Monday, December 29, 2014

End of Year.

I stopped making resolutions a while ago.  New Year's resolutions are very easy to kick to the curb, I think.  That's not to say I don't like setting goals.  Everyone has goals, that's nothing new.  That said, I'd like to think that I still learned a lot about goal setting this year, and I hope to take that into not only the New Year, but also other places of my life.  Yeah, I'm still working on those pull ups.  Those damned pull ups are still eluding me, lol.

I learned what didn't work for me when I hit goal last year.  I learned it's very easy to put my head in my butt and kind of just coast along.  (I don't want to do that anymore.  That's a major recipe for disaster.)  I will say I am working on having a clearer head.  It's a daily process, it's something that, like weight loss and maintenance, I have to work on every single day.

The year was both good and bad for me.  There were really good things about it, and really bad things about it.  Honestly, who can't say that about their year, right?  I'd like to believe that even the bad stuff (like Mom having to be hospitalized) that happened were hard taught lessons that'll help me later.  I'd like to think that you can still take something good out of a really bad situation.

What I'd like in the new year is some more stability and more consistency.  Whether it's about my maintaining my weight, or financial issues, or my friendships and my family.  I'm lucky to have what I do have, and being grateful for everything is something else I'm being mindful of.

It's so easy to get caught up in the insignificant things in life that you lose focus on the significant things, right?

I did not intend to be very contemplative tonight, but Jeanette's post earlier got me thinking.  So, it's really all your fault, girl.  :-)

I'm still rehabbing the knee, still food prepping on Sundays, and still fighting to get back to goal.  I think 2015 will be the year of the fight and the settling within my goal range for me.  Thank goodness I'm not too far away from it, but I'm certainly not as close to it as I'd like to be.  (Prime example of head-in-butt syndrome right there.  You'd think at some point I'd learn a thing or two, sheesh.)

I'm not doing anything special for NYE, I'll probably just go to my brother's house.  Doing anything that night is always a crapstorm around here.  I prefer doing something fun and quiet.

Til next time.  :-)

Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Greetings!

Hello and Merry-Belated-Christmas to you all!  Hope you all enjoyed the holiday and were able to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

And if this isn't a pleasant time of year for some of you, then I hope you enjoyed free time and made it through the day.  I get not everyone loves this time of year, for different reasons.  It can be tough and very stressful.

We celebrated Christmas Eve.  I cooked and brought lasagna over to my Mom's, but I just didn't have the time, nor the energy, to make Italian cheesecake from scratch.  In retrospect, that was a good call, because I would've been tasting and tasting that batter and adding to the food consumption for my day. So not necessary, you know?  So instead, I went to a local bakery, and picked up an already made cheesecake.  Viola - problem solved!

Here's how the lasagna came out.

When I was making the sauce, I kept thinking about that scene in Goodfellas, where Henry calls home to check on the sauce, and his little brother shouts:  "I'm stirring the sauce!"


And the Yorkies begging.  Because  that's what they do.

We can haz some lasagna, si?

I cut a small piece of lasagna and a small piece of cheesecake, (which I foolishly didn't take a picture of) and called it a day.  I tracked every single bite and I was done.  No guilt, it was my Dad's birthday, he enjoyed the food, and he had a nice day.  :-)

Also - I took ZERO leftovers home with me.  Win.

Hope you all had, once again, a really nice day.  :-)

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Nothing To See Here.

I know I've been quiet, but it's because I'm a tad bit busy with Christmas stuff!

Tonight, I have physical therapy, then back home to wrap gifts and get the last of the ingredients for the lasagna I'm making tomorrow.  I make it once a year, as it's my Dad's favorite, and Christmas Eve (Noche Buena) is also his birthday.

Please know I'm not face planting into a huge bowl of junk food, ok?  :-)  Since I've gotten over my cold/flu a few weeks ago, I've been in a really nice groove, with just a few missteps here and there.  Nothing to be concerned about, it's just life.

It's a bit stressful right now, but it comes with the territory, right?  This time of year is always a bit stressful.

I won't be posting too too much unless I'd like to discuss something, so don't be alarmed if I'm not back til next week.  (For the 3 of you who still read my blog, anyway.)  :-)

Ok, have a wonderful, happy, and healthy Christmas!

Friday, December 19, 2014

PT & Thyroid.

I have 3 more weeks of PT left, and I'm making the most of it.  I've been following the advice of the experts, and doing the stretches and exercises at home on the days I don't have PT.

The knee is still swollen, but that will last for a while.  No strenuous activity, in fact, I'm laying off the cardio.  What I'd really like to do is focus on upper body and core (my weakest link, to be honest.)  Oye, I have to make that a top priority.  Icing and anti-inflammatories are also part of the protocol for the foreseeable future.

Also, I had my thryoid levels retested, and wouldn't you know it - the levels dropped to normal.  I'm surprised by that as well, believe me.  My T8 was under 4.  I didn't have a chance to pick up a copy of the lab report, but my doctor will send them to me.  I'll have the actual results soon.  If you recall, when it was tested last month, it was 4.8.  Isn't that something?  My primary physician will test again in 3 months, and the plan is to monitor the levels.  So for right now, no synthroid for me.  Yay!

We'll see how it goes, but honestly, the less meds, the better.  I'm not against taking any meds, and will of course if my doctor recommends it.

I am almost done with Christmas shopping.  I can't believe Christmas is next week.  I can't believe this year has just flown by.  Anyone else surprised it's Christmas next week?  Sheesh, it just snuck up on me this year!

Anywho, that's enough for now.

Enjoy the weekend!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Scenes From the Weekend.

 Yesterday, I drove up to Westchester to hang with my brother, SIL & the kids.  I gave them their birthday gifts, which they were excited about.  They love Legos, so I got them that, with the promise I'll visit again soon to help put it together.

My  niece had just come back from one of her little friend's birthday party, and face painting was involved.

My nephew showed me the new addition to his room, which I now want for my own bedroom.

This jungle gym is off the hook.  Complete with rope, ladder, pull up bar, swing & rings.  I love the Justice League wall paper in the background.

They invited me to dinner with them, so we went to a Greek place, where I ordered a Greek salad.

The super huge salad was enough to feed 3 or 4 people!  I dipped my fork tines in the dressing with each bite for a little bit of extra flavor.  I barely made a dent in it though, and I just took the rest home with me.  I didn't bother with the dressing.  The salad made a nice leftover lunch today, but I didn't finish the lettuce as it had already started to wilt.  Not a problem though, what I had of it was super tasty and filling.

I've committed to finishing PT for the next 4 weeks.  I'm ready to put this injury behind me - more than ready.  I just want to get better.  No Bootcamp, not even walking at lunch anymore.  I really need to rest the knee.  I'm going to pay strict attention to what my physical therapist tells me and follow every single one of his recommendations.  He told me working my upper body and core are still ok, more than ok, so that's what I will be doing. That, and paying attention to food intake will be my keys.  I'm tracking all the things, and staying away from inflammatory things.  

This year has been quite a doozy - I make progress, then backslide, then pull it together, then take a step back.  It's frustrating, because I'm doing it to myself.  I know what I must do, what I need to do, and it's time to stop coasting.  It's beyond time to get serious.  More than time.

I could say life has thrown some crazy curve balls at me this year, but that would just be an excuse, and I refuse to hide behind excuses.  I won't do that.  I'm taking responsibility.  I'm not going to think about perhaps planning on thinking of making a plan, etc.  That's just a waste of time.  And will get me no where.

I admit I'm not perfect, never claimed to be perfect, and I don't know everything.  I never claimed to have all the answers.  Good Lord, I wish I did, it'd make maintaining a weight loss way easy.  I do know how to screw up epically though, and I'm just so tired of it.  Enough with that already.

The weekend brought some great family times, and some much needed clarity.  I'm trying.  I'm doing what needs to be done.  Cooking simple meals and outlining a food plan I can live with.  With real food.  That's the only way to go, right?

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Happy Birthday to my favorite little guy in the whole world!

My nephew is 3 years old today.

We're having a little party for him this weekend.  Can't wait.  :-)

Monday, December 8, 2014

Jemima J.

My friend Rachel recommended this book to me a loooong time ago, and I finally finished it this weekend.  Pride & Prejudice & Zombies I finished last week - it was excellent!  I absolutely loved it!  The Bennet sisters studying martial arts in Asia to learn how the most efficient way to kill unmentionables was a nice twist.  If you haven't read that book yet, you should!

Jemima J reminded me a bit of the first Bridget Jones book (minus some obvious plot differences), which is another book I loved.  Helen Fielding is great.   I loved Jane Green's writing, too.  This was one of those books you pick up, start reading, and before you know it, you're more than half way done and you just want to keep reading.  I'm glad Rach recommended this book, I really liked Jemima's character and related to her.  I wanted to keep reading to see what happened to her after she landed in L.A. to meet Brad.  Kudos to her for flying halfway around the world to meet a guy in person she had met online.  I wouldn't have had the cajones to do that.

I'm still on the lookout for the next awesome read, and right now, I have my eye on Jane Slayre.  Anyone read it?  Unfortunately, it's not available at my local library, so it'll be a few weeks til they receive it as an inter-library loan.

Oh, and I'm finally over (I hope) last week's cough, and I no longer sound like I'm croaking like a frog when I speak.  Thank goodness for small miracles, right?

Other than that, not much else to report.  The weekend was a total washout.  Rained all day Saturday, and then yesterday was spent doing the usual food prepping, laundry, and cleaning/straightening up.

Mom had an appointment with the cardiologist today because she had been feeling the shortness of breath again.  I always get nervious when she has to go to these appointments (my sister took her today.)  Dr. B. recommended she increase her water pill from once a day to twice to reduce the swelling in her leg, and he would like to see her again in 3 weeks, so I'll take her to this appointment.

OK, gotta run.  Til next time.  :-)

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Lab Results.

Yesterday my doctor called with my lab results, and it was good news.  My lipid panel came back great.  Phew!

My total cholesterol is 159.  I know, I'm just as surprised as you.

HDL is 73.
LDL is 74.


So that was the good news from yesterday.  Today my same doctor (I think he's getting sick of me) called me back with my colposcopy results.

Everything. Is. Fine.

Pathology report showed zero precancerous cells.  The mild inflammation he saw was caused by HPV. So I'll have another PAP in 6 months, where he will then determine if I need to have another colposcopy.  So yes, I managed to yet again make another mountain out of a molehill.  :-)

Now.  If I could just get rid of this squeaky voice and bum knee, I'd be 100%.  I'm not kidding about my squeaky voice.  Yesterday, I sounded like a pubescent teenager whose voice was changing.  Think Peter Brady.  I'm not coughing as much today, so that's something.  I am armed with Vitamin C and Mucinex to fight this bug off, but with any infection, I have to wait for it to run its course.

Any day now.