Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dat 1,098 - Sunday Cinderella.

I spent a good part of the day instead of watching the Jet game doing the necessities - Cinderella duties. I dusted, vacuumed, cleaned & scrubbed down my bathroom and kitchen, and cooked my lunches for the week.  I am beat, wiped out.  The Jets game didn't help any.

I made teriyaki veggie stir fry with Soba noodles and quick cooking couscous, which I made with a little Adobo and veggie stock.  I added broccoli and cauliflower to the cous cous, and Trader Joe's grilled lemon pepper chicken went into both.

But before all that, I got in a killer workout.  I focused primarily on strength.  I started with 24 minutes on the inclined treadmill, then I did The Firm Bootcamp 3-in-1 Part 2.  I added 20 extra minutes of heavy strength.  More lat rows, dead lifts (Dale calls them "good mornings" in this DVD, I've never heard dead lifts called that before), dips, French press, pec flies, ribcage pullovers, bench press, side lunges, plie squats, clean and press, regular squats, upright rows, and hammer curls.  I also knocked out 50 regular crunches.  I be neglecting my core way too much.  I was a sweaty, hot mess afterwards.  Burned 633 calories.

Soaked to the bone.  My sports bra was in a sad state, not kidding.

A few weeks ago, I had bought myself a pair of awesome black boots from DSW and skinny jeans from Old Navy.  Because of my phone issues, I haven't had an opportunity to post it, til now.

Hmm.  Not a great pic at all, now that I see this.  Way too dark and you can't even see the boots.  Crap. Not thrilled with how wide the child bearing hips look either.  Le sigh.  At least my Jets jersey from Victoria's Secret looks cute.

Ok - I promise to get a way better pic this weekend, like in the fitting room of a store, where the lighting is always bright.

The jeans are a size 10 and tight. I think in the next few weeks they'll be fitting me the way they are supposed to.  You know, not skin tight like they are now.

Solid day in the books.  Tracked everything, got in the requirements, and went over my points by 4.  I'm ok with that.  I made 2 beef sliders with just a little salt & pepper at lunch with steamed broccoli and oven baked sweet potato "fries" which accounted for the over allowance.  Nothing outrageous, just high Points.  I normally don't crave beef nor do I eat it a lot, it was just something I wanted.  And I had them on hand.  All good.  Not quite the same as pizza or fried chicken.  ;-)

I can't tell you how great it felt to wake up this morning and NOT feel like I needed to work extra hard because of poor weekend food decisions.  The scale was the same as yesterday.  :-)

I am DVRing the RHONJ reunion.  No way I'm missing that - looks pretty explosive from the previews.  #TeamMelissa all the way.

Sunday night football, blog stalking & RHONJ, then early to bed.

Good choices!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Day 1,097 - WI Results.

Last week's weight:  156.8 lbs.
This week's weight:  154.4 lbs.

I lost 2.4 lbs this week!

This is the lowest I've weighed in a decade.  It feels great!  Next mini goal is to get below 150.

I.AM.BACK.  Beast mode is settling in.   Laser sharp focus is crystal clear again.  17 pounds away from goal.  I can get there by Christmas/New Year's.

I somehow managed to be up and awake at the ungodly hour of 6:30 this morning.  On a Saturday.  When I don't need to get ready for work.  The plan was for us to head up to my brother's house in Westchester and be there around noon.  My regular meeting is at 9AM.  There was no way for me to go, WI and stay for that particular meeting.  And I needed to work out.  I knew there was no way in hell I'd be in any mood to work out after spending the better part of the afternoon at my brother's house - an hour drive both ways.  A little planning was needed.

So I went to the WW center that's across the street from the Bikram studio.   My plan was to go WI around 7:30, then hit the 8AM Bikram session with sexy instructor.  I wore booty shorts from Old Navy that I hadn't worn outside the safe confines of my house, ever.  The reason being I did not expect the session to be packed, considering it was 8AM on a Saturday morning, you know.

Well, imagine my surprise when I walked in to find it filling up pretty quickly.  I was lucky to place my mat down in time in my regular, preferred spot right in the front of the mirrors.  Apparently, there be some hard core Bikram practicioners.  My back was a wee bit tight in the beginning, but thankfully it loosened up after the first forward bend.  I worked my ass off & sweated like a beast.

I wore one of the tank tops I scored at Fitbloggin last week.

That is a size SMALL.  Size freaking small. What?!

Headed home, quick shower & breakfast, then to Mom's to get her & make the trek to Westchester.  This is how the rest of the afternoon was spent.

The baby is the spitting image of my brother.  Both kids are just so incredibly sweet natured & so damn cute I just wanted to eat them up (not literally of course.)  Sonia is much better with us now than when she was the baby's age.  And they both look like my brother, which means they look like me.  :-)

Perfect day, had so much fun hanging with family.  I tracked everything, got in the requirements, and went over my points a little.  I'm ok with that.

I'm stepping up my weight training for the foreseeable future.  Did I mention that already?  I want to build up more lean muscle.  I mean, I have some already, I don't want to look like one of those body builder peoples (I'm realistic about it, I know my body and with all that loose skin around my inner thighs and my midsection - I know that's NEVER gonna happen), but I definitely want to be leaner and stronger.  More toned and more sculpted.  As much as I can get in light of aforementioned loose skin issue.

I'm really happy with how my re-energized efforts and refocus on my weight loss are going.  I can't even tell you.  I feel so great and SO relieved to not be stagnant anymore, you know?

Wrapping up & tidying up a bit before hitting the sack.

Good choices!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Day 1,096 - Last Chance Workout.

Kelliann asked me where I found the boots I posted about yesterday.  Here's a link to the second pictured boot, which I found on Amazon, right here.

Don't you just love how you can find EVERYTHING on Amazon?  LOVE IT.  It's the little things that make me happy, people.

The first pair of boots I found at DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse).  There's one a few minutes away from me, but you can look at their website.  The link is right here.

Dayum, I do love me some cute boots.

Rainy, thunderstormy kind of day here in NY.  I was supposed to go out with the girls after work because one of them is leaving next week to move to Boston.

I just couldn't.  I was so tired.  The last two weeks at work have been crazy busy.  And believe me, I'm not exactly thrilled with having to ACTUALLY work while at work!  I mean, I got things to do, man.  Like shopping online for boots & clothes in smaller sizes, you know.  Sheesh.

Anywho, she was fine about it, with me not coming out with them.  Apparently, it was a small group, not all the girls went, so that made me feel a little better about it.

I had to rush to the grocery store after work (I somehow mustered up the energy to do so) and then got home to ponder my Last Chance Workout.  I'm going back to what worked for me this year - old school Firm DVDs.

I started with 21 minutes on the inclined treadmill, then I did The Firm Bootcamp 3-in-1 Mix, Part 1.  Heavy full body strength.  I added an extra 15 minutes of my own strength moves after the DVD was done - squats, delt flies, hammer curls, dips, lunges, military press, lat rows, plie squats, upright rows, & dead lifts.  Dead lifts are my new thing now.  I kinda like working my hamstrings and my lower back.  I burned 509 calories, and was drenched in my own funkiness.  Like.

Solid day behind me.  Ate well, stayed within my points, got in the requirements, and tracked everything.

I am positive WI tomorrow will be the bomb diggity.

I will *try* (said with hypothetical finger air quotes) to make the 8AM Bikram session with sexy instructor.  There's a WW center literally across the street from the studio that opens at the ungodly hour of 7AM, so if I can get up on time & be out of my house by 7, I'll do it.  If not, I'll just go to my regular center.  The plan is to head up to my brother's in Westchester to see the kids.  It's been a while, and my Mom is dying to see them.  Especially the baby, who gets cuter everyday & is the spitting image of my brother.

We've got some strong genes, apparently.  My niece looks just like me.  :-)

Wrapping up since I must hit the sack.

Good choices!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day 1,095 - Rest Day, Boots, & BJ's (HeeHee).

I never thought I'd see the day where I would be so freaking happy to see REAL officials and REAL referees on the football field.

About freaking time, NFL owners.  Not Goodell's fault, people - remember he works for the owners, and the owners didn't want to give the officials their pensions and their raises.  Bet the owners think they're worth every penny now, right?

Today is my first real, official rest day in a while.  I feel......unsure about it.  But, taking one rest day a week helped me drop a whole bunch of weight, so that's why I'm doing this again.  This formula worked for me.  And it's still working for me.

Last week and this past week have been spot on and super on plan.  This morning, the scale was down again from Saturday.  So I'm expecting to see a nice loss on Saturday.  3 weeks of solid losses.  It's been a while since that's happened, and I welcome it back.

After work, I headed over to BJs (insert immature giggle here) and picked up some things.  The whole sale place, people, that's like Costco.  Here's my haul:

2 bags of Dole frozen whole strawberries.
2 salad bags.
2 Family Size bags of fresh baby spinach
1 box of Earth's Pride 100% Organic Frozen Chicken Burgers (made entirely of ground white meat).

I also picked up a double bag of Listerine.  I should've picked up some bananas and milk, but I didn't put them on my list, so I totally forgot.  Looks like I'll have to run to Pathmark tomorrow at lunch.  Meh, no biggie.

Sorry no pic.  I'm not much of a photo bomb kinda bloggy person.  Although maybe I should be.  Not really my style.

Ooh - know what is kinda my style?  These:

And these:

For whatever reason, I want to buy knee high boots now.  With 3 inch heels.  I don't wear heels ever.  Because they kill my feet and just hurt me in general.  What is happening to me?  I REALLY want those black riding boots.  To wear with my skinny jeans.  Which reminds me - I'll post a pic of that this weekend.

Apparently, I'm not the only yoga practicioner who absolutely cannot stand mouth breathers next to them in class - even if they do look sexy half naked.  Or like Tim Tebow.  ;-)  Honestly though, when the instructor keeps repeating to breathe in & out of your nose calmly, it usually means to breathe in & out of your nose calmly.  Doncha think?

Solid day.  Tracked & journaled everything, got in the requirements, and stayed within my points.

I do so love being back in the zone.  Carla - come on over & join me!  You're kinda my hero.  Just saying.  :-)

Jacky made an excellent Fitbloggin calendar and he featured me in it.  Check it out here, mkay.  Full disclosure - I don't know how to rollerskate.  Never have known.  I have no coordination at all.

Good choices!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Day 1,094 - Bikram According To Me.

So, I'm a little bit of a Bikram snob traditionalist.  (I've been doing Bikram for a LIFETIME now - a whopping 8 months.)

When you're in the studio, the instructor will go over the basic rules with you.

Stay in the room for the entire 90 minutes.

No talking.

No unnecessary movements during or between postures.  Moving more will not make your body adjust to the heat and just make your heart rate skyrocket.

Eyes forward in the mirror.

Try not to drink water out of turn.

Breathe in and out of your nose, not your mouth, after the initial breathing exercise.

If you feel like you're going to die, just take a knee and sit down on your mat.

The practice is just as much mental as it is physical.  The entire point is to push your body and your mind past what you think are your own limitations.  That's why you stay in the studio even when you think you're going to die.

To push yourself.

A Tim Tebow look alike placed his mat next to mine today.  He was nice to look at, nice physique, tall, but man - he was distracting!

He kept breathing through his mouth.

He kept moving around unecessarily.

I caught Tommy's eye during class & he just looked at me with this grin on his face.  I was just like, "C'mon man!"  Very Chris Berman-like.  ;-)

I can't do all the postures correctly because I'm just not as flexibly blessed as others.  But when I go there, I work my ass off.  And I need to concentrate as much as possible.

Those are the rules of Bikram according to me.

It was still a good class, even though Tebow got on my nerves.  It helped that he was cute (& I can't stand Tebow at all), so I'll give him that.  I think his real name was John or something.

After the class ended, he turned to me & said softly "Great class."  I mumbled "Yeah, it was" and I literally ran out of the studio with the quickness.

I felt kinda bad about it afterwards.  I mean, what harm could it have done to say more than 2 words to him?  Right?


Umm, Sons of Anarchy.  NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO.  NO me gusta.  :-(  I can't talk about it.  And I won't post spoilers about it either.  Really, really upset about this episode.

Super on track day.  Journalled everything, got in the requirements, and stayed within my points.

The scale is also down about a pound from Saturday.

I am so back in the zone!

Yeah this was a post about how distracting Tebow look alike dude was, so what?!  LOL.

Good choices!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day 1,093 - Two, No Three Pics Tuesday.

Ok, so I'm feeling better.  I had myself a little pity party, recognized it for what it was, and now it's done.  Not that I'm no longer feeling lonely, but I can't allow myself to feel that way constantly.

It blows.  I admit that.  And constantly feeling that way does me no good.

I miss my friends.  I miss talking to the awesome new peeps I met.  But again, that longing does me no good.

Especially when my focus right now should be on me and my weight loss.  And getting to goal.  And that's exactly where it's at.  That's where it belongs.

My parents live about 5 minutes away from my firm, so at lunch I hopped on over there to say a quick hello. While I was there, I looked through some of the clothes I had left - clothes that when I moved into my place, didn't fit me.  So I didn't bring them to the new place.

I found this adorable black blazer from The Gap I had bought in the fall of 2002.  Size Medium. The last time I had worn it - and it had fit - was spring 2003.  And then I started ballooning again.

Just for shiz & giggles, I decided to try it on.  What the hell, right?  Who cares about vanity sizing?

What the heck is vanity sizing exactly?  Because I'm not sure I know what that means.

Anywho, I take it off the hanger, and tried it on.  And buttoned it.

I almost fainted when everything buttoned and I didn't look like a stuffed sausage.  I'm not kidding.

The lighting here sucks, so here's another pic.
You can actually see the buttons and the features on it.  How adorable, right?

Of course, it smells like moth balls, but that's what washing machines and Downy are for.  And with autumn rapidly approaching, the timing of my fitting into this couldn't be better.

So some of you asked about what my idea would be for next year's Fitbloggin.  I'm keeping that under wraps for now.  In case I'm not chosen to speak, it would just seem foolish to announce it now.  And plus - what if someone steals my idea before I have an opportunity to formally submit it to Roni?  I ain't stupid, yo. ;-)  I might be scatterbrained, but not stupid.

8PM Bikram session with sexy instructor.  At least I thought it was.  When I got there, sexy was no where to be found.  Instead, the instructor I absolutely cannot freaking stand was there.

Guess who led the session?  Yup.  I just had to grin and bear it.

The studio was kinda packed, which meant extra sweat for me and everyone else who was there.  Not complaining, I do love me some sweat.  As you all know.

Super sweaty!

I feel so much better today.  I know this week is going to be epic.  I'm staying within my points, eating healthy and getting in the requirements, and tracking everything.

Two, no three pics for the price of ??.  I'm not sure yet.

Quick shower, then Sons of Anarchy!!  Freaking love that show.

Good choices!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 1,092 - Back to Reality.

Man, what a massively rude reality check it is coming back real life after Fitbloggin.

I mean, it was more like a slap in the face.  Going from the high of being at Fitbloggin and being surrounded by my peeps....

And then, back to the real world.  And work.  And lots of work, to boot.

Talk about a bummer.

I was left with mixed feelings.  I came back home super pumped up to take off the last 20ish pounds and ready to do whatever it is I need to do to make that happen.  And then reality.

And coming back to an empty home.

After being surrounded by all my peeps, it was like cold water being dumped on me.  It was lonely.  I feel so lonely right now.  And that freaking sucks.

I was super busy at work, which I guess helped.  But I still thought about how much it sucked being back.  I mean, I liked coming back home, but I guess I wish I could take Fitbloggin home with me.  Does that make sense?

I knew I couldn't just sit around and let the pity party take over (even though I really wanted to) so I eventally got off the couch and got moving.  Reluctantly.  I mean, really REALLY reluctantly.  I just wanted to sit there and watch DWTS.

Yes, I watch that show.  Just deal with it already.  Mkay?  ;-)

I wanted to focus on heavy strength today, so I did 23 minutes on the inclined treadmill, followed by The Firm Tough Tape with Tracie Long.  This one is just strength.  Heavy strength.  Lots of it.  They like their leg presses and squats in this one.  Oh my.  When the DVD was over, I decided to add another 10 minutes of side lunges, overhead presses, delt flys, hammer curls, heavy squats, and plie squats.  I burned 469 calories.

Hmm.  Didn't realize the boobs were so dominant in this pic.  Umm, nothing I can do about that, conservative peeps.  I swear this angle was unintentional, but there you go.

I have an idea that I'd like to submit for Fitbloggin, but I'm not exactly sure how it would work.  Especially since I'm kinda convinced that nobody has a special interest - or any interest at all, actually - in anything I have to say.

Great day.  Tracked everything, got in the requirements, and stayed within my points.

Need to shake this off and hit the hay.  I'm really tired, but I'm glad the workout is done & over with.

Good choices!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day 1,091 - GoodBye, Fitbloggin.

Good bye Fitbloggin.

I had the best, time.

It was life changing.

I'll never forget it.

I'm so glad I went.

I met so many wonderful people, and learned so much.

I was with family.  I was with my people.  And I loved it.

I missed the 5K this morning because I didn't sleep well.  But, I wanted to participate in some way, so I changed into some swag gear and headed to the hotel gym at 7:20 AM.

Me putting my game face on.

And me after.

34:09 - which is a personal best for me!  Working on shaving that time down.  I walked another 20 minutes on the inclined treadmill to get in some more cardio, and I burned 558 calories.

"You even sweat sexy, Kelly."  I can't remember who told me that at Fitbloggin.  Was it you, Tasha?  Or Kelly from NoThanksToCake?

I met some great fellow Weight Watchers.

With Krystal!  She is super tiny & super cute!  How do we look, Bailey?  :-)

The one and only Susan - AKA FoodieMcBody herself!  She found me at lunch yesterday & told me she couldn't believe that I had found the time to search out a meeting and go WI.  You're a sweetheart, Ms. Ito.  Thank you for the kind words.  :-)

I can't wrap my head around the fact that people knew who I was.  And that they were asking about me.  Kenlie told me a handful of people asked her when I was arriving when she went on the McCormick factory tour.  I have to admit - I didn't believe her when she first told me that.  It was very surprising.  It was very humbling.

I have yet to take a nap today.  Which means I'll be crashing in about T-30.

I am so sore from all the exercise things we've been doing the last 3 days.  The 5K run probably didn't help.

And yeah - Sweat is Liquid Awesome.  Nuff said.

Good choices!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day 1,090 - WI Results.

Last week's weight:  160.6 lbs.
This week's weight:  156.8 lbs.

I lost 3.8 lbs. this week!  Happy Dance - fist pump!

I went to WI at a WW center in Baltimore.  Because I am crazy.

Because only I would think to WI while on vacation.  Yes, I'm psycho, I freely admit this.

I went with Whitney, who was great enough to want to go with me and stay for the meeting, too.  She works for Weight Watchers, and it was great hanging out with her.  Thanks for the dresses, girl - they're beautiful!

Lots of cool Fitbloggin stuff, so many awesome people, so many new friends - I've just had a blast.  I can't believe it'll be over tomorrow.

I got in a great workout at the hotel gym.  20 minutes of inclined treadmill, where I ran for about 13 minutes, followed by lots of heavy strength.  Chest press, leg press, squats, lunges, lat rows, hammer curls, upright rows, plie squats, side lunges, delt flys, and kettle bell swings.  Lots of good times & great memories were made.  I burned 571 calories.

I'll leave you with some pics, just because.

Dani & me.

With Roni - the woman behind Fitbloggin!


Jess - I huge puffy heart you.  You know why.

Kelly & Kelly (@NoThanksToCake)
I can't handle the double sexy in this one.

Seriously, how can so much awsomeness exist in one photo?

I'm hitting the sack, since I'm still up in the air about doing the 5K at 7AM tomorrow.

We shall see.

More to come about Fitbloggin, especially what Jess said to me that had me burst into tears - in a good way.

Good choices!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 1,089 - WOD, Cathe, Or Last Chance Workout.

OMG, you guys.

I am freaking exhausted.

And sore.  From 2 workouts this morning.

I'mma walk you through them.  Real slow, because that's as fast as I can go right now.

The first one was CrossFit.  Tara & I put on a gun show before it started though.

Ooh - and I also saw Carla!!!!

They started with 35 minutes of instruction (give or take) followed by 25 minutes of actual working out.  Full body squats, burpees, sit ups, and pushups.  They paired us up with partners.  One of us did a set for a full minute, then it was our partner's turn.   I was paired with Theresa, I wish I knew her Twitter handle or her blog.

Full disclosure: during the burpees, one of the girls peeked out for a quick visit.


I was wearing this cute purple Nike sports tank, but apparently, it couldn't handle my boobs.  The rack is no joke sometimes.  Luckily, I noticed it right away, and fixed the problem.

There was time for breakfast in between workouts, then it was onto Cathe!

OMERGERD - Cathe is petite & a powerhouse.

Don't you mess with her - she'll show you whats up.  Like she showed us.  I was feeling it in my glutes & thighs almost immediately.

I was pouring sweat when I was done.

My thighs & glutes don't like Cathe right now.  It's ok.  They'll get over it.  I hope.

Holy Sweet Jesus.  She had us doing lots of squats, jumping jacks, plyos, lunges, and resistance/band work.

It ain't right.  And I kinda loved every single second of it.

I've met so many awesome people - friends for life, I'm sure of it!

Fitbloggin 2013 will be in Portland next year, June 27-29.

I'm not sure if I'll be going.  The cross country flight is NOT appealing to me at all.  So we'll see.

Anywho, I need to hit the sack soon.  I'm going to WI at a WW center here in Baltimore!

Good choices!

Day 1,088 - FitBloggin!

Hey, Fitbloggin!

I'm here, I love it, it's been awesome so far & I can't wait til tomorrow!

I'm exhausted, but in a good way.

I got roses from Dre.

We saw a bartender leap over the bar with the quickness and run down a dine & dasher.

I met some of my favorite peoples ever.

PinkyPie (Renee) who flew in from The Netherlands.
Elisha from
Super Giants fan Robby. It was love at first boobs.
Tasha, who came up to me, asked if she could give me a hug, then told me that she reads my blog all the time and is inspired by me.  Tasha - you're just a sweet heart.  :-)  Thank you for reading this here nonsense that I write everyday.

CrossFit & Cathe Friedrich in the morning.  Super excited!

Good choices!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day 1,087 - iPhone Has Arrived!

Yeah, this will just be an ongoing phone saga thingy.  What can I say?  ;-)

So my iPhone 4S arrived at work today.  Wanna hear something completely ironic?

My damn Droid actually charged to 100% power last night.  I mean, really?

Well, just my luck.  But the battery will be dead soon anyway, so tomorrow morning, first thing, I'm going to a Verizon place to transfer my info to the new iPhone.  Hopefully it won't take long because I need to get going to Fitbloggin!  (More on that in a sec.)

Anywho, after work today, I hit the 5:30 Bikram session with sexy instructor.  It was a great class!  Tommy kept pushing me today for some reason.  He's never really done that before.  No, no he really hasn't, now that I think about it.  Especially during triangle and standing separate leg stretching poses.

"We're not getting out of the posture until you touch your head to the floor, Kelly."

No pressure or anything.

Hamstrings, legs and shoulders are sore.  Dude worked me today.  Oh, and I sweated like a pig.  Oink!

Yeah, covered & drenched in sweat.  Happiness.

So I'm taking the train into Penn, then the bus to Baltimore.  I sooo can't wait!!

I'm packed & ready to go.  Just a few last minute stuff, like packing toiletries which is no biggie.

I can't wait to meet you all at Fitbloggin.  It's gonna be so much fun!

Spectactular day.  Tracked everything, got in the requirements, stayed within my points - awesome.

Bed now.  Traveling day ahead of me tomorrow.

Good choices!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Day 1,086 - Phone Saga Continued.

So apparently, the charging port on my phone is broken.

Which is why it won't charge and it won't hold a charge.  Which means a new battery won't make a whit of difference.

I went to a Verizon center right by work where they informed me of this.  And I am now upgrading to an iPhone 4S which is being overnighted to me.  Fingers crossed this works.  I'll have to go back to the store when I get it so that they can sync my contacts and my email address, because I don't know how to do any of that crap.

I headed to Bikram right after work.  Sexy instructor taught the 8 PM class, which is ALWAYS a good thing, yo!  I sweated hard, worked hard, and felt great.

I barely had enough battery life to take this pic, so be grateful I was able to do it!

It just don't feel right if there's no sweaty pic.  Just sayin'.

On program day.  Tracked everything, stayed within my points & got in the requirements.  Perfect.

I have been so busy trying to get stuff organized before I go to Fitbloggin, so it's been crazy!  But I kinda love it, too.

Sons of Anarchy later after Bikram.  I promise I won't post spoilers.

Apologies for the short posts lately.  Once this weekend is over, it'll be back to chatty Cathy as usual, I promise.

Good choices!

Day 1,085 - Still No Battery.

So, this really sucks.

Stupid battery.  I *might have it tomorrow.  It might arrive after I get back from Bikram, but we'll see.

I so can't wait to go back to a Blackberry.  Or a Samsung.  Or basically any phone other than a Droid.  Never again.

I had yet another busy day at work, which I'm not complaining about.   I am complaining about how the Jets just didn't show up in the 2nd half against the Steelers.  What a waste.

Dear NFL - for the love of all that is holy, just agree on what the REAL referees want so we can go back to watching REAL refs officiate games.  Mkay, thanks.

Seriously, the replacement refs are killing me.  It's brutal to watch.  Please tell us who committed the foul/penalty.  Please study the rule book.  Please stop taking 15 minutes & a day to agree on what said penalty is.  That would help a whole lot.  Just saying.

Anyone else feel this way, or is it just me?  I know I've got a few die hard football fans/readers.

Super quick workout tonight. 22 minutes on the inclined treadmill, then 15 minutes of heavy strength.  303 calories burned.

I'm lucky I was able to not only take that pic on my phone, but also post it!

Stupid phone.

Bed now.

Good choices!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day 1,084 - Heavy Strength & Dead Phone Battery.

Since yesterday, the battery on my Droid has been being a pain in the arse.  It refuses to charge.  Even with a brand new wall charger.  Basically, the damn battery just decided to up and die on me.  WIthout a moment's notice.

Which basically sucks, because apparently I am addicted to my phone.

Like hardcore.  As in, I'm having major withdrawal symptoms.  Not receiving text messages is hard - real hard.

I have a headache from it.

I called Verizon, and they're shipping a new battery to me.  Hope it's just a battery issue & not that I'll have to keep replacing my phone over & over again.  Who knows?

I hate my Droid.  I'll never get another one every again.  As soon as I'm able to, I'm upgrading to a Blackberry.

Onto something else now.

I decided to get back to my old Firm, 80s-90s Firm DVDs this morning.  I just love that sore feeling I get after heavy strength.  I started with 23 minutes on the inclined treadmill, then I did The Firm Super Sculpt.  5 different Master Instructors in this one, but I'm more than ok with that.  I added another 15 minutes of heavy strength, and I burned 621 calories.

I'm so exhausted I  MUST hit the sack.

Rest assured I had a great, on plan & on program weekend.

Good choices!

Day 1, 083 - WI Results.

Last WI weight:  155.8 lbs.
This week's WI:   160.6 lbs.

I gained 4.8 lbs. in 2 weeks.

Completely deserved.  Every last freaking ounce.

I did it to myself.  I am my problem.  I am also my solution.

I hauled my 5 lbs fatter self to Bikram to sweat out some of this self sabotage.  I worked hard, sweated hard, and felt great afterwards.

I was soaked from head to toe, literally.  I loved it.

I was determined to have a super on program day.  I went to Trader Joe's, bought healthy eats for myself, then went to DSW and then to New York & Company.  I was browsing on the DSW website where I found these boots:
They have them in brown too, but I really liked the black ones more.  I'm totally taking these to Fitbloggin, dammit.  Hehe.

I scored fresh kale, chicken breasts, beef tenderloin, Ezekiel bread, frozen stir fry veggies, salad, and nectarines at Trader Joe's.  Tank tops were on sale at Old Navy so I bought 2 because the ones I had were too big.  And I got a pair of skinny jeans there on clearance for $17.  To wear with these boots.

Me.  In jeans. In SKINNY jeans, no less.  I haven't worn jeans in 10 years because I just thought I was too fat to look decent in them.  And now I'm wearing skinny jeans.


When did that happen?  When did I become that girl?  I dunno.  But it feels freaking good as hell.

And that's what I have to remember.  This feeling.  That I'm skinnier.  That I'm healthier.  That I'm smaller.

That I can walk into any store and try on whatever I want.

Love that.

My problem is me right now.

I am my problem.  I am also my solution.

The problem isn't anyone else.  The problem is me.  The solution is me.


Feels good to have a solid day in the books.  Tracked everything, got the requirements, and stayed within my points.

Hitting the sack.

Good choices!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Day 1,082 - Last Chance Workout!

So tomorrow's WI is gonna suck.  Because I have sucked this week.  And the previous week as well, to be honest.  I mean, who am I fooling.  Just myself.

Owning up to it because it's the right thing to do.  It's done, it's over with, I'm getting sick of my bullshit, so I can only imagine that other peeps - especially you guys - are pretty sick of it, too.  I would be, if I were you.

I am so damn close to goal which is why I need to get my head out of my ass, or out of the sand, whatever.  Because this is not working for me.  I know what works for me.  Eating well & working out like a beast.

So that's what I did today.  And that's what I'm going to do from now on.  Because that's what needs to be done.  No matter what the scale says tomorrow.   And I'll deserve the a**-chewing it'll give me, every single bit of it.

Crazy busy day at work today left me feeling tired at 5.  I so just wanted to get home & lay on the couch.  I procrastinated for an hour, then decided to get to work.  I did The Firm Power Sculpt with Allie del Rio.  I like this one, it's a short strength training DVD that concentrated on a lot of reps to get some cardio in and get the heart rate up.  After, I did a solid 31 minutes on the inclined treadmill to keep the sweat on.  I wound up burning 404 calories, and I was so glad I did it!

Solid day of eating in the books.  Tracked all the eats, stayed within my points, and got the requirements in.

So I will face the scale tomorrow, it won't be pretty, but I'll deserve it.  I will accept it and move on.  Dammit!

No more screwing around.  I can still wear my size 8s, although they are a little tighter.

Bikram tomorrow morning with sexy instructor.

Good choices!

Day 1,081 - Playing the Clueless Girl Card.

I didn't work out last night, and I felt it today.

I felt the sluggishness, the lethargy.  No me gusta.

No more rest days for me.  I don't like them.  Something light activity wise is preferable to doing absolutely nothing.  20 minutes of something is doable.  I just need to remember not to waste my time on the couch or on my MacBook, as I am wont to do.

I ran out of clean work clothes that actually FIT, so I had to dig in to stash of black Victoria's Secret bootcut yoga pants.  I paired them with a cute top, and I was good to go.  :-)

When I was leaving, I had to pass by the workshop in my building where the maintenance guys are, so I decided to play the clueless girl card.  I've been wanting to hang stuff up on my walls forever, but..... I am not handy.  At all.

I am not good at that kind of thing.  I need to be, I should be.  There's only so long I can play the cute, clueless girl card.

But play it I did, and that means that one of the maintenance dudes will help me Saturday afternoon.  I'm good with that.  Because it worked.  :-)

Right after work, I get my sweat on at Bikram.  Man, I needed it.  Felt good to sweat like a beast.

Great, solid day in the books.

I've been slacking.  This shit is getting old.  If I'm up at WI Saturday morning, it will be deserved.  Results, or lack thereof, reflect effort.

No more dusting myself off.  I'm grateful that I'm at a point where I'm at a somewhat normal size, don't get me wrong.  But I want more.  And I said this last week.  Talk is cheap, so here I go.

I will not be stopped.

Good choices!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day 1,081 - Mindless Rambling.

I had to take my mother to the doctor today after work.

Ever since her hospitalization over Halloween weekend last year, she's had to go see the specialist every 2 months.  Just to make sure that everything is good with her.

Which completely messed with my schedule.  Because doctors like to keep you waiting around forever like you don't have anything else to do.

Apologies to my MD friends.  My SIL is an MD  - she would understand why I say this.

I didn't have time to go to Bikram tonight because the appointment ran late.  I was exhausted when I got home.  I made a quick dinner of roasted kale chips with olive oil and grilled chicken.

The Yankees/Red Sawx game was on, so I settled in to watch.  We won, thank God.  Jeter pulled up limping racing down the first base line.  Enough with the injuries to star players, Yankees.  You're killing me here.

Lots of water, lots veggies & fruit today. Along with lean protein.

I'm getting sick of this damn BC pill.  Can't wait to finish up this cycle.

Mindless rambling is afoot and amuck in my head.  Sorry about that.

Didn't work out today, and now I feel like such a slug.  Shoulda done a little something.  Bikram for sure tomorrow right after work.  No excuses on that one.

Over the hump, work week close to the end.

Let's make this work.

Good choices!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day 1,080 - Never Forget.

I'm a New Yorker through and through.  Born and raised.

This day is tough for me, it always will be.

To this day, I cannot bear to look at images from 11 years ago.  I can't watch the video, I can't watch movies or specials about it - I just can't.

I won't be posting an image from that day.  I just can't.

I was one of the lucky ones who did not lose people close to me that day.  That however, doesn't change how I feel about it.

I was in college in upstate NY when this happened.  I remember looking at the TV images and thinking there was no way on Earth any of this could be real.  I remember trying frantically to get through to my brother, who was supposed to be in the city that day, and not being able to reach him because all the lines were down.

I remember calling my mother, finally getting through, and asking her if she'd heard from him.

I remember finally getting in touch with him and the huge relief that came with knowing that he was ok.  That, in spite of this horrible tragedy, we were all ok.

I remember walking around campus, seeing all the students not going to class because they were on their phones trying frantically to reach loved ones back home.

I remember going home for the weekend for the first time after that, and huge American flags were draped all over the Throgs Neck Bridge.  And the George Washington Bridge too, if I can recall correctly.

I remember turning my head looking for the familiar skyline as we approached the GWB, and it not looking the same.  It will never be the same again.

That's all I can say about it.  Never forget.

It seems like such a silly transition to go from talking about that day to now talking about the present day, and what I'm doing.  Here goes nothing.

I hit the 6PM Bikram session with asexual instructor.  Sweated buckets, worked hard, and felt great afterwards.

Solid day in the books.

Umm, in the middle of watching Sons of Anarchy, and ..... poor Tig.  Holy sweet Lord.

Wrapping this up because I'm watching this show with my mouth gaping open.

Um.... yeah - I can't find the words.  I freaking love this show.  You get me, right Draz?

Good choices!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 1,079 - Running on the Treadmill.

I'm not a big fan of running.  Whether on the treadmill or outside.

Plain & simple, no me gusta.

But I can do it now.  I can run for long stretches at a time without feeling like I'm going to collapse.

So I decided to do that today.  To push myself because I know I can and I know I should.

First, I did The Firm Express Sculpt with Alison Davis.  It irks me to no end that this chick had a baby, then her body bounced right back like an alley cat after having her litter.  Grr.  My SIL is the same.  Two babies in 3 years & she looks like she never had kids.

Where is the justice?  But I digress.

After the DVD ended, I walked on the inclined treadmill for about 2 minutes, then decided to rev up the intensity.    I ran for 30 minutes straight.  At the 5.2 level.  And you know what?

I felt fine.  I felt NORMAL doing that.  I was ok.

I mean, I was pouring sweat like a sweaty beast, but I felt ok.

I decided to walk at the 3.9 level for 12 minutes after that to stretch out my workout and of course up the calorie burn.  I wound up burning 643 calories.

My sports bra was soaked to the bone.  I'm not kidding.

It was a stellar day.  It really was.

I was driving to CVS at lunch when I saw a member of an MC wearing his cut & driving his Harley.  I was feeling kinda slap happy (and maybe a little stupid) so I rolled down the window and shouted "Sons of Anarchy is one of my favorite shows ever!"

Dude just smirked at me.  Hehe.  But it was soooo apropos.

Especially since Sons of Anarchy premieres tomorrow night!  I'm going to have to rush back from yoga in order to see it on time.  No way am I missing that!  I'll DVR, too, just in case.  I do love me some Jax, you know.  Know what I mean there, Draz.

Opie ain't so bad either.  Mmm.  Delicious.   Right, Draz?  ;-)

I don't answer either phone when this show is on.  Kinda like Walking Dead.  Aint happening.  I may answer texts during commercials, but that's about it.

Yes, I realize I place way too much stock on shows.  Sue me.  I can think of worse things, mkay?

I will be sore tomorrow.  I can already feel it settling in.

On point day, and I couldn't feel better.

Hitting the sack in a bit.

Good choices!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Day 1,078 - How to Spend a Sunday.

I was pressed for time today because I was going to be super busy.

First, the workout.

36 minutes on the inclined treadmill with short intervals of running.  341 calories done.

A quick, healthy breakfast of egg whites, whole wheat toast, a peach, and my green monster smoothie, and I was out the door.

To the Jets home opener with upstairs neighbor.

I offered to pay for my ticket, but he said it was his treat.  So I gave him gas & toll money.  And I bought us waters & food when we got to the stadium.

I wore my Victoria's Secret, blinged out Jets jersey.

The Jets honored Hall of Famer Curtis Martin, who remains a class act on & off the field.  He said something that resonated with me, and I hope to do his words justice since I can't remember his exact words and I can't find his speech online yet.
Number 82, Curtis Martin's number, which was retired today.

He said something along the lines of how he and his mother struggled when he was growing up in Pittsburgh.  He was set up and destined to fail.  Poor black kid, rough area, mother who worked countless hours, neighborhood, good for nothing kids around him.

And he still made it.

Because he knew he could.  Because he knew he HAD to.  Because doing the 9-5 thing was not enough for him.

Being fat is not for me.

And I hope it's not for any of you who read this.

I don't want it - I want MORE.

Because I know I can.  Because I know I have to.

And that is how you spend a Sunday.

Watching your team win.  And listening to class act Hall of Famer who knows what he's talking about.

Good choices!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Day 1,077 - No Weigh In.

I skipped WI this morning.

Because I'm a chicken poop.  Plain & simple.  I just didn't want to face the music, nor the consequences of this past week.  I suck, I admit it.

I struggled.  I didn't work out as much, like I normally do.

I slacked off, got a little too comfortable with myself.  Which led to unhealthy food choices.  I know better.

So instead, I went to Bikram.  With flamboyant instructor.  Who apparently knows my name now.  He's the one who's going to design the new website with the before & after testimonials.

Man, I forgot how great it feels to sweat like a mofo.  I worked my tail off, and sweated like a beast.

Sweat don't lie, people.

I'm forcing myself to remember how lucky I am.  Even when I piss & moan and don't feel like doing the right things.

There is no excuse.  And anything is possible.

So I need to shut up & get to work.

Your welcome.

Good choices!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Day 1,076 - Hey You!

Hey you!

Yes, you - the person staring back at you in the mirror.  I'm talking to you!
Listen up!

You are worth it.  Every single thing you've done, every single thing that's happened to get you to this point right now has been worth it. You are pretty freaking awesome!

Wanna know why?

Because you've proved so far to yourself - and to anyone who reads this little thing on the internets - that not only can you do it, but you are doing it.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself.  You are so much stronger than you give yourself credit.  And you're extremely lucky.  Not to mention fortunate.

You have arm muscles now.  You have both arms and hands.  You have quad and hamstring muscles.  You have both legs. You can run a 5K straight without feeling like you're going to die.

Just look at everything you've been able to accomplish so far.  See above.

Be grateful for everything you have.  A lot of people have it so much worse than you.  Don't be such a brat.  I don't want to hear it.

Anytime you feel like throwing everything down the toilet - all the blood, sweat, & tears spent so far - just remember all the effort you chose to put in.

Hard work pays off.  It shows.  And you can feel it too.

It shows when you can shop at and fit into things from Victoria's Secret.

It shows everytime you try on a pair of size 8 - SIZE EIGHT! - pants and skirts.  Don't you just love how you feel when you zip them up, and button them up.  And they fit?!  Yeah, that's pretty freaking awesome.

Just remember how you feel when you eat well & work out like a badass.

Just remember where you were a year ago, and where you are now.

Stop whining about how hard it is.  It's supposed to be hard.  Everything in life worth having, worth achieving, is hard.

But you can do it.  So stop selling yourself short.

And put your money where your mouth is.

You want to reach goal by the end of the year?  Ok, let's do this.  It's crunch time now.

Cut it out already.

You'll thank me later.

Good choices!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 1,075 - Quickest Doctor's Appointment Ever.

It's not enough that I've been talking ad nauseum about this darn birth control pill and how I can't wait to switch back to the one I was taking before.  So yeah, that means I'm going to talk about it some more. During lunch today, I scheduled my appointment to see the lady parts doctor.

It was the quickest doctor's appointment ever in the history of doctor's appointments.

I got there at 2:10, was called in at 2:15 so the medical assistant could take my blood pressure, got ready with the paper gown and sheet at 2:25, doc came in about a minute later, and I was dressed & out the door at 2:35.

Now that's how a visit to the lady parts doctor should go.  Yup, over my lunch hour.  I'm totally doing that from now on.

I can't stand the cravings I'm getting - and they are constant.  It was never like this on the old pill.

I can't stand that I'm not losing any weight.  Cannot stand it.

On Tuesday, after having walked into the flood zone right by my desk, I decided to indulge not in food, but in retail therapy.  Yeah, I went to Victoria's Secret, so what?  I can shop there now, I can fit into things there now, I've worked my tail off to get to where I am, so I deserve it.

My damage?  $230, new Jets Pink gear & a new Angels card account.

I went back today because I wanted a pair of yoga pants.  And some other stuff.  I have an addiction, people.  That's how I roll, yo.  I'm no joke.

It hasn't been a particular good week.  I think inhaling all that mold and dealing with a flood situation has affected the part of my brain that does reasoning.  Or logical thinking of any kind.

I'm not really sure where I'm going here.  Except to say that I think I'll have better stuff tomorrow.  Every now and then I just run out of things to talk about.   Even when they're about ME, my favoritest subject of all.  :-)

Is it possible I transferred my food addiction to a shopping one now?  Both aren't good.  Both can be detrimental.

And both require self control.  Very interesting correlation there.


I'm too tired and it's way too late to go further with that right now.  More manana, I promise.

Good choices!

(Sorry this was all over the place tonight.  I can't be Shakespeare or Toni Morrison every night, you know.  ;-) )

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day 1,074 - On Everyday Activity.

Ok full disclosure:  I did not work out yesterday.  Nope.  I did not.

I was going to.  For real.  The plan was for me to go to the 8PM Bikram session with Tommy.  He was on the schedule to teach, after all.  So I went home after work, ate dinner, then checked the schedule online again.  You know, just for shizz & giggles.

So imagine my surprise when the damn thing had changed AGAIN and now Joe, the instructor I cannot stand more than anything in life, was now scheduled to teach.

ARGHH!!!  (That was my best Charlie Brown impression after Lucy once again snatched the football out of the way.)

Well.  Talk about completely being screwed out of a Bikram session.  Fungool.

I didn't do anything last night.   No light workout, no heavy lifting, no cardio, nothing.

And I felt..... odd about it.  I felt ok about it at first, then I felt kinda icky.  And more than a tad regretful about it too.

Nothing I can do about it now.  Even 20 minutes of something could've been done.  But it wasn't.  Well, I've learned my lesson.  We can always do something.  Even if it's just a little something.  Right?

Extra pic of the pink bikini I wore on Saturday.  Just the top view.  Because you guys know I can't stand my midsection.  And um, don't think anybody wants to see that.  Mkay.

The tatas have shrunk a little, but I still got 'em.  I do so love my pink, blinged out bikini!  And my awesome black curls.  ;-)

It's been a while since I talked about the ladies.  Hehe.

Anywho, no switch in the Bikram schedule tonight.  Tommy led the 5:30 session, and it was just what I needed.  Hard work & sweat.  Lots & lots of sweat!  Yes, I needed lots & lots of sweat today.

So I'm going to offer to pay for my ticket to upstairs neighbor, and offer gas money.  I'm also going to bring some food like I did when Wendy & I went to the Yankee game in July.  It'll be interesting to see what he says.  And how he reacts.

Twitter thought it was hysterical that this completely flew over my head.  What can I say?  Umm yeah, apparently I'm still a little naive when it comes to these things.  You know, because guys thinking I'm pretty or "hot" is still extremely foreign to me.  I've been the fat friend my whole life.  You don't just change that mentality overnight.  Even when the weight loss appears to happen overnight.

Tomorrow is my appointment with the lady parts doctor.  I so cannot wait to get off this darn pill and back to the old one.

Lesson of the day:  always do a little something everyday.  And by something, I mean activity.   You'll thank me later.  So will your body.

Good choices!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day 1,073 - When is a date NOT a date?

Today was a bad day.

Specifically, it was a bad work day.

Imagine walking into work fresh off a 3 day holiday straight into a flood.

I'm being serious - there was a flood at work.  The AC unit is in a closet right by my desk, and it leaked.  All weekend.

Right by my desk.

Which means that when I walked in this morning, my shoes were squishing on the carpet.  Because it was soaked.

Oh, but the best part - mold.  Mold will settle into all that damp, soaking wet carpeting.  And I'll be the one inhaling it.

Great start to the day.  No me gusta.  And it didn't help that I was super busy & just a bit sleep deprived.  I think I woke up twice last night for no particular reason.

And I figured out the cause to my lack of weight loss pattern the last two months - my switching my birth control pill.  The timing coincides.  So this morning I called the doctor's office and made an appointment for Thursday.  When I was on the old BC, my weight loss was consistent EVERY SINGLE WEEK.  The reason why I changed it was because I felt the hormones & the other stuff in it were making me a little crazy. But you know what?  I will take crazy & consistently losing weight every week over miserable, craving everything under the sun & NO weight loss any day of the week.

OK - yeah, I've lost some weight since I've been on this new pill, but it's nothing like it was before.  So back to the old pill it is.  The cravings are just out of control.  It's NEVER been this bad.  On the old pill, I had cravings too, but never anything like this.  Enough is enough.  If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

And that is probably more than you ever wanted to know about THAT.  :-)

Completely switching gears here for a second.  Last night, my upstairs neighbor, who I think is nice, but a little odd, knocked on my door.  He's a Jets season ticket holder, and he offered me his extra ticket for Sunday's home opener against the Bills.  He knows I am a diehard Jets fan, and without thinking, I said yes almost immediately.  I was really excited - I've never been to a Jets game and this is a new stadium.

So I tweeted about that this morning, and I got some very curious tweets in response.  Apparently, I am completely clueless.  Because I NEVER thought that he would think of it as a date.  I don't think of it as a date, I think of it as he knows I'm a diehard Jet fan, and that's the end of that. Umm... yeah.  Let me 'splain a little more.  He's a good 15 years older than me, and I look 20 years younger than him.  He's nice, but just kind of odd, I guess.  Hand to God, it NEVER occurred to me that this outing could ever be a considered a date.

BFF & another friend done set me straight on this.  The fact that I'm younger than him is a bonus, according to the other friend.  BFF told me he could've asked any of his other dude friends if they wanted to go, but instead he asked me.  Well, holy freaking donkey balls.  Oh, and she asked who was driving.  He is, which umm, made her think it was more than just 2 Jets fan going to a game together.

Which leads me to this - when is a date NOT a date?

This is so NOT a date to me, people.  And I feel all kinds of stupid for not having seen this before.

Just another day for me, apparently.  Smart & sharp in almost everything else but not when it comes to this.

Would you consider this a date?  I am clueless.

Good choices!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Day 1,072 - Holiday.

I can't believe this holiday weekend is over already.  God, why does it always go so quickly.  Grr.  No me gusta.  At all.

Weather wise, today was very strange.  Hazy, humid, not as hot as it had been the last 2 days.  Not at all the kind of weather you'd expect for this particular holiday, considering it's not far removed from the rest of the summer.

Mom came over today briefly.  It was a nice, short visit.  She told me my skin has cleared up a lot.  And then she commented on how nice and neat everything looked.  I actually dusted and vacuumed after she left, LOL.

I got in a great workout before she arrived.  I started with 32 minutes on the inclined treadmill, then I did The Firm Express Cardio with Alison Davis.   It irked me just a tad that she was still able to keep her flat, 6-pack toned stomach after having a baby.  No post-baby stomach should look that good, for crying out loud.   Where is the justice?  So unfair, I tell you.  Anywho, I added 10 minutes of extra strength just to up my calorie burn.  Heavy squats, lat rows, hammer curls, and side lunges.  Short set today.  I burned 569 calories.

I feel like I look a little darker here.  I did go to the beach yesterday.  Hmm.  Anywho, yeah, that sweat is humidity & hard-work produced.

I completed the rest of the Cinderella duties that I didn't get around to doing yesterday.  Dusting, vacuuming, wiping down my beautiful granite kitchen countertops, and the bathroom is done.  Phew.

Solid day.  Tracked everything, got in the requirements, and stayed within my points.

You know, I'm pretty psyched about entering the Weight Watchers Success contest.  I of course have no idea what will happen, but how awesome would it be if people got to vote for my story online?  I think they'll post the stories on their site and on their Facebook page.  Well, like I said yesterday, if I hear anything, I'll let you guys know.  :-)

Food prep, blog stalking, and some Twittering and then I'm hitting the sack.

Good choices!