Saturday, September 28, 2013

WI Results.

Hello lovelies!

I'm at about 99% healed from wisdom teeth removal.  I got my stitches out on Weds., and apparently, my left teeth were really jacked.  More so than my right side because of the weird, slanted angle they were growing in.  When the surgeon snipped the stitches on my left, I winced.  They had to be sowed super tight and I'm still feeling a slight discomfort on that side.  It's more annoying than painful, and the dull throbbing is still there.  But I'm a trooper, and taking it on the chin.  Literally.

WI this morning went swimmingly.  Wanna see?

I lost 2.6 lbs this week!

That's what happens when you're on a soft foods diet for a good portion of the week.  The only activity I could do at all were the 3-4 mile walks I did around my complex.

Happy Kelly.

I've been wanting to take a picture with my new leader Elyse for a while.  I managed to get one today.

Isn't she lovely?  She was on Project Runway a few years ago, in an episode entitle The Skinny.  She was one of the models, not one of the designers.  The models were real-life women who had each lost a ton of weight and the designers had to re-do their previous favorite outfit from their old overweight life.  Elyse's designer was Kevin, and he reworked this horrible mustard yellow blazer into a super cute and fun tube top that she wore on the runway with black leggings to show off her new figure.

Tomorrow I'm going to make a recipe in my crock pot that had been discussed in one of my meetings.  Pork tenderloin seasoned with a jar of Trader Joe's Peach salsa.  Throwing in some baby carrots in the crock pot, too.  I'm going to pair it with some skinny cole slaw.  Just a little bit of light mayo, garlic & onion powder and sea salt.

Super simple recipe with a handful of ingredients.  What's not to love?  I also think it's no coincidence that this past week, when I could handle solid foods again, I stayed away from chicken and ate more beef, and turkey.  I have to remember to switch it up more often.

This week, I'm going to focus on remembering why this is all worth it.

I have come too far, worked too hard to ever go back.

Feels great to be in this new body of mine!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Super Quick Update.

I get my stitches out tomorrow morning.  Yay!  I have just a touch of a dull ache in my lower jaw, but it's more annoying than it is painful.  The swelling is almost completely gone.  You won't be seeing any photos of my chipmunk cheeks here.  It's too embarrassing.  Your welcome.  ;-)

I've been walking a lot since the extraction, since bootcamp is too physical and intense for right now.  Once I'm healed and the throbbing goes away, I'll go back.  Even running at a slow pace hurts my face just a bit, so I'd rather not risk it.  I sure as heck don't want to delay the healing process.  I've been getting in a little over 4 miles on average since the day after I got them out.  It's a simple way to keep active.

Slowly getting into Imperial Woman by Pearl S. Buck.  I think I'm just biased in favor of South American realism, a la Garcia Marquez & Allende.

I am so grateful I rediscovered books.  I don't know where I'd be without books right now.

Today I experimented with a new-to-me breakfast recipe that I've been thinking about.  It's bacon and eggs in a ramekin roasted in the oven.  I like my bacon crispy, so what I should've done is roasted the bacon first for about 10-15 minutes at 375 degrees, then added the 2 scrambled eggs and let that cook until it was ready.

I took a slice of thick bacon, chopped it up, and put that in a ramekin that I sprayed with Pam.  Again, I should've cooked the bacon first about halfway thru, then added the eggs.

I didn't need to salt & pepper the eggs because of the great bacon flavor.  I put that in my toaster oven and kept checking it.  If you make this, you'll need to stir it every few minutes so it cooks evenly.  Cook at 375 degrees until the eggs are to your liking.  Some people like their scrambled eggs runny, I prefer them fluffy.

I'm not posting a whole lot because sometimes I just don't have anything to say.  I figure if I don't have anything of substance to blog about, then why fill my space up with fluff.

I'm taking other book recommendations, so let me have 'em.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

WI Results.

Last week's weight:  149.6 lbs.
This week's weight:  148.6 lbs.

I'm down a pound this week.  I'll take it, pretty happy with this.  It puts me at just 0.6 lbs away from getting back to Lifetime!  I really did not like having to pay to WI this week.

I met a local blog reader at my WW meeting this morning.  (I can't believe I have local readers.)  Hi Leanna!  You're such a sweetheart!  See ya next week, ok?

I'm 48 hours post-wisdom teeth extraction, and there's some discomfort and swelling.  It's to be expected, and according to the sheet of instructions I got from my dentist's office, the second day out is the most painful, and the day to see the most swelling.  So I've been icing and doing the saltwater gargles as instructed.  I've also been taking the meds on schedule (hydrocodone is some pretty good stuff, let me tell ya.)

Eating has been interesting.  Made the mistake of attempting to have this really nice steak today, and it was painful.  Darn shame since it was cooked perfectly and tasted so delicious.  Looks like it'll be more yogurt, scrambled eggs, applesauce, smoothies & ground soft meats for the next few days.

Working out has consisted of 3 or 4 mile walks. I'm going to see how I feel on Monday and decide about going to boot or not.  All that high intensity activity wouldn't be a good idea now.  Hopefully Monday my face will look and feel better, but we'll see.

I'm about 100 pages into Imperial Woman by Pearl S. Buck, and so far, I like it. It's not calling me the way House of the Spirits or the O. Henry short stories did, but I like it.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I Survived!

Duh.  As if I wouldn't, right?  (Honestly, I have GOT to stop blowing things up in my mind the way I do.  It accomplishes nothing other than making me crazy.)

It was a pretty quick procedure, which pleasantly surprised me, considering all 4 wisdom teeth were coming out.  I am not complaining, of course.  I'm just relieved it's done & over with.

The swelling is not bad at all.   My left cheek has a bit more swelling than my right.  My upper mouth is not numb at all, but my lower jaw & bottom lip are still pretty numb.  I have pain meds, antiobiotics, and an ice pack that I'll apply tonight before I go to bed. 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off.

When I felt hungrier after I napped for a few hours, I had some soup, yogurt, applesauce, ice cream, and a mashed sweet potato. And water. Nothing solid yet.  I'll try tomorrow depending on how I feel.

I don't have any pain at all in my upper jaw, but I do feel a bit more discomfort in my lower.  My left side is slightly more uncomfortable than my right.  The doctor did say my lower wisdom teeth were growing in at an angle and therefore they were slightly more problematic. Which explains the discomfort. I'm good, tho.

I remember when I had my laparascopy in 2009, I bounced back pretty quickly and felt almost no pain the next day.  The incision site was tender, not painful, for a few days, but that went away pretty quickly.

Thank goodness for bouncing back quickly.  I think I inherited that from my Mom. :-)

News of A Kidnapping is all done & read, and I absolutely loved it!  I checked out Imperial Woman from the library on the advice of Ileana, and that will be my next read.  I also have Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Garcia Marquez because I do love that man.  And Sons of Anarchy is waiting for me on my DVR.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

T - Less than 24 Hours.

I'm getting all 4 of my wisdom chompers yanked Thursday morning.   I am locked, stocked, and armed with the following:

  • antibiotics and pain meds.  Hydrocodone will be my  BFF the next few days.
  • chicken broth
  • beef stock
  • some canned soups (not looking forward to that)
  • Fage yogurts
  • sweet potatoes for mashing
  • protein smoothies
  • applesauce
  • library books
I am hoping that it won't be as bad a deal as I'm making it out to be in my head.  I'm sure it won't be.  I always make things "worst case scenario" in my head for some reason.  It's a less than endearing quality I am trying to get rid of.

K should be here so he can hand feed me ice cream.  Or chocolate pudding. Darn shame. I'm not caring about Paleo tomorrow.  As it is, I'm rethinking the whole Paleo scheme.  Not sure what to do about that yet.

Sunday was Dani's birthday, and she had invited fellow blogger peeps to celebrate with her virtually by running/walking a 5K anytime this week.  I got mine in that morning.  I used the Nike Run app on my phone to track my distance & speed.  I finished in 34:05.

This is my "thank God I'm done" face.

Anywho, I'll post a quick update tomorrow after it's done & over with.  Hopefully it won't be so bad.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

WI Results & Quick Update.

First things first.

I'm up almost 4 pounds from my last weigh in, and from my lowest weight too.  I had to pay to WI as well, which irked me.

I don't feel much different.  Pants felt a bit snug last week, but they're fine now.  Extra bloat? I'm not sure it's muscle. It's possible my body composition has changed or is changing.  There's no way to know.

This is Pat, the lady who has weighed me in every single week since I started Weight Watchers in 2007.

My leader, Elyse, asked me to say a few words at the meeting this morning and tell the members about my success story.  I said that no matter what, I just tried to be as consistent as possible, and I kept tracking.  The lady who spoke after me, Lorraine, said I don't give myself enough credit, which was very nice of her.

For now, I will continue to track and be consistent. It might just be normal fluctuation, so I will not stress over it to the point of obsessing.

Weight loss isn't linear.  I know that now.  But I am confident I will be back within my normal range next week.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Changing Things Up.

Lately I've been thinking what I'd like to do with my blog in terms of changing it up.  I always knew that at some point, I would stop losing weight and not have to post incessantly about my weight, my workouts, and anything weight-loss related.  Not that I'll never post about that again, it just won't be my primary focus any longer.

The weight loss ticker has to go, in my opinion.

I want to arrive at a point where I feel great about where my weight is (within reason, of course) and I'd also like to write about other things.   Like life, books and recipes!

I finished House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende last week and am currently reading News of a Kidnapping by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.  Of course, the copy I checked out of the library is absolutely useless since it's been translated into English from the original Spanish version.  (I read 100 Anos de Soledad in Spanish and English when I was in college.  I cannot recommend that book enough.  Garcia is one heck of a writer.)  And yes, the irony that he is Colombian like me is noted on me.  :-)  I'm about 100 pages in so far, and I am riveted.

It's about the real life kidnapping of reporters, journalists and their crews, and relatives of politicos in Colombia in 1990.  Pablo Escobar, the head of the Medellin cartel used this form of terrorism because he protested one particular condition of a decree signed into law: extradition to the US for narco-traficantes if they were arrested and/or turned themselves in.  In one hand, he offered peace by his surrender while holding terrorism, violence & fear in the other.

I also tried out this recipe that I found floating around online on Pinterest.  Now I understand why I don't have an Instagram nor Pinterest account: it's far too easy to waste valuable time - and braincells - on these sites.

Pesto baked chicken.  You can find the link for the recipe here.

It was delicious, but the only thing I would recommend is making your own pesto sauce from scratch.  I used a store bought pesto, and it was good, but way too oily for my taste.  I also brushed both sides of the chicken with the sauce, since chicken breast tends to be very bland.  This is what my version looked like.

I added some cherry tomatoes & shredded mozzarella cheese on top of the chicken later. Yummy.  If you're going the  low carb option, spaghetti squash with the left over pesto sauce would be tasty also instead of regular or whole what noodles.

Ileana - Pearl S. Buck is next on my reading list after News of a Kidnapping!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Heart Felt Thank You.

Thank you all for your comments and your support.  I cannot find the proper words to express my gratitude to you all!

I have so many thoughts swirling around in my head lately as I adjust to this new part of my life.  Things I'd like to get off my chest.

First thing: I think I've given the misconception that I hate my body.  That is false.  I do not hate my body.  I think I did, at one point at the height of my obesity, but when I think back on it, what I truly hated was the fact that I did this to my body.

It's no secret I am not a fan of my loose skin, but I've said this before, and I will say it here again:  I'd MUCH rather have 10 pounds or so of loose skin, than 120+ pounds of fat and lard on my body.


I am grateful for this body, this one body that I have.  I've put it through hell and back, but in the end, it has remained resilient.  And strong.  Just look at the arms if ya'll don't believe me!  ;-)

I am so grateful to everyone who has supported me on my weight loss journey, more than you will ever know.  I'm even ok with the not-so-supportive people, because it reminds me how lucky I have been to have the support I've had.  That it's an unfortunate reality is neither here nor there - it's just reality.  People will want to see you succeed, and some people will want to watch you fail.  Eh.

I've also been thinking about something I said last week, about how you should write your own story and not try to emulate anyone else's.  That is easier said than done, I know.  Believe me, I know.  Here is how I have had to think about it:

There's always someone out there wishing they could be in your shoes.  Be aware of that, and be aware that what you view as your failures is someone else's success.

I'm also learning to appreciate what I have now. This is something I should've learned a looong time ago.  I'm lucky for what I have - and NO, I do NOT want what anyone else has.   I have fought tooth and nail to have this, all this.  All the ups & downs - it's just been so worth it.  I want what I have now, and I want what I know I will have in the future.  You must act, think and feel as if you already have what you want.

Next Saturday is my first official WI since making Lifetime.  I went to my meeting but didn't weigh in, and now I'm regretting that.  I'll make it right next week, and I'm confident that it'll be a great WI.

Thank you all again.  Sharing that pic was hard, but in the end, it was not the hardest thing I've ever had to do.

It's just one more step, of many more, in this journey.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

What Losing 125 Pounds Looks Like.

I debated many times, back and forth with myself, whether to actually write this post or not.

It's not anything bad, it's just a huge step for me.  Right out of my comfort zone.

I've written before about my loose skin, about how I carry most of it around my stomachs, and some on my inner thighs.

This is my body post 125 pounds-ish weight loss. Umm, except lower body.  Oops.

Nothing photoshopped, nothing altered. Just real, genuine, unapologetically me.

This is me, flaws, stretch marks, loose skin and all.

This is what I mean when I refer to my midsection as my double stomachs.

Does it look as bad as I'm imagining it in my head to be?  No.  Could it look a lot worse?  Yes.  Could it look better?  Shrug.

Because it's me, I'm making it out to be a lot worse in my head.  If I were to see this same skin on anyone else, I'd think - hey, it's really not that bad.

Everything is relative.  This is me.

I am owning it.

(Please to overlook the mess on the bed behind me. Mkay, thanks.)

Those of you who have lost oodles of weight, like the equivalent of a person, how do you feel about your bodies post-weight loss?

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Drive By.

Sorry for the lack of updates.  Life has just been hectic.

Sunday I went to my folks only to discover that Mom had slipped in the bathtub and was unable to get out. The door was locked from the inside, and that meant having to kick the door in.  My brother & SIL came over to help.  Even if I had kicked the door down (I waited for my brother) there was no way I'd be able to lift her up by myself.  My brother & I had to do it together.

Mom had no broken bones & no concussion (it is an excellent thing having a SIL who is a doctor, trust me on that one.)  Just some black & blues along her side.

She is ok, and we have hired the aid back.

I'm not entirely certain when my parents got old, but I don't like it at all.  It blows.  But this is real life, and you just have to deal with it in the best way possible.

And that is what has been happening in my neck of the woods.

I will try to post some more up beat stuff later, I promise.   I really do NOT want to become one of those ho-hum, woe-is-me bloggers.  Ugh.

I also don't want to become a trainwreck blogger.  The kind of blogger who laments her progress, or lack thereof, at weight loss while simultaneously posting oodles of photos of all the cheesecakes, cupcakes, cookies and booze that she's been baking and consuming.

Please shake/shank me if I ever resort to that kind of blogging.  Mkay?

More upbeat, happy things after this.