Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 632.

There are some people on Long Island that are still without power. I can't believe that. Some of the people that work at my firm still don't have power. All that wasted food in the fridge. Unreal. I know I pissed & moaned about not having power & cable/internet for 16 or 17 hours, but I know we got lucky. I would be going out of my freaking mind if I still had no power.

I was really busy at work today. Which totally sucked, because I couldn't fool around a lot on Twitter like I normally do. =) But at least it made the day go faster.

I got yet another call from my attorney today. Apparently, the closing won't be taking place on September 8 like originally planned. Argh! The seller's attorney never received some paperwork from the condo management board, and it's required for the closing. I got really pissed off when I heard that. So now the closing will be delayed by a few more days. My attorney told me not to worry about it, that the place is still mine, and that he expects the closing to take place in the next 2 weeks. One can only hope. Fingers crossed.

When I came home for lunch, I did about 28 minutes on the inclined treadmill. Sweated like a pig. My upper body is sore from the workout I did the other day. So today I decided to really focus on my lower body. My lower body is a disaster. Ugh. When I got home from work, I decided to do a short Firm workout, so I did The Firm Power Sculpt Workout with Allie del Rio. I decided to do just a few extra minutes of heavy lower body sculpting after the DVD. Heavy squats, lunges, dips, & leg presses (I'm telling you, my thighs are a nightmare. And don't even get me started on my child-bearing hips.) I burned 559 calories total. See?
Know what else is a nightmare? Freaking adult acne! I hate it so much - with a passion. =(

Good day today, in spite of the condo news. I tracked everything, stayed within my points, and got in all of my requirements.

Gonna wrap up now & enjoy some of my guilty pleasures, like watching Royal Pains. Thanks for reading. And make good choices!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 631 - Morning Workout.

This morning I woke up super excited, with all this nervous energy. I had a feeling that maybe work would be a no-go today, but as soon as I felt that, I knew work would be open, which it was. They finally got power back at some point last night. With all this energy though, I couldn't just stay in bed. So I did something that really surprised me.

I got up & worked out in the morning before work. At 7 AM. Because I am a psycho.

I'm not really sure what came over me, but I'm glad I did it. The down side is now I'm really tired.

I started with 10 minutes on the inclined treadmill, then I did The Firm Parts: Upper Body. It had been a while, and that DVD is one of my favorite Firms. I so want nice, defined arms. Who knows if it will happen, ever. I burned 420 calories. See?
I'm still breaking out. Yesterday, I woke up with yet another new zit on my face. WTF? Why does my body NOT want to acknowledge that I am a 32 year old woman and NOT an awkward teenager in the midst of puberty. I swear, I will be 90 years old, on my deathbed, and STILL breaking out. I can feel it. Thanks a lot for nothing, birth control pill. I thought you were supposed to help prevent these stupid breakouts. Argh!

Like my necklace? It's from Tiffany's. I got after I saw Renee Zellweger wearing it in the 1st Bridget Jones movie, the funny one, not that piece of crap sequel. My heart pendant is a little bigger than the one she wore, but I love my necklace. I never wear jewelry anymore, and I found this while searching for a flashlight before the hurricane hit. (Don't ask.)

I thought about getting in another 20 minutes or so on the inclined treadmill, but decided against it. I'm ok with that.

There are still people on Long Island without any power. My brother in Westchester won't get power back until Friday, if he's that lucky. But he's got a generator, so certain things are running. Which is good.

After work, I decided to get a wet vac for the next time the basement freaking floods. Because you never know.

My closing is all set for September 8. I can't believe how close that is! I'm scared & nervous. Maybe that's why I'm breaking out? Shrug.

Anywho, my day was good. Got in all of my requirements, tracked everything, and stayed within my points.

Wrapping up now. Red Sox are playing my beloved Yankees tonight, so this game should go at least 5 1/2 hours or so. Thanks for reading. And make good choices!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 630 - No power, no work.

So let me tell you guys about my day. But first, a quick word about True Blood.

I never really liked Tommy or his storyline with Sam. I found him boring, actually. But his death scene last night was so sad. I was talking to my friend on FB about it, and she agreed. Although it was hard to focus on anything other than Alcide's towering over Sam. That guy must be like 7 feet tall in real life. Not that I'm complaining. Alcide's freaking hot. Especially when he's naked. (I never said I didn't have a trash mouth or dirty mind. Don't be prudes, people.)

Ok, and Sookie?! Really Sookie? You have light sabers in your hands now? I'm getting kinda sick of you, but I'm glad that you brought real Eric back. I missed his sarcasm and evilness. LOL. I was getting kinda sick of the lovey dovey, mushy mushy stuff that was going on with him. I love Evil Eric.

So Marnie's running the show now? Interesting.

Bill, Jessica, Eric & Pam - everyone from the Matrix called. They want their clothes back. K?

The day started off with lots of potential. As I was getting ready this morning to go to work, I got a text message from one of the girls I work with. Apparently, my law firm was closed because there was no power. At all. None. No power meant no computers, no telephones, no fax machine, no internet access. All that totaled up to a free day off! I was psyched!

But since I was ready, I had all this energy, so I decided to run a few errands. I went to the grocery store and to pick up some things (I feel as if I go there every single day.) Then I went to get a mani/pedi & eyebrow wax. I was in dire need of an eyebrow wax. Driving around town, I saw a ton of felled trees everywhere. In the middle of the streets, on front lawns, and power lines too. It was really bad, and a lot of the traffic lights weren't working. I think that with my firm, a tree fell on a power line, knocking everything out.

It felt nice to pamper myself. This color is Bungle Jungle by Essie.
Don't you people say anything about my funky looking toes, ok? At least they are polished!

The biggest aggravation of my day actually started last night.

So there I am, relaxing, watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey (I know it's trashy TV, but I can't help it, ok. Yeah I watch that show. Don't you people judge me!) when the cable went out. I thought, oh, well that's another inconvenience I don't need. It was almost 11, so I just turned in, thinking that the cable would be back by morning.

Nope, dead wrong. I placed a call to Optimum, my cable & internet company, and all they could tell me was there were outages all over Long Island and at some point today, my service would be restored. I lost cable around 11 PM. Know when I finally got it back? 7 PM tonight. Awesome.

No internet, no computer. I started shaking.
Like a crack addict feening for her next hit. Seriously, I have become way too dependent on electronic media. I can't help it. The thought of not being able to blog today gave me the shakes. I admit this freely. This is who I am now, people. =)

But the shaking wouldn't stop.

When will I be getting my cable & internet back?

How come I'm still dealing with Irene a full 24 hours after she's kicked the bucket somewhere over the Atlantic?

Why have I become so dependent on this crap now?

Why did Optimum stop taking calls when I need to scream at the customer service rep to make myself feel better?

Why can't my Droid have a bigger screen like my laptop?

Why am I acting like such a mental case? It's just cable & internet, for fuck's sake. That stuff don't give milk.

Where is my vagina? (That was totally for you, Draz. Couldn't resist. =0))

Are there rehab centers for this kind of electronic media withdrawal?

Is there such a term as electronic media withdrawal?

Will you be seeing me on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew to deal with my addiction? (That's a total funny, btw. They're not even shooting that show anymore. Oh, and I'm not a celebrity.)

At some point, I managed to talk myself down from the edge long enough to take a nap. Because at least if you're asleep you don't have to deal.

Later, I was about to put in a workout DVD and get changed when my aunt & her 2nd husband, whom I don't consider my uncle but is still a very nice man, showed up. Out of no where. She does this a lot, just coming over unexpectedly. Shrug. What can you do? It's family, after all. But it messed my schedule up, because they stayed for dinner and didn't leave til 7:30. So no workout today, but I'm planning on going super hardcore tomorrow.

I don't feel right not getting a workout in today. I should've just done it in the morning the second I found out my office was closed. Live & learn.

If there's no work tomorrow, I'm changing immediately and getting my workout in. End of story.

My eating was spot on today though. I came in under my points, got in all of my requirements, and tracked everything. So good day overall, in spite of the aggravation and the withdrawal.

So an earthquake & hurricane in less than a week. Are locusts & frogs next?

Anywho, wrapping up now. Thanks for reading. And make good choices people!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 629 - Hey Irene, go f@*k yourself!

Brace yourselves, people. EFF bombs are gonna be front & center in this one.

It's 8 PM and I've had power for a full hour today. It went last night at 2 in the morning. Yup.

That mother fucking, cocksucking bitch Irene caused major winds to totally fuck up power lines all over Long Island. Oh, and don't get me started on the rain & flooding. The rain itself wasn't all that bad. It started last night and ended around 11 this morning. But my basement flooded. I don't have a wet vac, which wouldn't have made a huge difference anyway, because I didn't have power. So my mother and I had to get rid of the water the old fashioned way. We put old towels down and mopped it up. We wrung out the towels so many times that some of my fingers are raw. And don't even get me started on my nails. Mani & pedi this week. Fucking awesome. I enjoyed it a lot, I'm telling ya.

Some areas weren't majorly affected, but for some reason, my area was. Fucking A.

I didn't workout today because I didn't have my power. And I know I could've done my own workout, with a little cardio, a little bit of handweights, but after mopping up water all day, I just didn't want to. And besides, I consider my hours of cleaning up a flooded basement a workout in itself. The flooding finally stopped around 3 PM.

I'll get back to sweaty pics tomorrow.

My eating was ok today. I didn't have much of an appetite today. I couldn't get in all of my requirements because I didn't want to open the fridge. I threatened my mother under penalty of death with opening the fridge. I shudder to think how much food was spoiled. I hope none spoiled, but if some did, I hope it wasn't a lot.

Of course, the good thing about the power coming back when it did is that I'll be able to watch True Blood tonight. Right, Tim? lol. I'll let you know my thoughts on the episode tomorrow.

Wrapping up now. Freaking exhausted. I didn't get a lot of sleep last night because the fucking wind was so motherfucking loud. (I did warn you guys that I'd be throwing the fucks around.) Thanks for reading. And make good choices!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 628 - Irene.

I decided to post now, in the afternoon, as opposed to after dinner because I'm not sure about the electricity situation for later on. All 5 major airports here in the NYC metro area have closed. Some evacuations for people that live on the south shore of Long Island have already occurred. I live on the North Shore. Awesome.

I woke up super early again this morning to go to the supermarket. The news & everyone around me made me extremely nervous that I wasn't fully prepared for this fucking hurricane. I was at the store by 7 AM. I stocked up on more soups, bottled waters, Gatorade, canned chicken, canned tuna, canned pasta, canned beans, batteries, and candles. Well, one candle. And I was shocked that there were still some batteries left, for the flashlights. I have matches at home. Not everything I got was particularly healthy, but what are you gonna do. I am really holding out hope that I will not lose power. *Fingers crossed.*

I'm going to keep my laptop plugged in, and later tonight I will charge my phone, because you never know. I didn't bother to go to my WW meeting to WI this morning, because, as you can imagine, I was getting stuff to prepare for this fucking bitch Irene. I also spent half the morning hurricane-proofing my backyard. My Mom & I moved hanging plants, the grill, and some other stuff into our garage. I grilled outside today, too. The grill was moved after I was done. It's been raining on & off today. The Jets/Giants game has been postponed til Monday, and baseball has postponed some games also. Apparently, the NFL & MLB ain't fucking around. Good for them. Safety first. People's lives are just far more important.

I decided to get back to Firming again today. I started with 20 minutes on the inclined treadmill, then I did The Firm Tough Tape with Tracie Long. Hmm, she does enjoy her heavy leg presses in this DVD. And squats & lunges. I can already feel my lower body becoming sore. I burned 676 calories.
Humidity enhanced the sweat is, because the humidity is just out of control today on account of that stupid bitch Irene. Son of a fucking bitch. Yeah, I'm dropping the EFF bombs left & right today, people. I think the threat of a natural disaster calls for such things.

Anywho, other than the fucking storm, it was a pretty good today. Tracked everything including what I'll be having for dinner, stayed within my points, and got in all of my requirements.

I hope to be able to post tomorrow and I'll post photos. I really, really hope it won't be that bad, but you never know. Expect the worst, hope for the best. Jesus Christ.

Wrapping up now. Thanks for reading. East Coast peeps, be safe! And make good choices!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 627.

This morning, I was up and at the supermarket by 7 AM in order to prepare for the nonsense that is Hurricane Irene. I got some nonperishable items, and I just realized I didn't get bottled water. Fuck. Oh well. Guess I'll be going back tomorrow, and everything I need will probably be sold out. Awesome.

The humidity today was just out of control. I could feel it the second I walked outside this morning at the ass crack of dawn. Same thing for tomorrow and the rest of the weekend, as that stupid bitch Irene makes her way towards these here parts.

When I got home at lunch, I decided to knock out 30 minutes on the inclined treadmill. After work, I opted for another 20 minutes again. I just was not in the mood to do a Firm DVD. I'll go back to that tomorrow. Anywho, I burned 580 calories. Humidity enhanced, remember.
Apparently, my body does not want to accept that I am no longer going through puberty because I keep breaking out. I spotted 2 brand new zits on my face this morning. I freaking love it, lemme tell you. Oh well, that's what Clearisil is for, I suppose.

Good day today. Tracked everything, got in all of my requirements, and stayed within my points.

Wrapping up now. Thanks for reading. And make good choices!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 626 - BOOBS, Part Deux.

Well, I'm glad to see that I am not the only person who is totally obsessed with boobs (my own and other chicks'.) I mean, my own set of boobs are pretty fucking fabulous, if I do say so myself, thank you very much. Glad to see we can all be open minded adults about this. NUSSING is off limits here, k? LOL.

Anywho, I've taken the last few days off from working out, and I'm starting to feel it, really feel it. So I came home at lunch time and did a quick 25 minutes on the inclined treadmill. I burned 282 calories, and I was pouring sweat almost from the very beginning.
My attorney called me today, and the closing is set for Sept. 8 in the city. Fuck, I hate going into Manhattan. After my BFF got married (I'm sure y'all remember that debacle because I never shut up about it) I swore to myself I wouldn't go back for a very long, long time. But the management company has their main office in the city, so I'm stuck going. Fuck me.

I'm really nervous. I'll never have any money again after this. I'll have a roof over my head, my own roof, but I'm nervous as hell. Deep breath. I don't feel excited about it. I just feel like crying because of the work I want to do to it. I have to buy furniture. I have to paint. I have to buy new kitchen cabinets and pay someone to install them and rip out the kitchen floor. Money, money, money. Ugh.

Well, I'm trying not to be so negative about it. Hopefully, once the place is done and I have everything decorated the way I want, I'll be blissfully happy. Hopefully.

Better day today. Tracked everything, got in all of my requirements, and stayed within my points.

I don't know how bad this weekend will be weatherwise because Long Island is supposed to get hit with some major rain from Hurricane Irene. Stupid bitch. We'll see. I hope it won't be that bad.

I got the new issue of GQ today, the one with Mark Sanchez on the cover. He's the quarterback for the NY Jets. I'm a diehard Jets fan. My God, he is fucking hot. But the photo isn't so flattering. I'd still do him though, who am I kidding? If you have no idea who Mark Sanchez is, just google him.

Wrapping up now. Thanks for reading. And make good choices!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 625 - BOOBS.

I feel like talking about boobs today. Bare with me here. (That's not a photo of me, by the way. Not that my own boobs aren't fucking fabulous, because they are. I just happened to find this photo online and thought it was funny. And true. Oh, so true.)

This morning, I'm getting dressed for work this morning, and I noticed that my belly was getting smaller. Great thing, right? Then I noticed my boobs.

I've always had em. Always. Mine are real. At my heaviest, I was a double D. Now? I've gotten down to a single D. Still big, but now I've noticed something else.

As the stomach has shrunk, my boobs have gotten more noticeable. As if that's possible. I feel like they happen to stick out more. Before, I felt like I was just one big ole fat lump with many lumps, if that makes sense. Now, the lumps are still there, but they are smaller. I hope.

I'm also on the pill, and I have a feeling that the pill has aided them, in some way. The hormones in the pill are something else, aren't they?

Ok, I'm done talking about this now. Except for one last thing. Ladies, have you noticed the same thing? That as your stomach shrinks, your boobs become more, um, noticeable? Lemme know!

I'll go back to posting like I used to tomorrow, I just felt like changing it up a little. A little change every now and then never hurt anybody. Right?

You know what's one part that hasn't shrunk no matter what I do? My thighs. My fucking thunder thighs. That's just a disaster, along with my midsection. Even though it's gotten somewhat smaller, it's still a disaster. Le sigh.

Ok, wrapping up now. Thanks for reading. And make good choices! BOOBS! lol

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 624 - Earthquake!

Holy Jesus & all that is holy.

We had ourselves an earthquake. In Long Island. WTF?

Seriously, if the world is ending, I'm gonna eat me up some chocolate. And not give a fuck about it. That's how I'm choosing to roll on this issue. Even my dogs were acting a little strange this morning. Funny how they knew something was going on before we did.

Gotta love social media. Especially Twitter. I found out on Twitter that it hit Virginia before it was posted on

We felt it at my office around 1:55 PM. That's Eastern time, people. My office building shook. I had my water bottle on my desk, and the water started jiggling back & forth. As did my desk. I was scared because at first I thought it was me losing my equilibrium. But my coworkers felt it too, and they were, WTF? Me, however, I was saying, for fuck's sake, what the Christ is going on?

Miss April, I love saying for fuck's sake. Wanna know why? Because I was a wannabe Anglophile. In college, I seriously contemplated moving to London. I spent a summer there junior year in college & fell in love with the place. I also watched lots of British movies that few people here in the States have heard of, and I kept hearing that phrase a lot. "Oh, for fuck's sake!" Sean Bean said that a lot in Essex Boys. Yes, I'm still lusting for Sean Bean. I don't care that he's 20 years older than me. He's holding up well. He's sexy as hell. So what if he's been married & divorced 4 times? So what if I wouldn't think twice about having his babies & boning him til the end of time? So what if I don't care about all the disgusting things I'm writing here on this blog right at this moment? NUSSING is off limits, right? :)

Anywho, all is fine, the shaking only lasted about 10 seconds. But it did get me thinking that perhaps the end of the world was near. I mean, earthquakes in NY? How about every team that AJ Burnett faces always looks like the 1927 Yankees? Seriously, what is going on with that guy? But that's a whole other discussion.

Did you all see that the super awesome Mary, subject of my post 2 days ago left an equally super awesome comment on said post? She's proof that when you're not looking for anything to happen, it just happens anyway. Mary, I totally want to meet you too!

Flirting online & dating online ain't so strange, people. Everyone just needs to accept that the world is a little different now, and social media has made it all possible. The world's not so big a place anymore, and I think people just need to get over themselves and accept that this is how it is now. Ok, I'm getting off my soap box now, because I'm starting to annoy myself. :)

I got the call from the condo board. I have been "officially" approved! Holy Jesus. Apparently, I didn't need to show any boobage, Draz, k? Besides, sometimes those puppies have a mind of their own, and you don't want them acting up when you're trying to nail a very important interview. I have to call my attorney and get this closing thing going on its merry way. Speaking of which, I just totally ignored a phone call from my annoying realtor. I really don't want to talk to her. I have nothing to say to her since the attorneys will be handling everything from now on.

Oh, and I have to talk about True Blood. Just for a quick minute. Does anyone else wish every now and then that Sookie would die? I mean, how many times can she get herself in a stupid situation and expect to get out of it scot free each & every time? On a different note, how did you feel about Jason & Jessica having sexytimes? I was nonchalant about it. I prefer more Alcide, thank you very much. And Eric. Lots of naked Alcide & Eric, please.

Oh, and just in case any of you were wondering (not that you were) but I wasn't writing about any guy in particular. There is no guy in particular. Not at this point in time. If & when there is one, you guys will be the first to know, k? I promise!

Wrapping up now. This is getting way too long & winded for me. Make good choices!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 623 - Condo Interview.

First, thanks for all the comments!

Second, I want to clear up a few things first. I don't expect "Mr. Right" to just fall into my lap. I'm a little naive, but not that naive, for fuck's sake. Second, it's not like I'm super lonely and crying myself to sleep at night because I don't have a boyfriend or a husband or whatever. I'm good, believe me. I was just thinking to myself how cool it was that Mary & Kepa found each other through their weight loss blogs and fell in love. And how much cooler it would be if it happened to me! lol. Just saying.

Also, I don't think it's weird or odd or strange to meet people in real life that you've formed relationships with online. It's the 21st century people. Get with the times, k? I could meet someone online or in a bar. And the people that barhop. . . . just saying. I mean, do I really want to get involved with someone who is a borderline alcoholic who absolutely MUST go to happy hour and drink themselves into oblivion & smoke like a chimney in order to deal with the mess that is their lives? I have my standards, people, however low they may be. =) Yes, I know there are psychos out there - in real life and on the web. But I'm not a small minded person either. Not everyone will be a psycho (one can only hope.) I'm open to meeting people in all forums. I mean, to say outright that I would NEVER meet an online bloggy friend is so close minded, not to mention short sighted. And dumb. I'd love to meet JackSh*t & Jen from Priorfatgirl. And a whole slew of other people I haven't mentioned. And I don't think that's weird or strange at all.

Anywho, so lemme talk about the condo interview. I was soo nervous about it all day that I literally made myself sick to my stomach. I was so frustrated that I almost cried at my desk at work. Add to that my Dad slipped in the bathroom today and you've got a perfect storm. His Parkinson's is getting worse & it' s so sad. He's ok though, thank God. That's all I'm going to say about it because I will start crying.

So I get to the place, expecting to see a room full of people, and it was 1 dude. One older dude who was interviewing another girl for another condo in the complex. And he kept saying "and, you know" over and over again.

"And you know, there's a pool & community room."

"And you know, people that have dogs here all know each other & their dogs' names."

"And you know, it's pretty safe around here."

"And you know, there are lot a of young people around here."

I'm gonna stop right there.

The interview went well. If they weren't going to approve me, then they wouldn't have bothered to agreed to interview me in the first place. So now that the interview is done & over with, hopefully I can close now.

Oh, I almost forgot - I worked out on the inclined treadmill today at lunch for about 25 minutes. I burned 253 calories. I was going to do a Firm DVD when I got home from work, but I was all nervous about my meeting and worried that I would get there late. So I opted not to. I'll do one tomorrow. Sorry no sweaty pic.

So that was my day in a nutshell. I got in all of my requirements, tracked everything, and went slightly over my points. Sucks about my Dad though. =(

Ok, I'm tired, so I'm wrapping up now. I'm also running out of things to talk about. What with BJ's yesterday, I don't really know how I could top that! lol Hey, Mr. Right - leave me a comment if you're reading! hehe (I'm totally kidding. That's me trying to make a lil funny there.)

Thanks for reading. And make good choices!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 622 - HIM.

Yesterday I had a lackadaisical workout, by my standards. So today, I decided to kick it up a notch. I mean, I went hardcore.

I started with 15 minutes on the inclined treadmill. Then I did The Firm Calorie Explosion with Alison Davis. Umm, yeah. That girl really enjoys her plyo jumps and her plyo jacks. I thought I would die, for real. I'm not kidding. It had been a few months since I had done this workout, and I was woefully unprepared for most (read, ALL) of the advanced moves. But I huffed & puffed my way through it. Seriously though, I was ready to drop. I burned 784 calories. Take a look.
After my shower & breakfast, I went to the grocery store real quick, then to BJs. The wholesale place. I've included a photo of it below because some of you people were born with your minds in the gutters (Draz).

K? It's a real place, like Costco. So get off my back. And get those minds of yours outta the gutter. lol.

Anywho, today I was thinking about how wonderful the blogosphere is. Some of my best friends I've met right here online, and I love it. I've met Kenlie & she's one of my best friends now, but I wish I could meet more of you - like Lesley, Chubby, Suzanne, Drazil, Tim, Jen, & Kristen, just to name a few.

And then I start thinking about whether or not I'll ever meet him. HIM. You guys know who I mean. Don't ask me why, that's just where my mind is going. I started really following Mary's blog right after she & Kepa got engaged. Long story short: she's from the States, he's from New Zealand, both weight loss bloggers, found each other through their blogs, they did the Skype thing, he came over to visit & they fell in love. And got engaged. Their wedding's in October, and she's moving to NZ after the wedding.

Besides thinking about how totally cool & awesome it was that they found each other like that, I can't help but be just a teensy bit jealous also. I mean, I'm happy for them, don't get me wrong. How he proposed to her was really cool too, just check it out on her blog. But getting back to my original point, which was this: Is HE reading my blog, whoever HE is? Is HE even out there? I ask because I don't necessarily believe that there is someone out there for everyone. Because that line of thinking doesn't explain why there are so many single people out there. I think maybe some people are meant to wind up alone, whether by choice or circumstance. We can't always control our environment and the situations and circumstances in our environment, you know. And some people just prefer to be alone and not deal with the bullshit that comes with being involved with someone.

I'm not really sure where I'm going with this. Don't get me wrong, I'm not crying myself to sleep every night because I'm alone. The exact opposite. I don't even know why I'm thinking about this, but I am, for some reason. God, if that were one of my friends, I'd probably smack them across the face and tell them to get over themselves already and shut up about it. (I'm a great, compassionate friend, for real.) Get over it or do something about it - like signing up for or something. I'm ok with being single, and I think I'm ok with being single forever. I'm not opposed to meeting HIM, I just don't think it's gonna happen. I'm also not opposed to being a singleton forever. Shrug. It happens.

I'm really interested in what you guys think. I've talked about this on here before, so in the spirit of NUSSING being off limits, leave me a comment with your thoughts. Feel free to drop some EFF bombs, if you so feel the need.

PS - If HE is reading this, leave me a comment too! (I'm speaking facetiously, k? I don't expect HIM to be reading my blog. I don't expect anyone to be reading my blog. In fact, I'm still shocked that I have readers at all, believe me.)

Anywho, I had a good day today, Tracked everything in my journal, got in all of my requirements, and I went slightly over my points. I'm ok with that.

Wrapping up now. Please excuse my stream of consciousness thinking/writing. And make good choices!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 621.

I was up and running around from the second I got up this morning. So I'm going to try to make this one a short one.

I went to the post office, the UPS store, the bagel store, and the grocery store all before 10:30 this morning. Then I came home and got in a nice quick workout. I did The Firm Ultimate Fat Burning Workout with Alison Davis. I also did an extra 10 minutes of heavy weight training to get my calorie burn up. I burned 419 calories. See?
Then after a shower & lunch, I went for laser hair removal on my face. It had been about 2 months since I had last gotten it done, and it hurt this time. Especially on my upper lip. That's a very sensitive area, but for some reason it's that area that seems to grow back the fastest. Then from there, I had to go to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription. Busy, busy Saturday.

I'm tired, so I'm going to wrap this one up now. Sorry it's so rushed. Make good choices people!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 620 - Back to sweaty pics!

So apparently it's not a good idea to vent my frustrations about this whole buying a condo business because I didn't get any comments yesterday. No big deal, I can see why that would annoy people. So I'm not going to talk about it. For today at least. =)

Whew, a thunderstorm just started here - with lightning & everything. Not a fan of those at all. The thunder scares my dogs. Speaking of which, apparently Lika now has one of her paws swollen too now. Her left paw is a little red, and I might have to take her to the vet tomorrow. My poor baby. This is getting expensive, I'm telling ya. Boo.

I went back to working out today, and it felt really good. At lunchtime, I did 30 minutes on the inclined treadmill. I was going to do a Firm DVD after work, but decided against it. Instead, I just went back onto the treadmill for another 25 minutes of cardio. I burned 578 calories total, and it felt great. See?
Good today. I tracked everything in my journal, got in all of my requirements, and stayed within my points.

I have a lot of things to do tomorrow morning, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to go WI. I will try though, but I make no promises.

Thanks for reading. And make good choices people!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 619 - More condo aggravation.

This is my life now people. Just more & more aggravation with this goddamned fucking condo. Yeah, I'm taking it there. I'm pulling out the big guns.

I got an email from my realtor, saying that the bank check I had to mail to the co-op board is being returned because I made it out incorrectly. I sent that check almost 3 weeks ago, and I made it out according to the instructions that I received. Now, 3 weeks later, I'm being told that the check is being returned to me. Are you fucking kidding me? I hate this.

I'm so ready to throw in the towel and just put an end to this entire process. For fuck's sake already. I almost don't want this fucking place anymore.

If there's something you didn't know about me, it's when I got really pissed off, I start throwing the fucks around like it's NUSSING, like it's no big deal. K? Don't fuck with me tonight, people. I'm in no mood right now.

So now I have to go back to the bank, pay another $10 for a bank check, and send it all over again. Oh, and the board still hasn't called me back with all the information I need yet. Awesome. Really.

I will try to be in a better mood tomorrow, but I'm not promising anything just yet. This is my life now people. UGH!

I'm gonna try to end on a good note. Make good choices people!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 618 - Condo Aggravation.

So the interview that was supposed to happen tonight did not happen tonight. I got a call that the board wants me to either have a guarantor (which is kinda like a cosigner) or I would have to put 6 months of maintenance payments into an escrow account. The person from the condo company couldn't tell me if the interest the account would accrue would be mine or the board's. She said the interview would now be at Friday night at 7PM. Now I'm really pissed. It's not like I don't have any money. For Christ sake, I've got over $40,000 between my savings and my Scottrade account. WTF?!!

So I had to call my realtor and give her all the info. Then the condo board called me again, saying that now the meeting would be Monday night. I told her I need to consider my options before I decide on the escrow account or the guarantor. She said she would get back to me with all the information I would need later in the week. Awesome.

I am so aggravated right now. Seriously? Maybe I should've just bought a house. Maybe I would've been better off. Fucking A, man!

On a happier note, my pinkeye is getting better. Still pink, but not as pink. See?
I took that at work. Because why would I be doing any work while at work, right? lol.

I'm running out of things to say now. Have a good night - and I'll keep you updated on this whole condo debacle.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 617.

Luke's home! Yay! We all missed him, even my Dad, who is not a Luke fan at all. Poor guy had the cyst removed from his paw. This is what it looks like.Can you see where they shaved his paw? It's still a little pink, but it doesn't seem to be bothering him all that much. He's not even licking it, which is good. The vet gave me some cream to put on his paw, and some oral antibiotics. Hopefully, the wound will be healed in a few days. Or a week.
He was sleeping on my bed with his little tongue hanging out. I love that. hehe.
This is his littermate & sister, Lika. She kept looking around for him yesterday, to no avail. You can see that she's got puppy ears, not pointy ears like Luke. I think that makes her cuter.

I received the call from the condo board today, officially confirming the interview. It's all set for tomorrow at 7 PM. I just want to get it over with so I can close. Hopefully it won't take too long. Wish me luck people! I'll be tweeting about it as soon as it's over, if you follow me on Twitter, you'll get the live play by play.

How's the pinkeye? Still pink, still a little scratchy. The eyedrops have helped, but I have to meet the board with pinkeye. Perhaps I could rock an eyepatch and speak in a piratey voice, but I don't think that will go over too well. Shrug.

I worked out at lunch time today. I did 26 minutes on the inclined treadmill. I didn't take a picture, and I should've. After work, I went to pick up Luke, and when I got home, I didn't feel like working out again. But I'm ok with my treadmill work today.

If you haven't read Draz's post today, you should. It was so effing funny, that I literally laughed out loud at work. People passed by my desk and looked at me like I was a crazy person. When you read it today, you'll understand why. (Where is my vagina? Really Draz? I mean, did it wander off somwhere by itself or something?) I'm laughing again just thinking about it.

Ok day today, tracked everything, got in all of my requirements, but went over my points. I'm ok with it.

Wrapping up now. Thanks for reading. Enjoy the photos of my puppy dogs. And make good choices.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 616 - Luke & Pinkeye.

This morning, I woke up and my right eye felt a little scratchy. I didn't think anything of it. I just thought that maybe an eyelash was in my eye. It was a little pink, but because I was rubbing my eye trying to get said eyelash out, I just brushed it aside. So I went to work and didn't think anything of it.

I called home in the morning, and Mom told me that Luke's paw looked a lot worse to her. She said it was swollen and looked like a red balloon. So off to the vet he went. The vet said it was not an insect bite, but his paw was definitely infected. They immediately took him into the back to evaluate him. The bad thing is there was so much puss in there and it was infected so bad that they admitted him. My poor Luke has to stay overnight in the animal hospital. They will be performing surgery on his paw tomorrow morning to clean it all out. My poor, poor Yorkie, my baby. =(

Anywho, as the day wore on, my own eye got worse. Very dry, very scratchy. No doubt about it, I've got pinkeye. This is only the second time I've ever gotten pinkeye in my life. The first time was when I was 16 and I got it out of no where. I was going to wait until tomorrow to go to the doctor, but one of my coworkers said to just go to a walk in medical center. I don't know why I didn't think of that myself. No appointment necessary, no waiting til tomorrow. The doctor gave me a routine exam, and said she did not detect a heart murmur. Hmmm. Good news, I suppose, right? And she prescribed me these eyedrops.
I have to put drops in both my eyes 3 times a day, even though right now it's just my right eye that's bothering me. Look how pink it is.
Can you see the pink? It's so dry & irritating. It's more annoying than anything. And please excuse my frizzy hair. I'm not really giving a shit about how I'm looking right now.

Tomorrow after work I get to pick Luke up from the hospital and bring him home. After I pay the bill for $360. Jesus Christ, these vets practically commit highway robbery, don't they?

I got home late from the doctor, so I didn't workout. Back to it tomorrow.

I was really worried about Luke, and I kinda lost my appetite. Which never happens. Guess I'm turning over a new leaf?

Anywho, so that was my day, pretty much. Wrapping up now because I don't have all that much to say. Thanks for reading. And make good choices!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 615 - Rain. RAIN.

Thank you all for your kind words on me finally getting to One-Derland. AGAIN. You guys rock!

Last night, around midnight, the heavens opened up & it started pouring. I mean, it was pouring cats & dogs. I'm not kidding. There are some areas of Long Island that got 10 inches of rain. Roads were flooded, cars totaled - it was bad. Luckily by my house, it wasn't so bad. It finally stopped raining here about 6 PM.

With all that rain, came the flooding. The goddamned freaking flood in my basement. Awesome. Oh, and on top of all that, Luke's right paw is swollen. The rodent assassin went & got himself bit by some kind of insect. So now it's red & swollen. We caught him licking it, so I had to put the E-collar on him. Freaking A.

Anywho, I knew I had to get in a good solid workout, so I decided to do a DVD that always gets me sweating bullets everytime I do it. I chose Kick Max with Cathe Friedrich. Did you know she's a Jersey girl? I can hear it in her accent. hehe. She likes her jumping jacks & plyos in this DVD. Jesus Christ, Cathe is insane! I'm not kidding. She does something I call plyo lunges in one of the segments & I thought I would die. I burned 686 calories, because in my post-Cathe haze, I decided to jog in place for a few more minutes to get my calorie burn up.
That sweat was humidity enhanced. I look like a hot mess, but I'm kinda loving it.

Did I mention that I finally hit One-Derland again? hehe. Feels so good on this side, I'm telling ya.

I was more diligent with my eating today. I tracked everything and got in all of my requirements. Being back on program feels good.

Wrapping up now. Thanks for reading. And make good choices!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 614 - WI Results - ONE-DERLAND!

One-Derland baby!!!

That's right, I fucking did it! 199.4. How do ya like them apples?

It felt so good, it really did. Whew, what a feeling. It feels great, it really does.

So needless to say, it was a great fucking day. Fuck yeah!

The weather sucked here today on Long Island. It was humid, it was hazy & very cloudy.

Then laziness took over. So I didn't really do much today. I didn't work out today. Back to it tomorrow.

That's really about it.

Did I mention I hit One-Derland today?

I was a little lackadasickal with my eating today, could've been better. Tomorrow will be better.

Gonna wrap up now. Thanks for reading. And make good choices people!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 613 - Last Chance Workout.

TGIF peeps!

So what did you guys think of the vadge models I posted yesterday? LOL. No more vadge models, I promise. At least not today. =)

I got out of work early today because none of the partners of my firm were actually there. So at about 4:20, I left. Fuck it. No one was there. One of the new girls was afraid to leave. She said she didn't want to get in trouble or anything. She's so cute. She wound up following me out.

At lunch time, I got home and attacked the inclined treadmill like a beast for 27 minutes. Since I got home a little early at the end of the day, I decided to workout a little longer. So I decided on The Firm Complete Aerobic Weight Training with Emily Welsh. Hadn't done this Firm DVD in a while, so I decided to give it a whirl. And I really wanted to make the most out of my last chance workout before WI tomorrow. I burned 752 calories.
Good day over all. I tracked everything, stayed within my points, and got in all of my requirements.

I'm running out of things to say, so I'm gonna wrap up now. I mean, how do you follow vadge models, right? The answer is, you can't. Right Draz? Why on earth didn't I discover your blog a long time ago? I don't understand. Anywho. Thanks for reading. And make good choices!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 612.

Usually, on days I don't work out and take a rest day, I find I have almost nothing to talk about. Today is not one of those days.

First, my mother tells me that my Yorkie, my 14 pound Yorkie Luke, killed a rat in my backyard today.

Gag me.

But before he murdered it, the damn rat either scratched him or bit him on his face, causing it to bleed. That's what he gets. My dog is a murderer. I don't think I can ever look at him the same way again.
He looks so innocent, doesn't he? He is not a fan of the camera, but that's just too damn bad.

On to the lady bits appointment after work today. When they weighed me, I was down about 8 lbs. from the last time I was there, which is a good thing.

What's not a good thing is that when my lady bits doctor listened to my heart, he said he detected a slight heart murmur. WTF?

I've never had any signs of heart problems ever in my life. Not even when I clocked in at 271 lbs. NOW when I've dropped 70 pounds, NOW I get a fucking heart murmur? Are you kidding me? Seriously?

Anywho, he said it might be nothing, he's got a heart murmur himself and takes no medication for it. But he suggested an Echo Cardiogram to be on the safe side. Awesome. Now I have to look for a primary care doctor since I don't have one. I know I should, but now I definitely have to get one.

I'm not sure how to feel about this. If it's nothing, great, but what if it's more than nothing? Well, guess I have to find out. Bummer.

Just for that, I'll leave you with some images from the exam room. Because who couldn't use a few pictures of vadge models in their lives?

Good day. Stayed within my points, tracked everything, and got in all of my requirements.

Thanks for reading. Make good choices people!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 611.

Tomorrow after work I have my 6-month appointment at the gynecologist. Fun times. In the shower this morning, I realized I had to prepare myself not only for the indignity I always feel at these appointments, but also do a little grooming and shave. And get rid of lady bits hair. That's all I'm going to say because this is getting dangerously close to the realm of way too much information. I can almost feel Draz getting embarrassed through the computer screen. Or maybe not, considering what she's shared on her blog at times. Especially recently. I'm getting the feeling that NUSSING much makes you blush these days, right? Oh Draz, you saucy minx, you. =) (This is said all with love, k?)

Anywho, I fully intend on getting to One-Derland on Saturday, so when I stepped on my scale this morning, I was horrified to see that I had GAINED a half pound. Seriously? With all my workouts and how I've been eating? So I knew today and the rest of the week I had to be super duper extra-diligent with my eating and ramp up the workouts just a bit.

So today at lunch, I quickly changed into my workout gear and got on the inclined treadmill for about 27 minutes, a little longer than usual to get increase my calorie burn up. Then when I got home at the end of the day, I decided to do a sculpting workout to balance myself out. Does that make sense? I did The Firm Total Body Toner with Allie del Rio. She's a little annoying in this one, but not as bad as she is in Hard Core Fusion. I decided to keep sculpting during the abdominal segment at the end, so I did lunges, squats, leg presses, and shoulder presses. I burned 634 calories total.
Again, with the AC on, I still sweated bullets, but the humidity is lower today. Thanks God. Me & humidity aint tight at all, I'm telling you. We're definitely not BFFs.

Ok, I'm gonna wrap up now and peruse other blogs. Thanks for reading peeps. And make good choices!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 610.

It started pouring rain here in Long Island in the afternoon, like around 3 PM. And it poured all the way through my commute and then some. Luckily, I only like about 5 minutes away from work driving. That will change once I move out. Oh well.

Anywho, at lunch I came home & did about 25 minutes on the inclined treadmill. Sweated like a pig because of this damn humidity that refuses to go away. When I got home at the end of the day, I soooo did not feel like doing a Firm DVD. So instead I did my own thing. I did some heavy sculpting, jogging in place, and stepping on the 8 inch portion of my Fanny Lifter. For about 40 minutes. And I burned 611 calories. See?
Speaking of post workout sweaty pics, John posted one today on his blog, and he gave me a shout out. Check him out when you have a moment. Dude's lost like 100 pounds. Thanks John!

I'm thinking about everyone in the UK right now. Hope this violence and rioting end soon. Tim, be safe, mmkay?

Good day today. I tracked everything, stayed within my points, and got in all of my requirements. Win-win.

Wrapping up now. Thanks for reading. And make good choices!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 609.

I received a phone call from my attorney today, saying that the final step for my condo has been completed. My mortgage dude sent me an email just a few hours ago that all is set with my mortgage application. I am all set to close as soon as the condo board approves me. Things are moving along for the next chapter of my life. (Cue She's Leaving Home from the Sgt. Pepper album, the best album ever.)

I confess that I almost teared up again. Almost. I know it's time, more than time.

Anywho, the humidity just does not want to go away here. It sucks! Humidity & I are not friends. We don't like to hang out with each other - we do NOT get along. And it was 90 degrees today. Great.

At lunch time, I came home & did a quick 24 minutes on the inclined treadmill. When I got home from work at the end of the day, I did another DVD I hadn't done in forever - The Firm Cardio Split Lower Body. It was a short workout, only about 25 minutes. I wanted to get my calorie burn up, so I jogged in place and stepped for about 10 minutes. In total, I burned 566 calories.
Some of you lovely people have commented that you notice a difference in my face. I wish I could see it, but I'm focusing on the double chins I see here. Maybe at some point, I will do one of those cool Youtube videos where my face shrinks. That requires technical savvy I do not possess, so some major research will have to be done. We'll see.

I don't want to talk about my beloved Yankees losing 2 out of 3 to the hated Red Socks this weekend, k?

Good day over all. I tracked everything, stayed within my points, and got in all of my requirements. P.S. I can never buy those mini Babybele cheeses again. Those things are just evil. Evil as in so freaking good. I love cheese, and the Babybele are triggers for me, unfortunately. Oh well. I've learned my lesson.

Thanks for reading people. And make good choices!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 608.

One of the things about losing weight on Weight Watchers is that as the weight comes off, you lose points. What a bummer. On Saturday, I lost another point. Which is a good thing, but kinda sucky at the same time. =)

The humidity today here in Long Island is off the charts. I mean, it's just ridiculous. Even with the AC going, I can still feel it.

This morning, I decided to do a Firm workout I hadn't done in forever. But before that, I started with 22 minutes on the inclined treadmill, then I did The Firm Time Crunch Workout with Susan Harris and Kai Soremekun or whatever her last name is. I should do this workout more often - it packs quite a punch in a relatively short amount of time. After the DVD was over, I wanted to get my calorie burn up a little more, so I did some cardio on my own, including jogging in place, for about 15 minutes. I burned 744 calories.
That sweat is humidity enhanced. My sports bra was completely soaked. There wasn't a single dry spot anywhere on there, I'm not kidding. Who knew boobs could sweat? Not me, man.

I saw a documentary today on Diane Schuler, the woman who drove the wrong way on the Taconic Parkway in upstate NY in 2009, killing 8 people, including herself. I felt bad for her son, the sole survivor, and I felt like shaking her husband and forcing him to face reality. She was drunk honey - toxicology results don't lie. He insists that she wasn't drinking, and then he admitted that they did drink together the night before the accident. Then he insisted that her abscess tooth led to her having a stroke that day, and none of the tests conducted said anything about that. He had a PI conduct a 2nd independent toxicology test, and everything matched the original results. I read today that he's suing NY state for improper road signage, and he's also suing his brother-in-law - the father of the 3 girls that his wife killed who were in the car with her. That man is in such denial. The absolute gall of him, suing his brother-in-law. His wife is the reason why his brother-in-law lost his 3 daughters. Unbelievable.

Good day today. I stayed within my points, tracked everything, and got in all of my requirements. No more indulging. The scale I was up a little this morning from indulging yesterday, so best to nip that in the bud now. Especially with me being so damn close to One-Derland. I fully intend on making it there by next WI, which is 6 days away.

Wrapping up now. Thanks for reading. And make good choices people!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 607 - WI Results.

I lost 2.6 lbs. at WI! I'm at 200.4 lbs. Sooooo very close to One-Derland I am right now. Again. For the last time this go around, because I've had enough. I can taste One-Derland, and I know I will get there this week. And stay there. Forever. Period.

I took a rest day today, and my glutes and thighs are feeling a little sore. I'm ok with that, since I actually love that feeling.

I have discovered mini Babybele cheese. Why didn't you guys ever tell me about these - they are wonderful! Then again, I love cheese of all kinds, so it's no wonder I love them. I have to be careful not to abuse them though. Especially since today for some reason I am very interested in cheese and crackers. Very salty, which is no good.

I am very, very happy with my weight loss this week, and I can't wait for next Saturday to be here already so I can weigh in and hit One-Derland! hehe. Well, next week will be here before you know it, so I just need to continue working hard.

I had a good day today. I did go over my points though. I indulged a little, but I'm ok with that. I'll get back to working out tomorrow, which always helps me normalize my routine.

Wrapping up now because I don't have all that much to talk about today. Thanks for reading. And make good choices people!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 606 - I'm sorry, Allie del Rio.

I'm sorry, Allie del Rio.

You are one of my favorite Firm Master Instructors. To be honest, you're probably my absolute favorite. I mean, I love you to death, for real. If we knew each other in real life, we would probably be friends. I'd totally love to hang out with you.

I have all of the Firm DVDs where you are a lead instructor, including the ones from the early 90s, where you're wearing leotards, panty hose, high top sneakers, and frizzy hair. (Along with the rest of the cast in those workouts.)

This is why it pains me to say that there is one workout that you lead that I absolutely hate. I mean, I loathe it with every fiber of my being. Wanna know which one I'm talking about? It's Hard Core Fusion, with the Firm Cardio Weights (which were a waste of money, I should've just bought the DVDs alone, they are so gimmicky, but that's another story.)

I HATE IT. Allie, I love you to death, but you're so corny and way too perky in this workout. And, I had a terrible time keeping my heart rate up when I was doing it. Finally, after about 25 minutes, I just couldn't take it anymore and I had to shut it down and just do cardio on my own.

Total side bar here, did you know that jogging in place really gets your heart rate up? I mean, mine sky rocketed after I shut the DVD off and I decided to jog in place. Try it for 10 minutes, I'm not kidding.

Anywho, at lunchtime, I came home and got in 22 minutes on the inclined treadmill. After work, I really REALLY tried to do The Firm Hardo Core Fusion with Allie, but well, that didn't quite work for me. Like I said, I jogged in place for about 15 minutes, and I burned 507 calories total. See?
I had the AC on and I still sweated. I did sweat with the DVD too, to be fair. But I can't see myself ever doing this workout again. Which really breaks my heart to say, but this has to be the worst DVD that Allie leads in. Horrible. And that's just my opinion. Some Firmies like this workout, but not me. Lindsey, I'm curious to hear what you think of this workout, so let me know, please. K? =)

Tomorrow is WI day, and I am feeling confident. I worked hard this week. Today was a good day. I tracked everything, got in all of my requirements, and stayed within my points.

Wrapping up now. Thanks for reading. And make good choices people!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 605 - On Baby Carrots.

How do you guys feel about baby carrots? I was eating them today as a snack, which I don't do very often. I don't think I like them, but I had them today because I needed to get in another veggie serving. I found that it took me forever to just chew a tiny piece of one. Oh, and I felt like Bugs Bunny, making a ton of noise with my chompers as I was chewing. Anyone else feel like that when you have baby carrots? Why do you like them? If you don't like them, why don't you like them? I'm curious.

The weather was much better today. Nice and sunny, with temperatures in the high 70s, which was perfect. It did get a little cloudy, but the clouds didn't get dark and start raining, which was good.

At lunchtime, I came home and did 23 minutes on the inclined treadmill. When I got home from work, I decided to do a Firm DVD that I haven't done in a loong time. Because I'm not really fond of it, that's why. I settled on The Firm Cardio Overdrive with Alison Davis. Alison is one of my favorite Master Instructors, but for some reason, I just don't like this workout. It's too dancy for my taste, I think that's why I don't like it. I know Alison has a ballet background - she did ballet growing up and all throughout college. I burned 644 calories total though, so I really shouldn't complain. See?
Total sidebar here - any Yankee fans out there? How terrible is AJ Burnett right now? I mean, seriously AJ? To get pulled in the 5th inning, before you can even qualify for the win, and you give up 7 runs? Granted, your team scored 13 runs to support you, but 7 runs and 14 hits? In less than 5 innings? Something psychological is going on here - either that, or he's hurt and just not saying anything. Talk about making your head want to explode.

Good day today. I tracked everything, got in all of my requirements, and stayed within my points. Major win.

Wrapping up now. Thanks for reading. And make good choices people!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 604.

Well, at least hump day is over.

It started raining here in Long Island around 5ish, right as I was leaving for work. I felt tired when I got home from work. I actually laid down for a minute, and I almost drifted off to sleep. But I didn't.

Let me back up for a minute though. At lunchtime (it wasn't raining then), I got home, and did 23 minutes on the inclined treadmill. Once again, I sweated like a pig.

Then, the rain. And my fatigue. I wasn't really fatigued, I think it was the rainy weather that made me tired.

I thought about maybe delaying my workout til after dinner. For about a minute. Ok, maybe 2 or 3 minutes. But I knew that if I did that, I probably wouldn't workout at all. So I thought about that for an additional 2 or 3 minutes. I'm the queen of procrastination, what can I tell ya? Anywho, I decided I was sooo not in the mood to do a Firm DVD, so I just went onto the inclined treadmill again. For about 25 minutes. In total, I burned 532 calories.
The sweat in this photo is most definitely humidity enhanced, since I don't have AC in my treadmill room. The sweat was going into my eyes, no joke.

It was a good day, weather be damned. I ate within my points, tracked everything, and got in all of my requirements. Major win.

I'm watching the Yankees play the White Sox right now, and I feel soo bad for you White Sox fans out there. They are just brutal to watch. I can kinda understand Ozzie Guillen going off on his tirades. They're playing like Little Leaguers. Ouch.

OK, wrapping up now. Thanks for reading. And make good choices people!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 603 - Tuff Tuesday!

I need to get more creative with my titles. The problem is that by the time I get around to writing my blog for the day, it's the end of the day, 8is or 9ish, and I just don't feel the creative juices flowing. Every once in a while I get a little feisty, I think. Today will not be one of those times. Sorry folks. =)

This damn humidity is the bane of my existence. It seems to have dissipated a little tonight, but the next few days will be chock full of it. It's supposed to rain. And last night, we had hail, thunderstorms, and lightning. Awesome.

When I came home for lunch, I did a quick 23 minutes on the inclined treadmill. After work, I wanted to do another quick workout, so I chose The Firm Power Half Hour with Emily Welsh. I wanted to get my calorie burn up, so I did some cardio on my own for about 7 minutes. I ended up with 618 calories burned. See?
I finally got around to getting my eyebrows waxed, and they look so much better, don't they? lol.

Good day today. I tracked everything, stayed within my points, and got in all of my requirements.

I've had the Neko Case song from the True Blood sexy times scene between Eric & Sookie stuck in my head since Sunday night. I finally bought it on iTunes, and I love it. It's called "I Wish I Was the Moon Tonight" and it's very whimsical & romantic. It might be my new favorite song now, we'll see. Check it out if you've never heard it. She's got a very whimsical voice. I'm going to stop using the word whimsical now, I promise.

Oh, and I put the Aadvantix on the doggies tonight to help protect against fleas & ticks. That was pretty much my day. =)

Thanks for reading. Make good choices people!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 602 - Rest Day.

It is very, very humid here. We had thunderstorms, lightning & hail this afternoon. The hail was really quite awesome, let me tell you. Slightly bigger than pebbles, but it only hailed for about a minute.

Love the comments I got yesterday about BJ's. It's a wholesale place, like Costco, and apparently, they are not nation-wide, which I did not know. You people, with your minds in the gutter, shame on you! hehe

How great was True Blood last night? Except for the whole werepanther storyline, which I find totally stupid, I thought it was pretty good. Eric needs to be naked more often, in my opinion. They always give Pam the best one-liners, don't they? "Pieces of me are falling off, and I'm pissed!" hehe

If you don't watch True Blood, you're totally missing out. And I don't wanna hear that you don't get HBO either, k?

Oh, I took a rest day today.

Good day today. Got in all of my requirements, stayed within my points, and tracked everything. Concentrating on getting my nalgas back to One-Derland. (That's Spanish, people. Yes, I speak Spanish, we're Colombian.)

Running out of things to write about now. Sorry for the inconsistent writing tonight. Must be the humidity.

Thanks for reading. Make good choices!