Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 236 - WI Results.

Hello again!

This morning at WI, I was down 2.4 lbs! Yeah, I'm really happy about that. I hadn't showed a 2 lb. loss in a week since April. That's a long time. I've been losing consistently and steadily since then, so I can't really complain. I am now 0.8 lbs. away from my lowest WW weight. I'll be surpassing that next week - I can just feel it! This week will be a great one, I can feel that too!

I had my 2nd spinach/banana/berry smoothie today. I loved it. I have a WW smoothie every single day. It's a requirement on WW to get in 2 servings of milk everyday, and that's how I do it. There are days when I don't add fruit to my smoothie, but for the most part, let's say 5 out of 7 days, I add my berries to them, no doubt. My nails have gotten a lot stronger since I've been doing that. Any smoothie mix with calcium & Vitamin D will do the trick, I think. Just make sure you add a cup of low fat or skim milk to it. And of course, any fruit/veggie combo you'd like.

Let's talk about the workout today. I had to split it up in two today. I started with 25 minutes on the inclined treadmill, then I did The Firm Super Charged Sculpting with Pam Cauthen Meriwether. Pam is really scary skinny in this DVD. I know I say that whenever I do any of her workouts, but I can't help it. She's probably a size negative 2, if that even exists. In older Firm DVDs, like the mansion workouts, she's got a little more meat on her, and she still looks skinny, but not scary. Oh wells.

I burned 616 calories, but I had to stop the DVD before the ab section. I know, I know - but I returned to it later in the day. I had to warm up on my own by jogging in place for about 10 minutes, and I was actually sweating by the time I hit the ab section. I burned 128 calories with that little mini workout, bringing my total calorie burn for the day at 744 calories. I am more than good with that number. More than good.

After my WW meeting, I really wanted Wendy's for lunch. So I decided to be smart about it. I've come too far to get the bacon triple cheeseburger - those days are just long gone. Instead, I got a regular cheeseburger, small fries, and small Coke. I know I overindulged, but I had the points for it. I used all my Activity Points, and some of my Weeklies, and I didn't even finish the Coke. I dumped about half of it because I just didn't want it anymore. I guzzled 32 oz. of water after my meal, and I didn't feel disgustingly full. I didn't feel like I was sick or I was gonna hurl, I just felt satisfied. My whole lunch came to 14 points, which I would never do normally, but I had prepared for it. I'm good. I'm in control.

It feels good to be in control, it really does. I know I'm not perfect, that there may be days where I just absolutely lose control, but this journey is not about perfection. It's about being, it's about making good choices, and it's about rolling with the punches. I'm confident now in a way I never have been before. I'm confident that this year will see me get closer to goal. I'm confident that in the next 6 weeks, I'll meet my current mini goal - ONE-derland. I can feel it. It's gonna happen people, I just know it will. :)

Tomorrow is my DOR (Day of Rest), and I'm planning on hitting BJ's in the morning to pick up somethings, and then grilling in the afternoon. Today was a great day, I got some things done. I got a haircut because I really needed one, then an eyebrow wax, then Wendy's, then home to just unwind. I only went over my points by 7, which I don't consider terrible by any means, and I got in all of my daily requirements. I got in a great workout, too, so I really can't complain if the scale shows that I'm up a little tomorrow. I'm expecting it, but I won't freak out.

I'm gonna wrap this one up now, because I think I've rambled on long enough. Thanks so much for reading. And let's all make good choices.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 235 - TGIF!

Hey blogger peeps!

TGIF! It was a nice day today, weather wise. I was up & outta my house & at the tire store by 8:45 AM. I didn't leave til almost 11 AM. Fantastic. Ugh. It cost me an arm & a leg too, but I don't want to really talk about that at all. Afterwards, I went to the supermarket, and went home for breakfast. Pretty late to eat breakfast, I know, but I can't eat right when I first get up. I just can't.

OK, so we'll talk about the workout now, and then I'll discuss my eats later (with pics). After I let breakfast digest, I changed into my workout gear. I started on the inclined treadmill for 30 minutes. It was good, I sweated. Then I decided to do a TransFirmer workout, because it had been so long since I had done one of those. I decided on The Firm Aerobic Body Shaping with Allie Del Rio. I even completed about 85% of the abdominal section at the end, but I had to stop because it was hurting. And I was running out of gas. I know that it's not a reason to stop, but there you have it. I burned 716 calories, and I am happy with that number. I had wanted to hit the 750 mark, but my number was still good. I'm not complaining about it at all.

Alrighty then, let's talk about my eats today. I had the Hungry Girlfredo recipe with the shiritake noodles. Um, it was interesting. The trick is to rinse them and then dry them really, really well. I mean, super well. You add the ingredients, a little salt, then microwave. Here's a pic with all the ingredients, before I nuked everything together.

And here's one after I added my grilled chicken & frozen broccoli:
My verdict? Eh. It was ok, not terrible, and not the best thing I've ever had. The noodles smell once you get them out of the package, and the texture was a little rubbery. I'm wondering if I can try this with whole wheat linguini instead. I dried them like there was no tomorrow, so there wasn't a whole lot of moisture. That's important to making this recipe. The noodles have to be as dry as a cactus.

Next up the spinach, banana, & mixed berry WW smoothie. I used a cup of triple washed baby spinach. Here's how it looked in my blender before I started my blender:

And after, in my huge 25 oz. tumbler:

My verdict? Yummy! I couldn't even taste the spinach. Can you see the little green flecks tho? And you were totally right, Suzi! Next time though, I have to remember to put the spinach into my blender first thing. Then add everything else because I had 2 lone pieces of un-blended spinach. No biggie. I'll be incorporating this into my berry smoothie from now on. Who knew? What a quick & easy way to get in another vegetable into my daily eating routine. I used a WW vanilla smoothie packet, 1 small banana, 1 cup of frozen mixed berries, 1 cup of 1% milk, and 1 cup of baby spinach. Viola!

I can't wait for WI tomorrow. I'm hoping for a nice, good loss. I will keep you posted, I promise. I'm so excited because I really think I lost a nice 2 pounds! That's what my scale said this morning when I weighed myself, but you know there's always a difference between my scale & the one at WW. Wish me luck!

So I will be wrapping this one up now. Thanks so much for reading. And let's all make good choices.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 234 - Late appointment.

Hi everyone,

I had another appointment for my laser hair removal on my face. I got there in plenty of time, but she was running late. My appointment was for 5 PM, and since she was running behind, she didn't see me til 5:30. Awesome, because I just LOVE waiting. I went to the front desk to ask what was going on, and they told me they were running behind. Because that was my problem, you know. I'm a sarcastic person by nature, can't help it. The whole appointment took like 5 minutes because I'm responding very well to the laser treatment. There was hardly any hair, just a little on my lip. She said I can go 4 weeks in between treatments, so I'll call later next week and make an appointment for the first week of September, I guess.

I didn't get home until 6 PM, and I knew that if I was going to get my workout in, I had to start working out immediately. I threw on my workout gear & my Polar HRM, and went to work. I started with 20 minutes on the inclined treadmill to get the juices flowing, then I decided to do The Firm Body Sculpt Blaster with Nancy Tucker. It's a nice little workout, about 30 minutes, which was perfect for today. Short on time & everything. I burned 471 calories. When I finished the DVD, I was at about 435ish calories, and I really wanted to hit the 450 mark. So I stepped on my Fanny Lifter for like 3 minutes to get my count up, and I wound up finishing with 471 calories. Part of that number includes my cool down, which consisted of me just walking in place & step touches, and my stretch. I am more than good with my number.

I still marvel at how much easier it is to do certain exercises that I just couldn't do before. Like the leg press on the 14 inch Fanny Lifter. With 10 lb. dumbbells in each hand. I can climb that thing with a confidence I didn't have a year ago. I can do it now! I still can't do a regular push up to save my life, or a regular side plank, but I'm getting there, man! Slowly but surely, I'll get there. I can use heavier weights for bicep curls, or for French press. I just can't believe it. Writing this is actually bringing tears to my eyes - happy tears. I know I have a long way to go, but I've come a long way baby!

Thank you for your comments yesterday about the smoothie question. I've decided to be adventurous and mix in a cup of spinach with my smoothie tomorrow. I'm going to add a small frozen banana, milk, my WW smoothie mix, & a cup of frozen berries. This should be interesting. I will post a pic of the finished smoothie tomorrow, and I will let you know if I like it or not.

I'm also gonna try the Hungry Girl recipe I mentioned a few days ago. The noodles have been sitting in my fridge, and I have all the ingredients for it, so why not. I will add some frozen broccoli and grilled chicken to it. Maybe I'll post a pic of that too, and of course I will let you know if I like it.

I'm off tomorrow from work, but I have errands to run in the morning. I have to get all of my tires replaced on my car, then hit the supermarket, then back home for breakfast & a workout. I want to try to be at the tire place by 8 AM so I'm the first person there. I'll get in & out quick if I am, but we'll see if that will happen or not. I may stay in bed til 8. LOL.

Oh, and I was down again when I stepped on the scale this morning, another half pound. Thank God. This week at WI will be a good one, I can just feel it!

OK, that's quite enough for now, so I will wrap this one up. Thank you so much for reading. And let's all make good choices.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 233 - awesome workout.

Hey there!

I'm in a good mood, today is my Thursday, tomorrow is my Friday, and I'm happy about it. :) I'm feeling good, even though my TOM is here. The good thing about being on the pill is TOM will only be here for like 3 days. Thank God. Is that TMI, do you think? Eh, whatever. It's my blog, I'll put what I want on it. ;0))

So let's talk about the workout, because it was pretty awesome if I do say so myself. I started on the inclined treadmill (what else is new) for 30 minutes. And as usual, I was pouring sweat when I was done, and I felt great about it. Then I decided to do a Firm DVD that I don't normally have in my rotation - Cardio Sculpt with Allie Del Rio. I should do this DVD more often because it is a pretty good workout. And Allie is one of my favorite Master Instructors. I burned 726 calories, and I even managed to do the ab section too. It was nice seeing all the old familiar MIs - Libby, Lisa, Christa & Jen. All but Allie have left, and even Allie had left at some point 3 years ago, I heard. But she came back.

This morning when I weighed myself, I was down a half pound, finally breaking through from last week. I'd like to lose at least another pound this week, but it's best NOT to be greedy. The weight will come off as long as I stick to the plan and work the program. End of story. Consistency & determination is my mantra for a reason, peeps.

Today was a pretty great day. I got in all of my requirements, and I did not go over my points. I'm toying around with the idea of adding some dark, leafy greens to my WW smoothies. I like both the chocolate & vanilla flavors, and besides the cup of milk, I like to add a cup of frozen berries - strawberries or mixed berries - because berries are a super food. I'm thinking that when I do add my berries to my smoothie, I should add a cup of the dark leafy greens too. Spinach, kale, or swiss chard. I'm not sure how tasty that would make my smoothies, but those dark leafy greens are chock full of vitamins & minerals, and they are a super food, too. It's good to mix it up a bit. They would certainly make my smoothie more thicker, and maybe more filling? And adding in an extra veggie to my day can't hurt me, after all. What do you guys think of this idea? Leave me some comments, because they make me happy! hehe.

Ok, well I think it's time to wrap this one up now. Thanks so much for reading. And let's all make good choices.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 232 - DOR & mani & pedi.

Hi people,

I took my scheduled DOR (Day of Rest), and I'm glad it was today. After work, I went to the nail salon by my job & got a mani & pedi. I chose plumberry for the color. Loves it.

I had to run to the store again, to get chicken breasts, lean pork chops, yogurts & milk. Then home for dinner.

Not much else to really report on today. Although I did preorder a new Firm DVD from amazon - calorie explosion. You can find it here.

I can't wait to see it. Alison leads the workout, and she is on of my fave MI's, as you already know. The Firm won't be doing an infomercial this time around, so I guess the new DVDs will have to sell through word of mouth & advertising on their site. I hope the set is like the one they had for the TransFirmation DVDs - the one that looked like a dance studio with the wood floors. I don't like a busy set, like the ones for the Wave workouts, or the ones for Dangerous Curves Ahead & the Kettlebell workout. Too much, in my opinion, and not enough light.

Wendy got an email that her wedding dress, that she had to special order, was delivered to the bridal shop. So now she has to pick it up & store it until next year when she goes in for alterations. Her wedding is in May. I bet she's excited. I'm excited for her.

Ok, I'm running out of things to write about now, so I will wrap this one up. Thank you so much for reading. And let's all make good choices.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 231 - Monday, Monday.

Hi everyone,

It's the start of a brand new week, and I'm feeling really good about it. I'm taking Friday off, so that just shortened my work week, which is always cool. It was a good day, and now I'm glad it's over. On to the next. And I'm trying to forget about yesterday & the storm, although I was still dealing with the effects this morning. I had to change my usual way to work this morning because some of the roads were closed due to workmen picking up fallen tree branches & entire trees. Yup, so that sucked. It was clear by the time I went home, thank God. But there was still little debris everywhere - leaves & little pieces of branches.

After work, I went to the store real quick to pick up some salad, bananas, shiratake tofu noodles, Fiber One Muffin mix, & milk. I've already made the muffins and am currently waiting for them to cool off so I can put them in my freezer. I'm planning on making a recipe with the noodles from Hungry Girl. You can find the recipe on the Hungry Girl website right here. I have tried this recipe only once before, and it was ok. I think my problem was that I didn't rinse the noodles thoroughly and dry them off completely. I think the drying off part is really crucial. So I may do that tomorrow or Weds. for lunch. I'll add some frozen brocolli & grilled chicken to make this a meal. Have any of you ever tried this recipe? Let me know what you think!

So let's discuss the workout. I started with the inclined treadmill for 31 minutes to get my heart rate up, then I did the Firm Crosstrainers Super Sculpting with the old familiar master instructors. It was nice seeing Nancy, Dale, Jen & Carissa. Sue Mi & Alicia are also in this DVD. I miss the old MIs. Some of the newer workouts are ok, I guess. But the old mansion ones are the best, in my opinion. I finished with 709 calories burned. I didn't do that ab section, instead I stepped on my Fanny Lifter to get my calorie burn past the 700 mark. I'm more than ok with this number.

My water intake was phenomenal today, and I stayed within my points. I got in all of my daily requirements. I am determined to lose some weight this week, at least a pound, and I will be sticking to the plan. Tomorrow is my DOR (Day of Rest), and I am thinking of getting a mani & pedi after work. We'll see.

Anywho, that's all I have for now. Thanks so much for reading. And let's all make good choices.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 230 - Stuck in Traffic

Hi everyone,

This will be a short post because I am just exhausted. I'll give you a quick outline of my day. I woke up, had coffee, putzed around for a bit, then started working out. Oh, and before I continue, I was still up 3 pounds from yesterday even with all the working out I did yesterday.

Today I did The Firm Cardio Core Fusion with Rebekah Sturkie, from start to finish. Yes, even the ab section. I burned 431 calories. Sweated like a pig and everything.

We went to my brother's house today to see Sonia. She is just adorable as usual. While we were there, a huge rainstorm broke out by my house, causing tress & branches to fall, which caused massive traffic. On the way back, we were stuck in traffic for 2 hours. I had to pee so badly, and I was forced to hold it in. Finally, after we got past the Throgs Neck Bridge, I stopped at a nearby shopping center, and went straight to the KFC to the bathroom. Can u believe there was already a line? The ladies there took pity on me and let me go ahead of them. Thank God, because I thought I would embarrass myself before I could get to the bathroom. It was so painful, holding it in like that. It was awful.

For lunch at my brother's house, my Mom & I split sesame chicken with white rice & some broccolli. I didn't do all that badly with my food intake today. By the time we got home from that traffic nightmare, I didn't even want dinner. I wasn't hungry at all. But I hadn't gotten any of my milks in yet, so I made a WW smoothie with a banana & frozen strawberries. I put it 2 teaspoons of safflower oil in it to get my oil in, and I was done. That was my dinner. And I'm fine with that.

Ok, I need to wrap this one up now because my eyes are getting heavy. Thanks for reading. And let's all make good choices.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 229 - WI Results.

Hi everyone,

I stayed the same this week. I think that's best. I didn't deserve to lose any weight this week, if anything, I deserved to gain, and I didn't. So I'll take it. I'm guessing that yesterday's workout helped me out a lot. I know instinctively I shouldn't need a bail out, so to speak, but hey, like I said, I'll take it.

The meeting was a little sad today. At my WW center, they posted a little flyer with the news of Carol's passing. We talked about how unexpected it was, and how unfair it was too. Everyone agreed we would all miss her. =(

Umm, so about my eating today. It was fine until dinner. Up until dinner, I was good, and then I started having a craving for pizza & pepperoni. So I went to Pizza Hut & got a personal pan pizza & an order of pizza stuffers. Yeah, it was bad. I'll be fine after TOM gets here this week, I think.

I worked out in the morning before I went to my meeting, and before the Pizza Hut episode. I did 15 minutes on the inclined treadmill, then The Firm Fat Blaster with the old former Master Instructors. I burned 467 calories. But after the dinner I had, I knew I had to work out again. So it was back to the inclined treadmill for 30 minutes this time. Yep, pouring sweat like you would not believe. Then I decided to do PowerFit Cardio - Move It! with Stephanie Huckabee. It's a nice little workout, I have to say. I burned 571 calories with that combination of workouts, so in total, today I burned 1,038 calories. I just hope it's enough. We'll see tomorrow.

It was a tough week, it really was. But this coming week will be better, much, much better. I can just feel it. Right food decisions, right workout decisions, period. I am 3 pounds away from my lowest weight with WW, and I am determined to get there. That is my next mini goal. One-Derland will be the next one after that. I'm going to get there.

So I think I'm gonna wrap this one up now. Thanks so much for reading. And let's all make good choices.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 228 - Super Hardcore Workout!

Hello again,

After I posted my blog last night, I had a peanut butter & jelly sandwich. So when I weighed myself this morning, I was up 3 lbs. Awesome. It is what it is, and I knew that today I had to be extra diligent with my points, and my water intake. I was spot on with both. I also cranked it up with the workout today, and I'll explain.

I went into the workout thinking that I needed to burn at least 800 calories today. No problem, I got this. I decided that the inclined treadmill & an old Firm mansion workout would be in order. I decided to up my inclined treadmill minutes, and I did, to 31 minutes. It was the usual pouring sweat episode, and I was ok with that. Not that I had much of a choice in the matter, after all. Ok, so after that, I decided to go with The Firm Low Impact Aerobics with Janet Jones-Gretzky. Yes, I know it's a cheesy workout with the ice cream colored leotards & socks and leg warmers, but it got my heart rate way up. But I still hadn't hit my calorie burn, so psycho me decided to pop in PowerFit Cardio with Stephanie. This time, I completed the workout, and my calorie count was at about 875 calories.

I didn't stop there. I thought to myself, I can totally hit 1,000 calories if I just keep moving for another 15 minutes or so. I briefly did a bonus workout with Rebekah Sturkie that's on her Get Chisel'd DVD, but she got on my nerves, so I only did about 7 minutes of it. I got out the purple section of my Fanny Lifter and just stepped on it til I hit the 1,000 calorie mark. In total, I burned 1,027 calories! I just hope that it was enough to get the extra pb&j sandwich & brownie weight off. We'll see. If I gain, I deserve it, and I'm ok with it. Wish me luck tomorrow!

I've been thinking about Carol all day. I know I will never forget her. Today in the shower after my workout, I thought, you're in a better place now, and at least you are no longer suffering. I told her I will miss her forever. Then I asked her to give me the strength to NOT turn to food as I watch my poor father slowly detioriate from the Parkinson's. It's a terrible thing to watch him struggle like that. The tremors are just taking over. It's so sad. I have a feeling the Parkinson's will get him before the cancer does. And I need to change the topic right now.

Ok, it is thundering outside, and before I lose power, I will wrap this one up now. Thunderstorms are a'coming! Thanks so much for reading. And let's all make good choices.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 227 - Sad Day.

Hi everyone,

Today was busy for me from the start. Work, then gyno appt, then home for dinner & back out to pick up my co worker Robin so we could go together to Carol's shivah. And in between that, I had to run to the bakery to pick up a strawberry shortcake to bring. Sigh. It was a tough day, I felt like going to the shivah was really making it final. No more Carol ever again. One of her former WW members started a lovely memorial site for her on Facebook. If you'd like to take a look, just search for Carol Litwin when you log on.

Her husband was very nice, very calm & laid back. There were so many people there, and they had set up a looping DVD that played on her big screen, showing photos from her various travels with her husband Bob, and different moments & periods in her life. They set up a collage of pictures too, that was nice. A lot of her WW members were there, and I reconnected with some of them already on FB. She meant so much to so many people. I have a feeling she was looking down on us and thinking it was such a riot. LOL. It was sweet, we just talked about how we all will really miss her, and how genuine she was. She was also very fashionable, and she could make a potato sac look chic. Saturday morning meetings won't ever be the same without her.

At my regular 6 month check up, the nurse & the doctor marveled at my weight loss. It sounded good to hear, and it felt good, too. They asked me what I've been doing, and I told them WW & working out more. But today was kinda bad food wise. It was a hungry day. When I picked up the cake from the bakery, I also foolishly bought a fudge brownie, and I ate the whole thing. I'm PMSing, but that is not an excuse. I should've exercised more self control. I wanted salt & sweet all at the same time. Sigh.

It was not my finest day to say the least, and I have a feeling I will be paying for it tomorrow. Shrug. I am only human, and I know it could've been a lot worse. Tomorrow will be a much better day. I will make it better, come hell or high water. Besides, Carol would not want me to move backwards. She would be so disappointed. I will soldier on.

I took my rest day today, so tomorrow will be a super duper, extra hardcore workout, I promise! So I will wrap this one up now. Thanks so much for reading. And let's all make good choices.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 226 - Hump Day.

Hi everyone,

First, thank you for the nice comments about Carol. I've had a few days to prepare for her passing I guess. Are we ever really prepared though? I guess it depends on the situation, doesn't it? I had a co worker whose mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, and she lasted about 3 years before she succumbed to it. Is it safe to say that they were preparing for this since the day she was diagnosed? Maybe, maybe not. We'll never know. Shrug.

Carol's husband, Bob, called me back today, and they will be sitting shivah until Friday. Robin & I will be going tomorrow, after dinner. He was very nice, saying how they had lost an angel. He thanked me for my kind message on his answering machine, and he said come over, we'll have a cup of coffee, and we'll all talk. I'm picking up a strawberry shortcake from my favorite bakery, and Robin said she'd split it with me (the price of the cake, not the actual cake. =) ).

Ok, so getting over hump day isn't always easy. The good thing about it is that as I write, it's already evening, which means it's over already. Good thing. Let's talk about the workout today. I chose to do an old mansion workout - The Firm Tough Tape with Tracie Long. Before I did the DVD, I was on the inclined treadmill for 22 minutes. I poured sweat like nobody's business. It was getting into my eyes & everything. After, I did the DVD. I forgot how they liked to do leg presses on the Fanny Lifter - 3 whole sets on each leg! I am already starting to feel the soreness & the burn. It's not a bad thing though, right?

I really wanted to get my calorie burn up, so after Tough Tape, I decided to try PowerFit Cardio with Stephanie. But I could only do 8 minutes of it because I was running out of gas. My total calorie burn today was 613 calories. I'm good with that number. I can't complain at all. I mean, I was pouring sweat like a beast, after all. LOL.

I had a super on program day today, and I got in a gallon of water also. I stayed within my points, did not go over at all. The scale was kind to me this morning also, I was down a half pound from Saturday, which means that I lost all the salt & water weight from this weekend. Thank God! I know the scale fluctuates daily, so I just have to be real careful and extra diligent the rest of the week. No worries here, I got this!

Ok, I don't have anymore to write about, so I'm gonna wrap this one up now. Thanks so much for reading. And thanks to Lyndsay for giving me The Versatile Blog Award on her blog! I'll do that this weekend, I promise. And let's all make good choices.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 225 - RIP Carol.

Well, where do I start? I do not have the words.

My beloved WW leader, Carol, has succumbed to cancer. She is gone now, and I hope she is in a better place. I saw her obituary online at the NY Times website. I just can't believe it. It is so sad. Robin (my coworker who was also one of her WW members) couldn't believe it either. Robin & Carol had breast cancer in common. Robin beat it recently, thank God. But I think in Carol's case, because she had had a double masectomy, they found it in her lungs. I can't believe it, I really can't.

Carol had given Robin her phone number when Robin was first diagnosed, so Robin gave it to me to call. We're not sure if they will be sitting shivah or what, so I called, and not surprisingly, I got the answering machine. I left a brief message with condolences & my cell number, saying that I'd like to pay my respects. I wonder if I'll get a call back. I understand if I don't, but .... oh man. I'm just really going to miss her.

Ok, I need to change the topic now. Let's talk about the workout. I really wanted to skip the treadmill today, so I started with a longer Firm DVD that I haven't done in a while - Cardio Overdrive with Alison. Two minutes in, I remembered why I hadn't done it in so long - I hate it. I stopped it, then put in Ultimate Fat Burning Workout, again with Alison. I love that workout, I really do. So I did the warm up, then hit pause to go onto the treadmill. I wanted to avoid it today, but I really wanted to get my calorie burn up. So it was the inclined treadmill for 22 minutes. Then back to the DVD. In total, I burned 571 calories, and I even did the ab portion of UFB. Granted, it was a standing ab routine, which made it a little easier, but I completed it nevertheless. Awesomeness.

I did not go over my points today, and I got in all of my daily requirements. I'm totally rocking this PEWC of Kenz & Sean's. I got in more than a gallon of water today. And when I weighed myself this morning, I was still up, but only a pound & half from Saturday. Hopefully with today's workout, I worked it off. But you never know.

So it was a great on program day, but it was a sad day nonetheless. I really hope I get to pay my respects, but if not, there are other ways to do that. I'll say a little prayer for her & her family tonight. And I will remember her forever. I will think of her all the time on my journey, and I will make her proud. RIP Carol.

It's time to wrap this one up now. Thank you for reading. And let's all make good choices.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 224 - Recovering from the Weekend.

Hi peeps!

Well, as my title suggests, today was all about recovering from my food choices yesterday. They could've been better, they should've been better, but they weren't, and I am now dealing with that. When I weighed myself this morning, I was up 3 and a half pounds from Saturday. Awesome. All that cheese & salt from yesterday, but what can you do. I decided that today would be a much better day, and it was.

My eating today was spot on, and I really tried hard to stay away from any additional sodium. So because the scale was horrible, I knew I had to make my workout really hardcore. I had to blast a whole lot of calories today. Initially, I thought I would do Skills, Drills & Thrills with Tina Smalley today with the balance trainer, but I wasn't feeling it at all. So I decided to do The Firm Dangerous Curves Ahead with Alison Davis. I did the warm up, then went on the inclined treadmill for 30 minutes. I sweated like a pig. Sweat pouring everywhere, it even got into my eyes. Yeah, I was no joke today. Then back to the DVD for 743 calories. And - that includes the ab section at the end! Go me! LOL.

My abs have been sore ever since Saturday, when I did CCF with Rebekah. That workout was no joke, and I love this sore feeling in my abs, I really do. It's so rare that my abdominals get worked out, but I've been so much better about that lately. Every workout that I do, I have made more than a conscious effort to do that section at the end. I've been consistent with that for about a week now, so slowly & steadily, hopefully my gut will go down. We'll see.

Still no news about Carol. Sad. I have a coworker who used to go to one of her other meetings on Friday night (I go Saturday afternoon). She said she would go with me to Carol's shivah when it came to that. Carol was Jewish, but not very religious, so I'm not exactly sure what they'll do. Sad that it has come to this. It hit me today that I am never going to see her again. She won't be here when I reach One-Derland, or when I hit goal. Dear God.

I was excellent with my food intake today, and I got in all of my daily requirements. Workout was great, I poured sweat like nobody's business. LOL. So I'm feeling much better & invigorated since my workout. Those endorphins really kick ass, don't they?

So I think I'm gonna wrap this one up now. Thanks so much for reading. And let's all make good choices.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 223 - DOR (Day of Rest)

Hello again peeps!

I can't believe it's Sunday already. Ugh, where did the weekend go? Work tomorrow, what a bummer.

Today was my scheduled day of rest, and I got my day going earlier than usual. I went to BJS today and shopped there for the first time. I bought this huge thing of Bounty paper towels, 2 huge containers of Tide laundry detergent, a bag of frozen mixed berries for my smoothies, and a big box of Bounce dryer sheets. I was tempted to get more stuff, but I knew that would be a spending disaster, so I hightailed it out of there. LOL.

Afterwards, I met Wendy at Houston's for some lunch, then onto shoe shopping for her wedding. We split a burger & a Caesar salad, which I didn't really touch. Those salads are loaded with fat! And the fries came shredded, which was really disappointing. We did start off with the spinach dip & nachos, and that was really good. We left the restaurant both feeling satisfied, and not overly stuffed.

Shoe shopping went great. She had her eye on a pair of gold Stuart Weitzman open toed shoes, and they were really cute. We managed to find them in Nordstrom's, and they even had her size 6 in stock. She's got small feet, I know.

And that was my day in a nut shell. This morning when I woke up, my thighs & my upper abs felt sore from the workout yesterday. I think I need to incorporate CCF with Rebekah more often into my regular rotation of Firm DVDs. Tomorrow, I'm going to do another "Pink" workout that I've never done before - the balance trainer one with Tina. I previewed it a few weeks ago, and it looked interesting. The balance trainer is similar to a Bosu ball, I guess. You have to fight & concentrate to keep your balance on it, which forces you to engage your core the whole time. So we'll see. Deets on that tomorrow.

It was a good day, even though I totally went over my points today. No worries, no binges, but I do expect to be up tomorrow because my sodium intake today was kinda high. Shrug. It happens, this is a way of life, and that's ok. So I'm feeling good regardless, and I got in all of my daily requirements today.

OK, I'm running out of things to talk about now, so I will wrap this one up. Thanks so much for reading. And let's all make good choices.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 222 - WI results & really sad news.

Hi everyone,

Today was WI, and I was down .6 lbs. Hey, I'm ok with it, because a loss is a loss. And besides, I did have that episode with the cheese & crackers, so the fact that I lost anything at all is just great. Time to make this weekend a successful one by not overeating and sticking to program. Just watch me do it!

Now for the sad news. Since the last weekend in May, my regular WW leader, Carol, has been out sick. At first they thought it was diverticulitis, but it was in fact a reoccurrence of her cancer. A few years ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a double mascetomy, and she did the chemo & radiation treatment. It had been in remission, and then they found a growth in one of her lungs. It came back with a vengeance. It was quick & very unexpected. It just came out of no where, and she had been doing so well. The cancer has spread. This past Thursday, she was moved to a hospice, and it does not look good for her. She in a semi coma, drifting in and out of consciousness. The leader who has been filling in for her, Helene started crying when we asked about Carol after the meeting. So we all knew it was bad, and of course we started crying, too. It's only a matter of time now, and it's just so unfair. Carol's one of the nicest ladies I've ever met in my life, and she absolutely did NOT deserve this. She's in her early 60s, but she looked great for her age, in spite of all that she's been through. I'm started to tear up as I'm writing this, so I'm going to change the topic now. Please keep her in your prayers, as well as her husband, her 2 daughters, and her 2 granddaughters. :( So, so very sad.

Anyway, let's discuss the workout today. I had to split it up into 2 parts, and I'll explain. See, I started the workout in the morning, but I was running late for my WW meeting, so I had to stop the DVD. Today, I decided to do The Firm Cardio Core Fusion with Rebekah Sturkie. This DVD uses the 2 pound "Cardio Balls" which are a little gimmicky, but they're cure because they're pink! LOL. I stopped the DVD right when the core section was about to start. I know, I know, but let me finish first. LOL. BTW, I burned 365 calories before I hit the pause button. It had been forever since I had done this workout, so the pink balls were literally covered in dust. I had to clean them off with a Lysol wipe before I could start my workout, and then we were back in business. hehe.

Ok, so that was in the morning before my WW meeting. I knew I had to finish the DVD and amp up the workout & my calorie burn for the day. So before dinner, I decided to go onto the inclined treadmill, which I did, for 27 minutes. I was pouring sweat, and my heart rate went through the roof. Then I continued on with the DVD and the final stretch. With that portion of my workout, I burned 387 calories, which brought my total calorie burn for the day to 752 calories. And I am more than happy with that number.

I need to rack up APs (Activity Points) because I'm meeting Wendy for lunch tomorrow at Houston's, then we're going shoe shopping for her wedding. Actually, she's going shoe shopping, and she's dragging me along for my opinion. LOL. We decided on what we're going to eat already - we're going to split the spinach & artichoke dip with nachos, we'll split a cheeseburger, and we will also have our own individual salads. Perfect lunch, and we'll be walking it off around the mall anyway, so I'm not worried. I'm going there with a plan, which is WW has taught me to do. For breakfast tomorrow, I'm going to have some Egg beaters, 2 slices of turkey bacon on an Arnold Sandwich Thin, & my WW smoothie with frozen strawberries & a banana. I'll get in all of my milks, plus some fruit servings, and I'll be good to go. =)

Today was a super on program day. I stayed within my points, and I got in all of my daily requirements. I've been rocking the water challenge like nobody's business, and I'm real happy about that. I never have a problem getting my water in - I always drink about 100 ounces of water a day anyway. But I'm pushing it to 120 ounces, which is a gallon, I believe. So I'm good with that.

So apart from some truly awful & sad news about Carol, today was a good day. The last time she was out sick, I took that as an excuse to eat whatever I wanted, and I gained all the weight back that I had lost on WW. Not this time though. Even with this terrible news, I'm having the exact opposite reaction. I don't feel like eating because the news made me lose my appetite. I know that Carol would not want me to do that. She would not want me to move backwards on my journey. So there you have it. It's just sad that she won't be here when I hit goal. Sad.

Ok, I've rambled on long enough, so I'm going to wrap this one up now. Thanks so much for reading. And let's all make good choices.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 221 - Last Chance Workout!

Hi everyone,

Yet another great day is in the books. I'm finishing this week strong, and it feels so good, it really does. Now, if only the humidity & the heat would go away, I'd be good right now. But since I cannot control the weather, I will have to settle on what I can control. Things like what I decide to put in my mouth, or whether or not I decide to workout on a particular day.

Let's discuss the workout today, since I sort of mentioned it already. I went all out today, and I went into the workout wanting to burn at least 700 calories. Crazy, I know, especially with this heat & humidity. But no worries, my brain did not overheat. LOL. I started with 27 minutes on the inclined treadmill. I left the treadmill poring sweat from everywhere, even my abdominals. Can you imagine? My stomach never sweats, but there you go.

I continued with the theme of "Pink" Firm workouts today. I popped in The Firm Pump, Jump & Jab with Kelsie Daniels. I can't even remember the last time I did that workout. It definitely has been a while, a long, long time. I even was able to do all the advanced moves, and none of the beginner modifications! This is a huge NSV for me, because it shows that I've come a long way baby! I feel better, I feel stronger, and it just feels so good, and so liberating at the same time. I'm on my way. Back to the workout. For me, the DVD ended a little abruptly because I hadn't hit the 700 calorie mark, so when the section for planks & crunches came up, I paused the DVD, and went back onto the inclined treadmill for 8 more minutes to push my calorie burn up. And the sweat started pouring again. Yup, it was no joke today. Went back tot he DVD, and actually finished the section! You guys know how much I just HATE working my abs, but I'm sticking to my resolution, people. I am in this thing balls to the wall! LOL. Oh, and I burned 767 calories to boot. What? Yeah, I had to push it today, and I loved every second of it.

I rocked Kenz & Sean's H2o challenge, over a gallon of water consumed today, and I got in all of my daily requirements. I did not go over my points today, and I'm really hoping that my meltdown with the cheese & crackers earlier in the week will be gone by the time I weigh in tomorrow. As it is, when I weighed myself this morning, I was down about a pound from last Saturday's WI. But my scale & the one at WW are slightly different, so we'll see how it goes tomorrow. Wish me luck people! I'm feeling confident there will be a loss, but it never hurts asking for positive vibes.

So with that said, I'm gonna wrap this one up. Thank you all so much for reading. And let's all make good choices.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 220 - Still feeling great.

Hey there!

Another great day is in the books. I'm feeling it now, I really am. I'm in a good place, and I just hope it lasts, you know. This is the longest that I have ever been this consistent not only in my weight loss, but in blogging. And that counts for something, I just know it does. Insert smiley face here.

Today was my long day at work, so I had to do a shorter workout when I got home. I started with 20 minutes on the inclined treadmill, then I did The Firm Power Half Hour with Emily Welsh. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite lil workouts. I even managed to do all of the advanced moves! That's right, I did it. I didn't have to do any of the beginner modifications. Well, most of it. I still can't do regular planks, I had to be on my knees for those. But the plyo jacks & the plyo jumps - I did 'em ole school And let me tell ya - it felt great! Those plyo jacks that Emily does are no joke. For realsies.

I burned 473 calories, and I sweated like a pig. I even completed the ab section at the end. I'm really trying to get myself into working my abdominals more, but it gets hard. My abdominals are my worst & weakest part of my body. Ugh. I just hate my mid section more than words. I am trying to remedy that though, so hopefully, by the time I get to One-Derland, I may see some kind of difference. We'll see. I know consistency is key & will get me there.

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday. Hopefully the day will go by quickly. I'm not sure how busy I will be at work, but I will find something to keep me occupied. Ooh, and I was down half a pound this morning from Saturday's WI. Just gotta keep going in the right direction!

Jen over at priorfatgirl got her story published in Shape Magazine, and her issue is out now. Go pick it up & send her congrats. She truly deserves it after the rough year she's had. I've been thinking today about what it will take to become a success story. One of my biggest dreams is to be able to have my story published & told in a bigger forum. I would love to be in the next Firm infomercial. I would love to be a "before" and a successful "after." Already, I have come so far, but I am reminded that I still have a looooong way to go. And I realize that all my problems won't just magically drift away once I hit goal - whatever & whenever that might be. I keep going back & forth about which number to pick as my goal. Right now, it's 140. Before, it had been 130, then 135. I realize the number is not so important as long as I am healthy. And able to shop in a regular store. But the jury is still out on the number.

If I do become so lucky as to get published, what then? Will I inspire people? Will I stay on track? I realize these are all hypotheticals, but I do think about these things from time to time. As I get closer to goal, I know I'll be thinking about them constantly. Until now - eyes on the prize! Stay focused, Kelly!

I hope all of you stay focused & consistent, too. It's time to wrap this one up now. Thanks so much for reading - all of you inspire me, too. And let's all make good choices.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 219 - Rocking this Water Challenge.

Hi everyone,

I have to give Sean & Kenz a shout out for their PEWC (Positive Effect Water Challenge). I always get in my water everyday, but I've decided to up my water intake to a gallon. Yup - 120 ounces or so of water every single day. I'll be hitting the bathroom every 5 minutes, but it's all good. It's a good thing, flushing out all the toxins from my body. So I'm not worried about it at all.

Is anyone else sick of this humidity like I am? The temperature here on Long Island isn't even that high, but the humidity is through the roof. That damn humidity will get you every single time, I'm telling ya.

Let's talk about the workout today. I started, as usual, on the inclined treadmill 21 minutes. I hate humidity because it makes me sweat like a pig. My arms were poring sweat, as were my legs. That sound normal to you? Anywho, then I did The Firm Get Chisel'd with Rebekah Sturkie - even the ab section at the end! And, I was able to do all the advanced moves too! Talk about a major NSV! (Non-Scale Victory) I have to explain the acronyms just in case some of my bloggy peeps aren't savvy. Miss Suzi - I'm talking to you! LOL . Oh, and I burned 581 calories. I was really happy with that number. 581 calories of fat gone forever. Rebekah annoys me a little in this DVD, but it's a good workout, so I still do it.

This week, my workout focus has been on the newer "Pink" Firms. Some of them are great, and some I feel don't work you out as hard as the older ones. The good thing about the "Pink" workouts is that they don't use a lot of other equipment, like the Fanny Lifter, or the TransFirmer, just dumbbells. On a day when I don't feel like dragging out all that equipment, it's perfect, like today. Tomorrow, I may do 2 short Pink DVDs since it's my long day at work. But I'll still work out hard, because I need to get the weight off from my cheese & crackers episode on Sunday. BTW, this morning I was up only a half pound from Saturday's WI. :=)

It was a good day, I stayed within my points, and I got in all of my daily requirements. Plus, another stellar & awesome workout, might I add. I'm happy with my day today.

So I think I will wrap this one up now. Thanks so much for reading, you guys. And let's all make good choices.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 218 - DOR & RIP Boss.

Hi everyone,

If you know anything about me, then you know that I am die-hard Yankees fan. And if you have a TV, or listen to the news some other way, then you know that today, George Steinbrenner died after a massive heart attack. It's a sad day, and truly the end of an era. Mr. Steinbrenner was the Boss, in every sense of the word, and they just don't make 'em like him anymore. He was such a polarizing figure, and he will be missed, so very much. RIP Mr. Steinbrenner. You are the last of your kind.

Today was my rest day, and I took advantage. My abs are still a bit sore, but I don't mind. They're just not used to working at all. LOL.

I usually don't have much to write about when I take my DOR's, (Day of Rest) and I'm afraid that is the case tonight. I did try out a new recipe for a dip I found on the WW website. It's roasted red pepper & sour cream dip, and I'm having it tomorrow with some crudite I bought. It'll be a nice & easy way to get in some extra veggies. That's always a good thing. I took a little taste of it just now & it's not bad. For 1 point, I'll take it!

Today was a good day. I got in all of my daily requirements, and I stayed within my points. I did not go over, and it felt good to be in control.

So that's about it for now, it's still a sad day in Yankee land. Oh, and did anyone see RHONJ (Real Housewives of New Jersey) last night? Talk about trashy behavior. At least Danielle didn't instigate anything, like she usually does, this time she was actually the victim. Now, don't go pulling my weave out just yet. Teresa was totally looking to start some shiz when she "waited for Danielle" to say "hello" to her. Please, what BS. She knew exactly what would happen. And don't get me started on Ashley. That brat deserves to get smacked in the mouth, with her know it all attitude & sense of entitlement. I never would've gotten away with that in my house. You respected Mom & Dad, or you got smacked. End of story. Just my 2 cents.

Ok, that's all for now, for real this time. Thanks so much for reading. You guys are the best. Let's all make good choices.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 217 - Back to it.

Hi everyone,

I woke up this morning with resolve & resoluteness. And I was prepared to face whatever the scale said. When I stepped on, it showed that I was up 4 pounds from Saturday's WI. But never fear! I am NOT letting this bring me down. It is what it is, and I did it to myself, you know. No one held a gun to my head & forced me to consume all that salt & sodium. So there you have it. The main thing it to kick back in gear & get right back to it. I've consumed more than a gallon of water today, so I'm hoping that will help.

I was spot on with my eating today. I purposely stayed below my points just for today to shock my system just a bit. That, combined with my massive water intake, will hopefully get me back down a little tomorrow. We'll see. I got in all of my requirements today, no problem. It was a good day for me, and a much, much better day than yesterday.

Let's talk about the workout today. I started with 17 minutes on the inclined treadmill, then I did The Firm 500 Calorie Workout with Kelsie Daniels. I haven't done this DVD in a while, and I had trouble keeping my heart rate up during some sections. In fact, I had to go back onto the treadmill for anther 8 minutes to get it back up again. I finished with 704 calories burned, and I had to really work for it too. I'm thinking that I won't be doing this DVD for a while. Oh well. I sweated like a pig, and it felt good. I even completed the abdominal section, with some beginner modifications, of course. In fact, today my abs felt a little bit sore. So that's make 3 days in a row of ab work, and I'm feeling really good about it. =)

I need to focus and keep my eye on the prize. No matter what. One bad day cannot and WILL NOT define me on this journey. It can't, and I won't let it. I absolutely forbid it. We all have moments of weakness, right? It's called being human. So there.

Well, I think I'm gonna wrap this one up now. Thanks so much for reading. Let's all make good choices.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 216.

Hi peeps,

Today started out really well, it really did. I got up, had coffee, got in a great workout and did some household stuff. I did 2 loads of laundry during my workout, so I managed to get a lot done. I also went with Wendy to her first bridal appointment, but I'll talk about that later.

Let's talk about the workout first. I started with 25 minutes on the inclined treadmill, and I was pouring sweat by the time I was done. Then I did The Firm Total Body Toner with Allie Del Rio. This is one of my least favorite Allie-led workouts. She's too annoying in this DVD in my opinion. But, overall, it's a good sculpting workout. I even completed the abdominal section at the end, and that makes 2 days in a row of me working my abs! I am feeling it now, so that's a good thing. I burned 570 calories, and I was happy with that number.

Afterwards, I met Wendy at the bridal shop, and she bought her dress! I am so excited for her. She chose a champagne colored gown, and I love it because it's different. It's satin with beautiful embroidery, but not too much beading. It's perfect. I love her dress. I wasn't expecting for her to want me to try on gowns, but that's exactly what I did. I felt like such a cow. The girl at the shop pulled some dresses for me in sizes 18 & 16. The 16 was too small, le sigh. I really hate being this fat. That's what put me in a bad mood when I should've been thinking about how happy I am for my best friend in the whole world. And I am, I am really happy for her.

On the way home, I stopped by Quiznos and got the small Prime Rib peppercorn. It was ok, not anything spectacular. But it put me in the mood for more salty stuff, so I had some cheese & crackers & overdid it. I will be paying for it tomorrow.

I could've been better with my eating today, and I should've been. I did get in all of my requirements, and I got in a really great workout, so maybe the scale will be a little kind to me tomorrow. I feel so tired now, I think it's the salt. Ugh. It's too early for me to be PMSing. At least I think it is. Shrug.

Well, I think that's it for now. I'm really tired and I just want to get to bed. Thanks for reading. I'm in a weird mood. Let's all make good choices.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 215 - WI Results.

Hi everyone,

Weigh in went great. I was down another 1.4 lbs., and I am so happy with that. I'm into the next decade, and yes, I lost another WW point. I think it's funny that I was looking forward to losing another point, because in essence it means that I'm supposed to eat less. But I don't mind. I can still eat what I would like, I just need to prepare for it. Like save my points, or work out more and rack up activity points for me to use.

Anywho, I'm really excited about where I'm headed and the progress I'm making. My next mini goal is to get into the Mecca - One Derland. I'm thinking I can do that by the end of the summer. Slowly but surely. I'm 10 pounds away, but if I say that I want to do it in the next 4 weeks, and then it doesn't happen, I will be so bitterly disappointed I could suffer a setback. I would be setting myself up for failure, and I'm not about to do that. So by the end of the summer sounds more than reasonable to me.

On WW, the lowest weight I ever got to was 205 lbs. I am now 4 pounds away from that. I will set that as my first mini goal, with One Derland as the next. Very attainable goals, very reasonable, and I just cannot wait to get there!

It is still so freaking humid here on Long Island that I just cannot stand it. I really can't take it anymore. If you lived where I lived, you would understand the aggravation & frustration this kind of weather makes you feel. I know I can't control it, I know I can't do anything about it, but I need to vent about it. Ok, vent over now. Onto other things!

Let's discuss the workout. I had to split it up into 2 different sections today, because I was running late for my WW meeting, and I had to shower & eat breakfast. I started with 10 minutes on the inclined treadmill, then I did The Firm Bootcamp Maximum Calorie Burn with Alison Davis. It had been a long time since I had done that workout, so that's why I thought I would give it another whirl. I had to stop the DVD right at the cool down & abdominals section. You guys know how much I hate do ab work. I did my own quick cool down & stretch, and proceeded to get ready for my day - shower, breakfast, WW meeting, errands, and back home. Before dinner time, I decided to finish the rest of the DVD, so I put on my Polar HRM and got to work. I finished the cool down & the ab section, and when all was said & done, I wound up burning 526 calories. I was more than happy with that number. I was pouring sweat during the first part of my workout this morning, so I know I worked hard!

Today was such a great day. I went over my points just a little bit, by 3, but I'm not worried about it at all. I got in all of my daily requirements, and I'm feeling good. I'm focused on staying positive. I have a mini goal in my head, two mini goals really, and I know I'm gonna get there!

Tomorrow I'm meeting Wendy at the wedding shop for her appointment. I can't believe she's gonna be trying on gowns! I am so excited & happy for her, I really am. I'll take pics, and see if I can post them.

Well, I think I've rambled on long enough, so I'm gonna wrap this one up now. Thanks so much for reading. And let's all make good choices.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 214 - Last Chance Workout

Hello again bloggy friends!

TGIF! I'm so glad it's Friday, and that has put me in a good mood. How could it not, after all? LOL. So happy faces all around. The heat has decreased somewhat, but it's still warm. At least it's not as stifling as it was in the beginning of the week. Thank God for small favors.

So today was my shot at another last chance workout. I went into it thinking I wanted - no, NEEDED - to burn at least 700 calories, more like 750. So I knew I had to really kick it into high freakin' gear. No joking around, no messing around, just getting down to business. I started with 25 minutes on the inclined treadmill, then I did The Firm Super Cardio Mix with all the old Master Instructors - Allie, Jen, Dale & Carissa. Can I just tell you that I was poring sweat after the treadmill? I could've stopped right then & there, and that would've been considered a complete workout. The sweat was poring down my arms, down my face, and my back. It was no joke. In total, I wound up burning 773 calories. Yeah, I know, I am crazy. But I had to do it for me. And I am so glad I did it!

When I weighed myself this morning, I was down a full pound from last Saturday's WI weight. Hopefully, with this workout today, I'll have lost at least another half pound. I really want to get under 210 and into a new decade. Just inching closer & closer to One-Derland. I don't even mind that I'll be losing another point. In fact, I'm welcoming it, I really am. It'll mean a validation of all my hard work. And I think all of us look for that every once in a while. We need to. Our conscience & our souls need it, I think.

So I'm doing well, and today was an excellent day. I'm really happy with my workout. I got in all of my requirements, and I did not go over my points today. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow morning's WI. I can see that 209 on the scale tomorrow, I really can!

With that said, I think I will wrap this one up now. Thanks so much for reading. You guys are totally awesome, and I appreciate the fact that you take time out of your day to read my lil ole blog here. Let's all make good choices.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 213 - DOR

Hi peeps!

Today was not as hot or sizzling as it was yesterday. But it was still pretty up there - about 85 degrees or so. Le sigh. I hate this sizzling hot weather. Why can't it be just 75 & pleasant all year round? I would be good with that.

It was my scheduled DOR, and it felt good to give my body a break. I had my follow up laser hair removal appointment after work today, and it went well. I have stubborn, thick hairs on my chin & sideburns, and she got them good today. The hair especially on my chin/neck area really annoys me to no end. It hurt a little, but then it was over pretty quickly. I don't think I was there for more than 10 minutes. Perfect. My skin was a little red right after, but now it's ok. The redness is pretty much gone now. And I'm smelling the burned hair smell again. That will pass though. My next appointment will be in 3 weeks. I'm thinking of maybe getting my underarms done next, after I'm done with my face. We'll see though.

It was a good day. I stayed within my points, did not go over at all. I got in all of my requirements, and I'm feeling good. After my appointment, I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things - salad sacs, oranges, fruit juice, baby carrots (which are my new thing now) and some bananas. It seems like I'm constantly running to the store almost every other day, but what can you do. it is what it is. At least the store is close to my job, so I get there pretty quickly. No big deal.

Ok, I'm gonna wrap this one up now. In case you haven't heard because you've been under a rock, LeBron James will be announcing where he'll be next season, and I'm curious to see his elaborate press conference on ESPN. Man, does that guy have an ego, or what? Anywho, thanks so much for reading. And let's all make good choices.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 212 - SIzzling Heat, Part II.

Hey there!

It is yet another scorcher here on Long Island. I am so sick of this weather, I really am. I don't mind it being sunny & warm & pleasant, but this is beyond unpleasant now. Hundred degree weather & I don't mix at all. & it's humid too - double whammy. Hopefully, it will end soon, but I guess we'll see about that.

My eating was spot on today. I stayed within my points, did not go over, and I got in all of my requirements. And this morning when I weighed myself, I was down a half pound. Slow & steady, steady as she goes. This week, I really want to get down to 209 because it represents me getting closer & closer to ONE-DERLAND. The Mecca. If I meet my goal, I'll also be losing another WW point, and believe me, I would be more than ok with that. I'm close, just have to keep doing what I'm doing. Just have to remain focused & positive.

The workout today started a bit earlier than yesterday. Because I had to work late to cover someone who had jury today, my workout had to be a short Firm DVD. But I wound up working out for an hour anyway, and it's all gravy. I started with 25 minutes on the inclined treadmill, where I poured sweat from every pore of my body, I'm telling you. Then I did The Firm Tight Buns & Killer Legs with Kelsie Daniels. I burned 519 calories. I hadn't done that workout in a while, and it felt good to do it now. Not as challenging as some other Firms, but this DVD fit very nicely in my schedule.

Tomorrow is my follow up appointment for my laser hair removal. I have some stray hairs around my chin, neck & sideburns, but not much. It looks like it's working, and I'm just thrilled. I'll never have to wax those areas again. The fine hair I had on my cheeks has not grown back at all. What a relief. I'm so glad I decided to do this. I don't know what took me so long to come around to the idea. What was I so afraid of? What was my reluctance about it? I could've been done with this a long time ago. Oh wells. The point is I'm doing it now, and that's all that matters.

Kenz & Sean are co-sponsoring a water consumption challenge. I'm going to join because it sounds like fun. Check out their blogs for more info. Water is so important on this weight loss journey, and it's especially important in this heat. I don't ever have a problem drinking water. I usually drink about 100 oz of water every single day because it's become a habit for me, it's just second nature. So if you're struggling with water intake, this would be a great challenge for you. Just saying.

Ok, with that said, I think I'm going to wrap this one up now. Thanks so much for reading. And let's all make good choices.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 211 - Sizzling heat.

Hi everyone,

The temperature here on Long Island reached 102 degrees. It is sizzling. I was dying earlier during my workout, but I'll talk about that in a little bit. I hate days like this. When it gets this hot, my AC doesn't work as well. I mean, at least it helps a little, but still. Ugh.

The room where I have my treadmill is in the basement, and it does not have AC. Now, because it's in the basement, it's a little cooler, but not much. So it's warm, which means I sweat even more & faster. I started with 20 minutes on the inclined treadmill. I started my workout later than usual today because I just did NOT want to do it. I started close to 6:30, which meant I ate dinner later than usual tonight, too. I always not want to do it (workout), but somedays are easier than others for me to start working out. The heat was the major issue. It really zaps your energy. Or at least, it zapped mine. Big time. Then, after the treadmill & pouring sweat everywhere, I did The Firm Power Half Hour with Emily Welsh. I like this workout a lot, but some of the background music kinda annoys me, I won't lie. I burned 518 calories. I was happy with that number, I really was.

I had a NSV today. I wore a sleeveless but down shirt that I bought from Old Navy last year that I couldn't fit into. Now it fits! It's really cute, it's maroon, and I had to wear a black camisole underneath, but it fit. And that's all that matters.

After work, I stopped by the bagel store to pick up some chicken salad for my lunch tomorrow. I also bought 2 small chocolate chip chunk cookies, and they were delicious. So good! I'm estimating the points for both of them at 4 points total. I don't regret eating them nor do I feel bad. I know I burned them off today with my workout, and I skipped my usual Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich with whipped cream dessert. Besides, nothing is off limits, you just have to be smart about it. Like skipping dessert, for example. Or using your activity points. :)

Today was a good day. I got in all of my daily requirements, and I did not go over my points, even with the cookies factored in. And this morning when I weighed myself, I was back to my Saturday WI weight. So it's all good around here. Just have to keep making smart food decisions and get my workouts in. It really can be easy & simple when you're in the zone. It really does become like second nature.

So with that said, I think I'm gonna wrap this one up now. Thanks so much for reading. And let's all make good choices.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 210 - Sonia Visit!

Hi everyone,

Today was a busy day. I knew I had to start my workout early if we were going to see Sonia today, and that's exactly what I did. I woke up this morning at my usual work time, had coffee, and was working out by 8:45 AM. That's a huge thing for me. I usually putz around until 10 AM or so. But I had plans & the day had to get going.

Let's talk about the workout. I started with 25 minutes on the inclined treadmill, then I did The Firm Low Impact Aerobics with Janet Jones-Gretzky. And go! LOL. Firm humor, sorry. Janet says that a lot during this particular DVD from the 80s. It's a good workout though, and I burned 764 calories total. I was pouring sweat the whole time, and my heart rate went through the roof, which is always a good thing.

Afterwards, Mom & I went to Westchester to visit Sonia. She's so cute, it's unreal. She's much better with us now, she didn't cry at all today. I think I got her when I started tickling her. She's very ticklish, that cute kid! I got her a lot today, and she loved it. So she's warming up to me now & to my mother. Dad stayed behind because he just didn't feel up to the long ride. Poor Dad.

I will upload a new pic of her soon, I'm just too tired to do it right now. I had every intention of squeezing in another short workout when we got home, but I'm not feeling it. Besides, my workout this morning was pretty long & intense anyway, so I don't feel guilty at all.

Oh, and when I weighed myself this morning, I was up just a pound from Saturday's WI. I am more than ok with that, considering the grilled cheese sandwich and everything. So I'm ok with that, and I've been good today. We went to a diner with the baby at lunch & I had a grilled chicken sandwich with whole wheat toast & fresh mozzarella cheese & french fries. I didn't finish the fries, and the sandwich also came with grilled veggies on the sandwich. Delish. I've been downing water all day & especially since we got home. So hopefully the pound will be gone by tomorrow. And if it isn't, I'll still be ok.

So that's about it for today. I'm really tired & the scorching weather today isn't helping. Even with the AC on, I still don't feel like doing much. So with that said, I'm going to wrap this one up. Let's all make good choices.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 209 - DOR & Happy Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July peeps!

It was a scorcher today here in NY, and it's going to be hot like this all week. Shrug, what can you do.

I was good today until this afternoon. I was really jonesing for a grilled cheese sandwich. So I made one, and it was soo good! It was loaded with points (and fat) but whatever, you know. I had the points for it (my 35 extra points I get a week), and now it's over. I used whole wheat bread & real sharp cheddar cheese, which was NOT low fat or non fat. I'll be paying for it tomorrow on the scale, I know. But I figured it was ok to have it because when I stepped on the scale this morning, I was exactly the same as yesterday. And I was so happy with that. Good food choices, hard workouts equaled no gain on the scale for me. Tomorrow will be a different story. Tomorrow will have to be a hard workout day, and I'm prepared for that. No problem.

Today was a busy day for me. I decided to get rid of some more clothes. My brother's been out of the house for years, and yet for some reason we still have some of his clothes here. Old business suits he hasn't worn in years. Old flannel shirts of my Dad's that again, he hasn't worn in years. I filled 5 huge trash bags of clothes, stuffed to the brim. So today, after I managed to find a nail salon for my manicure & pedicure, I dumped all 5 bags in a clothing bin for St. Vincent de Paul. Then when I got home, I grilled some healthy stuff outside. Corn, platanos, turkey chops, & chicken cutlets. I made a nice whole wheat pasta salad with lite mayo, shredded carrots, garlic, onions & grape tomatoes. Delish!

So all in all, a pretty good DOR for me, minus the grilled cheese sandwich. But I got in all of my daily requirements, and I kept dinner really light - a salad with a little olive oil & a Boca chicken patty. That's a 5 point dinner right there. No dessert. I usually just have a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich & a little whipped cream, but I decided to skip it tonight. I downed about 60 ounces of water after my dinner, so now I feel incredibly full. Which is good, because it means no night time munching.

So that's about it for today. I'm just thinking about the kind of hard workout I'll have to do tomorrow, but it's all good. I may start earlier than usual, if I can find a way to drag my sorry ass outta bed. I'll keep you guys updated. Until then, thanks so much for reading. And let's all make good choices.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 208 - Weigh Day.

Hello again people!

WI went great. I lost 1.4 lbs., and I'm happy with that. It's a loss of more than a pound, so I will definitely take it! It's nice to see the scale moving slowly but steadily in the right direction. It makes me happy, and keeps me confident & determined.

Do any of you guys have a membership to a wholesale warehouse like Costco or BJs? I've debated about joining one for a while, and today I finally did it. I finally lost my wholesale virginity, so to speak. LOL. Yesterday I found out that BJs was offering 2 months free, then after you pay for the year. So you're basically getting 14 months, but only paying for 12. That's a good deal, and I went to BJs today to sign up. They took my picture and everything. LOL. I think I'll start shopping there next weekend. It looked like it was better to go early to beat the crowds, so maybe that's what I'll do this coming weekend. Or maybe even Monday, we'll see.

I had a nice little workout today. I debated about working out again later today, but decided against it. As long as I'm smart with my food choices, and since I did work out this morning, I decided I didn't have to do it. I started with 12 minutes on the inclined treadmill, then I did The Firm Total Muscle Shaping with Stephanie Huckabee. If you've ever seen this DVD, you know that Pam & Christa are scary skinny. Stephanie's boobs looked like they were going to pop out of her sports bra. I wonder why they dressed them like that. Anywho, I burned 433 calories, and I'm good with that number.

Today has been a really good day. I got in all of my requirements, but I did go over my points by 4. I'm ok with that. I had some cheddar cheese, and I had to stop myself. So I've just been drinking lots of water to keep that full feeling in my stomach, you know. I'll have to stop with that soon because otherwise I'll be up all night peeing. hehe. But whatever works & does the job.

I'm starting to think about hitting One-Derland. My estimation is that I'll be hitting the Promised Land, as I call it, on or about mid-August. I'm really looking forward to it, too. I almost hit One-Derland last year, but then I let all of my hard work go to crap, and I had to start from scratch, pretty much. But that's in the past now, and I refuse to look back. I've just come way too far for that nonsense.

Because I hit another decade weight wise, I've uploaded another new pic of me. Technically, I'm at 210.8 lbs., but thats close enough to 210 even for me. This means I'll be losing another WW point come next WI, if all goes well this week, and I know it will. No weekend craziness for me, just responsible choices & hard workouts. I can't really see much of a difference, but that might be because it's me, you know. Let me know what you guys think. I love reading your comments!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 207 - 2 Last Chance Workouts.

Hi again peeps!

Happy Friday! And happy long weekend for me. Today was a busy day for me: 2 workouts, car wash, showing my mother how to get to her doctor, last minute grocery store stuff. But let me back up.

Yesterday when I got home from having my first laser treatment, I noticed a burned hair smell. It lasted most of the night but today it's gone. You know when you're drying your hair with a hair dryer, and you overdo it a little, and it starts to smell like burned hair? That's the smell. I guess it makes sense though, because laser treatment is supposed to burn the hair, right. No burn marks on my skin anywhere on my face, and that's all that matters. I can't wait for my next treatment next week. :=)

I did a nice long workout this morning. I started with PowerFit Cardio with Stephanie Huckabee. I did the warm up, then jumped onto the inclined treadmill for 20 minutes. That got my heart rate up the way I wanted it. I went back to PowerFit, and when that workout ended, I popped in The Firm Ultimate Calorie Blaster, again with Stephanie. I know, I'm psycho. But I had the energy for it, so I figured I would just go with it, you know. I burned 716 calories with that workout, and I felt good about it. I was more than happy with that number.

I really needed to get my car washed, so I did that, and went to the grocery store real quick. I thought about getting my nails done, but that can wait. It's not an emergency or anything. It's amazing how quickly the day can go by, isn't it? It's already Friday night. Jeez.

Anywho, I decided to get in another workout before dinner. Hey, I've freely admitted that I'm psycho. I did 40 minutes on the inclined treadmill, and I felt good about it. My thighs & glutes have been feeling yesterday's workout all day, and I love that feeling! I love it when I'm sore because it tells me that I've been working, you know. I burned 431 calories on the treadmill, which brought my total calorie burn for the day to 1,147 calories. That is hardcore calorie burn right there. That is just dedication people! LOL.

Tomorrow is WI day, and I'm nervous. I'm wondering what the scale will show tomorrow. I wonder if my hard work will pay off & show on the scale. I know from experience it doesn't always work that way. But, I'm confident. I know I've been doing the right things, I've been working out, and that's all I can do. So we'll see tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Ok, that's about it for now. Thanks so much for reading. And let's all make good choices.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 206 - Appointment Day.

Hi people!

I love that I'm off from work until Tuesday. Awesomeness, indeed. When I woke up this morning, I decided that the next two days would be twice a day workout days. In between workouts today, I had appointments, one with the dentist, and one at the dermatologist for my laser hair removal consult. But first, the workouts.

This morning, I started on the inclined treadmill for 20 minutes, then I did The Firm Tough Tape with Tracie Long. The title does say it all - it really is a tough workout. I burned 508 calories. I was ok with that number. It could've been more, but since I knew I was going to get in another workout later, I decided not to let it bother me too much.

My laser consult went ok. I had my first session today too, and it went well. It felt a little prickly, and the hair came off. She wants to see me next week for a follow up, and she won't charge me. Each session will cost $150, and I go once a month after next week. So I'm ok with that. I can't believe I didn't do this earlier, but I'm taking care of it now, and that's all that matters. She said it will probably take about 5 or 6 sessions, and I can't wait.

I also had a dentist appointment, and I'm happy to report that I have no new cavities! Go me! See what healthy eating habits can do? It really does work! LOL. Thank God, because I wasn't in the mood for any more drilling & poking around in my teeth today. I've got sensitive gums, and when he was scraping the plaque off, I could feel them bleeding. Oh well.

My second workout today was lighter than the first. Strictly cardio, and a lot of it was just me on my own, jogging in place, jumping rope in place, step touches, grapevines, etc. I started with PowerFit Harmony Cardio with Stephanie Huckabee, and then I decided to just do my own thing. I did about 20 minutes of my own thing, everything above plus a little stepping on my Firm Wave that I have never used. I wound up burning 311 calories, and I was happy with that. I was sweating & everything. So my total calorie burn for today was 819 calories, and I'm happy with that number.

The fireworks are already going off by my house - very prematurely might I add. My little Yorkies don't like the noise, I think it scares them, so they bark every now & then, the poor things. It annoys me that they would be doing fireworks 3 days before the actual holiday, but I can't control what other people choose to do, you know. On another note, I'm happy with my decision to finally go ahead with the laser hair removal. I don't even care how much it's going to cost, I just want my facial hair gone already, you know. Some of the hair has already fallen out, and my face feels so smooth now. I love it!

Ok, I think I've rambled on long enough, so I'm gonna wrap this one up now. Thanks so much for reading. And let's all make good choices.