Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 787 - Rest Day & Crate & Barrel.

Rest day for me today. Instead, I went and got a mani & pedi after work. Yesterday, I went to Crate & Barrel and bought some things. I'm having a small gathering on Sunday for the Super Bowl. Just me, Wendy & her husband. No big deal. But I realized that I don't have any "party accessories" at all for my kitchen. Hence the trip to Crate & Barrel.

Ok - I warn you now - I went a little crazy in there. Just a little. Ok, maybe a lot. You be the judge.

Acacia chip & dip platter. I'm totally in love with all things Acacia now. Blame my BFF and her housewarming gift of the Acacia salad bowl with matching fork & spoon. It's all her fault.
Acacia oval shaped platter.
Medium & large glass canisters with Acacia wood lids.
Acacia appetizer plate. These are small, and they are my absolute favorite. I bought 6 of them. Because I needed six. I never said there was a method to my madness.
Votive candle holder, on clearance. I should've gotten more than one, but my wallet had seen enough. In fact, it was rebelling, so I had to take a knee at the 1 foot line and call it a day with buying things from Crate & Barrel. For now. I may, or may not go back in the near future and buy more crap that I kinda don't need. (But really want anyway.)

Solid day in the books. Tracked everything, got in all of my requirements, and stayed within my points.

I feel good. I am positive. I am hopeful. And I know everything I've imagined in my mind that I want for myself will happen.

Hitting the sack soon. Make good choices!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 786 - These Are Toughies!

So apparently, I still don't understand that you guys really like it when I post pics of myself in my new (read, smaller) clothes. :-) Ok, ok - I get it. (I think.)

I posted my khaki pea coat pic on FB and got a LOT of positive feedback on it. Apparently, I need to wear more things that will accentuate my curves. But first, I need to get my head around the fact that I do have curves and an hour glass figure. It is still very hard for my mind and my head to catch up with my new (smaller) body. Those of you - especially the ladies - who have lost a significant amount of weight know exactly what I'm talking about. The image that's looking back at me in the mirror now is way different than from where I first started.

I bought these really cute V neck t shirts from Old Navy in a size L that really makes my tatas pop. (Wow - I can't believe I just said that. Seriously, Kelly?) I'm too chicken to post them because I don't want any perverted comments. You never know what kind of crazies might be out there.

I went to bed late last night. So I was dragging all day today. And when I got home from work, I had another load of laundry to do after the 2 I did yesterday. Now, I'm all done with laundry - for the week. And I knew I had to get the workout in ASAP, otherwise, I just wasn't going to do it, you know.

The laundry room is located outside my building. So I strapped on my HRM monitor, picked up my laundry bag, and literally ran to the laundry room as my warm up. Loaded the machine, and then ran back to my place. I did 16 minutes on the inclined treadmill, then I did The Firm Total Body Toner with Allie del Rio. She is way too perky for me in this DVD. Lindsey - do you like this DVD? I like it, I just can't stand it when she says things like, "These are toughies." or "So let's chat a moment." I'm just like, yeah, listen Allie - I'm doing these lunges with heavy weights, so I don't really feel like chatting for a moment, or listening to you say stupid things like, "These are toughies." No sh*t, Sherlock. I know they're tough because my glutes are screaming right now.

Anywho, I burned 512 calories. See?
Solid day in the books. Ate within my points, tracked everything, and got in all of my requirements.

I am hopeful. I know great and exciting things are in store for me. Like love. It's going to happen. This year. I just know it. I believe.

Need to wrap up now if I have any hopes of getting to bed before midnight. Make good choices!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 785 - Get Tough!

Busy day for me today. I cleaned my oven, went to Trader Joe's then BJ's (no perverted comments, please), then to the Apple store to drop off my Mac Book and pick it up once they replaced the entire keyboard, then to Old Navy, where I bought this.
It's super cute, right? I'm not crazy about the belt tho.

In between all that, I somehow managed to squeeze in a workout. I started with 23 minutes on the inclined treadmill, then I did The Firm Parts Upper Body. I added an extra 5 minutes of more heavy lifting. I burned 472 calories.

Get Tough is something one of the instructors says during a particularly hard set of delt flies. Yeah - they are definitely tough!
I can barely lift my arms, they are sore already!

Better day today. Stayed within my points, tracked everything and got in all of my requirements.

Work tomorrow. I need to head to bed.

What do you guys think of the coat? I read all of your comments, by the way, and I appreciate them all, so very much!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 784 - WI Results.

So apparently, you guys liked my dress pics, huh? LOL. I don't know why it's so hard to get it in my head that full body pics of me are a good thing. Or that people would actually want me to post them.

I was down 0.6 at WI today. I was hoping for more obviously, but I guess I'll take it. Shrug.

I had a super busy, super awesome day today. I was gone most of the day to visit my friend Rita from college. She just had her 2nd baby before Thanksgiving, and I made the trip upstate to see her and the kids. This is me holding baby Drew (Andrew Douglas.)
But before I went, I made sure to get in a great workout. I did The Firm Pump, Jump & Jab w/Kelsie Daniels. My arms and shoulders were on fire from yesterday, so when the push up section came on, I just couldn't do it. I tried, I really did, but it wasn't happening. Instead, I jumped onto the inclined treadmill for 15 minutes. I burned 577 calories.
Super busy day, but a great day. I was taken out of my routine a bit, so I didn't really eat. I haven't had dinner tonight, and now I'm just too tired to eat, if that makes any sense. I'll probably just make a quick PB&J on whole wheat bread, and call it a day. I'm exhausted.

I need to get to bed now. Such an exciting life I lead, I know. Tomorrow will be better. I am going to rock tomorrow!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 783 - More Pics & Last Chance Workout!

Ok, Ok - apparently you guys wanted to see more pics of me in the new (smaller) clothes I got. Fine. I wasn't going to post these until Tuesday because that's when I've decided to take my next rest day. And since I never have anything to talk about rest days, I was going to talk about it then.

But then I got an email. From the super sweet Sarah. She said she wanted to see more pics about these cute new (smaller) clothes I kept talking about. I didn't have a full length mirror until today, when I bought one at lunch. I don't even have the thing mounted on my door yet. I had to improvise and mount it on a box and I took the photos that way.

And since it still shocks me to no end that more than 3 people actually read my blog, I decided to honor her request.

Anything for a blog reader. :-)

Full disclaimer: I had just showered, my hair was in a hair clip, and I had no make up on. And the lighting was terrible. So here goes.
Black shirt dress from Victoria's Secret, in a size Medium. It's tight around my chest. The little bit of white you see is my bra. Yup. I told you it was tight! And I really wish my legs were longer. I feel like my legs look really, really short here.

Asymmetrical, jersey-knit teal dress I bought from Macy's. Size Medium. Keyhole neckline. It's tight, I won't lie. I'm thinking that for both dresses, I still need to lose a MINIMUM of 20 pounds before they start to look decent on me. And by decent, I mean not as tight. I don't like looking like a stuffed sausage in these dresses. And I don't like feeling like one either.

I decided to go at my workout hard today. A last chance workout really needs to be hardcore, in my opinion. So I decided on No More Trouble Zones with Jillian Michaels. I did the warm up, hit pause, then went onto the inclined treadmill for 26 minutes. Sweating like a pig, feeling like I already got my workout in. But I went back to the DVD. OMG - Jillian is freaking crazy!

Lots of leg work, lots of shoulders & arms, lots of abs, and I thought I would die. I know my glutes will be sore as all hell tomorrow. I burned 738 calories.
Yeah, I look like 8 different kinds of hell, what can I tell you? Sweat is sexy!

Solid day in the bookds. Tracked everything, got in all of my requirements, and stayed within my points.

I can't wait for WI day tomorrow. I'm confident.

I am positive. I know this is my year. I know that great things are still in store for me.

What do you guys think of the pics? I'm dying to know, so leave me a comment. I know I still have a long way to go to look good in them and before they fit properly. And don't feel like you need to blow smoke up my butt. I have a thick skin, I can take it. :-)

Wrapping up now. Make good choices!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 782 - Rest Day and Another NSV!

I took a rest day today, and usually, I have nothing to talk about on those days.

Today is different.

Today, I received some items in the mail that I had ordered from Victoria's Secret. Among those items, was a black shirt dress. In a size Medium.

It fit. Holy Jesus and everything that is holy. It fit. Major, MAEJAH NSV!

Ok - one small thing, no big deal, but I do need to mention it. The button that goes across my chest on the dress is tight. That's the only part of the dress that does not fit well.

I'm ok with that. For now. I know I'll be fitting into that dress right real soon. Soon.

I've been feeling positive even though it's my week to be PMSing. And I'm feeling the PMS like there's no tomorrow. TMI, I know, so I'm going to stop talking about it right now.

Today I was thinking, my life could be so different a year from now. I could be engaged a year from now. I could be planning a wedding a year for now. I could be trying for a baby a year from now.

All I can do right now though is to continue to focus on myself and be the best "me" I can be. I need to make myself happy first, and I know I'm doing all the things I need to be doing right now. :-)

Update on the nervous tick - today it was completely gone. Sleep is definitely the answer. LOL

I believe. I am positive. I know it will happen.

Tracked everything, got in all of my requirements, but I went over my points. Shrug. I am ok with that. Nothing major, and I am ready for tomorrow.

Wrapping up now because I am tired. I can't wait to get to bed.

Good choices people!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 781 - More Dreams About Me and Major NSV!

What is it with people having dreams about me lately? Today, Kenlie told me that she had a dream that she was staying at my house. It was night time, and apparently, she was saying good night to me and my boyfriend, who was there also, but did not live there. She said he looked familiar, but she couldn't place him. She said in her dream, she was trying to remember where she had seen him, why he looked familiar, but she couldn't remember. When she woke up, she tried again to remember if she knew him, but she couldn't.

What do all these dreams about me having a boyfriend mean? Why can't I be having these dreams? Why can't I just have the boyfriend I want NOW? Because I'm a spoiled brat who wants what she wants NOW.

I know life doesn't work that way. The Universe does not work that way. I've been thinking about these dreams other people are having of me, and the obvious answer is, this is the Universe's way of saying that something new, like a boyfriend, is coming my way. Now, it's possible that the guy in these dreams represents something else that is not a boyfriend - a new friendship, a new relationship. But I'll be honest here - yeah, I believe a new guy is headed my way. I don't know who he is, I don't even know if I've even met him yet. But I guess that's the exciting part, right? :-)

I've had a nervous tick in my left eyebrow all day long. I think it's from lack of sleep. I need to stop going to bed past midnight from now on. For real. Tonight, I want to be in bed by 11. I'm not kidding. Whether or not that actually happens remains to be seen. Ugh - as I'm writing this, that nervous tick is still a-ticking. So annoying.

OMG - I'm jumping around here. I have to tell you guys about an awesome NSV I had today. At lunch, one of the girls I work with & I went to Macy's because we both had to get baby gifts. When we purchased our items, we decided to head upstairs to look at the sales. She found some stuff, and I found a teal, sleeveless, jersey knit dress. I pulled a Medium & a Large from the rack. I turned to Danielle, and I was like,

"Should I get the medium or the large?"

Danielle: "Get the medium. The large will be too big on you soon."

Twist my arm. I got the medium, and then told myself I would try it on when I got home. I didn't think for a second it would actually fit.

BUT. IT. DID. FIT. It was a little too tight around my hips, and it has a keyhole front that shows a little cleavage, but it's not obnoxious. I was tempted to take a photo of it, but I still don't have a full length mirror. (I know, I know, I'm buying it and an ironing table this weekend, I promise!) I also didn't like how it fit around my hips and thighs. If I'm honest with myself, I've got about 15-20 pounds to lose before I can look halfway decent in it.

(Holy sh@#!, I fit into a Medium!)

OK - so for my workout today, I did a quick 22 minutes on the inclined treadmill, then I did The Firm Maximum Body Shaping. Another compilation of other Firm DVDs, with the focus on sculpting. They really like their leg presses, squats and lunges in this one. My thighs and glutes were on fire. I will be sore tomorrow, I can feel it. I burned 632 calories.
Solid day in the books. Tracked everything, got in all of my requirements, and I went over my points by one. I'm ok with that.

I know everything that I want because I can see it in my mind. I know the life I want, the kind of man I want to be with, and the family I want also.

I am open. I deserve it. I know it will happen because I am positive and I believe.

Hoping to get to bed at a decent hour, so I need to wrap this up. Make good choices people! And believe!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 780 - Maintaining Positive Balance.

I've made it pretty obvious that I lately, I have been practicing the fundamentals in The Secret. It is important to me that I maintain a positive balance and a positive attitude. Most times.

I'm not gonna lie - it's not always easy. I have my moments where I just want to wallow. But I've found that what's harder is to be miserable and depressed all the time. Being a downer 24/7 is just so. . . . time consuming? Unattractive? Undesirable? Useless? Unnecessary? A complete waste of time?

I had to stop following someone on Twitter and defriend her on Facebook because she was miserable all the time. I just couldn't take her negativity anymore. Some of the things she used to tweet were just unreal. I'm not going to name names, so don't even bother asking me about her.

My point in telling you about this is to show that I've had to weed out the negativity because I just don't have room in my life for it.

I've decided to focus on sculpting this week. I always get better results when I weight train on a regular basis. So I started with 23 minutes on the inclined treadmill, then I did The Firm Tough Tape 2. Old fashioned, old school Firm DVD. Leg warmers, panty hose, leotards, the whole 9. LOL. But I burned 563 calories.
Solid day again. Not quite as hungry, which is good. Tracked everything, stayed within my points, and got in all of my requirements.

I can envision in my head everything I want, and I know I just have to sit back and let the Universe work its magic. It will come to me - love, the husband, the babies - everything. I just need to patient and step back - and focus on myself. I need to be the best me I can be.

That's all for now. Make good choices people. :-)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 779 - There is A Bigger Reason.

I am just going to continue the Drazil love fest. But first, I have to say this: I really love social media. Blogging, Facebook, and Twitter have allowed me to discover new people, be exposed to new ideas and new ways of thinking. I love it - and I love you all!

Drazil really got me thinking today. Here is what she said to me that got the wheels turning in my head:

"There's some bigger reason we met in blogland and I don't think either of us knows it yet."

Whoa. Talk about profound and deep.

I teared up when I read this. I'm not kidding. I was so touched and deeply moved.

I don't know what the reason is. Maybe we all take inspiration from each other? Maybe certain people are more relatable than others? Maybe we need these great people in our lives and we just haven't realized why? Maybe the Universe is rewarding us by putting great people into our lives and we don't even know it yet? Maybe my sweaty pics are just so damn mesmerizing? (JK)

I'm not sure, and I don't know. But I do agree that there is a bigger reason. I do know that I've met so many wonderful people through social media, and again, I don't know what the reason for that is. I don't know why they were put into my life, and I don't know why I was put into theirs. All I know is that I am so grateful for each and everyone of you!

I was uncertain about how to approach my workout today. Strength, cardio? In the end, I decided on a combination of both. I started with 25 minutes on the inclined treadmill, then I did The Firm Super Body Sculpt with Stephanie Corley. And I burned 524 calories.
I look really tired here. I mean, I look sleepy to the point where I could take a nap right then and there. LOL. Anywho.

Today was a hungry day for me for some reason. I wanted to snack on everything, but I didn't. It's a good thing I don't keep trigger foods in my desk at work or in my house. That's a recipe for disaster.

I tracked everything, stayed within my points (barely), and got in all of my requirements. Solid day in the books.

What do you guys think? Is there a bigger reason? What is the reason? Anyone have any answers or thoughts? Let me know.

One more snippet of my day before that I have to tell you about. This morning, Tara (one of the girls I work with) came over to my desk and told me she had a dream about me last night. She was like, "I had a dream that you had a boyfriend and he came here to take you out to lunch."

Me: "Really? What did he look like?"

T: "He had dark hair, dark eyes, and was tall."

Me: "Oooh - sounds interesting! Was he cute? In shape?"

T: "Oh yeah - definitely!"

Me: "Well, awesome. I can't even remember what I dreamed last night."

T: "Hey - maybe I'll turn out to be psychic!"

Interesting, right? If any of you interpret dreams - let me know what this means. Tara & I get along, but we're not super close. Which is fine, but it doesn't explain why she would dream about me. I don't think I've ever dreamed about her. Shrug.

Thoughts and feelings are actions. What you give out, the Universe gives back to you. So fill yourself up with as much positivity as possible.

Wrapping up now. Make good choices!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 778 - Some Day Soon My Time Will Come. . .

You guys. . . .

I love you all. Seriously. Your comments made my day. And put a super huge smile on my face. Thank you all! P.S. If you're friends with me on Facebook, I changed my profile photo to the one I posted on my blog yesterday. The trench coat photo was a major hit! LOL

Drazil - I heart you. For real.

I totally love you. It's sweet comments like the one you left me that turned the somewhat crappy day I was having yesterday completely around. I too feel like I'm on the brink of something great - and getting what I want (and what I want can mean a lot of different things.) I have to remember (and here's where it gets REALLY hard for me) that sometimes I need to take a step back and let things develop naturally. Which also means being patient, which is not one of my virtues at all. (Spoiled brat.) I mean, I'm not going to lose all the weight I want to lose in a week. I'm not going to find the guy and the house and the white picket fence and have the babies in a week. It's just not going to happen that way. But I know that someday soon, my time will come. . .

It blows my mind, Draz, that I inspire you. Girl - you are the embodiment of all that is rock star fabulous. So for you to say that to me - seriously, I teared up. And I don't say that lightly at all. You are incredibly sweet. :-)

Feeling a lot better today than yesterday. I took a rest day and went shopping again. But I didn't get anything this time. Not a very successful shopping trip. It's ok though.

I had to bring my MacBook to the Apple Store because my keyboard is broken. Well, the F key is broken - as in, it's completely broken off. I thought I would have to pay to get it repaired, but they are replacing the entire keyboard for free! So, thank Apple! :-) They had to order the keyboard, and it will be in later this week, hopefully.

Then I went to Crate & Barrel which is right next to the Apple store to buy the matching salad dishes to go with the salad bowl that Wendy & Carlton got me. Ummm,, why didn't you people tell me how fabulous that store is? I wanted to buy everything in there! I walked out with 4 salad dishes and glass candle platter for my votives. I'll be going back there when I bring my laptop to the Apple store.

Great day in the books. I got in all of my requirements, tracked everything, and stayed within my points.

I know great things are in store for me. I just wish I knew when exactly they were going to happen! LOL. I am positive. I am hopeful. I know what I want and I can visualize it in my head.

I can't believe the weekend is over already. Bummer.

My day is coming. Soon. I can feel it. Good choices people!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day 777 - WI Results. And Thanks, Draz!

It snowed last night! Ugh. I'm just glad I didn't have to shovel anything. LOL. Below is a pic I took of my complex from my front steps this morning.
Now for WI results. Sorry, I probably should've led with this first. I lost 2 pounds! I'm now at 194 lbs., the lowest I've been in 8 years. I am rocking Weight Watchers now! :-)

Draz, one of my fave ladies (and bloggers) emailed me that she couldn't leave comments on my blog anymore. That made me sad. She explained how I could fix it. Which I did. But before that, she told me something really sweet:

"I just want to tell you that I'm not sure how much you know you inspire me...but you do. This is going to be YOUR year!"

Oh my goodness. When I received her email, I was sitting on my couch, with the TV on, looking out at the window at the snow, while browsing on my laptop simultaneously. (I am nothing if not a great multi-tasker.)

Blimey. So now I HAD to get up and stop procrastinating. I mean, it's going to be my year, right? But Draz, I really was enjoying the comfort of my couch tho. Sigh.

So I got up, kicking and screaming and stomping my feet, got changed, and went to work. Still kicking & screaming. I went on the inclined treadmill for an hour. I was pouring sweat, and I burned 573 calories. See?
Being in the house was making me go a little stir crazy. I didn't want to venture out in the snow, but I couldn't stand being in the house anymore either. So I decided to go shopping. I hit up Old Navy with the intention of getting work clothes. Everything I have is too big on me now, and just hangs off me (Danielle's words, not mine. Danielle is one of the girls I work with.)

I couldn't find any decent work clothes, but this cute trench coat caught my eye. I instinctively reached for the XL. And guess what?

It was too big on me. No way.

I grabbed a size L, some jeans, and headed to the fitting room. I thought, there's no way this size L will fit. It will never fit over my hips.

And then, I tried it on. And I almost cried. Right there in the fitting room. I took a picture and posted it to Facebook & Twitter.
I'm not really sure what I'm doing with my other hand here. I'm patting myself on the hip for a job well done, I think. But you guys - the trench coat fit! (Well, it was really tight around my chest, but that's a different story. Those puppies have a mind of their own.) And it looks like I have a waist here!

I got a lot of nice comments on Facebook about this. I need to start posting more full body shots of myself, apparently. LOL.

I got this trench coat and a few tshirts. Nothing else. I didn't like how my lower body looked in the jeans, so I didn't even bother.

I didn't stay for my WW meeting because of the weather. I should've stayed, but there you have it.

I went way over my points today, but I'm ok with that. I did get all of my requirements in, so I'm not going to stress about it.

I need to get to bed now. Tomorrow, more shopping. And I'm going to Nordstrom's to get properly fitted for new bras. I think I'm wearing the wrong size. It's possible I may have gone down a cup size also, so I definitely need to go to this fitting.

Ok - I'm exhausted - make good choices! :-)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 776 - Last Chance Workout!

So this is what burning 610 calories looks like!
My last chance workout today was a doozy. I mean, it was killer. I started with 15 minutes on the inclined treadmill, then I did Kick Max with Cathe Friedrich. This DVD is insane! Those plyo tucks especially almost killed me. I'm not kidding. I was pouring sweat when all was said and done. Yup, hardcore last chance workout for me today.

You know, the last 6-7 weeks have been life changing for me. I've moved out on my own, I've been losing consistently since Thanksgiving, and I have FINALLY entered One-Derland - and stayed there - for consecutive weeks. That has never happened before, and I honestly believe it's because I'm on my own now and no longer living with my parents.

I am also starting to get a little more attention than I used to. From friends, from bloggy & Twitter peeps (and yes, even men!) Don't get me wrong - it's nice hearing Congrats from people, but it also makes me realize that I still have a long way to go to be where I want to be. And I know I will get there. I just need to take a step back and REALLY focus on this weight loss journey of mine. Nothing else. Because I matter, and everything else can take a backseat - for now.

I get too into my own head and I tend to focus on things I have no control over - I obsess about things that may or may not happen, and I need to stop doing that. Will I find him - have I already met him - what will my life be like a year from now? Things like that. And while I want love to find me, I know that I can't make it happen or force it along either. So right now, from this moment on - I am going to focus on me, and make myself the most important person in my life. Because I deserve all the things that I want, I am positive it will happen, and I am open to a lot more now than I was, but I need to love and focus on the person I am becoming. Now more than ever. I need to make ME a priority. All those great things will happen later. Of that I am sure. And everything just needs to happen naturally and organically, the way it's always supposed to.

WI day is tomorrow, and I am confident I will show a loss. I ate well today, tracked everything, got in all of my requirements, and stayed within my points. I'm not sure if I will stay for the meeting, depending on the weather. It's supposed to start snowing tonight and into the afternoon tomorrow, so I may just WI and leave. We'll see.

I am open, I am positive, and I am important to me. I matter.

It's really, really late, and I need to get to bed. Good choices people! And let life happen to you naturally. :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 775 - Dragging My Feet Today.

I feel like I'm at about 85% now. Almost better, and my head felt much clearer also. Taking a half day yesterday really helped me.

At lunchtime, I went and got a desperately needed eyebrow wax. Seriously, I kept forgetting to do that, and it was just a mess around my eyes. I couldn't stand it anymore. First world problems, I know.

I decided to forego the treadmill today. I just wanted to try something different for a change. So instead I used heavy weights for about 10 minutes to get some sculpting in, then I did The Firm Bootcamp Maximum Calorie Burn with Alison Davis. I hadn't done that DVD in forever! And - I completed ALL the advanced moves - which I have NEVER done simply because I couldn't do it before. It felt awesome! I burned 485 calories.
That's hard core sweat pouring from my collar bones, people. I actually have collar bones now. That you can see, anyway. Wild. Can you tell my eyebrows look better? LOL.

I can feel my body changing. I can feel myself changing, being open to trying new things - albeit kicking and screaming sometimes. I know love is around the corner. I don't know when or with whom, but I just feel it's going to happen. I just know it's going to happen. Soon. And that makes me feel . . . .happy? Excited? Breathless? All of those things, I guess.

I am positive. I have hope. And I know exactly what it is that I want.

Solid day in the books. Tracked everything, got in all of my requirements, and stayed within my points.

I really need to make it a point of getting to bed before midnight. One of these days. LOL.

More tomorrow. Good choices!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 774 - Much Better! (Fingers crossed)

Yesterday, I felt absolutely miserable. So much so that I didn't even post until this morning. And I didn't workout because I just felt Big no-no in my book. I couldn't smell anything, not even the new furniture smell that still is lingering in my bedroom. And I definitely did not workout, which left me feeling all sorts of strange. I don't like skipping workouts. But I just couldn't do it. The pressure in my head was too much.

Today I am feeling better. Much better. So hopefully this means I am getting better. Thank goodness for cipro. Yesterday I was cursing it because it wasn't working quickly enough for my taste (I'm an impatient spoiled brat, k?)

Different story today. This morning, I still felt icky. I couldn't breathe out of my nose, my head was still stuffy, so I decided to leave work early. It was for the best. I got my oil changed, then went straight home.

It was very strange to just sit on my couch in the middle of the workday, but that's what I did. I rested. And I feel so much better because I did.

I even had the energy to get a really great workout in. Quick turnaround, I know. I started with 22 minutes on the inclined treadmill, then I did The Firm Parts Upper Body. I decided to up the weights, and my entire upper body was on fire! In a good way though. =) I burned 514 calories, and I was pouring sweat.
Seriously, who says weight training doesn't burn calories? Besides, it's so good for you. And it felt great to get back to my routine.

This year, I just know great things are going to happen to me. They are already happening, if I am honest with myself.

I am open. I am positive. I can visualize what I want.

Today, I went online and bought a few things from Victoria's Secret - a store I thought I'd never be able to shop at again. I bought 2 cute dresses and a few tops. In a SMALLER SIZE. If I can visualize it, it will happen.

Solid day. Ate within my points, tracked everything, and got in all of my requirements.

I need to get to bed. Work comes early. Good choices!

Day 773 - Still Feeling Under the Weather.

Self imposed rest day today.

I have to listen to my body when it's telling me that it's feeling lousy. Which it is.

I don't like skipping workouts. It makes me feel guilty. But sometimes, you just have to do that. One of my Twitter buddies said working out when you're sick might do more harm than good. Which I know is true, but I still have trouble believing it since working out is supposed to be so good for you.

Such is life.

I ate well, tracked everything, and stayed within my points. I can't really taste anything because I'm stuffy, but I knew that since I wasn't going to be working out, I needed to do well with my food intake.

Hopefully I will be back tomorrow feeling slightly better. I'm taking cipro, Airborne & tonight I will be taking Nyquil.

Visualize what you want. Remember your thoughts are your actions. Be open. Be positive.

I am open to love and I deserve to be loved.

More later.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 772 - Feeling Under the Weather.

I woke up this morning sick. Bummer. I'm taking Airborne & cipro (antibiotic.) Hopefully, I won't be sick much longer.

As promised, here are some photos of Marcus.

I think he looks like my Dad. How cute is this munchkin? Love.

I debated about whether or not to work out today. In truth, I wanted to use being sick as an excuse. But I decided that I would regret it if I skipped my workout. At first, I was only going to do a quick 30 minute DVD. Which I started to do. Then I hit pause, jumped onto the inclined treadmill for 20 minutes, and went back to doing The Firm Fat Blasting Cardio with Lisa Kay. I felt great. And I burned 490 calories.
Unfortunately, the endorphins wore off a little, just a little, and now I can only breathe through one nostril. Not going to stress about it, because added stress will only make me sick longer. And who needs that? I am hoping to be better by the end of the week, at least by WI time. It's not the end of the world if I'm not, but no one wants to be sick any longer than they need to be, right?

I am open to love and I deserve to be loved. I will take a step back and let things happen organically. I believe it will happen. Good things come to those who wait!

If you're friends with me on Facebook, then you know that I am trying to embrace my hour glass figure. I am owning my curves! Curves are the bomb, aren't they? :)

Solid day. Tracked everything, got in all of my requirements, and stayed within my points.

Wrapping up now. I'm getting to bed early in the hope of fending off this bug. Make good choices!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 771.

Chubby - you are so adorable. When I read your comment, I laughed out loud too! What must your kids have been thinking? LOL!!

Anywho - a great loss has to be followed by more great efforts. So today, before I left my house, I got in a great workout. I did 25 minutes on the inclined treadmill, then The Firm Tough Tape with Tracie Long. I burned 715 calories.
Who says weight training won't burn calories? I was sweating my ass off.

We went up to my brother's to see the kids. Sonia slept at her grandparents' house the night before, so we didn't get to see her. What a bummer. I really wanted to see her - I love that kid.

The baby is adorable. I think he looks like my Dad. I'll post pics tomorrow of the little munchkin tomorrow.

Another solid day in the books. Although now, I think I'm coming down with something. My throat feels funny, and I'm sneezing. I have Airborne and Cipro, so I think I've got it covered. Fingers crossed. I hate being sick. Last winter, I got sick twice. Within 6 or 7 weeks of each other. Anywho, I tracked everything, got in all of my requirements, and stayed within my points.

I am open to love and I deserve to be loved. It will happen because I know it will. I believe. I hope.

I need to get to bed. Work tomorrow. Make good choices!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 770 - WI Results.

I lost 2.2 lbs this week. I am on fire! I am now at 196 lbs. Slowly creeping away from the 2 century mark, never to go back there again! I also lost a point of my daily points. I went from having 30 a day to 29.

The comments I got on my full body shot from all of you were just so sweet! I am trying to accept that I DO have an hour glass figure since my self-view is so distorted from what other people see when they see me. I do have curves, I do have a waist, I do have hips, I do have thighs, and yes, I do have boobs also. LOL. I really do love my boobs. No lie. :)

Rest day for me today. But Wendy & Carlton came over to my place for the first time, and we had such a great time! Check out the housewarming gifts they got me. So sweet.
Salad bowl from Crate & Barrel. It matches the fruit bowl I bought from Target. I'm going to get the 4 little salad bowls to match. It goes so well with the decor and overall theme of my place. Earthy, warm, & welcoming colors. I love that.

Second gift from them:
Marble cheese board. Crate & Barrel. Don't you just love how I'm trying to feature the granite countertops? Love, love, love.

It was great seeing them, and catching up with Wendy. I love her, she's my family.

I had a really great day. Tracked everything, got in all of my requirements, and went over my points. No biggie, I'll be back to the grind tomorrow.

I am open to love and I deserve to be loved.

I am positive. I have hope. It will happen because I deserve it.

I need to get to bed - so tired! Make good choices!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 769 -Full Body Shot for Chubby!

I am not a fan of full body shots. I HATE how I look in photos.

Yesterday, Chubby posted a challenge for everyone to take full body shots of themselves and post them on their blogs. So here's mine, from work today.
Hour glass figure? I wish. I'm more of a pear, I think. I'm very bottom heavy - you can totally see that from this pic. What do you think, Chubby?

Anywho - quick recap of my workout and my day since I'm fading fast here. I did sprints on the inclined treadmill today! First time ever. I did about 5, for a minute each, at 7.0, before I felt like I was gonna die. Then I did The Firm Maximum Cardio with Carissa Foster, and I burned 614 calories.
I wasn't very happy with my workout today. My HRM kept giving me problems. It wouldn't pick up my heart rate, and it would just stop. I know I should be satisfied with how I did today, but eh. I know 614 calories is nothing to sneeze at (sniff at?) but I felt like it could've been more.

Good day overall. Tracked everything, stayed within my points, and got in all of my requirements.

WI is tomorrow. I know I will show a loss. I am confident.

I am open to love and I deserve to be loved. I am positive. I have hope. It will happen because I deserve it.

I'll let ya'll know tomorrow how WI went. My BFF Wendy & her husband are coming over to my place for the first time, and I can't wait.

Make good choices!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 768 - 1X is now too big on me!

While Kenlie was here, I tried on plus size clothes that I bought from Old Navy a looong time ago. Button down shirts in size 1X that are really cute to wear to work, but I couldn't fit into them because they were too tight.

They fit. In fact, they were TOO BIG.

I cried. For about a minute. I realized just how great it feels to have to shop now for SMALLER clothes. Which I will be doing this weekend. I can't believe I'll be doing that! Think I'll be taking photos in the fitting room and posting them. Full body shots. That scares me. Don't ask me why. It just does.

If you don't read Chubby's blog, you totally should. You're missing out. Love her. She posted on Facebook that I - of all people - inspired her to push her workout today.

I inspire people? Seriously? Que?

So she pushed herself and burned more than 500 calories. I can't remember the exact number. But it felt awesome, didn't it C? :)

So I felt I needed to push myself today. Because even after my workout yesterday, even with my glutes and thighs being sore, I know how I feel after I push myself during a hard workout. So I jumped onto the inclined treadmill for 30 minutes (glutes and thighs were screaming the whole time) then I did The Firm Calorie Killer with Nancy Tucker. And I burned 657 calories.
Thanks for the inspiration, Chubby!

Endorphins totally rock. Just saying.

Solid day is in the books. Tracked everything, got in all of my requirements, and stayed within my points. Great day.

I am open to love and I deserve to be loved. Visualize what you want and remember that your thoughts and your feelings are your actions.

You never know when you're going

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 767 - No mas Kenlie.

No mas Kenlie. Sad face. She left me this sweet note on my dining table this morning.
How sweet, right? Poor Kenlie put up with my eccentricities and my neuroses. She has the patience of a saint, I'm telling you. She's seriously the best friend that anyone could have, and I'm lucky to have her. =)

Back to the grind again. I was happy to see that my desk at work wasn't completely insane. But I was soooo tired. I was dragging ass at work. Shrug.

I didn't want to use the treadmill today, I just wanted to change it up a little. I did The Firm 500 Calorie Burn Workout with Kelsie Daniels. I hadn't done this DVD in forever. I burned 516 calories.
Good solid day for me. I was on plan, tracked everything, stayed within my points, and got in all of my requirements.

I am open to love and I deserve to be loved.

I have hope. I believe. I know it will happen. I deserve it.

Your thoughts and your feelings are actions. Visualize what you want and let the Universe give it back to you.

Wrapping up now. Make good choices!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 766 - Kenlie's Last Day in NY - Dead Sea Scrolls!

Quick 5 sentence post, since I'm exhausted. We've been hitting NYC everyday all day since Saturday, and I'm worn out.

It's Kenlie's last day today, and she's leaving at an ungodly hour during the night.

Before we went to see The Dead Sea Scrolls, I got in a quick 50 minutes on the inclined treadmill and burned 534 calories.
I tried to take photos of the Dead Sea Scrolls, but they were watching us like hawks. I managed to take a photo of this stone slab. It's part of the Western Wall (Wailing Wall) in Jerusalem. (It's in Jerusalem, right?)
I will miss Kenlie, but I will be happy to get back to my normal everyday routine. Luv ya to death Kenz, but I'm done with walking around Manhattan for 8 hours a day for 5 days straight. No mas.

OK - hitting the sack since I have to get to work tomorrow.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 765 - Here's what One-Derland in NYC looks like!

Hi people! Been super busy hanging out with Kenz all over the city. Here are some photos of our excursions so far.

Kenlie took this full body shot of me on Saturday at the beach, the day she arrived and the day I reached One-Derland. That day was extremely mild for January in NY - about 60 degrees. She says I have an hour glass figure. She's so sweet. All I can see are my child bearing hips and huge thunder thighs.
We went to the Museum of Natural History. Lots of great times!

Today was my rest day, so I'll be back at it tomorrow.

I am open to love and I deserve to be loved. I am positive. I have hope. I know it will happen. Because I deserve it.

My thoughts and my feelings are my actions. I will be positive.

It's getting late, so I'm wrapping up now. Make good choices.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 764 - Museum of Natural History!

We went to the Museum of Natural History today, across the street from Central Park. Can you believe I had never been? I know, I know, I've lived in NY my whole life and have never been there. Kenlie & I had so much fun! It was freezing out though, and we both didn't bundle up properly.

I have photos that I posted to Facebook that I took at the museum. I would post them here, except I left my phone in my car like an idiot, and I just don't feel like getting it right now. LOL.

We went to eat at a Japanese fusion restaurant. The food was ok. I don't know how to use chopsticks since I rarely go out to eat. And I don't eat seafood of any kind either, so Kenlie asked the waiter to bring me over a fork. It was actually kind of funny. I was really worried about it because I looked around at all the other tables and NO ONE had utensils on their tables. Everyone was using chopsticks. Stupid thing to freak out over, but that was me. Poor Kenz, putting up with my stupid neuroses. LOL. I had chicken teriyaki with brown rice. It was that great. I finished less than half of it. I wasn't very impressed.

But before we went out, I had to work out. I went to my mother's to do laundry and decided to get my workout in while I was there. I did 55 minutes on the inclined treadmill. I burned 591 calories.
I'm rocking the breast cancer awareness pink sports bra from Champion. I haven't been able to fit into this bra in forever. Major NSV.

I tracked everything, got in all of my requirements, and went over my points by 2. I'm ok with that though.

I will post more photos tomorrow, promise.

I am open to love and I deserve to be loved. It will happen. I believe it will. I know it will.

My thoughts and my feelings are my actions. I will be positive and let the Universe send positive things and people my way.

So be positive, feel positive, and make good choices!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 763 - One-Derland & Kenlie!

I lost 1.8 lbs this week, and I weighed in this morning at 198.2 lbs. I'm in One-Derland, bloggy peeps! I can't tell you awesome that feels. Finally!

Right after WI, I had to get to JFK to pick up Kenlie! She's visiting NY (and me) until Weds. this morning. She's so excited to be back in NY.

Know what she said when she first saw me? "I can't believe how much skinnier you look than the last time I saw you!"

She called me skinny. Isn't that cute? LOL.

We did some touristy things in the city today, but I had to get in a workout before we left. I started with 17 minutes on the inclined treadmill, then I did The Firm Cardio Sculpt Blaster with Lisa Kay. I burned 459 calories. See?
I'm so tired. I tracked everything, got in all of my requirements, and stayed within my points.

I am open to love and I deserve to be loved.

I am positive. I have hope. Things will happen organically if you take a step back. It will happen. I know it will.

Thoughts and feelings are actions. So fill yourself up with lots of positivity, and let the Universe work its magic. And make good choices!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 762 - Last Chance Workout!

Thank God it's Friday. I'm so over this week already!

Quick post, because it's late, I'm tired, and I've got a busy few days in front of me.

I've also been super busy at work lately.

Anywho, I decided to run to my Mom's house real quick at lunchtime today. I got in a nice 30 minute session on the inclined treadmill. Sweated my butt off and I felt great. When I got home from work, I decided to do The Firm Ultimate Calorie Blaster with Stephanie Huckabee. She is tough - I mean, this workout is no joke. I burned 759 calories total today.
My sports bra was totally soaked, I'm not kidding.

(You can almost see collar bones, too.)

I tracked everything, got in all of my requirements, and stayed within my points.

I am really excited about tomorrow because I am hitting One-Derland at WI in the morning. I know I am. And I'm staying there, dammit! :)

I am open to love and I deserve to be loved. I am positive. It will happen. I have hope. I believe.

I will step back and let things happen organically. I know things will happen - I can just feel it. I have hope. And I have confidence.

Thoughts and feelings are actions. Be positive always. And make good choices!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Days 760-761 - I'm going to Fitbloggin' 2012!

Sorry about not posting yesterday, people! I had to take my mother to the doctor, and apparently, they were extremely busy. The appointment was for 5:45 PM, and we didn't see the doctor til an hour later. Oh well, these things happen. No worries - I stayed on plan yesterday, even though I didn't work out. I got home too late - I didn't eat dinner til 9 PM last night.

I was having a bad day today. I don't care to go into detail about it. Anywho, at lunch I needed to go to the bank, and next to it is Macy's. On a lark, I went inside and I went to the normal-sized clothes section. I tried on 2 blazers and 1 black peacoat. In a Size Large. And they fit! Comfortably fit! Me, the girl who weighs 200 pounds, is able to fit into a Large!

I so needed that, I'm telling you. I will take pics of me in the later, I promise. I still don't have a full length mirror.

Oh, and to end the day - I'm going to Fitbloggin' 2012! I booked my hotel room already, and now I just need to book my flight to Baltimore. Which I will do later. Maybe in April. I am so excited!

I knew my workout today had to be hardcore. So I started with 27 minutes on the inclined treadmill, then I did Step Reebok: The Video with Gin Miller. I sweated like a pig and burned a whole shit ton of calories - 759 calories, to be exact.
I really needed this workout today. Not only did it make me feel better, but thanks to some awesome bloggy & FB peeps, I have learned that sometimes I need to take a step back and NOT get soo into my own head. :)

Great day overall - in spite of the craptastic start to it. I ate well, tracked everything, stayed within my points, and got in all of my requirements. I feel awesome. I feel beautiful.

I am open to love and I deserve to be loved.

I am positive. I have hope. I deserve to have everything I want.

I will take a step back and let things happen naturally. Organically. Visualize what it is you want and let the Universe do the rest. Be positive - and FEEL positive.

And make good choices!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 759 - Just push harder.

I had a crazy busy day at work today. So I was really tired when I got home. Which reminds me. I couldn't open the door to my building. I got the key in the lock, the key turned, but the door wouldn't open. At first I thought it was because I had my gloves on, so I took them off and tried again. And again. And again. Apparently, they lubricated the locks because I got this oily substance on my hands. Gross. It was freezing tonight, still is. It's about 19 degrees here right now. I couldn't feel my fingers anymore. So I called the office. Closed. I called the emergency number, and luckily I got the maintenance guy on the phone right away.

He came over and got the door open for me. "You just need to push the door harder." Is what he told me. The locks are so old, and they all need to be changed but the board won't do that because it's too expensive. In the freezing cold, they don't work as well as when it's warmer out. Shrug. Just push harder. Whatever.

Anywho, I had all this nervous energy tonight. And I decided to focus on cardio this week instead of sculpting. I'll go back to that next week. I started with 27 minutes on the inclined treadmill, then I did MMA Kickboxing with Cathe Friedrich. I love that DVD. I need to do it more often. I think the workout cast included 2 real life MMA fighters. I'm not sure though. Anywho, I burned 638 calories.
Solid day overall. Tracked everything, stayed within my points, and got in all of my requirements.

I am open to love and I deserve to be loved.

Believe. Be positive. It will happen. Because I deserve it. Because we all deserve it. Focus and visualize, people. And make good choices!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 758 - Unexpected Rest Day.

Thanks everyone all the birthday wishes! Love all my bloggy peeps.

Back to work tomorrow. No quiero. (I don't wanna in Spanish.)

Unexpected rest day for me today. I woke up sore, but the soreness wore off as the day went on. I'm actually pretty good. Last night, I would get up from the couch and be moving around like an arithritic 90 year old. Yeah, last night was bad. Today, not so much.

I made chicken soup with vegetables from scratch today. I think it came out alright, maybe it's a little bland, as in not enough salt. But I think it's better to be bland than for something to be supersalty. I made it with garlic, onions, chicken stock, carrots, celery, potatoes, peas, turnips, and of course, chicken. I'm bringing it tomorrow for lunch with some whole wheat toast to make it a little more filling.

I went to my Mom's and did laundry, went on a BJ's run (no perverted comments, please), then got a mani/pedi/eyebrow wax before finally heading home. That was my birthday present to myself. I deserve it. :-)

I am open to love and I deserve to be loved.

Solid day. Tracked everything, stayed within my points, and got in all of my requirements. I am going to stay within my points from now on. I stepped on the scale this morning and I was up a pound & a half. So I freaked out, and resolved to nip that shit in the bud now. I am getting to One-Derland when I WI on again Saturday. Come hell or high water.

So I am going to visualize what it is I want and be positive. Think positive and feel positive. Thoughts are actions, people. Make good choices!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 757 - Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy New Year people! And Happy Birthday to me! Yes, I'm a New Year's baby. Those of you who are my friends on Facebook - thanks for the birthday wishes!

Today, I ran 5 miles. Because I am a psycho. I ran 5 miles with The Sadist. Remember her?
How sweet and innocent does she look? I finished in 1 hour, 3 minutes, and 27 seconds. We took 1 minute walking breaks after every mile.

Here's my post race glow.
I'm not really sure what I'm trying to do here with this pose. It looks like a semi-squat. Anywho, that's me.

I think I burned about 750ish calories, but I can't be sure. My HRM watch wouldn't pick up my heart rate through out the whole race, so this is a safe estimate. It might've even been more, because I was working hard.

Around mile 3, a girl started running alongside us & said, "Do you mind if I pace with you guys?" We were like, "Sure, no problem." Her name was Jessica, and she ran the rest of the race with us. I actually had a lot of fun, but I felt everything going sore around mile 4. Maybe even sooner than that. Just now, I got up from my couch and had trouble walking. Yeah, I'm in some MAJOR pain right now. WTF was I thinking? But at least I did it, and I finished.

I pushed myself, and it felt good. In spite of all the pain I'm now feeling.

I mean, I ran 5 miles today!

Good solid day overall for me today. I tracked everything, got in all of my requirements, and went over my points again - by 5. I'm ok with this. I burned an incredible amount of calories during my run this morning, so it's all good. Tomorrow, and for the rest of the week, I'm staying within my points.

I am open to love and I deserve to be loved.

It will happen. I believe. I hope. I am positive.

Remain positive and visualize what it is you want. It will come to you if you believe you are worthy of it and if you believe you deserve it.

Make good choices!