Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hanging w/BFF.

Not much to report.

Took a rest day, and I needed it.  My back and arms are sore from KickMax yesterday.  Holy hell, all those punches, all those hammer downs - man!  That's some tough shizz, yo!

Dinner with BFF tonight.  I really wasn't in the mood to leave the house (I seriously need to get over myself) but I went & had a nice time.  Stayed later than I intended to since I do have to get up for work, but it was nice to have a nice dinner of grilled chicken and salad and chit chat.  She didn't have any chicken in the house, just meatballs and fish, so I brought my own grilled chicken with me.

BFFs can do that with each other- she didn't think it was weird at all.  :-)

We chatted, we caught up and it was good.

Quiet evening, it's raining outside, and there will be some snow tomorrow.

I'm hoping to get to Bikram on time tomorrow after my doctor's appointment after work.  We'll see.

It's nice to know that dinner can still be healthy even when I don't prepare it.  This is life, and this is what happens.  Dinners out happen, just enjoy it and be smart about it.


  1. But but but fish is YUM! Great now I want fish for dinner tomorrow. LOL Glad you enjoyed your dinner with your BFF. :)

  2. Hi Kelly, I haven't been on your blog in a long time so I haven't seen your progress. I wanted to tell you that you look fabulous!! And your skin is looking nice too!

  3. Girl, I am LOVING this positive side you are putting out. When you put out positive vibes (even if you aren't 100% feeling it) you get positive back! GO KELLY GO!!!

  4. It sounds like you had a wonderful day with your BFF!

    Good luck with your goals for the new year. You are looking fantastic!

  5. Hmm, "just enjoy it and be smart about it", good bulletin board material. Obviously the Bears didn't have this on their locker room board. Couldn't have, I didn't see anything smart from them on the field in December. Not that I am bitter or anything, nope.