Thursday, May 29, 2014

Belated (Almost) Wordless Wednesday.

Last night during Weight Watcher chat on Twitter, Sarah (@sarahsundae) mentioned how she had been binge free since April 2013.  This book helped her immensely in getting her process.  So I immediately went off to Amazon, and promptly bought it.

I'm not now nor ever have been bulimic.  But I'm curious about the information provided in here.  Binging is something I struggle with, I've made no secret about it.

Binge free for 7 days now.

Laying off the sugar.

And now I move forward.  :-)

Anyone ever read this book?  What did you think?

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Whoa I did not mean to stay away from blogging this long.  Huge my bad.  So I'll try to make up for my absence with pictures!

Friday, we got out early from work because of the holiday weekend.  So I began the holiday weekend by hitting up the 5PM Bootcamp session.

I really must stop placing my hand over my midsection and loose skin.  I don't even realize I'm doing that until after the picture has been taken.   In my defense, I was a sweaty mess, so I wasn't thinking clearly.

Saturday I went to my WW meeting, spent time with my people, dragged myself to Saturday Sweat, and then frolicked with puppies!

Giving Mia puppy besitos.

Mia giving me puppy besitos.

Allie, a rambunctious 6 month old German Shepherd puppy.  Those Gizmo ears, Jeanette!  She's a mini Koda!!!

Watson, the Bloodhound, who is also a show dog.  He's won Best in Breed a few times, I believe.

And then, after frolicking, it was off to the beach!

My friend Brittany & I hung out Saturday and walked 3 miles along the Cross Island Parkway, next to Bayside Marina.  And we grabbed a quick dinner at a local joint called Press 195.  We both had salads, mine was antipasto, hers was citrus chicken.  She had a cocktail, I stuck with lemon water.

I prefer to eat my calories, not drink them.

No overeating, no uncomfortable food choices this holiday weekend for me.  No crazy BBQ's either.  Just enjoying healthy meals & spending time out with friends in this gorgeous weather.

If you overindulged, remember everyday is an opportunity to start fresh.

And you?  How was your weekend?

Sunday, May 18, 2014

5K PR!

I am not a runner.  I just play one on my blog.

Yesterday, my Bootcamp buddy Brittany (alliteration was unintentional) & I ran the Hance Family Foundation 5K together.  I skipped my WW meeting in order to do it.  I'll go next week.

The race started promptly at 9:30AM, and we were shocked at how many runners there were.

This is B & I before the race, getting our game faces on.

It was the perfect day for a race.  Sunny, in the high 60s with the heat rising, and a semi-flat course.  Brittany pushed me to keep going, not stop, and run faster than I ever have before.

There were a few moments where I felt like I was going to die, but I knew if I could just keep going, it would be ok.  Plus, I wanted to finish the race in the 30s, so if I had stopped to walk, that wouldn't have happened.

Know what did happen?  I set a PR!!!!

30:47 was my official time, which is a 9:56/mile pace.  That's crazy.  I mean, real crazy.  For me, that's pretty fast.  I shaved 6 seconds off my time from last year's 5K in Manhasset.

Post race glow.  I'm smiling my best "OMG, I almost died" smile.

We sprinted the last 30 yards or so, with me huffing and puffing.  Brittany & I held hands as we crossed the finish line, it was a very sweet moment.

DOMS & soreness began to set in immediately.  I'm not kidding.  When we crossed the finish line, I walked around a bit to cool down and I was walking like a robot.  Oof, I was in pain, still am.  But that soreness feels great at the same time.

Temporary tattoo supplied in the goodie bag from the race.  The three little girls are the Hance daughters that perished in the terrible car accident in 2009 on the Taconic Parkway.

Fitness doesn't always have to be so chore-like.  Do something fun and include your friends!

Ever run a 5K?  Like it, hate it?   What didn't you like or did like about it?

Friday, May 16, 2014

Steps to Having a Green Thumb & Quick Update.

1.  Inherit it from Mom.  Mom is a great gardener.  Or she used to be until her two knee replacements last year.  Since then, she doesn't garden much, but she still does maintain her potted flowers and plants.

2.  Get pots & Miracle Gro Potting Mix, and get working.  Sprinkle the seeds when the pots are mostly full, then sprinkle just a dusting of the potting mix over the seeds.  Water, and keep the pots in a place where they will get plenty of sunlight.

3.  Check the soil to see if it's dry or damp.  You don't want to overwater them, because you'll end up basically drowning the poor things.  And if you do everything right, you'll get this:

I have seedlings!
Dill, oregano & basil.  I planted them in pots 2 weeks ago and this is what they look like now.
I'd like to plant thyme & Italian flat leaf parsley too, and some African violets.  My place could use a bit more green.
My friend Brittany & I are running the Hance Family Foundation 5K tomorrow morning.  If you're local, come out & say hi.  We are running it for fun, we're not trying to set any PRs.  Plus, I'm not a runner. 
I've also decided to throw my hat into the ring for Shape Magazine one more time.  Let's see what comes of it, eh?  Success stories should be shared - I think it gives people hope that there is another side to weight loss.  I know when I was losing my weight, I loved reading about the success stories.  I'd imagine myself one day being one of them.  Power of positive thinking, people.
Now, I'm off to master that talent as mine has been lacking somewhat.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Life Is Good.

Last week, I was thinking about how the Universe likes to work its magic.   Initially, I had been really excited and looking forward to another amazing opportunity that didn't work out.  And before I had a moment to blink, it would appear that something else, possibly even better (fingers crossed), has now fallen into my lap.

It's funny how the Universe works, isn't it?  One door closes, etc.   My friend Carla is a big believer in the mantra THERE ARE NO ACCIDENTS.  We don't meet people by accident.  We don't go through triumphs and tribulations by accident.  There are reasons for why these things happen, it's just that we don't always see it or know it until later.

That said, I don't know what is going on with the Shape feature.  The freelancer has been released from the project, I believe, and I have not been contacted since.  So when I know anything, I promise I will keep you guys posted.

Life is good though.  This was sent to me last week by Adrienne, a long time reader & follower of my blog.

She's a busy mom of 4 (four!) boys and she still had time to send me this incredibly sweet and thoughtful gift.  Thank you, sweet lady!

You can't see it from this picture, but the charm bracelet also had "125" on it, signifying the number of pounds I've lost.  :-)

There are no accidents.  And life is good.  :-)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Gratitude & Humility.

Last night, I participated in WWchat on Twitter.  If you tweet & you're a WW member, I highly recommend participating in the chat every Weds. night from 8-9 PM EST.  It's a great way to connect with fellow members & like minded tweeps.

I've written about this before, how grateful I am for my bloggy/tweeps/WL peeps.  I don't know where I'd be without all of you! 

Last night during WWchat, the question was this:

"Do you journal/blog/find some other way to remind yourself of positive changes you've made in your life for when you are feeling down?"

My friend Katie (@ladykatieNYC) said that she reads my blog for inspiration, saying that I'm her favorite WL blog.   And then, I became a teary-eyed fool. 

If anyone is inspiring, it's her!  She's down 92 lbs on WW and was in the commercial last year with Jennifer Hudson.  Talk about a rock star.

I am so humbled that she would say that to me.  I am humbled if anyone says that to me.

If my story helps one person, I am happy.  I am grateful.

My blog is my voice.  And I am so grateful for this little corner of the internet that is mine.

Be you, share your voice, don't look for the easy way out, don't look for freebies or hand outs when it comes to weight loss because none exist, and put in the time and the effort.  Do the work, appreciate every single step of the journey, and enjoy the ride!

It's worth it - I promise!

You'll be humbled and grateful that you did.


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Random Weekend Musings.

I've recently decided to add to my fitness routine.  I am determined to perform an unassisted chin up - I mean, super freaking determined.  So in addition to Bootcamp, I have decided to add an upper body routine at home three times a week.  Today was my second day of this routine.

To perform a chin up, your back and of course your upper body in general needs to be strong.  To get it strong, you need to lift heavy.  So here is what my routine has looked like.

Three sets of these exercises, 12-16 reps, depending on how fatigued my muscles get throughout.

Lat rows, using 20 lb dumbbells.

Upright rows, using 15 lb pounders.

Lat pull downs using my medium resistance chord.

Seated rows with the resistance chord wrapped around the balls of my feet and crisscrossed.

French press using one 20 lb dumbbell.

Day 2 of this routine, and my tris and back are on fire!

At Bootcamp this morning, I was performing a move where I was holding plank for a few seconds, then doing a pushup.  The trainer was walking around observing us, making sure our form was correct, and when he got to me, he said, "I can see your back is working hard!  Your back is ripped, Kel!"

Cue attempted smile while pouring sweat.

At my Weight Watchers meeting yesterday, a member was saying that she had had an awful week, and she didn't want to WI and see the bigger weight number in her record book.  Now I've been there, I understand that feeling of not wanting to WI after a bad food week, but I also know how important it is to stay accountable and face the consequences.  Because it's never as bad as you may think it is.

Anywho, I was trying to say that in the meeting (I very rarely speak up in my meeting, and my meeting fan and I will talk before the meeting or we'll text because I just don't have anything to share) when everyone started speaking at once.  How they understand not wanting to WI and she shouldn't, etc.

Sigh.  To each his own.  I love my leader to death, I think she's extremely sweet, but that meeting got a bit out of hand.  No fault of her own, it's just that there are certain people who take the meeting over.


I recently decided to find out if I inherited my Mom's green thumb.  Yesterday, I planted herbs in pots.  Basil, oregano, and chives.  I also bought a flower cactus plant and planted that as well.  My place needed a little more green.  Fingers crossed the seeds start blooming in a few weeks.  I'll keep you posted.

Finally, I bought a lacrosse ball to stretch out my right heel and ease the plantar fasciaitis that I've been experiencing there lately.  I didn't want to admit that I have PF, and while it's painful, it's not excruciating.  Better to be proactive about it now before it turns into a major issue.  My friend John is a CrossFitter, and he's the one who suggested using the lacrosse ball to ease the pain.   I used my gift card and bought it from Amazon, so it'll ship here soon.  For now, I'm just applying slight pressure on the floor to ease the twinge there.

Isn't having pain just a pain in the neck?