buying foods that are Red Light foods, as WW calls it. For me, that would be Cool Ranch Doritos & Wavy Lays Chips. My problem is that if I buy those things, I won't stop until the whole bag is gone. And then I feel ashamed and disgusted with myself for losing control like that. The trick is to find something that could be substituted for those things and make sure you don't abuse it. For example, I recently discovered Pop Chips. Have you tried them? They're delicious! I bought the salt & vinegar flavor, and they're really good. They're not baked, not fried, so you don't have to worry about them dripping grease. Pirate Booty is great too. They are both in my house right now, and I'm not stressing out about eating it til it's all gone. That's unbelievable. I have definitely grown up. And I have definitely come a long way.

Let's discuss the workout. I went on the treadmill for 15 minutes at an incline. Let me tell you, my thighs and my quads were feeling the incline all day today from yesterday's workout. It's a good feeling though. It means I worked hard, or at least, somewhat hard. After the treadmill, I did The Firm Calorie Killer with Nancy Tucker, and I wound up burning 532 calories. I was pouring sweat the whole time. That incline is killer, and I really believe that it makes you burn more calories. I'll definitely be incorporating that more into my workouts from now on.

Well, I really hope the snow isn't that bad tomorrow. I hope the roads will be ok. I think I'll just go to WW, weigh in, and then come back. I don't think I will stay for the meeting and chance it, you know. I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 59.

Hi everyone,

The good thing about Thursday is that it's almost Friday, and therefore, almost the weekend. LOL. Another great day is done, thanks to positive thinking and believing in myself and my winning outcome. God, I can't believe I just said that! It sounds so Weight Watchery, doesn't it? I guess I have finally reached the point of full commitment to the program. And it's a great feeling, it really is. I indulge now and then, but not the way I used to, going absolutely bat crazy on the weekends after WI. It's just not worth doing that anymore. And not only that, but I don't want to do that. No more self-sabotage!

The workout tonight was great. I sweated like a pig. I started with 15 minutes on the treadmill, and for the first time, I actually put the treadmill on the incline. I had never done that before because I just never thought I could do it. At 272 lbs., I certainly wouldn't be able to do it, that's for sure. But now, almost 40 lbs. lighter, I can! I'm going to do the treadmill on an incline every time from now on. I'll burn more calories and build up my endurance that way. I was sweating by the time I got off the treadmill.

After the treadmill, I decided to do a TransFirmer workout. I did The Firm Aerobic Body Shaping with Allie Del Rio. That got my heart rate way up, and I burned 610 calories after all was said and done. I'm real happy with that number. I'm super confident that WI on Saturday is going to be fantastic. I've done everything right, and everything is moving smoothly in the right direction.

I've been doing WW for almost 3 years now, and this time around, it feels different. It feels right. I feel right. My head is in the right place, and I am ready. And it feels . . . great. Awesome. Everything I have been hoping it would be. I know I am not there yet, but I also know I'll get there!

With that said, I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 58.

Hi everyone,

Today was a great, smooth day. I don't know how else to describe it. I'm just feeling really good about my journey right now, and that's a great thing. In the past, it used to be that I hated being on this journey, I hated having to watch what I eat, I hated eating the things I did to lose weight. And every now and then, I still do feel that way. Would I much rather be eating cheesy, meaty lasagna, or the healthy casserole of whole wheat egg noodles, lean chicken breast, mushrooms, carrots, broccoli and low sodium, low fat Cream of Mushroom soup that I just prepared? You bet! Incidentally, that casserole will be my lunch tomorrow. LOL. It actually is pretty tasty. The original recipe called for regular Cream of Mushroom soup, whole milk, and shredded parmesan cheese, which I eliminated. Can't wait to eat it tomorrow!

My point is that my mode of thinking has changed. It had to, in all honesty. I had to put an end to all my negative thinking about my weight loss journey and stop thinking of myself as a failure because that would just lead to disaster and even more failure. And this awful cycle of losing weight & gaining it all back again would just continue & continue. That is NOT going to happen this time. I'm stronger than that person I used to be. This journey is primarily mental than it is physical. I would say it's about 75% mental, 25% physical. It might even be more than that, actually. My point is if you throw out the way you USED to think about weight loss, and stop thinking negatively - whether it be about yourself, or about food - you will absolutely succeed. And not just about your weight loss journey - that applies to life also. Positive thinking breeds positivity in all ways, shapes and forms. And I think we all deserve to think positively and have positive things happen to us in our lives.

Let's talk about the workout. Today was my long day at work, so I decided to combine 2 short Firm workouts and do them back-to-back. I started with The Firm Fat Burning Cardio Toning with Tina Smalley, then Fat Blasting Cardio with Lisa Kay. FBCT uses a resistance cord, which totally kills me. There are sequences where you're squatting with the cord, and doing bicep curls at the same time, and I can't even bring the cord all the way up. The resistance is pretty hard, which is the whole point, I guess. It's hard, let me tell you. That's the only piece of equipment for that workout. Next was FBC, and that uses light dumbbells and an inclining step. I used the Transfirmer for that workout, and some of the step sequences are tough, and they really get your heart rate way up there. In total, I burned 440 calories for both workouts. I'm happy with that number. I did sweat more during FBC because of the step sequences. Which is great. I like that workout because I like Lisa Kay.

When I got on the scale this morning, I was shocked to find that I had lost 1.5 lbs. since yesterday! Yeah baby! I weighed myself 3 times just to make sure, and sure enough, the same weight showed on the scale all 3 times. So maybe I was just retaining water? I suppose it is possible. I'd like to think that some of it was fat, too, but you never can tell.

Just one more thing before I sign off tonight. I have had the first comments to my blog! And I have a follower! Becca, if you're reading this, thanks for the follow. I really do appreciate it, I can't even tell you how much. I'm wasn't able to tell if you have a blog or not. If you do, list it in the comments section. I'd love to read it! And Bee & Lisa - thank you for the comments!

With that said, I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 57.

Hi everyone,

Today is my scheduled DOR, and I had some errands to run after work. I went to campus to fill out some forms. Apparently, because I haven't taken any classes in a year, I have to apply for re-entry, fill out a form, and pay a $10 fee. They told me to wait until the end of the month to apply for graduation and re-entry. I wish I had just called them in advance, but I guess it doesn't matter. I will mail in the forms and the fee tomorrow, because I don't want to wait until the end of the month. I must write my thesis statement this weekend and email it to my professor on Monday. This weekend, I will lock myself in the library by my house until it is done. I am promising myself and I will hold myself to do that this weekend, no matter what. The Superbowl is on Sunday, but I'm not really interested too much in the game, since the Jets lost and all. That statement has to get done this weekend. It WILL get done this weekend. PERIOD.

Now, even though it was my DOR, I decided to do a short Firm workout that I think I've only done once. I did The Firm Core Solutions, Standing Abs. It's only 10 minutes long, and it felt good to get in at least some kind of activity today. Tomorrow is my long day at work, and I'm already thinking of which DVD to do. I may do FBC with Lisa, and my Ab Roller. We'll see.

LOST is back tonight, and I'm soooo excited!! That's my favorite show, and I'm so glad it's back. It's the final season, and I wonder how they will wrap things up. This show can get very complex, and a lot of people have already given up on it, but I'm loyal to the very end. LOL.

OK, Biggest Loser is also on tonight, and the 2 shows overlap, so I'm not really sure how to work this. LOST is just way more important to me right now. LOL. Before I forget, I got on the scale this morning, and I was down half a pound from Saturday's weight. I was really happy about that. Take that, water retention!!

Well, with that said, I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 56.

Hi everyone,

Man, is it Monday already? This sucks. Anywho, this will be a short post because I have to rewrite my personal statement and email it to American University. When I weighed myself this morning, I was up a pound from Saturday, which I'm ok with. It's probably a combination of lunch yesterday, and my cheeseburger last night. I'm confident that I'll be back to my Saturday weight by tomorrow. I will lose weight this week - of that I am absolutely sure of!

The workout today was The Firm TransFirm Your Trouble Zones with Kelsie Daniels. It uses a 5 lb. kettleball. I didn't really like the workout all that much, which explains why I haven't done it a really long time. I think there's something wrong with the DVD because it kept skipping & pausing. And not only that, but my heart rate didn't really get up there all that much. So that's why I didn't really like it. I burned 306 calories, but my instincts tell me that my calorie burn could've been a lot more. Shrug. Oh well.

OK, I'm gonna wrap this one up and work on my personal statement for AU. Let's all make good choices.