Monday, March 30, 2015

WI Results & A Nice Weekend.

Firs things first: here's how WI went.

I'm up 2 pounds from my last WI 2 weeks ago.  Expected, and my fault completely.  This week will be a better week for me.  :-)

Saturday night, I had dinner with a college friend, her husband, and her two adorable little kids. It was a lot of fun just hanging out and catching up.  Rita and her family are great.

It was a nice evening.  We played games with the kids, had a nice dinner, chatted, etc.  The only bad thing about Saturday is that it snowed.  Flurried, actually.  AGAIN.  This winter refuses to end.  This winter just wants to have the last freaking laugh over and over again.  Ugh.

Oh, and I went back to Bootcamp tonight, but that's a different post.  I'll have it up tomorrow.

All in all, a nice weekend.  I needed it.  :-)

Friday, March 27, 2015

Another Mom Update.

Yesterday, my sister took my Mom to her PCP, where he thoroughly examined her, her back, her recent bloodwork, and pretty much everything under the sun.  I think as we all get older, we really need a physician who will listen, spend time with us, and really get to the root of the problem instead of just sending us off with scripts for different meds.

That's what my Mom needed.  She spent an hour and a half at the doctor's office, and the diagnosis is a strained/pulled back muscle.  She was ordered to be on complete bed rest for the next five days.  My sister will be staying with her and working remotely from their house.

The hope is that as she starts to feel better and the pain subsides, she will slowly come out of her depression that she's been suffering from for a long time now.  It is a shame that this is the situation, but I'm really happy that it can and will have a positive outcome!

I appreciate and am so thankful my sister will be there to help.  It just makes me wonder how much longer this can continue.  But I'm trying to be positive for everyone's sake (not easy at all!) but what is the alternative?

I went over to their place last night, and she already looked a lot better.  Phew!  I'll stop by a bit over the weekend to see how she is progressing also.

Hopefully, things will look up in a few days!

Food this week has been eh.  Not great, not bad, just eh.  I am going to WI tomorrow, as I've been feeling better, but last night I woke up literally coughing.  I'm not congested anymore, but my throat is still a bit sore.  I'm also not sneezing as much, so that's good.  Weight has been on a downward trend, but if I'm up tomorrow a bit, I'll just take it in stride and move on.  It probably won't be anything crazy, maybe just fluctation because I've been sick and stressed about my Mom.

Dinner plans with college friends tomorrow night at their place.  I'm looking forward to a nice evening with them, their kids, and some board games & card games.  Very mellow, nothing crazy.  I'm not 20 anymore.  :-)

Monday, March 23, 2015

Mom and Weekend Update.

I took Mom to her orthopedist consult this morning - what an experience!  A 9:15 appointment meant that we weren't seen until 10:35, and then we couldn't leave until almost 11:30!  I wonder why specialists always overbook?  Anyone know?  Sheesh.

Good news and bad news:  Nothing is broken!  Phew!  Bad news:  Xray showed she has compression fractures on her vertebrae, which may be due to her arthritis OR her fall.  There's no way to know until she has an MRI.  And even then, I have a feeling the results will be sketchy.

So good and bad news, but I'm just thankful this means no surgery for her at this time.  :-)  Fingers crossed on MRI later this week.

Also, I'm still sick, and I hope I didn't get Mom sick.  This nasty bug has been going around everywhere.  I'm not sure exactly when I got it - last week in PA/NJ or if someone in my office was contagious?  Not that it matters now, because my throat is killing me.  Official diagnosis was acute pharyngitis.  Which is just a fancy schmancy way of saying I have a sore throat.  And a very annoying cough.

 Sunday food prep yesterday involved making these Paleo Balsamic glazed meatballs.  They turned out delicious!  I'd post a pic of what mine looked like, but it would not do the recipe justice at all. LOL.  I'm pairing these with the usual Brussels sprouts and mixed veggies.

I overslept Saturday morning and missed my WI.  Umm, I think my body is telling me it needs rest because I rarely oversleep thanks to my internal alarm clock.  Meh, it happens.

Saturday night was fun.  I met my friend Ginger for dinner & conversation and it was a lot of fun.  We indulged in some guacamole and chips, and it was delicious!  

I'm glad she & I have reconnected.  I'm trying to do that more and come out of my introvert shell.  I'm not always successful (I've had some major social faceplants recently) but I'm still trying.  Same thing with my healthy/weight loss journey.  I'm still trying.  I slip epically, and have slipped epically, but I'm still trying.  :-)

Tell me something good, folks!  How was your weekend??

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Check In.

Hey everyone!

I had a great weekend, a really great time in NJ & PA, with some great people!  It was nice to get away, even if it was brief.  We all need a break sometimes, don't we?

Angela & K - thanks for hosting! xoxo

It was a great weekend, and I was sad to see it end.  I had so much fun.

Then I got sick.  Boo.  Nothing major, just a very annoying sore throat.  Nothing terrible, just the usual symptoms:  dry throat, a bit sore, and it hurts to swallow.  I blame the extreme change in the weather.  This weather has been crazy, as my Northeast brethren can attest to.  60 degrees one day, 30 the next.  Good Lord, and we're supposed to get snow tomorrow, again!  Gah!

Thank goodness it's Friday - it's been a crazy week at work, and my coworkers & I have all been feeling it.  I know I'm not the only one who's been feeling run down and tired lately.  I guess I'm surprised I held out on getting sick as long as I did, if that makes any sense.

Just a quick little note to update what's been going on in my corner of the world.  I also have to take my Mom to the doctor next week.  She fell and hurt her lower back, and we're hoping it's nothing serious, but one can never be too sure.  So keeping positive thoughts as that is all we can do right now.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

WI & Road Trip!

Hello there!

This will be a very short post, as I am preparing to leave for a weekend roadtrip to NJ.  Just visiting some friends and hanging out - it will be so much fun!

Unfortunately, the weather here is lousy, as it will be raining all day.  Ugh.  But what else is new?  It's a weekend here in the Northeast, so of course the weather is a drag, right?  Boo.

Anyway, back to WI.  I had a good week, and here are the results.

Lost 2.4 lbs this weeks, which means I'm 1.4 away from goal.  AGAIN.

Sticking to a mostly Paleo/Primal food plan works for me.  I'll have the weekend starchy carbs here and there, but during the week, if I can stick to this kind of food intake, I know I'll be ok.  Like tonight, my friends and I are going out to dinner, and it'll probably be an Italian restaurant.  If I have a slice of pizza with a salad, I'm not going to worry about it.  For what?  It's not a way to live.  I'll just deal with the bloat or what have you and move on.

OK - must run because I want to beat any kind of obnoxious traffic the lousy weather will bring.  Have a great weekend!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Sunday Food Prep.

Yesterday, I was playing around with a recipe I saw online, and thank goodness the end result was just delicious!

Honey Dijon Balsamic rosemary chicken.

This is the recipe I saw and tweaked a bit.  I used chicken breasts, not thighs.  I also added a Tablespoon of raw organic honey just to increase the flavor a bit.  Chicken is always kind of bland and could always use extra seasoning or flavors.  Plus, I had a feeling the honey would work well with the Dijon mustard - and the gamble paid off.  Yum!

I'm pairing this with the usual veggies - either broccoli or roasted Brussels sprouts.  Not pictured are the bison burgers I prepped as well - just to switch it up from chicken.  Bison is super lean, so you have the benefit of healthy lean protein without worrying about extra fat that you get with beef.  Don't get me wrong - I love red meat/beef like anyone else, but I'm just trying to switch it up here.

If you make this, let me know if you like it!

Have a great week!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

WI, Knee Progress, and NSV.

Happy Saturday everyone!  Here in the Northeast, it appears as though the last snow storm is behind us (fingers crossed), plus we are getting higher temperatures this coming week, so I am in a great mood.  Better weather, better mood for me.  Winter can be cruel, can we agree on that?  Sheesh.

Last week was hard for me.  I turned to emotional eating, found out some upsetting news about someone I thought was a friend, plus was running around getting some of my parents's errands run, and the result was an ugly gain.

But, thanks to my awesome support network of friends (who slapped me into a major reality check - thanks guys), I rebounded this week and focused once again on healthy choices and healthy goals.

Up 6.8 last week (I ever tell you I retain salt like nobody's business, plus I'm awesome at spiraling?), but fought my way back and got it all off, plus another 0.8.  Which tells me it wasn't all real weight/fat, I think.  I hope.  Right? But holy cow - I'm in another decade - again. Yay!  Haven't seen the 140's since last year, and I was a bit surprised, to be honest.  But hey, I'll take it.  Must continue the positive focus and goals.

I've been incorporating some weighted leg work at the gym recently, but I'm trying to be as cautious and careful about it as possible.  So I've been starting with some light squats, and slowly - VERY slowly - pyramiding the weight up.  And I'm happy to report that today, for the first time in what seems like an eternity, I was able to perform weighted ass to grass squats and weighted leg dips!!  I never thought I'd ever be this happy about that, lols.

But progress is progress, right?  Now the knee is still swollen, and I can still feel the Baker's cyst, but I'm working on strengthening the surrounding muscles.  Best way to do that is with strength training and performing the PT stretches with light ankle weights, as my PT advised me.

I can't tell you how happy I am about those leg exercises.  My knee didn't hurt as I was performing the squats and dips, but it still is stubbornly swollen.  I've been icing it every single day, so I hope that helps.  Progress is still progress, right?

After WI and the gym, I met my friend Ginger at Hildebrandt's, which was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives.  Great place, it's a Mom-Pop restaurant, and I've been meaning to try it out for a while now.  I ordered the burger sans bun and sweet potato fries.

It was excellent, really good. Yum!

Then it was another busy Saturday afternoon for me.  I had to run to BJ's and Trader Joe's for the usual groceries and supplies.  There's an Old Navy in the same plaza where Trader Joe's is, and out of sheer curiosity, I decided to try on a pair of jeans.
These are size 6 bootcut jeans.  I couldn't believe they fit!  I didn't buy them though, I decided against it.  :-)

We spring forward tonight, so don't forget to set your clocks.

I am going to settle in for the evening, as I'm suddenly a bit tired.  Back tomorrow with some food prep ideas.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sunday, March 1, 2015


I've been meaning to post more, but my head has just been scattered lately.  Please forgive me!  Since my co-worker injured herself, we've all been pitching in extra at the office, so work has been crazy busy lately.  I'm not complaining, trust me - I appreciate that the day seems to go by quick.  It is stressful, but that's just a part of life.  I'll live.  :-)

I went to a hot vinyasa class yesterday afternoon, and it was exactly what I needed to clear my head and get centered again.  I woke up sore from it today.

Would pictures help from my Saturday night help?  Last night, my friend Rachel had a small housewarming in her new apartment, and it was so much fun!

With Rachel.

Chris and I.  This man is so incredibly sweet, love him.


Even though I'm still a few weeks away from going back to Bootcamp, I love that we've all been able to keep in touch and hang out when we can. I love the friends I've made there.  :-)

It is now snowing for about the billionth time this winter.  Sigh.  I know it is foolish to become irritated by the weather, so I won't even try.  Wasted energy, I know, but I will say that for the first time, I am now seriously considering a major life move/relocation.  Not Florida, but definitely somewhere south with better weather.  I think it's time for a change.  (More on that later - I'm still processing everything it would entail, so I haven't made any definite decisions or plans yet.)

Anyway, basic Sunday.  Got up, hit the gym, Sunday food prep, cleaning, etc. Not much else to say, other than this week has been stressful, and it showed at WI yesterday, and I'll talk about that in another post this week.

I'm going to finish cleaning my kitchen, and then I'm settling in for the rest of the evening.  The commute to work will be interesting tomorrow, sigh.

Are you Northeasterners as sick of this weather as I am?  Lolz.  Have a great rest of the Sunday everyone!