Friday, October 16, 2015

Update, CrossFit, Knee Update.

This past weekend, one of my favorite people ever, Dani, came into town to run the Brooklyn half.  Steve decided to come up from Baltimore since he hadn't seen Dani since the Portland Fitbloggin.

So we had a little Fitbloggin reunion right here in NY!

We had so much fun!  It's always wonderful to see Dani, and I'm super glad Steve has become a great friend.  I marvel at how social media, Fitbloggin, and Weight Watchers have all changed my life, bringing wonderful people into my world.

Remember that orthopedic appointment I had a few weeks ago?  So he told me that while I have arthritis, my knee is still in pretty good shape.  He even recommended I continue CrossFit, with modifications.  As long as I stay away from super high impact moves, and scale accordingly, I'll be ok. No double unders for me - which I'm totally fine with!

Here's a recent CrossFit WOD that I participated in this week.

Overhead squats, regular pushups for me since handstand pushups are a no-go for me, and I subbed 25 situps for double unders.

See that Rogue tshirt I'm sporting?  I got some nice compliments on it.  :-)

So I'm still here, still grinding, still trying to put in the work, and still not giving up.  That's all I can do, right?

All we can do everyday is try.

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  1. Dani, used to be my WW leader!! Small world.