Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 144 - TGIF!!

Happy Friday, bloggy peeps! I'm always happy when Friday rolls around - it's such a great day. It truly is, I tell ya.

I had a good day today, got in all of my daily requirements, definitely stayed within my points, and I really tried to stay away from sodium. That can be tough, the day before my WI and all. But I did the best I could, so I'm just trying to stay positive.

I got in a really good workout today, too. I started with 21 minutes on the inclined treadmill. I had been worried about doing that because I didn't want to do anything to my knee, but I felt fine, and my knee felt fine, too. Then I did a Firm DVD that I had never done before - Total Muscle Shaping with Stephanie. I really wanted to get my calorie burn up over 700, so I had jumprope in place & march in place for a few minutes to meet my goal. I wound up burning 706 calories, and I'm happy with that number.

My appointment with the orthopedist is set for Thursday afternoon after work. I realize that the whole not feeling any pain thing might mean that I'm just imagining things, but at least I'll have peace of mind. So I have to waste money on a co-pay and to have an MRI, but if it means proving that there is nothing wrong with my knee, then I don't mind being thought of as a little bit crazy. LOL. I've been thinking what a whopper it would be if the doctor tells me I have the onset of arthritis. Anything is possible, though.

My WI is tomorrow, and I'm curious to see what the scale will tell me. My scale at home puts me at about 1.5 lbs. down this week. So we shall see. I have been doing everything I'm supposed to do, so I know I'll have a loss. The question is, how much will it be. In any case, I'm confident. Wish me luck!

OK, wrapping this one up now. Thanks for reading. And let's all make good choices.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 143 - Changing my Blog Title.

Hi guys! Hope all is well with everyone. I am feeling great, still just trying to stay positive, in the right frame of mind. A lot of people would say that 80% of this journey is mental. I've talked before about this, and I think I have to agree. If you can psyche yourself into being in the right frame of mind, and psyche yourself out of old habits, then you're already succeeding. But that's just opinion.

Today is my rest day, and I've been extra diligent with my points, trying to stay away from additional sodium as much as possible. Whenever I take rest days during the week, I try to keep myself as busy as I can. So after work, I went to the grocery store & stocked up on some essentials - milk, fresh veggies, salad sacs, Bagel Thins - which are my new favorite thing now - part skim string cheese, Steam Fresh frozen veggies, multi grain bread, lean chicken breast, fresh lean pork tenderloin, WW Progresso soups, Minute Brown rice cups, etc. This weekend I'll be trying out one or two new recipes. More on that after I try them out.

Anywho, I changed up my blog title. I got the inspiration for Future Thin Girl from Jen, Prior Fat Girl. I thought it sounded kinda snazzy, doncha think? And I did think it was time to change it up a bit - just a bit. It's growing on me! LOL. I may also be changing the layout of my blog, but one thing at a time for now. I might do that next week or so. We'll see.

Alright then, since I'm running out of things to say, I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 142 - Hump Day.

Hi there bloggy peeps on this Hump Day! You guys rock! Thanks for the concern about my knee, but I can assure you that I am ok. I finally buckled down and made an appointment today with an orthopedist for next Thursday after work. That was a huge step for me, since I hate going to doctors of any kind. I have to be half dead before I go to a doctor. I'm serious. When the cyst on my ovary ruptured, it never would've occurred to me to go to the ER. If my Mom hadn't said for us to go, I probably would've just continue to lay on the floor in agony.

He'll probably send me for an MRI. I wonder what he'll say to me. Maybe something along the lines of how my weight might be affecting my joints, etc. And he would be right, if there is something wrong with my knee. Can you imagine if he told me I have the onsets of arthritis? At 31? That's just crazy. It really is. But anything is possible, because I like said, I'm not feeling any pain, just swelling & stiffness, perhaps. So I'll know a little more next week.

I'm feeling good, just trying to stay positive and all. When I weighed myself this morning, I was down a pound, so I'm real happy with that. Let's hope the weight loss continues this week. If I do everything right, like what I've been doing this week, then there's no reason to think I won't lose. I'm confident.

Let's talk about the workout. I'm still a little leery about using my treadmill, so instead I opted to do 2 short Firm workouts back to back. I started with Cardio Sculpt Blaster with Lisa Kay, then I did the 15 minute bonus workout on Get Chisel'd with Rebekah Sturkie. I got my calorie burn up to 353 calories. I'm good with that number. I really did not want to workout today at all. I had to force myself to do it. I started late too, but once I got going, I decided to push myself and go a little further. It's funny how that happens, but there you have it.

Yesterday on my lunch break I saw something I've never seen in my whole life. A possum! Ugh, it was so gross I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. At first I thought it was just a huge rat, but when I told one of my coworkers about it, she was like, are you sure it wasn't a possum? So sure enough, when she did a Yahoo search, there it was. Eeuwww, double eeuwww! Those things are nasty.

OK, that's enough about that. Let's wrap this one up. And let's all make good choices.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 141 - Still no catchy title.

Hi everyone,

I've been thinking about my knee all day today, and I've come to the decision that I just need to buckle down & go to the doctor already. I've heard that it takes forever to get an appointment to see an orthopedist, so I will be calling some doctors this week. I have to see first if they accept my insurance or not. My insurance sucks, btw. If I do need to get my knee drained, I'll schedule it for after the WW 5K challenge on June 6. Because there is NO way I am missing that, come hell or high water. The good news is that I'm not feeling any pain in it, thank God. So I don't think that anything is torn or broken, because I'm guessing I would be in considerable pain. Knock on wood. But I am definitely seeing a doctor about it soon, I promise!

This morning when I weighed myself, I was back to my Saturday WI weight. Which is good, because it means that I have the rest of the week to lose weight. I am determined that this week I will lose weight. I'm not going over my points at all this week, I'm going to faithfully track everything in my journal, and I'm going to workout.

Speaking of working out, let's discuss what I did today. I started with Kathy Smith's step workout, then I finished the rest of The Firm Super Body Sculpt with Stephanie that I didn't do yesterday. I even did the ab section! LOL I finished with 583 calories burned. I poured sweat, and I'm happy with my workout today. I got my heart rate up, and I worked hard.

I'll take it easy with my knee in my workouts. I'm thinking I should try to avoid the treadmill, but unfortunately, that's the thing that really gets my heart rate way up. Sigh. What a pain in the ass. Now, I may be jumping ahead of myself here. There may not be anything drastic going on with my knee. I may not need to have a procedure, maybe physical therapy will help. Surgery is not the answer all the time, you know. Maybe the doctor will just say, take some meds to make the swelling go down or something. So we'll see. And I promise I will keep you guys updated.

I'm running out of things to say, so let's wrap it up. Let's all make good choices.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 140.

Hi there ppl,

I don't have a snazzy title for today's post, unfortunately. Just not in the mood. Today was a really long Monday, and I just couldn't wait for it to be over. It was a long day even though I was busy. At least it's over now.

This is something I haven't talked much about, but I think I may have fluid in my right knee. It doesn't hurt or anything, but it looks swollen to me. It's really strange because when I looked up the symptoms on, it said that pain usually accompanies this kind of thing. I don't feel any pain at all in my knee, but it definitely feels different than my left knee. I know I need to get it checked out by an orthopedist, but I'm really reluctant to do that. Surgery is the only way to correct that, and I wouldn't be able to work out or anything. I'm really leaning towards waiting a bit. And I think I shouldn't do another 5K until the WW challenge on June 6th. Alright, I'm done talking about this now.

I really didn't feel like working out today, but I knew that I needed to. So I started with PowerFit Cardio with Stephanie, then the upper body portion of The Firm Super Body Sculpt. I couldn't get my heart rate up high enough, so I had to go onto the inclined treadmill for 15 minutes. That got my heart rate way up, and my calorie burn ended at 447 calories. I was ok with that number, but I knew it could've been more.

Tomorrow I'm planning on a longer workout, but I'm undecided about which DVDs to do. I can think about that later. So with that said, I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 139 - Moving on.

Hi everyone,

First of all, I really want to thank Suzi, Theresa, & Ms. Phsicalle Fit for their kind comments on my post yesterday. Thank you ladies - you guys rock! Weight gains, no matter how big or small they are, are a part of weight loss. And let's face it, a gain of 0.2 lbs. is really not so terrible. It could've been a lot worse, right? And it wasn't. I also ate like a pig last week, and I got exactly what I deserved. That's how it is, and I just need to accept it & move on. So here goes.

OK, today was a much better day. I started it out right. I got up, got my workout DVD & gear in order, then I weighed myself. I was up a little bit from the cheese & crackers yesterday, a pound & a half. I'm not going to stress out about it, what would be the point? So I had my coffee, and went to work. I started with Level 1 of Jillian's 30 Day Shred. Then, continuing along with my promise to myself to include more sculpting, I popped in The Firm Parts Standing Legs. My calorie burn up to this point was at about 670 calories, so I decided to move around and do some stepping & weights until I hit 700 calories. And that's what I did. I took my 9 lb. sculpting stick and stepped on the Fanny Lifter (the purple part) until I got my calorie number up. I finished with 703 calories. I was really good with that number. Especially since I sweated like a banshee. LOL.

Today, my Mom & I went to my brother's house & had a nice little visit with Sonia. She's getting so big! She's also misbehaving a little bit - she scares the 2 little Yorkies they have on purpose. Bad, bad girl. She's also not listening - they will have their hands full with her, I can guarantee it. LOL. We brought lunch from the Colombian restaurant & I brought along my brown rice cup to get my grains in. They had regulach at their house, and before I knew it, I had eaten 2 pieces of it! So I stopped myself & walked away from the package before I could do anymore damage. It was kosher though, and I tried to make myself feel better about it. hehe. I didn't have my usual WW flying saucer & whipped cream with my dinner tonight, and I just had a salad with rotissiere chicken & lite salad dressing. I threw in some canellinni beans, and it made for a very satisfying & filling dinner. Good to go.

I'm feeling a lot better today, but I'm kinda tired because we hit massive traffic on the way back home. Driving can be really tiring, especially if you're sitting in traffic for 45 minutes. Ugh, what a pain in the ass. I'll be in bed by 10 PM tonight, I can feel it. It's 8 right now, and if I hadn't had dinner an hour ago, I'd be in bed right now. That's how tired I feel. The weather isn't helping either - it's been cloudy & rainy all day. Gloomy weather always makes you feel tired, doesn't it?

I'm feeling much better, and I'm thinking of doing another 5K in the next 2 weeks. I might even run one next Saturday, it's just a matter of finding one that's close by. I do love the feeling I get after I run one, it's just so elating, I can't really describe it properly. I'll keep you posted. And with that said, I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 138 - Weigh Day

Well people, I recorded my first gain since my recommitment. This morning at WI, I was up .2. Now, I know that's not terrible, and considering how I ate this week, I should be happy that it was only .2 and not a full pound or something. Now, I understand the reasoning behind that statement, because it does make a lot of sense. But still, I was disappointed this morning. Sigh. The receptionist, Pat, was really great about it when I asked her if I could weigh again. She took a look at my book and told me that I should take a look at my progress over the last 4 weeks. I've been losing more than a pound of week, and Pat told me I should be proud of that. And I am, believe me. She said that next week I'll have a nice little loss, and to NOT go crazy this week. Small gains here and there are a part of weight loss, it's all a part of this journey. So I left WI, trying to cling to that.

I didn't stay for the meeting, I was just in too much of a bad mood, and I really should have stayed. I stopped tracking today after breakfast, another mistake. I didn't binge really, just had some cheese & crackers today. After that, I didn't have much of an appetite, but I kept thinking about food all day. Such is the life of a food addict, I guess. But like I said, nothing happened, I didn't leave the house much, because if I had, I would've gone to the store and disaster would've ensued.

Today was my rest day, and it's just as well, I guess. I've really been thinking about what Pat said today, and just trying to remember that she's right. I have to be good because this is just way too important for me.

Well, I'm not sure what else to write about, so I think I'm just gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 137 - TGIF!!

Happy Friday bloggy peeps! Thank goodness, it was a long week. Some bad days, some great days. More great than bad ones. Tony's challenge to Jen was this week, so was my episode with potato chips & chocolate cake. Shaking my head. It's over now, and I've moved on.

Tomorrow is WI day, and I knew I had to push it today, really push it. So here's what I did today. I started with 31 minutes on the inclined treadmill, where I was pouring sweat like nobody's business. Then I did Part 2 of The Firm Bootcamp 3-in-1 Mix. I was at about 650 calories burned by that point, but I wanted to push it just a bit more. So I popped in The Firm Complete Aerobic Weight Training with Jayne Poteet, and I did about 11 minutes of it. I just didn't have the mentality to do the whole thing. I finished with 752 calories burned for the day, and I am more than good with that number. I pushed, I sweated, and I worked hard for those 752 calories.

When I weighed myself this morning, I was exactly at my Saturday morning weight. So we'll see what the scale says tomorrow. I worked hard today, & I just hope it shows. I've also chugged about 200 ounces of water today, and I'll be peeing all night, but if it makes a difference, then I don't care.

I'm glad Seth Aaron won Project Runway. It was a little boring this season, and I didn't like Emilio's or Mila's collections. And as for Tebow - whatever. Good luck trying to make him into an NFL quarterback, Denver. You guys will need it.

Ok, so with that said, I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 136 -NFL Draft & Other Stuff.

Hi again peeps.

Today was a good Thursday. I love that it's Thursday because it'll be Friday soon, and Fridays usually rock. The day started out great - when I weighed myself this morning, I was only up a half pound from Saturday's weigh in. So I'm more than ok with that. I have to work my butt off the next 2 days.

Let's discuss today's workout. I started of course, on the inclined treadmill. For 22 minutes, and as usual, I was pouring sweat when I got off. Then I did The Firm Bootcamp 3-in-1 Mix, Part 1. It's mostly strength training, which is exactly what I wanted. I didn't do the ab section at the end, and I should've, I know. But I just couldn't. I was pouring sweat, and I just wanted the workout to end. Not that I didn't enjoy it - I did, but you guys know how I feel about ab segments. LOL. Feels like I keep saying that, doesn't it? I burned 606 calories, and I worked out for 66 minutes. Go me! Feels like maybe I should've worked out more, but there you have it. Tomorrow will be an extra long workout, I promise you.

I'm watching the NFL draft as we speak. Unsurprisingly, Sam Bradford went #1 to the Rams. Was there ever any doubt? And how sweet was it seeing how emotional Gerald McCoy was, especially when he gave Roger Goodell that big hug? It looked like he was going to sack him, the hug was that big! I'll never forget last year's draft when the Jets traded up to pick Mark Sanchez. Freaking awesome because I am, as you know, a die hard Jets fan.

Ok, that is enough football talk for now. I do wonder who the Jets will pick at #29, but more on that later. We'll see. And I am so sick of hearing about Tim Tebow already - whom I swear isn't gonna make it as a NFL quarterback, but I digress. Anywho, I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 135 - Back to Normal Again.

Hello there, my bloggy peeps! Everything is back to normal again, and I couldn't be happier, or feel more in control. Back to my points, back to tracking everything. I didn't go over my points today, and I got in all of my daily requirements, so I feel really happy about that.

I got complimented on my skin again today, and that felt really nice. I was told that I look great, and who doesn't love to hear that? LOL. Even after the binge, I'm still feeling awesome and staying positive. In fact, when I weighed myself this morning, I was down 2 lbs., which puts me at only 2 lbs. more than my Saturday WI weight. If I work hard the rest of the week, I mean really super hardcore hard, I can get that off. I may even lose weight. I'll work out for 2 hours a day the next 2 days if I have to. And I may just have to do exactly that. Whatever it takes, you know.

So let's discuss the workout. Today was my long day at work, and I usually lean towards a shorter workout on my long days. But I knew I had to kick it into high gear. I worked out for an hour today. Let's break it down. I started with 22 minutes on the inclined treadmill, which really got my heart rate up. I was already pouring sweat by the time I finished with that. Then I decided to do a Firm workout I hadn't done in forever - Super Charged Sculpting with Pam Cauthen Meriwether. I burned 550 calories, and I even did the ab section at the end! Haha. You know how I feel about those sections at the end of every Firm DVD. I had to modify those moves because obviously my abs are NOT my strong suit - AT ALL.

I feel good about my workout today, but SCS is not one of my favorite workouts. Now I remember why I haven't done it in forever & ever. But I do like some of the sculpting moves in that DVD, and sculpting/strength training is sooo important in this journey. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, even while at rest. The rest of the week will be concentrated sculpting workouts, mixed with the inclined treadmill. I read some where that your body doesn't start burning FAT until 20 minutes into your workout. So it behooves you to work out for at least an hour. Which I don't have a problem with. This is why I usually go on the treadmill for at least 20 minutes. Sometimes it's 15 minutes, sometimes it's 10. But I always make sure to get my cardio in. Getting cardio in is never a problem for me.

The power company is shutting off the power tomorrow in the area that included my job for 3 hours. There's a viaduct close by that needs to get repaired, and it involves an electrical thing. So that should be interesting. I don't know what we'll be doing for 3 hours, considering we won't be able to do any work at all. I'll be tweeting what's going on, so be on the look out for that! hehe.

And with that said, I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 134 - Jen & Tony's challenge.

Hey there bloggy friends! I am feeling much better, physically and mentally, & I am accepting the binge. It's over now & it is time to just move on!

I've mentioned Jen & Tony before, and their challenge today. They both did 99 minutes on the stairmaster, and they challenged everyone else to do 60 minutes of physical activity - any activity would do, housework, raking leaves, etc. The point was to get us to step out of our comfort zone. I decided this was the perfect opportunity to push myself, really push myself. Today, I worked out for 1 hour & 44 minutes. I burned 906 calories, and I poured sweat like a pig. And guess what - I felt great!

Here's the breakdown. I started with 15 minutes on the inclined treadmill, then I did Cathe Friedrich's Kick Max. That is an insane workout, especially towards the end. She has a tough segment of cardio blasts that make your heart rate sky rocket. Then, I decided to do a sculpting workout, and I chose The Firm Parts Upper Body. This brought my heart rate down a little, so I just jumped roped in place for a few minutes, and I did military presses & hammer curls with heavy weights to get it back up again. I feel awesome! How awesome? You guys be the judge.

In this pic, I'm still a little sweaty, and my hair is all messed up. The goofy smile on my face says it all, doncha think? Who cares, though, right? I did something really good. All I did was lose 906 calories from my body forever. That's right, I said FOREVER.

Here's to hoping I get some of the fat off that I gained in the last 2 days. Ugh, I'm up 4 lbs. since Saturday. I've been drinking crazy amounts of water all day. Easily a gallon & a half. So we'll see. Thursday & Friday of this week are going to be hardcore workout days. I may have to pull another 106 minutes of physical activity both days. I can do it - Lord knows I did it today and then some! So with that said, I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 133 - Blech squared.

I stayed home from work today because I feel like crap. I feel like crap because of all the crap I ate yesterday. I was up practically all night with stomach pain. And I'm still feeling it now. I've only eaten 2 meals today. I don't have the runs, thank God (sorry for being graphic). My stomach has been killing me all day.

This really sucks. This is what I get for being an idiot and eating like a pig. It's not acid reflux or heartburn because I'm not feeling it in my chest. It's more like the pit of my stomach. My mother went just now to get my Gingerale & Pepto to help settle my stomach. It's starting to feel a little bit better. And I don't even want to talk about the scale this morning. Blech. Ugh.

I'm going to end this post right here. I've been in bed practically all day, because that's how awful I feel. Let's all make good choices.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 132 - Blech.

Hi there. I'm sitting here wondering what's happened in the last 24 hours. Last night & today were really hungry, bad food days. Today was just awful. On top of the fact that my lower body is sore as hell from the 5K yesterday, my stomach feels terrible from the chocolate cake & potato chips I've inhaled today. I just feel like throwing up. What was I thinking?

Blech, indeed. I've been drinking water like crazy to try to flush the crap out of my body. I'm getting a headache because of how I've eaten today. But still I refuse to give up. Even though I feel like a complete & utter failure. Failure.

I tried working out today, but my heart wasn't really in it. I did PowerFit Cardio with Stephanie, for about 140 calories, then I tried to do The Firm Slim Solutions Yoga with Allie Del Rio, but I just couldn't get into it. I quit after 11 minutes. Yup, that's just how I was feeling today. Oh, and to top it off, I was up 3 lbs. this morning. After what I ate today, I'm expecting that to go way up tomorrow morning.

I'm just shaking my head in disgust at MYSELF. I feel so disgusted & so disgusting. What a high I felt yesterday, and how low & disgusting I feel right now at this very minute. WTF happened?

Well, the only thing I can do is put it behind me, and start fresh. RIGHT NOW. So that's what I'm gonna do. And since I don't feel like writing anymore, I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 131 - 39 minutes, 4 seconds.

That's what my time was for the 5K this morning. I shaved 5 minutes off my time! I felt such an array of emotions, it was so incredible. I felt elation, happiness, and a sense of accomplishment. I just about teared up & everything. Oh, and I burned more than 600 calories, too! I was pouring sweat practically the whole time. It was chilly, but thankfully it didn't rain. It drizzled for about 5 minutes, then it stopped. Thank God.

Guess who's got 2 thumbs up & ran a 5K this morning? ME!!

I'm already feeling sore. I'm feeling it in my hip, thighs and a little in my back also. But I feel great, overall. I have no complaints.

This morning at WI, I was down 1.2 lbs. - not as much as I had hoped - but it's still a loss, so I will definitely take it. Slowly but surely.

This will be a short post because I feel exhausted. I may take a nap in a little bit, but the jury is still out on that one. So with that said, I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 130 - TGIF!

Hi everyone! I'm in a great mood because it's Friday, after all. And that always puts me in a great mood. Today, I was thinking about my post yesterday, and I just started thinking about how lucky I am. Yes, lucky, because even though I'm not as far a long on this journey as I would've liked, I still have learned so much along the way. I've learned so much about me and about my capabilities. This journey has really opened up my eyes and my mind, and I am truly grateful for that. I really am.

It's chilly today, and it's supposed to thunderstorm tonight. Ugh. I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow for my 5K. I laid out all the things I needed for it last night - socks, sneakers, clothes, my Polar HRM, my camera because I'm totally taking a pic of me after the race, my Nike headband to keep myself warm, and my visor, in case it's sunny. I really can't wait, I am so super excited! I'm going to get up extra early, because my plan is to weigh in at a WW center that's close to the 5K site, grab a Starbucks coffee & perhaps some breakfast, and drive over to the race. I should definitely fuel up before the race, but not too much since I don't want to run on a full stomach. That would just be idiotic, don't you agree?

Let's discuss the workout. I started with 11 minutes on the inclined treadmill, then I decided to do The Firm Upper Body Split. I have to admit, I am not a big fan of this DVD. Instead of straight upper body sculpting, they throw in ab sections & cardio too, which I didn't like at all. During some of the ab & cardio segments, I just did normal weight training, like hammer curls, delt flies, bicep curls, & military presses. I had a hard time keeping my heart rate up, which is why I decided to do the treadmill again. Inclined, of course, for another 25 minutes. All in all, I burned 775 calories, but a lot of that was from the treadmill. I'm more than good with that number. I worked out hard today because somehow, I had managed to gain a pound from yesterday. That really made me scratch my head. I stayed within my points, ate perfectly, and still gained. Granted, it was my rest day, but still. So I've been guzzling water all day. Hopefully, that will help at WI tomorrow.

So I'm still staying positive & focused. Still completely on program, and writing down everything in my journal. So with that said, I think I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 129 - This one's from the Heart.

Hi everyone. So I’m writing this at work, and I’m sitting here thinking about my weight loss journey so far. I’m thinking if I hadn’t self sabotaged as much as I had, I’d be at goal right now. I’d be living my healthy lifestyle & be skinny right this very minute. It’s my fault, no one else’s. And the only person holding me back is me, plain and simple.

There is nothing I can do about the past now. There is no one and nothing to blame but myself. All I have is the here and now, and the present. All I can do is control myself, my actions, and if I choose to be healthy today. Everything is a choice. I have said this before, in earlier posts, but it still rings true today, and everyday for the rest of my life.

This week on her blog, Jen is writing about people in her life that are or that are in the process of becoming prior fat girls. They are reclaiming their lives by choosing to live healthy lifestyles. They have overcome different health obstacles, and her post today brought tears to my eyes. Tears because knock on wood, I am healthy, despite my obesity, I do not have heart problems, I do not have back problems, I do not have severe body aches, and I do not have high cholesterol. I’m just fat because I chose to lead an unhealthy lifestyle. I chose to eat cheeseburgers & french fries, and potato chips & fried food, and tons of ice cream and chocolate cake. I chose to make food more important than me. I chose food over anything else, including hanging out with my friends, or anything fun that would entail stepping out of my house and out of my comfort zone. Now, I am fighting, scratching tooth & nail to get back the life and the body that I deserve. Jeanette, whom Jen wrote about today, lost much more than 50 pounds from her body. She reclaimed her life. She still has colitis, but her weight loss has made it manageable. She's been off meds for 5 years now. How fantastic is that?

I am fighting for my life here. I am fighting to regain my happiness, and the knowledge that I will be healthy for the rest of my life. Happiness is not just about losing the weight. It is about the realization that something other than food is more important. It is about the realization that I AM IMPORTANT. This is life or death, and we must give it - our weight loss journey - that kind of importance. We just have to, we don't have a choice. It is that important.

This 5K on Saturday is so much more to me than just 3.1 miles. It is a challenge, it is a way of showing and proving to myself just how far I’ve come. I want to RUN the whole thing. Yes, I said RUN. I know it’ll be hard, but I know I can also do it. I believe that with every fiber of my being. I have to believe that and I must believe that. I DO BELIEVE IT. Just like I believe that this is my time. THIS IS MY TIME.

I still have a long way to go, but I've also come a long way. And I'm really happy about it. I'm making progress, and I've learned so much about myself along the way. I stepped on the scale this morning, and guess what? I'm down 2 lbs. from Saturday's WI. Can you believe it, 2 pounds already? I feel fantastic! And I'm so grateful for all of my bloggy friends - you guys rock! I love reading your comments, and I love commenting on other ppl's blogs too, because I know how important it is to have a great support system. Blogging is great, I just love it!

OK, this turned out to be a much longer post than I anticipated, so I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 128 - getting over the hump.

Hi again, peeps & Happy Hump Day everyone! JK - I actually really don't like Wednesdays. We discussed this last week, didn't we? Let's just do away with them already. Seriously. But onto more important things, like me & how my day went. LOL.

I'm feeling really positive & focused. Which is great, don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining or anything. I'm feeling great, & I'm loving it! I have more energy, and my stamina and endurance are increasing. In fact, I fully expect to run the entire 5K on Saturday. I'm getting really psyched about it. I just can't wait!

Let's discuss the workout today. I jumped into doing The Firm Lower Body Split without warming up at all, and I immediately felt it was a mistake. About 5 minutes in, I had to pause the DVD and I headed for the treadmill. I inclined it, and did a good 7 minutes on it. It got my heart rate up and I was sweating when I got off. I went back to the DVD, and I had forgotten that they really like their lunges & dips in this one. I wound up burning 512 calories. I am more than happy with that number. I can feel the workout already in my inner thighs & my quads. Thank God tomorrow is my rest day. LOL.

This is one of those posts where I find that I am running out of things to say. So I won't bore you with incessant ramblings. I'm just gonna wrap this one up now. Let's all make good choices.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 127.

Hello again peeps! I'm still staying focused & positive, but now I think my stomach may be reacting to the acai berry supplements I take. This has happened before with these supplements. My stomach feels like it's going through indigestion, I think. I'm not exactly sure what indigestion feels like, but I think this it. I had this same feeling yesterday too, & it lasted for a little bit, and then it went away. It's gone away now, but it did last for a while this time. Tomorrow, I won't take the supplements and see how it goes.

Today was opening day at Yankee Stadium, and I DVR'ed the pregame & ring ceremonies. Hideki Matsui got a very well deserved welcome by the fans when he got his ring and when he went to bat. Andy Pettite stepped off the mound so Matsui-san could tip his helmut to the cheering crowd. What a class act all around. He was the constant professional, even with the language barrier, and a clutch hitter, as evidenced by his World Series MVP award. I understand why the Yankees didn't sign him again, with his bad knees & everything, but I was still sorry to see him go. I do not have a problem cheering & applauding for him even when he's wearing the opponent's uniform. What a classy, all around nice guy. I wish him nothing but luck with his new team, the dreaded Angels. hehe.

Let's discuss the workout. I stalled the workout because of my stomach/indigestion/acai berry causing/pain, but then I decided I just had to do it. Working out actually made it feel better. I started with 10 minutes on the inclined treadmill, then I did The Firm Strength Crosstrainers with Pam Cauthen. Another mansion workout, with the leotards & women wearing pantyhose underneath the leotards, but it's a really hard workout. I sweated like a pig, and my thighs & glutes felt like jelly. Tomorrow I will do a more upper body focused sculpted workout. I'm noticing that I'm getting better with attempting to do real push ups. I'm not there quite yet, it's still going to take me several months to actually not decline to my knees, but I'll get there! Don't you doubt me, I'll get there!

I wound up burning 520 calories with my workout today, and I was more than happy with that number. It could've been more, but I just wanted the workout to end already, you know. DO you guys know what I'm talking about, that feeling? I mean, I poured sweat, I got my heart rate way up there - it maxed out at 175, and that's really high. I didn't do the ab section. And I didn't do my Ab Roller last night, and I doubt I'll do it tonight. But, when I weighed myself this morning, I had lost another half pound from yesterday! I was so happy with that. I'm doing everything right, I'm tracking everything in my journal, and I am not going over my points at all. I'm confident I will have a nice loss this week, and I'm so happy with my consistency this time around. This time around is really different. It feels so different! And I love it!

I've rambled on long enough with this post, so I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 126 - Feeling Good.

Hi there blogger peeps! I'm still in a pretty good mood, which is a miracle. I'm usually a pessimistic person by nature, I can't help it. It's just the way I am, but I can already feel that changing a bit. I'm starting to notice the changes in my body. I'm losing inches, I'm able to wear clothes that previously I couldn't fit into. Case in point: yesterday I tried on a pair of size 18 trousers that I had bought from Old navy last year. I couldn't fit into them for the longest time. So I thought to myself, why not, just try them on. And they were tight, but I could fit into them! I was able to get them past my child bearing hips, and actually zipper them up! I was so happy, I almost cried! I'm thinking another 10 lbs. from now, and I'll be able to fit into them no problem.

What a great feeling. It's just indicative of all the good choices I've been making lately. The inches are melting off, the pounds are going away, and my endurance is going up. I absolutely can't wait to tackle this 5K on Saturday. Bring it on!

When I weighed myself this morning, I was actually down a half pound from Saturday's WI!! Yeah, baby, that's what I'm talking about! That could mean a big loss this week, which would just be completely awesome. That's what I call starting off the week right. It just sets the foundation to a successful week.

Let's get to the workout. My focus was sculpting, so I started with just 11 minutes on the inclined treadmill to get my heart rate up, then I did The Firm Bust & Butt. It's a compilation of other Firm workouts, but it's strictly weight training. Which was perfect. And let me tell you, I'm already feeling this workout in my glutes & my inner thighs. Yup, I will be sore tomorrow. And last night, I busted out the Ab Roller again! 2 days in a row. I did 75 regular crunches, then 50 obliques on each side. When I sneezed this morning, I felt it in my abs. They were sore. And it felt good. I felt good, and I feel great!

I'm just trying to let the positivity flow, because that's when good things happen to you. It's so important, it really is, to do that. So with that said, I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 125 - how can the weekend be over already?

Hello again peeps! I'm still feeling pretty good about things in general. I feel good about my food choices, I feel good about my workouts, and I'm feeling REALLY good about my overall weight loss. When I weighed myself this morning, I was up just a pound from yesterday. I'm ok with that, in fact, it is a huge victory. Usually on the weekends I like to indulge, or overindulge, and by Monday I'm up like 3 pounds. That pound is just water retention from the lasagna. I know it could be a lot worse, but again, I'm feeling really good about my choices. I could've had a huge portion of lasagna, and I chose not to. I had some lasagna again today, and now I'm done with it. My dad will have the rest of it, and we'll call it a day.

I can't believe the weekend is over. Sad. Another week of work begins. Talk about major suckage. I suppose it could be worse, right?

This week, I will do sculpting specific workouts only. Today I did The Firm Body Sculpt with Jen Carman, after having done the inclined treadmill for 22 minutes. I was pouring sweat by the time I got off the treadmill. Seriously, that thing is no joke. For realsies. I burned 620 calories, so here's to hoping that extra pound comes off tomorrow. I've also had a ton of water today (no surprise there) so I'm pretty confident it'll come off. I'm really hoping that the sculpting workouts will give me a nice loss this week.

That doesn't mean I'm excluding cardio forever. It just means that maybe this month will be sculpting with a little cardio thrown in there. In fact, I am going to do that this month. I have plenty of Firm sculpting workouts to choose from, so that won't be a problem. I can even do some strength moves on my own, no problem.

I did my Ab Roller last night, and my stomach is sore. I did 75 normal crunches, then 50 obliques on each side. I may do that bad boy again tonight, during the rerun of True Blood! LOL.

Ok, I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices. And be positive!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day 124 - Weigh In & 5K news.

Hey there peeps! I've been in a great mood all day long because of WI this morning. I lost 1.4 lbs. this week! Yeah, I'm real happy about that. The weight is coming off slowly but surely, and most important, consistently. That is so important. I looked over my WW book, and I discovered something really good. Since I recommitted to losing this weight once and for all this past January, I have NOT gained a single pound at all. Every single week since January 9, I have lost weight. The last week in January I stayed the same. But I did not GAIN. Since I've been on WW, the lowest I ever got to was 204 lbs. And I'm gonna get back there, and then some baby! I AM DETERMINED!

At the meeting today, they told us that they will be doing the Walk It challenge again this year, but they will be doing it differently. Instead of organizing groups online, we are all on our own to train. The objective is to walk/jog/run a 5K on Sunday, June 6. I'm all for it, I'm totally game. In fact, my objective for this particular challenge is to RUN the whole 5K. The last 5K I did, I ran about 75% of it. I'm already going to look for a 5K to run for that day. And we haven't talked much about the 5K I'll be running in next Saturday. I'm excited! My goal for this one is to finish in 40 minutes. That means I'd have to run almost all of it, so we'll see. I know I can do it if I just pace myself correctly and slowly. I can't wait!

I've been thinking lately of the importance of weight training. When I do Firm DVDs, (which is practically every single time I work out) I do use weights, and I consider that weight training. But I think I really need to kick it up. This week, I'm going to only do sculpting Firm workouts, and not do the inclined treadmill so much. I just want to see if I lose significantly more weight this week. So we'll see at the end of this week, I guess.

Today is my rest day, but that didn't stop me from doing my Ab Roller tonight, and running a whole bunch of errands. I did 75 regular crunches, then 50 obliques on each side. I know I could've done more, but I just wanted to be done already, you know. I got a haircut and a manicure, and headed to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription. So even though I didn't work out, I stayed busy. I've stayed on program today, even though I did make lasagna today. It's ok to have that every once in a while. I won't be making it for a long time. I didn't go overboard with it or anything, and I feel really good with my choices today. Everything has been written down & checked off, so I'm good with that.

I'm previewing a Firm DVD as we speak, called Cardio Split. It's one of the mansion workouts, and it looks pretty intense. Lots of hopping & jumping around in this one. I think this is the DVD I'll do for Tony's challenge on April 20. It's about 60 minutes long, which is just perfect. If anything, I can always jog in place for a few minutes to reach my 60 minutes, which I don't have a problem doing. I hope you guys think about doing the challenge. It's for charity and a really good cause, so think about signing up. We all can find an hour to make for ourselves. We're worth it!

Ok, I've rambled on long enough. With that said, I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 123 - TGIF!! (Finally)

Hello there everyone! It's Friday & that's the best day of the whole week, isn't it? LOL. But it felt like it took forever for Friday to get here. Wednesdays really need to just go away, I think. Let's just obliterate that particular day from the week forever. Who's with me? (God, I sounded like Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire just now, didn't I? Why would I do that, for God's sake? Yuck.)

Anywho, onto other things. I pushed the workout today. I had to, even though I've worked out 5 days in a row. Count 'em, 5! I've earned my rest day tomorrow, more than earned it. I started with 8 minutes on the inclined treadmill, then I did The Firm 500 Calorie Burn WO with Kelsie Daniels. I was already sweating by the time I got off the treadmill. And that was after only 8 minutes on that thing! After the DVD ended, I wanted to get my calorie burn up a little more, so I picked up some 7 lb. dumbbells and just did some sculpting exercises. Military presses, bicep curls, clean & press, and squats with overhead press. When I was done, I wound up burning 616 calories. I'm good with that number, even though I didn't do the ab section at the end. I know, I know! Listen, tomorrow I will do my Abs of Steel tape, I promise.

Tomorrow is my weigh in day at WW, and I'm not sure what the scale will say. I've been on program all week, but it's not showing on the scale. This morning, I was back to last Saturday's weight. Shrug. I've been chugging water like a crazy person all day. I've absolutely had at least a gallon of water today, if not more. So we'll see. I wish I didn't depend so much on the numbers on that blasted scale, but there you have it. It is what it is.

All in all, it was a good day. I really can't complain. So with that said, I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day 122 - Is it Friday yet?

Hello there peeps! Here's what I've been thinking today. Today should really be Friday. I think Weds. should be skipped altogether. Just delete that day. Like that. Wishful thinking I know, and at least tomorrow is Friday, but still. All in all, the week has been moving quickly, I guess.

The temperature cooled down today, and it's supposed to start raining tonight. Bummer. It's very windy now, and I guess the rain will come soon. The weather was just too good to last, I guess. What a shame.

Let's discuss the workout today. I opted for the inclined treadmill today & spent 20 minutes on it pouring sweat. I mean, major sweat! My heart rate maxed out at 169. I do so love my Polar F4 Heart Rate Monitor! It's cute, because it's berry colored. LOL. Shameless plug! If the Polar company reads this (and I doubt they will because I doubt my blog reaches that far), it's ok to send me some samples of your products! Anywho, back to the workout. After the treadmill, I did The Firm Total Sculpt Plus Abs with Jen Carman. I had to minus the abs on this one. And I burned 536 calories. I'm really good with that number. I worked out hard today, and it showed.

Normally after 4 days of working out straight, I would take a rest day on the 5th day, which would be tomorrow. But since tomorrow is the day before my WI, I kinda feel that I have to work out tomorrow. So I'm going to, and it's gonna be another hard workout. I'm thinking that it should be a Firm mansion workout, but I'm not sure which one yet. We'll see about that tomorrow.

I got complimented on my complexion today. My acne has been the bane of my existence since I was like 12 years old. Being on the pill, drinking a ton of water & eating right has really helped. It was nice to hear that, but it also made me think that my skin must've really looked awful before. Ugh. On another positive note, when I weighed myself this morning I was down a half pound. I'm good with that. If I bust my butt tomorrow& burn a ton of calories, I'll definitely be down at least a pound this week.

So with that said, I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 121 - Beautiful weather!

Hey peeps! Today was the hottest day of the year so far, with temperatures closing in on 90 here on Long Island. It's already cooling down now, and tomorrow is supposed to be cooler. The warm weather serves as a reminder that summer is just around the corner. Summer & I usually are not friends. At all. This summer though, this summer will be different. I'm still going to be big, but I won't be as big. This summer I AM going to get into One-Derland, come hell or high water! That I promise you! I don't have a definitive date of when I want to be in One-Derland, just sometime this summer. The month of July is totally feasible, so we'll see.

I just need to talk about last night's episode of Lost & Biggest Loser real quick, and then I'll move on. On Lost, anytime it's a Desmond-centric episode, it always rocks! Like "The Constant" or that episode when Desmond called Penny from the freighter, just totally awesome all around. Desmond is the key to them getting off the island, I think. I can't decide if he or Hurley are the candidates, but only time will tell. There are only 5 episodes left anyway. Charlie & Daniel coming back was great, too. All I will say about Biggest Loser is that Melissa got exactly what she deserved. She had it coming. End of story.

I chose to do a short but intense workout today because it was my long day. I started with PowerFit Cardio with Stephanie Huckabee, then The Firm Abs, Hips & Thighs Sculpting with LaReine Chabut. It's one of the old mansion workouts, and it's good. I burned 360 calories, and I was pouring sweat. So even though I only worked out for 45 minutes, I still got in a very good workout.

When I weighed myself this morning, I was back to my Saturday weight. That's ok. I still have 2 days to lose weight this week, so I'm not going to stress out about it, you know. I know I will lose weight this week. Period.

Today was a good day. Staying positive, staying focused. And with that said, I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 120 - Chugging Along.

Hey people! It's a nice Tuesday, and I'm just chugging along this week. I got my Yankees World Series t-shirt in the mail today, and I love it! LOL. It's big, huge actually. I ordered an XXL, but I'm gonna wash it tomorrow & it will probably shrink a lot. I'm thinking of ordering another one in an XL, and keeping the big one to sleep in. It was cheap, so it's an idea.

I've updated my blog to include some pictures. I have to lose 6 more pounds til I get to take another picture of me at 220 lbs. That'll be something to look forward too. So let's discuss the workout. I hit the inclined treadmill for 23 minutes, and I was pouring sweat within minutes. That thing really gets my heart rate up. Then I decided on a Firm workout that I had never done before - Maximum Body Shaping with Tracie Long. It's a mansion workout that focuses more on sculpting than cardio. Which was fine with me. It doesn't hurt to focus on sculpting. I burned 622 calories, and I was real happy with that number. I didn't do the ab section. I was just too tired at the end of the workout. Don't yell at me! hehe.

I stayed completely on track today, I got in all of my requirements, I didn't go over my points at all, and I tracked everything in my journal. So I'm happy with how the day went. I have no complaints.

So with that said, I think I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 119 - Do I need to start thinking of better titles?

Hey everyone! I'm in a good mood today, despite the Yankees totally blowing a lead last night on Opening Day, of all days. And to the blasted Red Sox of all teams! Ugh, don't even get me started. Ok, enough about that. There's still plenty of baseball left, so let's move on now. I feel as if my blog titles are a little boring & I apologize for that, but I'm not very creative. So there you have it. Maybe I'll try to get creative in the future, but I cant make any promises about that just yet.

I stayed within my points today & I chugged a whole boatload of water too. I never have a problem getting my water in every single day. I don't get people who say that they have problems with that. It's just automatic to me. In the mornings, when I wake up, I always drink about 25 ounces of water just to get some of it out of the way. Then at work, I'm drinking water all day long, close to a gallon, if not more. Of course, I'm peeing all day long, but I don't mind. And at some point, your body gets so used to it that you're not peeing as much. So really, I can't see how people don't get their water in. It's so easy.

Let's talk about the workout today. It had to be a short one since it was my long day at work. I did some old school calisthenics for about 10 minutes on my own - jump rope, jogging in place, marching in place & grapevines to get my heart rate up before I started to really workout. I chose a sculpting workout - The Firm Body Sculpt Blaster with Nancy Tucker. And I burned 314 calories. The DVD got my heart rate up, so I was sweating. I didn't feel like doing the treadmill today - I just wanted a rest from it, you know. When I weighed myself this morning, I was down a pound & a half of the 2 pounds from yesterday. So I was real happy about that.

Do you want to enter a giveaway to win a really cool prize? Kenz (Alltheweigh) is giving away signed copy of the new Hungry Girl cookbook. Cool, right? You can find her blog right here:
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So all in all, a really good day. I'm just trying to stay positive, you know. Thinking positively really does go a long way in the grand scheme of things. And with that said, I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day 118 - Happy Easter!

Happy & Hoppy Easter ppl! I hope the Easter bunny was good to everyone of you guys. We went to my brother's house today although it wasn't really a holiday celebration. My sister in law is Jewish, so of course she doesn't celebrate Easter. My brother isn't very religious - as am I. I think they are a little undecided about how to raise Sonia, but I'm not getting involved in that since it's not any of my business really. So I didn't get her any Easter stuff, unfortunately. Maybe when she gets a little older, I'll attempt to do some Easter egg dying with her. But we'll see. When we got there, my sister in law wasn't home. She was at a shivah. Sad. And my brother is a very avid cyclist, so he was itching to go riding, which meant that we would be babysitting Sonia. For 3 hours. Because he can't just go for a quick hour or 45 minutes. Nope. He's hardcore about his riding. He's very in shape - the opposite of me. We brought lunch that I cooked. A beautiful & lean pork tenderloin that I marinated overnight in McCormick's zesty herb marinade, red skinned potatoes, asparagus, cauliflower & baby carrots. All very health stuff - delish too, may I add!

When I weighed myself this morning, I was up 2 lbs. from yesterday. I have a feeling the pepperoni & pizza did me in. I certainly didn't eat anything terrible, just loaded with salt. Better today & the rest of the week.

Let me tell you, it's exhausting looking after a toddler! I'm exhausted just writing this. She's a good baby & not too fussy once she gets used to you. And she doesn't like women all too much. She prefers men. She's way too young for that! LOL. Everytime I went to pick her up, she'd cry. Same thing with my mom. But my Dad - different story. When my brother left, Sonia ran straight to my Dad & just hung out in his lap. She was like that for a while, until she started feeling a little too heavy. Then I sat her down on the couch next to my Dad, but she moved a little closer to him. Unreal. I couldn't get over it. She reached her little arms out to him so he would pick her up, which he did. She won't do that with me or my Mom.

Today was a rest day, but it certainly didn't feel like one! I was running around after her all day, trying to calm her down & not cry so much. Eventually she settled down, which was great. We don't get to see her that often, & I guess she's a little wary of us. Sad. But in the end, she warmed up to us, and that felt great. She's a sweet little baby, she really is. We went for a nice walk & when we came back, we put her in the swings my brother has outside.

This pic is of my Dad holding Sonia. Cute, right?

So with that said, I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 117 - Great WI!

Today was great. Great WI, great day all around. I lost 2 pounds! Yeah baby! So, yeah, it's safe to say that I was real happy about that, lemme tell ya. And I'm still feeling great, because I know that I'm in control of food. Food does NOT control me!

I opted for a short workout today. I just decided that today should be a short workout day, and it was - 40 minutes. I did 2 DVDs today. I started with The Firm Power Sculpt Workout with Allie Del Rio, then Zumba Express. I wound up burning 313 calories. I'm not quite ok with that number, but I have to accept it. And you know what? It's better than nothing. Working out for 40 minutes is a lot better than not having worked out at all. So I'm good with that number.

There is a challenge going on for Tuesday, April 20th if any of you want to join in. Tony over at theantijared has challenged Jen over at priorfatgirl to a stairmaster endurance test. He will do 99 minutes on that thing & Jen will too. Our challenge is to work out for 60 minutes that Tuesday. We all can find an hour for ourselves to workout, in my opinion. I'm game for it, and I hope you guys are too! Tony has an amazing story. He started out at over 400 lbs and lost 200 lbs in a year. And he's kept it off! Pretty freaking impressive, huh? How could I not accept the challenge? It's game on, son! Go check out his blog, if you haven't already.

Easter will be fun, since I'll be seeing my niece Sonia. I may take some pictures & post them tomorrow, just for fun. Tomorrow is my scheduled DOR, but I'm definitely going to have to be careful with my points, since I consumed some salty things today. I cooked a cheeseburger for lunch today, then tonight for dinner I had some pizza with Hormel turkey pepperoni. The pepperoni was actually pretty good, but salty! And who doesn't love salty? I love it! LOL. I went over my points today by 10! Eeek! Shrug, it's ok. I didn't binge and I do not plan on bingeing at all. EVER. AGAIN. I got in all of my daily requirements, so I don't feel too bad about it. I've also had a ton of water tonight to ease some of the water retention I'm expecting tomorrow. I'll be peeing all night tonight again. Eh, oh wells.

I previewed a Firm DVD last night that I've had for a while and just haven't bothered to do or watch, for that matter. It's Advanced Cardio Blast with Lisa Kay. It uses a contraption called the Firm Box, which I don't have. The TransFirmer works just fine, though, for this workout. It looks tough! I may attempt to do it on Monday, but I'm scared. LOL. It's ok if I fumble some of the steps my first time through it. The point is to do it, right?

I really hope you guys check out Jen's & Tony's blogs, if you haven't already done so. They're real people, and they are very inspirational. So take a mozey on over. And with that said, I think I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Day 116 - Smooth Sailing.

Hi everyone,

I am having a great day off from work. It is still smooth sailing indeed. What a relief, I have to say. It feels good to be in control. So many times along this journey I have let bad habits kick in, and I've lost control. An that feeling really sucks, let me tell ya.

I wanted to get a manicure & pedicure today, but I opted for just a pedicure instead. I may go tomorrow for a quick mani, but we'll see. But before I did, I worked out, showered, & had breakfast. But let's discuss the workout first. I started with 21 minutes on the inclined treadmill (I really love that thing), and by the time I got off, I was pouring sweat. I mean, it was pouring into my eyes & everything. Then I decided to do a Firm workout I hadn't done before - Crosstrainers Super Sculpting. There were 4 different Master Instructors leading the workout - Jen Carman, Nancy Tucker, Dale Brabham & Carissa Foster. This workout was ok, not great. There were moments in the workout that got my heart rate down, which when you're working out, you do not want. I had to jumprope in place to get it back up again. I'm not sure if this will become a staple or not. I'm leaning towards not, but I may take it out every once in a while to just change things up. But, I wound up burning 623 calories, so I'm ok with that number. Not bad for an hour's work, right?

It was such a beautiful day today. I'm glad I wasn't stuck at work and I was able to enjoy it. It's supposed to be nice all weekend, which is great. For Easter, we're thinking of going to my brother's house. I just hope that the traffic isn't bad. I'm not sure how much of a travel holiday Easter is, so we'll see.

I love this feeling. I love that I'm feeling great. A big part of it has to do with my quick WI check this morning. I was down a full pound from yesterday this morning! So today I've just been trying to stay away from high sodium things because I don't want it to affect my WI tomorrow at WW. I've even had about 75 ounces of water right after dinner. I've had cheese with all of my meals today. Low fat cheese, I promise! I'm not taking any chances, believe me. I don't even care that I'll be peeing constantly all night.

So with that said, I'm gonna wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices. And wish me luck at WI tomorrow!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 115.

Another great, on program day has come and passed. I did not go over my points at all, and I tracked everything in my journal. I was in a better mood today than yesterday because I'm not as stuffed & congested. This is good. I'm hoping that I'll be fine by Saturday. Another reason I'm in a better mood is that I was down a full pound from yesterday! It would be great if I could have a big loss this week, like 2 or 3 lbs., but I know that any loss is great.

I had to really force myself to work out today because I just was not in the mood. At all! But I put on the workout gear and got to work. I started with 12 minutes on the inclined treadmill. I know it could've been more, but today my mindset was, let's workout & get it over with as quickly as possible. I know, I know, that's not the way to think, but that is the truth, that is just how I was feeling today. I got my heart rate way up, and then I did The Firm Bootcamp: Maximum Calorie Burn with Alison Davis. I burned 470 calories. I can't be unhappy with that number, but instinctively I know it could've been a lot better. It is what it is.

Tomorrow will be a different story, I've already decided that. I can pack in a nice, long workout since I'm off from work. I'm debating about which Firm DVD to do tomorrow, but I'm leaning towards doing an old Mansion WO. The inclined treadmill will probably be involved as well. Either way, I know I will be burning a ton of calories tomorrow! LOL.

Ok, well, I'm at that point where I'm writing out of things to talk about. So I will wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.