Thursday, July 31, 2014

Belated (Not Quite) Wordless Weds.

Yes, I know it's Thursday.

Yes, I know this isn't a wordless post.

Sometimes, I get overly analytical.  To the point where I think and think and then think some more about things until it becomes ridiculous.

I create problems where there are none.  Talk about a waste of time and energy.  So this is what I need to remind myself of today.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend Update.

What a fun, crazy weekend!  I was sad to see it end.

Saturday was my friend Brittany's birthday, and we were all meeting up at Prime, which overlooks the water in Huntington.  It was later in the evening when we met up, and I met some of her friends she went to college with, who were so nice.

We talked, mingled, danced and just had fun.  I wish I had taken more photos.  I only took one.

With the birthday girl.

Sunday was filled with cleaning house, laundry, and food prep.  In my crockpot, I made pulled chicken and beef.  I had some already prepared veggies, so I put the meat & chicken over them.  Lunches done for the week!  Easy, tasty meals - yum!

One of my Weight Watchers friends shared this article from Thought Catalog.  The author had me at self-deprecating humor being endearing.

Have you read the article?  Thoughts?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Quick Update on Mom.

It's been a rough time for our family recently.

Last month, Mom had surgery to repair a hernia, which led to aggravated ongoing heart problems, which led to swelling in her right leg.

The swelling was worrisome, as that is indicative of possible blood clotting.  :-(

So her surgeon ordered a scan to rule out clots, and on Monday, she had scans conducted in both legs, and I am soooo happy and relieved to report the scans showed no clots!  All of us are so relieved, I can't even put it into words.

She is the heart and soul of our family.  She drives us all crazy sometimes (what mother doesn't?) but in the end, we love her and we all just want her to get better.  My brother, sister and I realize just how lucky we are to have her.  I know there are folks out there who would chop off their right arm and sell their soul just to have 5 more minutes with their mother.

Mom is a slow healer, and her recovery has had its ups and downs.  We are hopeful there will be more ups now as she proceeds with her recovery.

Thank you for sending the positive thoughts and vibes to her.  My family and I appreciate them all so much!

Comments are closed.  Please reach out to someone you know may be going through a rough time.

Friday, July 18, 2014

After BL.

I saw this article floating around online today.

Isabeau Miller was a contestant on The Biggest Loser back in 2007.  I don't watch the show anymore, but I vaguely remember her and the season she was on.  The article brings up valid points.

Numbers 5 and 7 in particular hit home.  We don't know what kind of demons other people may be battling, so we make assumptions.  Lord knows I've been guilty of this numerous times, and I'm certainly not proud of it.  Unless you start talking to them, you'll never really know what a person's life is like.  Or what they are dealing with.

We'll have to work a lot harder at maintaining our weight loss.  This one is not a surprise.  It does make sense, after all.  The metabolism for a person who's lost a lot of weight will not be the same as the metabolism for a person who's never been overweight.

Set a new goal that has nothing to do with the scale or weight loss.  YES.  I've been trying to focus more on strength and trying to perform the unassisted pull up.  The pull ups still elude me, but I know it'll take more focus and attention than I've been giving it.

On tap for this weekend are the usual cleaning house, farmer's market visit, and maybe a quick trip to the beach.  I've picked another book from the library by Gabriel Garcia Marquez called The Autumn of the Patriarch.  Sunday I'm going to my brother's house to hang out with my niece & nephew before my brother's family head out for their vacation later next week.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Plastic Surgery.

It's no secret that I want to get plastic surgery to remove the loose skin on my stomach and my inner thighs.  I've written about it, tweeted about it, talked about it with my friends in real life, etc.

Specifically, I'm going to get a full abdominoplasty and panniculectomy, and liposuction to remove the hanging loose skin on my inner thighs.  These would have to be broken down into two separate procedures, as my understanding is that the skin is stretched one way for the abdominal section, and then in the opposite way for the liposuction/skin removal for the thighs.

The procedures would also have to be performed a year apart, since that's how long it takes for skin to heal and stretch into its proper "placement" on your body.

Two different procedures, with hours under anesthesia, which amounts to double the hospital costs.   Hence, the reason why I decided to start a GoFundMe page.

The costs for these procedures (there would be at least two procedures) are astronomical.  I live in NY, and everything here in NY is more expensive than just about anywhere else in the States. So I set up this page.

My loose skin is result of a 120 pound weight loss.  I wouldn't trade having lost this weight for anything in the world.  It has improved my health, my life, my way of thinking - it has made me into the healthiest, best version of myself I have ever been.

And my loose skin is a physical badge of honor.  Believe me, I'd so much rather carry around the loose skin than another 100+ pounds of fat on me.

Can it be improved with more weight training and working out?  Yes, of course it can.  Will working out and weight training make the loose skin disappear?  No, it will not.

I want to be very clear about one thing.  My choosing to have surgery (and I will have surgery, it's just a matter of time) does not mean that I hate myself.  It does not mean that I hate my body.

I love myself.  I love my body.  I've worked damn hard mentally and physically to do so, trust me.

It's because I love myself, it's because I love my body that I'm going move forward with this.  Because I've worked my butt off, kicked, cried, practically sweated blood & tears to get to this point.  I've put in the hard work, and yes, I believe I deserve this.

If I hated myself, I'd be back at my starting weight now.  I love myself enough to know that it is ok with wanting to improve the quality of my life.  And my body. For me, that means having surgery.

Having loose skin is not great.  It is not fun.  My inner thighs have become darkly discolored because of years of rubbing together.  The skin on my midsection bounces up and down when I'm working out at Bootcamp, causing me a lot of discomfort, chafing, and rashes.  Clothes don't fit me properly because of my stomach skin.

If you don't live in my body, then you have no idea just how uncomfortable it can be.

I'm all for doing what a person can do to improve how they feel and to improve their quality of life.  If that means getting surgery, then so be it.

It's possible to love yourself and your loose skin enough to want to say goodbye to it.  Don't we all deserve to live in the healthiest possible form of our bodies?  Wanting to improve ourselves is a good thing, it's a positive thing, and we should all strive to be healthier versions of ourselves.

Now you - have you had skin removal surgery?   What was your experience like?

I'm all for hearing your opinions and your comments.  I just ask that you deliver them with tact and in a respectful manner.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Quick Update.

Shape has reached out, and we're in the process of holding discussions.

Interview scheduled for tomorrow.

I'm working on booking another plastic surgery consult soon - this time, I've gotten a recommendation.

I'm learning that it's ok to ask for help when I need it, and to seek out guidance from people who've been where I want to be.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Dear Shape.

Hi there.  Remember me?  Let me refresh your memory, in case you don't.

Back in April, one of your staff (freelance writer, I’m presuming) contacted me about being featured on your website as a weight loss success story.  She even followed up with a phone interview after a few email exchanges, and told me she’d be in touch as to when I’d be featured.

I became excited.  Like, super excited.  Holy cow!  I’m going to be featured on a national website! - kind of excited.

I told my friends and family.  I blogged about it.  I couldn’t wait!

Then you guys dropped the ball, PR-wise. 

There was some major fall out for a few weeks because of the massive faux pas on your part.

There’s no need to rehash all that.  The story went viral, everyone knows what happened.

The freelancer who had contacted me initially was thrown under the bus, unceremoniously fired from her writing gig, quite unceremoniously might I add, and then...


I understand your publication and website had to clean up a major publicity disaster in the wake of your epic PR screw up, I get it.   You were too busy dealing with the aftermath and fallout to return my emails and my tweets in which I asked for an update about being featured on your site.  Your PR team had to go into overdrive to repair the damage. 

I get all that, I do.

You even did right by extending the olive branch to other weight loss bloggers.  That was a nice touch, and I applaud your publication for trying to do the right thing.     

But here’s where you have dropped the ball.  Again.           
I have heard nothing from you.  Nothing.

I just want to know what happened, what’s going on.  I’ve even reached out via email and Twitter, just wondering what’s going on. 


Have you contacted the other weight loss bloggers who were supposed to be featured?  My guess is no, you have not contacted them.  Have you forgotten about them?  Will they still be featured? Do they know what’s going on?  Again, my guess is no.  

Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.  This is one instance where I hope I am wrong.

Those stories matter.  My story matters.  At least, you thought so, because I was the one who was contacted by your publication in the first place.

Those ladies (I’m assuming they’re ladies, no hate against the dudes if male weight loss bloggers were to be featured) worked hard to get their weight off, and those success stories should be published.  People who are still working on their weight loss journeys should read about the success, the work that goes into maintaining a massive weight loss, how blogging about your journey helps in getting the weight off, how life changing that kind of physical transformation can be, and that it CAN be done.  It has been done, and hard work should be recognized.

Let your readers know about the success stories out there.  Shouldn’t they?  After all, your organization are the ones who contacted us in the first place!

Maybe reading our success stories will inspire one of your readers to embark on their own weight loss journeys.  Maybe it won’t.

But we’ll never know now, will we?  Not unless your organization decides to honor its original commitment.  I hope you do the right thing again this time.

Awaiting your response,

Kelly Espitia

Saturday, July 5, 2014

My Body is a Product of my Lifestyle.

That's what Roni said in my Fitbloggin discussion last weekend, Life After Goal.  And it was the single most important thing that I took away from Savannah.

It resonated with me, and it stuck.  In terms of maintenance, in terms of how long I've been able to maintain my weight loss and a healthy weight.

Every time I make healthy food choices, every time I choose to go to Bootcamp, or workout on my own, it is more proof that these choices are now an ingrained part of my life.  And, it's reflected in a healthy body.  My healthy body.

On the Savannah waterfront.  Please to excuse the humidity drenched hair.

My body composition has changed so much in the last two years, in the last year alone.  So while the scale has inched up, I know some of it has to do with having added more muscle tone.

Getting stronger, challenging myself physically, and not beating myself up if I have "bad" food versus "good" food have all been a part of my growth in the last two years.

I accept that it's taken hard work to get here.  I accept that my body is a result of my lifestyle.

I accept that I practice moderation, and I don't feel bad or guilty about it.  It's life, I'm living, and the less complicated I make it, the better.

One healthy, conscience decision at a time.